Gloria (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

A Toupeira

[Sofia on tape] Yesterday
was a terrible day
but I won't give up, Doctor.
[Dr. Silveira] And your husband?
How has he been? More relaxed?
- [Sofia] I'm not talking about my husband.
- [Dr. Silveira] You're not?
[Sofia] I'm in a relationship
with someone else.
- Sofia?
- Hi.
Were you just inside the house?
I was searching for my wallet.
You shouldn't have gone in.
I also wanted to collect my things,
but the firefighters said
it was too dangerous.
The house is not safe.
I'm sorry.
Would you like to come over to our house?
I can't.
I need to rest.
But thanks anyway. Bye.
[tape winding]
[Sofia] but I won't give up, Doctor.
[Dr. Silveira] And your husband?
How's he been? More relaxed?
- [Sofia] I'm not talking about my husband.
- [Dr. Silveira] You're not?
[Sofia] I'm in a relationship
with someone else.
I'm in love with a woman.
Her name is Mia.
The feeling in my foot remains.
[nurse] It's normal.
The brain plays tricks on you.
- Is the pain better?
- Mm-hm.
You'll be back in Portugal in no time.
And back to your family too.
What sort of life will it be, though?
I mean, how will I work like this?
You'll soon get a prosthetic foot.
And when my wife sees me like this?
Your wife will thank God
that you managed to come back alive.
I guarantee it.
- Soldier Fernando Marcelino?
- Bed six.
[Fernando] Mário?
Being well looked after?
Guess so.
You should have shot your head right off.
Spared the embarrassment for your family.
[gasps] You can't report this, Mário.
They'll take my medal away.
- Suppose I go back to Glória as
- As what?
As what, Fernando?
[sighs heavily]
Yeah, you know exactly what you are.
[static crackling]
I imagine you're pleased with the outcome.
- Ah! This is Ramiro, our chief engineer.
- Yeah, we've met.
Engineer Parker, as you know,
will be in charge of the new antenna.
We have all the qualified people here
to do the job.
If you pass us the construction plans,
we can build the new antenna.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna go
with my team from Germany.
They understand the equipment
much better.
I should go to the transmission room.
We're preparing to broadcast
your president's speech.
Thanks, Ramiro.
I guess we're all hopin' that Nixon's trip
to Saigon can restore the peace.
Well, he created the problem.
- Might as well solve it.
- Are you talkin' about the Paris Summit?
Not for me.
Surely you don't believe
what everyone's sayin'?
Kissinger was there.
They boycotted the negotiations
so the Democrats
wouldn't get a peace agreement.
I've already figured out
which side you're on.
Me? I'm always for my country.
But it's gonna be tough for him.
He's the first president without
the Senate and the House on his side.
- Well? What's coming through?
- Nothing.
Budapest, Krakow, and Zagreb
are also blocked.
Nothing. So let's change
the frequency once more.
Meanwhile, I'll change the transmitter
and also switch to a rhombic antenna.
- I think that's best. I'll connect R1.
- [Ramiro] No, not R1, use R2.
- R1 is under maintenance. Come on.
- [Gonçalo] R2 it is.
I'll use the general one, so it's quicker.
Attention, deactivating seven.
- Seven is deactivated.
- Hurry up, would you?
- Ramiro, what's the problem?
- [phone rings]
We're having issues with the broadcast.
The Russians got onto our frequency.
[broadcast in Russian]
- [Gonçalo] Let's switch to 11885, R2.
- [Roberto] No more on seven.
[Gonçalo] Rhombic antenna R2.
Sir Engineer?
[João] Yes, Roberto?
The lady called again
from the hospital in Santarém.
- Keep telling her I'm not here.
- I have been, but she insists.
- Soon she will give up on calling.
- I don't think she will, honestly.
[Ramiro] Vidal!
I need you to help us.
We can't broadcast Nixon's speech
to Moscow or anywhere.
- All the frequencies are blocked.
- I'll climb the antenna.
That'll be good.
We'll start transmitting from R2.
That cowboy was so cocky
when he saw it had failed.
[Ermelinda] Darling
Didn't you find it odd
the engineer was interested in you?
- You don't think I'm worthy, is that it?
- Of course that's not it. You are.
It's just that [sighs]
Somebody told me yesterday he was
with another woman in Santarém.
- [Carolina] I don't believe you.
- [Ermelinda] It's what I heard. Carolina!
[rings doorbell]
- Mother!
- Hello, my boy.
Come in.
- Well, this is unexpected.
- [chuckles]
I suspected your living room
would probably be messier.
Would you like a drink?
Your father has been complaining that
you haven't been taking his phone calls.
It's just that I've been so busy.
We're constructing a new antenna.
There's no need to make excuses, João.
We both know why
you've been acting like this.
Because of what you found out. About her.
You know about them?
[sighs heavily]
Maybe some water after all.
I didn't sleep for those two years
you were in the war, João.
At my wits' end.
I prefer not to have
more reasons to worry.
And your father's done everything he can
to make sure I have peace of mind.
You shouldn't drink so much.
It helps me sleep.
I prefer whiskey to pills.
Hello, Roberto.
Carolina. How can I help you?
I've always been so curious
about what you do here.
It must be complicated,
controlling the switchboard.
- No, not really.
- [telephone rings]
- I'll show you. Come in.
- That'd be good.
RARET, good morning.
One moment.
I'll see if she can take the call.
Mrs. Anne?
Yes, uh you have a call
from Hotel, uh Gado Bravo.
Of course. I'll do that.
I'm afraid nobody's answering.
Would you like to leave a note?
Of course. Thank you.
So now I just need to write down who
called and who they called to speak to.
- You write beautifully with that pen.
- [chuckles] Many years of practice.
- May I?
- Of course.
- Something the matter?
- Just tired.
[telephone rings]
I just heard about Fernando.
The important thing is he's alive,
isn't it?
RARET, good morning.
- [jazz playing]
- Thank you.
See, the trouble is, James,
is that all ideologies are dangerous.
Well, not all.
- Isn't democracy an ideology?
- [scoffs] No!
An ideology is an artificial way
of organisin' a society. Like communism.
Which wants to create a new man
by destroyin' the one created by God.
And the Declaration of Independence
says that "all men are created equal,
endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable Rights,
and that among these are Life, Liberty,
- and the
- [both]pursuit of Happiness."
"And the pursuit of Happiness."
- You're right.
- Mm-hm.
Dinner is ready.
- Do you believe in God, James?
- [music stops]
- [record crackling]
- Me?
Yeah, I do.
[Anne] Well, here we are.
- That smells delicious, Mrs. Wilson.
- [Anne] Thank you very much.
May I offer you a fresh,
homemade bread roll?
Shall we say grace?
[Anne] Yes, of course.
Bless us, O Lord, and bless
this wonderful food
that we're about to eat.
May it give us the strength
to better serve and love You.
- [James] Amen.
- Amen.
[clears throat] I'll take one of those
bread rolls now, Mrs. Wilson.
Of course. [chuckles]
Thank you.
I know you were
with another woman last night.
It's not what you suspect, though.
Who is she?
Nothing happened, Carolina.
I met her as she had some information.
For that alone.
You have a way with words,
whatever you say.
I have to go.
Stay here.
[Carolina sighs]
I'm still prepared
to risk everything I have to be with you.
And how exactly does the risk affect you?
[breathing shakily]
I'm risking my life.
You could have reported me before now.
So please, just take me away from here.
- [sighs] Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Here.
- [Bernardino sighs]
Mmm. Aah.
Wasn't João coming over to join us?
Earler today, I saw a woman
going into João's house.
- Mmm! It was his mother. Please!
- His mother?
- Then she looks really good for her age.
- You two, come on.
- His reputation's probably half made up.
- I think you're maybe just jealous.
One minute, he arrives here, the next,
he's shagging some girl in the studio.
- Who?
- Don't tell me the American's wife
- No way.
- Not the American.
- No, definitely not. Forget that.
- Who? Spill the beans, then.
I've said too much.
If he didn't, who am I to tell you?
- He doesn't care!
- Mmm. Yeah!
- I assumed you knew this.
- No.
The foreign translator.
The translator, remember, who left
because of the cock-up with the reel.
- The one who had
- Yeah!
[Hernâni] Man, João! Lucky!
- [chuckling]
- Are you certain?
Course I am, yeah.
I mean, the state of the studio.
- I'm not stupid.
- [laughing]
Yeah, she had that look.
[Hernâni] Yeah. She's hot.
I don't trust Parker.
Oh, 'cause he's a Republican?
And a religious fanatic.
You know those conservative groups
and their agendas.
Oh, you don't trust anyone.
That's not true. I trust you.
But we're livin' in special times
and we have enemies.
Special times, yeah. Everybody believes
they live through a special time.
It's our need to feel relevant.
The generation before us
went through World War II.
Before them, the Great Depression.
Before that, World War I.
I drank too much tonight.
I'm gonna get some sleep.
You think I'm being paranoid, don't you?
I want us to continue watching João.
Right now, I doubt he'd risk any contact.
If indeed he's the mole.
I am alone in this, aren't I?
If the KGB wanted to blackmail someone,
it wouldn't be the son,
it'd be the father.
Good night.
Sleep well.
- [Ermelinda] Hello, Xico.
- Hello.
I brought the eggs you asked for.
- I'm grateful. Good night.
- Yes, good night.
[starts engine]
Your father's not here.
You're the reason I'm here.
I want to apologise for the way I spoke to
you yesterday when you came to visit me.
He promised that
he would never go and see her again.
The situation means less
in the mind of Father.
Less, you say?
Don't think that means
he doesn't feel guilt, because he does.
Don't excuse him, Mother.
Course not.
Collaboration between our two governments
has always been fruitful,
and we want it to stay that way.
I hope it gets even better
with a Republican in power.
But there should be a reconsideration
of supporting terrorists
in our colonies, James.
Well, these decisions
are made in Washington,
but I'll see what I can do
with the ambassador.
Once again, thank you
for informing us, Henrique.
Goodbye, James.
PIDE dismantled a communist cell,
and one of them confessed
an attack on RARET is being prepared.
- Is that it?
- That's what I was told.
Get out of the car!
[guns cocking]
- [doors open]
- [men coughing]
You're here. [laughs]
You're here. That's all that matters.
[hum of conversation]
[man 1] Come on, don't take too long.
Fill it up.
Try it yourself.
[man 2] Why are you being so stingy?
[man 1] Oh, come on, more than that.
Fill it all the way up. The next one
It's a good fit, Mother.
- One more?
- Ah, probably shouldn't.
- Come on, it's the good stuff.
- I have to perform Mass at seven.
Well, this will cheer you up.
- You could talk about our hero here.
- Of course I will.
That's enough, Father.
Men are defined
by what they do at important times, no?
Men need to see good role models,
Fernando. Like you.
What they should see
is the war being stopped.
[man 1] Come on. Do it now.
Well, do I have to
Come on, do it. Fill it all the way up.
[Ramiro] Fill it up.
What are you doing?
Stop it, I'm telling you! I washed it
yesterday. You don't need to do it.
Listen to me?
What are you doing? Stop it, do you hear?
Stop it. I don't need it.
Oh, look what you've done. You idiot!
It's okay, Zé. I'll clean it up.
It's okay. Really.
I'll clean it up myself.
Stop it!
I apologise for him. Please don't worry.
It's okay, Zé.
I can assure you, the explosives
would not possibly have got out.
Have you told everybody?
- About Roberto and Ermelinda?
- [Bill] No.
We'll just say the car veered
off the road, then set on fire, yes.
Hmm. Okay.
Please can you help Ramiro?
He's outside.
Yes, madam.
I have Mia's diary.
I'll wait for you tonight at the dam.
[ambassador] We have to be very careful
about the accusations we make, Anne.
If I'd listened to you,
we'd have a diplomatic issue.
I owe you an apology, sir.
It wasn't my intention.
After all,
female intuition
doesn't always get it right.
Apparently not.
You're sayin' all the right words,
but you don't sound convinced.
And I'm not.
Nobody likes to admit
they made a mistake, Anne.
But not admittin' 'em's even worse.
How did it go?
It's always good.
[guard] Get up. You've got a visitor.
Could you leave us in private?
[guard sighs]
[Gonçalo sighs]
What do you want from me?
It's possible I can arrange
for you to get out of here.
Or maybe at least organise a transfer
of you to the common prison ward.
But that depends
on how our conversation goes, of course.
How many more times must I say this?
I'm exhausted.
I don't know anything.
I didn't suspect anything. Ursula
[sighs] There's no sense in it.
Perhaps she was deceived, then.
[César] Hmm?
Did you, um
Were you aware that your wife
had been seen with other men?
Only one.
How did
At what point did you discover
about your wife's other man?
[César] Some things you just feel.
And when I confronted her,
she didn't deny it.
Do you know anything about him?
Or remember his name?
I don't know.
All I know
is that he worked at the National Radio.
[door creaks]
[door creaks]
It's you.
Sit down.
I was beginning to lose hope
of your presence.
- Who murdered her?
- Not me.
Not me.
What's in the diary?
It references times you spent together,
along with many other things.
Are you with PIDE?
Or are you on the side of the Americans?
I shall ask you
one more time the question.
Who murdered her?
But what will be the consequence?
If you tell me the truth, nothing.
I found out a few days
before Mia was killed
that she had been working
for the Russians.
She told me
that she had arranged passports for us.
And that we would leave
for Hungary, via Austria.
- Any more?
- Nothing else.
On the day that we had planned to move on,
she was due to come to me.
As time passed and she didn't arrive,
I thought she'd abandoned me.
What now?
[car door opens]
[car engine starts]
[dog barking]
[broadcast in Russian playing]
- Is everything quiet?
- Mm-hm.
- Is this Bernardino's?
- Yes. We're on this frequency.
Are you all right?
I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?
You didn't come to bed with me.
I no longer sleep much.
I dreamt of Ermelinda.
I dreamt that she was still alive.
[murmur of conversation]
[João] Sorry.
I didn't realise
you were here with the team.
Welcome. Nice to meet you.
Engineer João Vidal.
Ronald Parker.
So, when will the antenna be ready?
Come with me.
I know.
You're not happy
that we brought in people from Germany.
- It's none of my business.
- It's not.
But people still gossip.
Now, I don't understand Portuguese,
but I can see everyone in here
likes to take a break, drink coffee
Especially your boss.
We always do our work. Without fail.
I didn't know
you'd already met Engineer Ramiro.
We were in Germany together.
The last training was only for directors.
I hope that next time they will give
the opportunity also to other engineers.
You can count on it.
Just, uh don't be like your boss
and arrive two days too late.
Listen, I want you on my team.
I need someone from here.
[sighs] You need to talk to Mr. Ramiro.
He is my superior.
I'll talk directly with James.
Very well.
- Gonçalo?
- Minister.
Did we have an appointment in the diary?
No. No, we didn't, sir.
So, Gonçalo, tell me. What's this about?
It's concerning your son.
He seems to be getting himself
into situations
where he's in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
I'm not entirely sure
what you're telling me.
Minister, I've been informed that João
had an affair with the female translator
who was accused
of switching the reel at RARET.
And yesterday, I saw him sneaking
out of the office belonging to James.
At night.
He obviously has a key.
Your son's looking like the spy
the Americans are looking to uncover.
How are you, Sofia?
Going somewhere?
It was Ramiro who murdered Mia.
- He was late for his training in Berlin.
- I know nothing about that.
[sighs] Why do you continue
to be with him?
You should have left with Mia.
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