Gloria (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Homem Novo

[music and conversation]
[woman singing]
Oh! [laughs]
[in Portuguese]
If you can't have anything from me ♪
I don't know why you chase me ♪
All the time, on the street ♪
You know that I'm married ♪
That I'm a devoted wife ♪
And that I can't be yours ♪
Just because you're rich and elegant ♪
You want me to be your lover ♪
Out of a whim or arrogance ♪
I thought that was you.
May I?
Fado and the blues
have more in common than you think.
A certain sadness, strife
that only the poor
and the exploited can express properly.
I'd never have imagined seeing you here.
This crowd is always more fun
than the one that goes to São Carlos.
- Sh! Do you mind?
- Excuse me.
Except when they're singing fado.
Fátima, football, and fado.
It's the Holy Trinity of the regime.
I suggest we have a couple of drinks
somewhere else.
I'm buying.
[man] Really!
Good idea.
I won't sell ♪
Or give myself ♪
I already gave away all that I am ♪
To a love you don't know ♪
- It's not just the war, that's not all.
- [piano music]
It's everything.
We're proud to be alone, so says Salazar.
But less and less by anybody's choice.
Don't let your father hear you
saying anything like that.
We are burying an entire generation
in a futile war in Africa.
You must have seen a lot
while you were there.
The empire
the empire
It'll end.
It's inevitable.
Today, I was face to face with the man
who killed Martin Luther King.
His name is James Earl Ray.
And he's in Lisbon.
What makes you certain it was him?
PIDE have him in their sights,
but they are doing nothing.
I thought about killing him.
Imagine how you'd feel if he was innocent.
What are you lookin' at, nancy boy?
[sighs] Sorry.
It wouldn't be the first time.
In war, you murder to protect yourself.
It's different.
What about you, Alexandre? You could be
living in any country in Europe.
Why pick Portugal?
My parents were supporters of the tsar,
then the communist revolution,
so we had to run.
From Finland, we ended up in France.
The moment the war started,
we had to come here.
Think you'll be able to go back to Russia?
[chuckles] Russia?
[sighs] Russia no longer exists.
And if you ask me,
it's not likely it will ever exist again.
May I, uh impart a secret to you?
I grew up in a family that lived
off tales of the past.
And the more I heard those stories,
the more sense it made to me that
the people would fight for a revolution.
I ought to warn you
not to tell my father that story.
It's come to my understanding that you've
been going to the Communist Party meetings
since you got back from the war.
[Gonçalo] Minister
If I had a son, I feel that I'd prefer
to know the truth concerning him.
Especially since this could have
some difficult consequences for you.
Yes, if there's truth in it.
Yes, but rumours can be dangerous.
[Henrique] More dangerous, even.
Elements of doubt always persist,
mind you.
We're both aware that people prefer
to believe the worst scenario possible.
What you told me
is enough for an investigation,
but at this stage, we should keep it
just between the two of us.
If my son is working with the communists,
I will take pleasure
in signing the arrest warrant myself.
I'm sad that I had to give you this news.
But my job commitment calls for it.
How can I show you how grateful I am?
There's no need. No need at all.
Your companionship is enough.
No, thanks.
Don't make me drink alone.
You're bein' transferred
back to the States.
[bangs glass down]
My commission doesn't end for six months.
The decision' been made.
Next week you'll be in Washington.
Shall I tell James,
or have you spoken to him?
James is stayin'.
We need someone to replace you.
[door slams]
- Anne.
- Not now, James.
Let's go!
[Parker] The new transmitter will be able
to block any broadcast
comin' from Radio Moscow.
As long as we're on the same frequency.
We should change the Hammarlund SP-600.
Or at least put an RCA
to give it more frequency stability.
- These are already a bit older.
- Agreed.
The engineers
who've been working here since 1951,
they believed the regime would fall
after the death of Stalin.
Now here we are,
talking about the future.
Well, if it wasn't the commies,
we'd be fightin'
someone else in the name of freedom.
Evil is constantly lurkin',
and manifests itself in many ways.
Uh Coffee?
How many of these coffees
do you drink a day?
Uh The normal. Five? Six?
If you take a ten-minute break
every time you go for a coffee,
you lose an hour total every day.
I wouldn't say lose, sir. 'Cause, uh
Not quite. 'Cause when I'm drinking
coffee, I'm solving problems. so
Do you still need me?
Go. Have a coffee with your colleague.
Maybe you can solve the problem
with the generator.
Then you can join the team outside.
In five minutes.
- Okay.
- Okay, sir.
Okay, gentlemen, let's clear this up.
That fucking American is a bastard.
What do you think about
us gentlemen, dinner? Hmm?
The usual suspects, Hernâni, Bernardino.
- Yeah, sounds good.
- Brilliant.
Connect me now.
Is it done?
- Can you hear me there?
- [man] Yes?
- It's Ramiro.
- Yes, Ramiro, go ahead.
- How is my father-in-law?
- I'm well, thank you.
Yeah, and me.
Piss off!
Has Sofia arrived with you?
Was she supposed to come here?
- Didn't she call you?
- No, Ramiro. What's wrong?
Wait a second.
Are you telling the truth? Speak up!
What have you done, Ramiro?
Nothing! Nothing, we're fine.
She's just a little more sensitive,
what with the pregnancy.
Did you have an argument?
Yeah No. No, no, no.
No, that hasn't happened.
Why are you asking this? Is she there?
She's not here, Ramiro.
Listen, if Sofia is there,
please get her on the telephone.
She's not here, Ramiro.
I'll visit her tomorrow. Do you hear?
I'm coming tomorrow. I shan't leave
until we've talked to each other.
Calm down, Ramiro.
I never meant to hurt you, Carolina.
[car draws up]
[Anne] The two of them.
Doesn't make any sense.
What do you mean?
You're right.
What do I know about those things?
I'll ask to transfer with you.
What for?
- Don't jeopardise your career.
- [sighs]
Just talk to Washington.
The order came directly
from Richard Helms.
My mission's over.
- You can't just
- I have to start packing.
[crickets chirping]
- Fittipaldi.
- Come on!
- Fittipaldi!
- What do you mean, Fittipaldi?
No, listen to me. This year,
in the Formula One Championship,
- Jackie Stewart won seven of 11
- Are you crazy?
- [Bernardino] He'll win again.
- No. Fittipaldi.
- Wanna bet?
- I'm not taking your money.
- [Bernardino] A bet?
- [Hernâni] Yes.
- [Bernardino] The winner gets a ham?
- All right, you two. When was Gonçalo due?
[ringing tone]
- Hello?
- Hello, sir.
This is Gonçalo Ribeiro.
- I found something I have to show you.
- What do you have?
Of the Americans.
I found the tapes earlier
following a search of his house.
When could you meet me today?
How about later, your office?
No, I shan't be here.
Instead, we can meet at Estrela Garden
at ten p.m.
- Absolutely. Of course, sir.
- And, Gonçalo, maintain your discretion.
That goes without saying.
You can trust me to do that.
Thank you.
The mechanic already knows
it's just to change the headlamp.
[car door opens]
[car door shuts]
[engine starts]
See you later, sir.
[ringing tone]
Listen to me, Jaime.
I don't think I'm a hero.
Accept the homage. Most soldiers
didn't get back from the war.
[church bell ringing]
- Good afternoon.
- Afternoon.
I'd suggest that's enough. Hmm?
I'm fine.
Go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day.
- You want a whiskey?
- Mmm.
Oh, Ramiro, just give her some time.
You know? Pregnant women are delicate.
Maybe it'll do her good
to spend a few days with her parents.
Well, like I told you, I'm just guessing
she went there. She has no one else.
Just yesterday I was telling her
about the holidays.
I thought she'd like it.
Well, maybe a week at the Estoril Sol
Hotel will do you both good.
The problem isn't her being exiled
here in Glória
but her being with me.
I know sometimes I can lose my temper.
Women are complicated.
Ah, I apologise.
I didn't want to talk about it.
It looks like I can't handle my home.
You want my advice, Ramiro?
Don't rush off to Lisbon just yet.
Your vacation starts tomorrow, right?
- Yeah.
- Just go home, get some sleep.
Leave in the morning,
so Sofia can rest too.
She can't leave me. We're having a baby.
- Let's drink to that.
- Yeah.
Good evening.
Gentlemen, I'm working for the services.
Let me get my identification.
- [groans]
- Shut up.
- [man panting]
- [Gonçalo groans]
[Gonçalo] Let's talk. Let's talk! Stop!
- I'm here to meet someone.
- And how do you explain these?
[tyres screeching]
Call Minister Henrique Vidal, please.
Yeah we've already spoken to the minister.
You have? You have?
Then he was the one who set me up!
It was his son. He made these recordings.
- They're recordings of the Americans
- Shut up! Get in and shut up!
Recordings of the Americans. He was
going to give them to the communists.
- Please listen to me.
- You'd better shut up.
[Gonçalo] Please! Listen
What is this?
Get in the car.
We're going to the Magos dam.
So. why did you kill her?
I didn't kill her!
Anyway, she worked for the Russians.
If anyone's responsible,
it was the CIA, or even PIDE.
Sofia and Mia were companions.
I heard from Parker that you were
two days late arriving in Berlin,
which means the training
had already got going.
I suspected that Sofia was cheating on me,
so I camped here to see
if I could catch her with her lover.
[Sofia] You recorded all of this?
Did you plan to blackmail me?
Me and Ramiro?
I destroyed everything.
- Ramiro, what are you doing here?
- Calm down.
- Sofia. What's going on here?
- Don't get any closer.
- Sofia, don't move.
- Let go of my wife.
- Calm down.
- Let go of my wife.
- Stay calm.
- [Sofia] Mia, be careful with him. Mia!
- Get in the car now!
- [Sofia] Be careful!
- What are you doing, Mia? Stop it!
- He won't control you any more.
- You have to believe me.
- Stop it!
- No, I can't keep hurting you.
- Mia, what he's capable of
- Calm down.
- Be careful. Be careful!
Mia? Mia!
Sofia, let's go.
Mia! What did you do to her, Ramiro? Mia!
What have you done, Ramiro?
- Sofia
- Let go of me! Mia!
[Ramiro] We're going home!
- [Ramiro] She had what was coming to her.
- Shut up!
Get out of the car!
You hurt my wife?
[gunshot echoes]
["Rhapsodie Espagnole", S.254 by Lizst]
It's been a while
since I've heard someone like him.
And he's trustworthy?
I remember last hearing this piece
of music that night you were recruited.
So the murder of Mia
was a crime of passion?
An ordinary crime of passion.
Passion is never ordinary.
Almost everything we do in life
is motivated by that sentiment.
There were problems with the explosives.
I believe so.
Ermelinda was with Roberto
and us, was she?
She was, yes.
One of our people was caught
- and would have cracked under torture.
- PIDE can get to us, then?
We shall continue with the plan.
Salazar always spoke of doubts
about having a base in Portugal.
If the Americans just end up bringing more
problems, they will be asked to leave.
That's why I don't want you
to put the explosive on the antennas.
You have to put them inside RARET.
We maintain the plan as it is.
- There's no reason anyone else should die.
- At times when wood is cut
splinters fly out.
I absolutely won't kill people I know,
the innocent ones.
No one is innocent, João.
Thank you, Alcina.
That was fantastic. I mean it.
I'm grateful, my dear boy.
- I shall bring the coffee to you.
- Thank you, Alcina.
Your father just said that unfortunately,
some employees at RARE
- were killed in an explosion.
- It was am incident with a car.
No, it wasn't that.
I heard your father
talking on the telephone.
PIDE and the Americans
are investigating everybody.
I'd be surprised, frankly,
if they were from the Communist Party.
João, there were explosives in the car.
There's no explanation for that.
Your father is determined to believe
it was only a distraction.
- A distraction?
- Yes. That's what I've heard.
But I've no idea
why they should suspect that.
My thanks, Alcina.
I seem to have lost my tobacco.
Would you know if Father has any?
Probably, yes.
I'll check his office.
How are you?
No, no, you're not interrupting anything.
You're lucky to get hold of me here.
Yes, your father told me about it.
Who are you investigating?
Mm, please, you can come over.
I'll sort out permission
to access the archive.
Very well, then.
A pleasure talking to you.
Send my best to your father.
I will indeed.
Did you find it?
Cigarettes. But they'll do.
I can't do it.
I'm going for a cigarette.
Does my foot bother you?
[gasps] What is that?
Bought it from a man
who came back on my flight.
It's a 6.35 millimetre.
Made by the Communists, now it's mine.
Is it loaded? Enough of this!
What's the point
of having an unloaded gun?
Sometimes in Africa,
it crossed my mind to end it all.
But the only reason I didn't
blow my brains out was because of you.
[sobbing] Carolina, if you leave me,
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Please don't worry.
I'm here, Fernando.
- [Carolina sighs]
- [Fernando sobbing]
It's all right.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Would you like a chair? Maybe you'd be
more comfortable in an office?
No, no, I'll be all right.
Fine. If you need me,
I'll be in the archives.
The explosives were activated
by a device, triggered beforehand
so the device could not be seized
and the agents could not be interrogated.
[flames roaring]
Just a moment.
- [James] Yeah, it's good.
- James.
- Phone call for you.
- I'll be right there.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah?
- Yes, sir?
I apologise for bothering you, but
I thought you should be the first to know.
Senhor Ramiro and his wife Sofia
have been found dead at Magos dam.
Is everything okay?
Ramiro and Sofia are dead.
[Arlo barks]
What is it?
- What is it?
- [Arlo whines]
[knocking at door]
I was under the impression
there was nothing else to discuss.
[Henrique] When will
the new antenna be ready?
[João] It shouldn't be long now.
[Henrique] James told me that the Russians
have given you more and more trouble,
always blocking the signal.
Yeah. It's always the cat and the mouse.
Which will you be? The cat or the mouse?
Or would you be both at the same time?
I'd appreciate a walk.
Who recruited you?
So, how do we handle this?
You depart tomorrow for Brazil.
What will be the official version?
You've been sent
to take care of some business
- for your mother's family over there.
- What do you suggest?
I suggest you begin
by forgetting politics. Or you disappear.
Invent an accident.
The KGB is more than able
to invent a story for you.
[engine starts]
I was going to take the reels
to the minister. Minister Henrique.
Every time you insult the name
of the minister, it will happen again.
I didn't do it.
What else do you think i can say?
- That it was you.
- Huh?
Come on. Come on.
We just need your signature.
- The confession's done by us.
- Huh?
Huh. [swallows]
[groans] Okay.
I signed it. I just signed it!
What are you gonna do to me?
Leave me alone, please!
I just I signed it!
[sobbing] Please let me go!
[ticking growing fainter]
Now there was a time ♪
When you loved me so ♪
I couldn't do wrong ♪
And now you need to know ♪
See, I been a bad, bad, bad, bad man ♪
And I'm in deep ♪
Yeah ♪
I found a brand-new love for this man ♪
And can't wait till you see ♪
I can't wait ♪
So how you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
- How you like me now ♪
- [gunshot]
How you like me now? ♪
Remember the time ♪
If I sing a sad, sad, sad, sad song ♪
Would you give it to me? ♪
Would you? ♪
So how you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now? ♪
How you like me now ♪
- [alarm ringing]
- [sirens wailing]
Does that make you love me, baby? ♪
Does that make you want me, baby? ♪
Does that make you love me, baby? ♪
Does that make you want me, baby? ♪
Oh, yes, oh ♪
Yeah, oh ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
Oh, yes, I say, now ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
Hey ♪
Yeah, hey, now ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
Oh ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
All right ♪
Hey ♪
Hey, baby ♪
Oh, yeah, it's happenin' ♪
We can go now.
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