God Friended Me (2018) s01e17 Episode Script

The Dragon Slayer

1 Previously on "God Friended me" I appreciate you not mentioning the whole God Account thing.
Yeah, you know, it was never my story to tell.
Lester and the board requested that I come to Harlem Episcopal to replace you.
I'm being pushed out? Is that it? Arthur, they're nominating you to become Bishop of New York.
I've been looking for someone like you, Rakesh.
Someone who could kind of be my right hand.
You said it from the beginning, Miles.
You weren't chosen at random.
You just need to find the connection between you and Simon Hayes.
Come on, you have to kiss her.
It's bad luck.
[VOCALIZING] [GUITAR MUSIC] So FreeVerse only hosts 11 shows, but 2 of them made iTunes top 100, so who knows? Maybe after this meeting The Millennial Prophet will make that list, too.
- What? - Who are you? Bro, the Miles I know would be worried about everything that could go wrong and prepare himself for, like, disappointment.
Okay, well, what can I say? I am in a positive state of mind.
- Really? - Yeah.
Even after your disaster of a date with Cara? Whoa, whoa, whoa, who said it was ever a disaster? Uh, you did, unless I'm missing something.
Well, you know, my friend, a gentleman never kisses and tells.
- You kissed? - [LAUGHING] Miles, this is huge! Miles, that's great! Okay, yes, yes, we kissed, but we're we're taking our time, okay? Seeing what happens.
Okay, you've been taking your time for a couple months now.
I suggest speeding things up a little.
You know what? I know, we should go, like, on a double date when Jaya comes back.
One step at a time, Rakesh.
I gotta go.
I'm meeting the head of FreeVerse here.
All right-y, good luck, man.
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.
We get hundreds of podcast submissions every month, and I listen to all of them.
Wow, that is dedication.
I think FreeVerse can put The Millennial Prophet on the map.
Just like Serial did for This American Life.
Well, that sounds great.
But there's just one thing.
Look, I've been down this road before, okay, and I know that at a certain point someone's gonna ask me to change my message.
I won't.
You've got lightning in a bottle, Miles.
We can't pay you much, and you'd have to record from home.
But the upside is, no one is looking over your shoulder.
The only thing we ask for in return is that we maintain exclusive rights to our shows and content.
We wouldn't want anyone else talking about The God Account.
Other than that, you run your show.
I, um I I don't know what to say.
Say you'll think about it.
[LAUGHS] "That's Amore.
" I love that song.
Didn't know it was a make-out song.
Okay, we didn't make out.
What are you, like, 12? In times like this I tend to revert back.
- I need details.
- Like, what? Like, how was the kiss? Are you going out again? How was the kiss? Okay, all right.
The kiss was - Pretty great.
- [GIGGLES] And, yes, we're going out again, but we both just feel like this is something special and we don't see the upside in rushing into anything.
Okay This is a nice office.
- So nice to meet you.
I'm - Cara Bloom.
Yes, I know.
Did you think I walked in here by mistake? Well, I thought it was a possibility.
It wasn't.
I've been meaning to swing by to meet the journalist who turned down the big job in features.
Not a bad way to catch the boss's eye.
Thank you? [LAUGHS] - We should talk.
- Y yeah, do you wanna No, I meant lunch.
- Tomorrow.
- Sure.
Do you mind telling me what this is about? Ah, what fun would that be? My assistant, Lydia, will be in touch with the details.
See you then.
Uh, the editor-in-chief of "Catapult" just asked you to lunch.
Yeah, question is why? [TRAIN RUMBLING] They have an area for the Civil War and all the uniforms.
- They have a planetarium.
- What? And they have a whole wing just for dinosaurs.
The only problem is, the field trip costs $40.
I I don't need to go.
Know what? You're gonna go.
It's a lot of money.
Well, it's a good thing that, uh, I got the job interview tomorrow.
And once you get the job we can move into our castle and raise our flag.
[GASPS] [TENSE MUSIC] Assuming we make it out of here in one piece.
Did you hear that? Dragons.
Don't worry.
[HUFFS] The king must be protected! I am the dragon slayer! - [GRUNTING] - [BREATHING HEAVILY] - Oh, man, that was close.
- Sorry about that.
No, no, they don't usually come down here.
How do you know? I, too, am a dragon slayer.
But shh.
Don't tell anyone.
I have to keep my identity a secret.
Hey, this is our stop, buddy.
How about you and I go to Metro Diner.
Celebrate my interview.
- Yes! - Yeah? - All right.
- And don't worry.
Your secret's safe with me.
I appreciate it.
[LAUGHS] Oh, hey.
Good luck tomorrow.
Thank you! [CELL PHONE BUZZING] [FANTASTICAL MUSIC] Congratulations again, Arthur.
We couldn't be prouder of your nomination for bishop.
Thank you.
Like any election, Arthur, there's a political side in all of this.
Which is why Lester asked me to come in and talk to you.
You know, hoping my PR experience might help to avoid any pitfalls.
[LAUGHS] I admit, this is all very new to me so any advice is appreciated.
During the walkabouts you'll be meeting and answering questions with parishioners from every voting parish in the city.
I look forward to the challenge.
But there are sensitive topics.
Topics you want to, uh, pivot away from if they come up.
I see.
You mean, uh, my son who is an atheist and my daughter who is gay.
Are these the pitfalls we're talking about? We're talking about concentrating on all the wonderful things you've done here at Harlem Episcopal.
Making sure that's what people take away from your candidacy.
I understand, but a lot of the work that I've done here is to make the church more inclusive to everyone.
I assumed that that was a big part of why the diocese chose me.
It is.
And if you become bishop, think of how much more you can do.
I mean, they seem really happy.
Any idea why the God Account sent you his name? Nope.
All I know so far is that he has a job interview tomorrow that he seems pretty excited about.
Okay, so maybe we're supposed to help him with his interview? Maybe.
Speaking of interviews, how did your meeting with FreeVerse go? They love my podcast and they don't want to change a thing.
That's great.
See, I knew it was just a matter of time before someone realized how amazing you are.
Um There is one thing.
They want exclusivity.
Well, I write about the people we help, not the God Account.
That's the deal.
Nothing's changed.
- I just wanted to make sure.
- Okay.
So did you say yes? Not yet, but I think I'm going to? All right, so dinner and drinks to celebrate? Wait, you mean, like, a second date? Yeah, exactly.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Oh, uh, I actually might have some news of my own.
Um, I got invited to lunch with the editor-in-chief of "Catapult.
" Way to bury the lead.
Actually, the lead is, I have no idea what it's about.
- Hey, they're leaving.
- Yeah, let's go.
[MYSTERIOUS MUSIC] Hey, it's only 7:30.
We still got a half hour.
It's a temporary no parking zone.
Hey, hey, hey.
Why don't you just give the guy a break? Sorry, it's out of my hands.
Hey, it's the dragon slayer! You can pick it up at the impound.
No, please, listen.
You don't understand.
You can't tow my car.
Okay, so there's nothing we can do? - It's out of my hands.
- Come on, man.
We can work something out! [SOFT MUSIC] Hey, we can work something out! Hey, man, let us help.
How about I call you a Lyft to take you home? That is our home.
[TENSE MUSIC] It's $400.
What am I gonna do? I can't afford this.
Hey is is there anyone you can call? Family, maybe? No, no.
Since my wife died it's just, uh, it's just Max and me.
Where are we gonna sleep, Dad? We're gonna figure something out, buddy.
Come on.
You know what? I'm gonna call us a Lyft, we're gonna go down to the impound lot, and I'm gonna get the car out for you.
You don't even know us.
True, but, um, us dragon slayers have to stick together, right? Hey, look, I, uh, I appreciate the offer, but I don't I don't take handouts.
On the train I overheard you saying that you have - a job interview tomorrow.
- Yeah.
After you get that job you pay me back.
It's a loan.
Don't worry about it.
Look, it's gonna drop below freezing tonight.
[SOFT MUSIC] All right, I'm gonna pay you back.
I'm sure you will.
Hey, are you ready? I am starving.
Yeah, let me just, uh, grab my coat.
Everything okay? I, uh, I met with Lester and one of the other board members to talk about election strategy.
And it didn't go well? They suggested that it might be best if I pretended not to have an atheist son and a gay daughter.
- What? - Mm.
They said that? They used the word, "pivot," but the message was clear.
I'm just disappointed.
Wait, are you thinking about withdrawing your name? I told Lester that I needed more time to think about it.
[SIGHS] Well, have you spoken with Miles and Ali? - No.
- Well, this is a really big decision, Arthur.
Now, don't you think the two people at the center of it should weigh in? [SOFT PIANO MUSIC] Hm.
Wait, excuse me! Come on, Max.
Hey, listen.
I'm here to pick up my car.
We open at 8:00 a.
Happy to help you then.
Wait, is there any possible way we could just pay for it real quick? It's very important.
Sorry, I already shut down the office.
Promised my kids that I'd get home early.
Listen, I got an interview tomorrow.
Okay? So can I at least grab my suit from the car? - [SCOFFS] - Hey, you said you have kids, right? Father to father.
I need this job, man.
[SNICKERS] You've got five minutes.
- All right.
- Back lot.
- I'm gonna help look.
- Okay, can you watch Max? - Yeah, no problem.
- Dad, don't forget the flag! All right, buddy! Hey, what flag? My mom and I made it before she died.
It has our family crest sewn into it.
You know what those are? I do, but I don't think I've ever met anyone that had one.
Very fancy.
Every castle has one and so will ours once my dad gets that job.
[CHUCKLES] Max seems like an amazing kid.
He is.
You know, I don't think most kids could handle what he's been through and still get excited over dragons and flags.
[LAUGHS] Well, that's because he has a great dad.
- Ah, there we are.
- Oh.
Well, thank you, but that's all his mom.
You know, with Annie, a ride on the subway could turn into a hunt for spies.
Castle forts in the living room on a rainy day.
I miss that.
How long has it been? A little over a year.
It's cancer.
Even with insurance the bills started to pile up fast.
After she passed, my company was downsizing, so I was let go.
Dominoes, boy, they started to fall fast, then.
I am so sorry, man.
- I pick up any odd jobs I can.
- [CAR BEEPS] But with nobody to help me with Max, my hours are limited.
That's why I need this job.
Hey, does does that flag have anything to do with the game that you two were playing on the train? Yeah, my wife came up with it, when she first got sick.
I just know that playing it helps Max to keep his mind off of our reality.
That's all that really matters to me.
My father is the Reverend at Harlem Episcopal.
Let me give him a call.
Maybe you two can stay at the shelter.
Thank you, but, so far I've been able to shield Max from that, so I'm just gonna figure something else out.
- Well, how about my place? - Like I said, - I don't accept charity.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, my friend, it is not charity.
I am protecting my investment.
If you want to pay me back you have to get that job.
And for that, you need a good night's sleep.
[CHUCKLES] Max was out before I even turned off the light.
He hasn't slept in a real bed in months, so, thank you.
Happy to help.
I should get some rest.
Good night.
Good luck tomorrow.
Thank you.
You did a good thing, Miles.
I hope so.
You know, I think that once he gets this job, things are gonna turn around for them.
Yeah, me too.
- I should take off.
- Okay.
Good night.
Good night.
[KNOCKING] Miles? [LAUGHS] [KNOCKING] Miles? Hey, guys.
[SIGHS] Rakesh, what are you doing here? Dude, I just can't find a connection between you and Simon.
So you came all the way down here just to tell us that? [AWKWARD MUSIC] Oh, oops, um.
Um, my bad.
I should have called.
This is, uh This is new territory for all of us.
- Just saying.
- Rakesh, just continue, - please.
- Okay.
Um, so I have been looking at your travel history, social media footprint, - credit card charges - Wait, wait, you looking - at my credit card charges? - Of course, yeah.
Kudos on your credit score, by the way.
[CLICKS] Um, point is, there has to be someone out there who could connect Simon and the God account.
- Okay, like who? - Like, your dad.
[LAUGHS] No, Rakesh, trust me.
My dad does not know Simon Hayes.
Yeah, not personally.
Doesn't mean there isn't something - that could connect them.
- I mean, you gotta admit, your dad and his church have played a pretty big role in all of this.
I guess it's possible.
A bunch of our Friend Suggestions have had ties at Harlem Episcopal.
My Uncle T, Rachel, Aaron Booker, Heidi.
So, think it's okay if I talk to him about this? About finding a connection between him and the God Account? Yeah, good luck.
I'm gonna pay you back, Miles.
- Nah.
- No, no, no.
I give you my word.
I don't doubt that for a second.
Hey, that suit screams experienced office worker with attention to detail and good people skills.
Well, I do hope the HR person agrees with you.
Trust me, I'm sure they will.
Thank you, Miles.
You sure? No, no, no, no, I'm just, uh Okay.
Okay, thank you.
[SIGHS] That was Max's school.
He, uh he's sick.
So they need me to come and get him.
Wait, you mean right now? I mean, your job interview is across town.
There's no way you're gonna make it there in time.
You know what? How about I pick him up.
No problem.
You're not on the pickup list.
They'll only release him to me.
Hey, but don't worry about it.
Okay? I'll race down there, grab Max, and hopefully they'll see me if I'm not too late.
There must be something I can do.
Appreciate you, Miles.
You've done enough.
Thanks again.
[ENGINE STARTS] Last call for Ben Evans.
Ben Evans.
Right here! I'm Ben Evans.
- Thanks for coming in, Mr.
- Mm-hmm.
I have to admit, you're younger than I expected.
[LAUGHS] Yes, I get that a lot.
I just mean, considering you served two tours in Iraq.
Did you join the army right out of high school? Okay, yeah, um I'm gonna have to be completely honest with you.
I'm not Ben.
- Excuse me? - I'm a friend of Ben's.
Okay, he's running late, his son got sick at school, and he had to go pick him up.
And he asked you to come down here and take his place? Well, actually, no, that was more of my idea, which now I'm realizing I probably should have given it more thought.
Look, I appreciate you trying to help your friend out, but I have a very busy day, and have to move on - to the next interview.
- And I get that.
I do.
But you're not gonna find a better candidate, okay? It's for a office manager, right? - That's correct.
- Okay, which means you're gonna need someone who is a people person, Someone who is positive.
Someone who can find creative ways to keep people engaged no matter how bad the situation.
And trust me, that's Ben.
[KNOCKING] Miles, what are you doing here? Your friend just made a very compelling argument for why I shouldn't move on.
[SOFT MUSIC] Have a seat.
Let's talk.
[CLEARS THROAT] Hey, uh, Max is in the lobby.
Would you mind sticking around? Not at all.
So Cara, I'm excited to finally get the chance to sit down with one of my star writers.
[LAUGHS] Thank you.
I've read all your articles.
They're incredibly engaging.
It's like Humans of New York meets Grand Design.
[LAUGHS] Plus, they feel personal.
Yeah, well, I've gotten to know everyone I've written about, spent time with them.
So yeah, it is personal.
If you don't mind me asking, where are you finding them? What I mean is, these people you're profiling, They don't seem random.
Well, a good journalist never reveals their source.
You remind me of myself 20 years ago.
Always in search of that next great story.
You know, the thing is, the desire to find it, it never leaves you.
For example, I recently came across a fascinating podcast.
It's called The Millennial Prophet.
[TENSE MUSIC] Have you heard about it? No.
Is it any good? Oh, it's addictive.
It's about an atheist who's friended by somebody claiming to be God on Facebook.
And they send him Friend Suggestions of people in need of help.
People just like the ones you're writing about.
So that's what this lunch is about? Yeah.
See, I figured out where you were getting your stories, but what I can't figure out is why you're not writing the most important one.
I mean, who's behind the God Account.
Well, it's not my story to tell.
According to his podcast, you guys are close to uncovering God's identity.
Is that true? Well, we do have two pretty strong suspects.
Two? I've only heard of Henry Chase.
Who's the other one? [CHUCKLES] You'll have to keep listening to find out.
I'd rather read about it.
A story like that could put you on the map.
[SOFT MUSIC] How are you feeling, Max? You feeling better? A little bit.
I just hope I didn't mess up my dad's interview.
No, no, no, no.
You didn't.
You know what? In fact, I have a good feeling about it.
Like there's someone out there who really wants your dad to get the job.
- Thanks, Miles.
- And when that happens, you can finally move into your castle and hang your flag.
That's the plan.
Too bad there's no real castles in New York.
What? Who told you that? Nah.
You see that? That castle is in New York City.
Snug Harbor.
My mom, she used to take me there when I was a kid.
We would climb to the top of the castle and look over the whole city.
You still go there with her? [SIGHS] Actually, she died when I was about your age.
But the memories we made are still with me, and they never leave.
So? I got it.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] [LAUGHS] Congratulations.
Listen, I owe it all to you, Miles.
When I get my first pay check, I'll pay you back for the impound.
There is no rush, okay? Once you get settled, in your new castle with Max, you can pay me back.
- That's a deal.
- Congratulations.
[SIGHS] Rakesh? Come on in.
To what do I owe the honor? Uh, I was just hoping you had a minute to talk if that's all right? Absolutely.
Please, sit down.
So, what's on your mind? God.
Well, not your God, or my God, or, anyone else's God.
Uh, if there is a God.
No, um, I'm I'm here - about the God Account.
- Huh.
I'm trying to find a connection between Miles and the person we believe is behind the God Account.
Oh, who's that? Simon Hayes.
I thought maybe you two were connected, or at least your paths have crossed.
Well, no, they haven't.
I think I would remember a famous tech billionaire at Sunday services.
Kind of a long shot, I know.
You know, Rakesh, um The bible is filled with stories of God choosing people to do his work, but why he chose them is not the important question.
But rather, the people they're asked to help.
You mean our Friend Suggestions? Mm.
[REFLECTIVE MUSIC] So do you really think Simon Hayes has a personal connection to our Friend Suggestions? Uh, that's what I'm gonna find out.
Trying to create an algorithm to see if any of them - ever crossed paths with him.
- Hm.
Speaking of, how's it going with Ben? Oh, great.
He got the job.
What? He did? Why didn't you tell me? I didn't want to interrupt your big lunch with your editor-in-chief.
Hey, how did that go by the way? Eh, fine.
He just wanted to talk about a story.
- No big deal.
- [LAUGHS] Are you kidding? That's a huge deal.
Yeah, he's right.
What what's the story about? No, it doesn't matter.
It's not right for me.
So tell me about Ben's job.
Well, he starts work on Monday which means he can finally afford a place which means our work here is done.
- Almost done.
- Hm? Oh, Max's flag.
He must have left it here by accident.
Uh, Ben said that he was going to park his minivan in Morningside Heights.
Let's go.
Dad, I'm really proud of you.
[EMOTIONAL MUSIC] We'll be in our castle in no time.
[KNOCKING] Can I help you, Officer? Sir, please step outside the van.
We need to talk.
Can I ask what the problem is, Officer? Yeah, I noticed you and your son get into that van a few hours ago.
When I realized you hadn't moved or left I got concerned.
Now I can see why.
You're living in it.
- This is just temporary.
- Temporary or not, I've got to report this to Social Services.
Okay, wait, uh, please, just Listen, if you report me, they'll take my son away.
All right, and I just got a job.
We're only in this van until I find a new place.
Hey, um, excuse me.
Ben, is everything okay? Look, Officer.
This is my friend, Miles.
Okay? He can vouch for me about the job I was just talking about.
Look, I appreciate the situation you're in, but I got to report it.
What if we can guarantee a roof over his head tonight? Yeah, they can stay with me.
Okay, look, I I get it, I get it.
You're very skeptical of me, but my dad is the Reverend at Harlem Episcopal, and he has a shelter there.
He works with Social Services all the time.
Your father is Reverend Finer? Yeah, do you know him? Yeah, I saw him speak at the Widows and Children's fundraiser last year.
Yeah! I tell you what.
You get your father on the phone to verify what you're saying, and I'll let them stay together.
- Provided it's at the shelter.
- Absolutely.
And you still have to report to Social Services Monday morning to prove your employment, and that you have a long-term housing situation.
- Yes, sir.
- All right, now.
I made arrangements for you and Max to stay at the shelter until you find something permanent.
I also made calls to some low income housing in the area that you can afford with your new job.
Dad? Are we gonna sleep in here with all these people? Yes we are, but it's okay because they're looking for a castle just like us.
There might even be some dragon slayers among them.
[GENTLE MUSIC] [CHUCKLES] You know what? He's right.
This church is over 100 years old, and it's always been a safe haven for dragon slayers, so you have nothing to worry about.
- 100 years old? - Mm-hmm.
I bet you could even pick out your own bed.
I don't know what to say.
You and your son's generosity, it's a godsend.
Well, we certainly know that these days it's easier than ever to fall on hard times.
Yeah, when you have a run of bad luck you start to wonder if it's ever gonna work out.
But ever since meeting Miles and Cara, things finally seem to be heading in the right direction.
Miles got you working on a Friend Suggestion? Not quite.
I'm trying to connect all of our Friend Suggestions to Simon Hayes so I can finally prove that his top secret project is the God Account.
Why not just wait until he shows it to you.
If you're running his team, he can't keep you in the dark about it forever.
The thing is, Ali, I don't know if I am running his team.
What are you talking about? All right, so last week when you came to IdentitySeal, I discovered that Henry Chase was trying to destroy the server that the top secret project was on.
I was able to stop him when I created this new security system that basically kept him out for good.
Now I think that that's all Simon Hayes ever wanted from me.
At least, that's how I've been feeling.
What if you're wrong? What if everything he told you was true? Why risk it? Because I have to know.
That he's behind the God Account? Or that you don't deserve all of the good things that are happening to you? The promotion, Simon's respect.
I think it's easier for you to look into a conspiracy than it is for you to believe that you actually deserve it.
[SOFT MUSIC] Hey, Max.
Just wanted to say good-bye.
Hey, what's wrong? Where's your dad? He got a phone call.
He seemed upset.
Okay, you stay here.
We're gonna find out what's wrong.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
Is everything okay? Uh, no.
I, uh, just got a call from Kaplan Industrial Supply.
They're taking back their job offer.
What? What happened? The background check shows I don't live at the address that I gave them anymore.
They said I lied, so they can't hire me.
Man, look, I am so sorry, but why didn't you just tell them the truth? Because the last job I applied to, when I told them about my living situation, they said they couldn't hire anybody without a permanent address.
It's like a cruel joke, man.
I can't get a home without a job.
Without a home, no one will hire me.
How the hell am I supposed to get myself out of this situation? Dad? Is everything okay? Just, uh, just go back to your bed, Max.
Dad, you can't give up.
You'll get a job and we'll find our castle.
There aren't no castles, Max! [SOMBER MUSIC] Just just go back to the bed.
[SIGHS] I just play this game, you know, with Max, trying to protect him.
Guess I'm the one that needs to face reality.
Because Monday morning I'm supposed to be at Social Services and I am at square one.
[SIGHS] I am not losing that kid.
Even if we have to leave town.
I'm not losing that kid.
No, look, you can't run now or you will be running forever.
It's better that than losing Max.
Don't do anything until you hear from us.
- Why, Miles - Just trust me.
[TENSE MUSIC] Look, I appreciate you wanting to help you friend get back on his feet, but he lied.
Right, but he lied because he's homeless and every employer he has told that to has not given him a shot.
Look, I right for "Catapult.
" I'd be happy to do a piece on how amazing this company is to give a man like Ben a job when no one else would.
It's the kind of PR money can't buy.
You're right, but unfortunately we've already given the job to someone else.
There must be something you can do.
Have Ben call me in a few weeks and I'll see if we can find him something.
That's not gonna work.
He needs a job by Monday.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could help.
[SOMBER MUSIC] [CELL PHONE BUZZING] Hey, Dad Wait, what do you mean Max is gone? He took his flag? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] He went to go find a castle.
I know where he went.
Max! Max! - I don't see him.
- Where could he be? Max! Max? Are you here! Max! Hey, hey, don't worry.
We'll find him.
- Max! - Max! - Wait guys, look.
- Max! Max, hold on, okay! Your dad's coming! - Max, come down here! - Max! Max, okay, just hold on, okay? - Just just step back.
- No! I gotta hang up Mom's flag on the castle, first.
- Just wait, Max! - I need to do this! - No, you don't, Max! - Yes, I do! - Dad! - I got you, buddy.
Max, what were you thinking? I wanted to show you that castles were real.
That you can't give up.
We can still find ours.
You just have to believe.
[GASPS] [SIGHS] I'm sorry, Max.
You know, I've tried to be brave for you, you know? To protect you.
To make you feel like this is just one big adventure.
But maybe it's time for you to see the world as it really is.
For me to see it that way, too.
Dad, I know there's no such thing as dragons.
I would never live in a real castle.
Why do you keep playing along, then? Mom told me it was a way I could remind you that everything was going to be okay.
Yeah, she she told me the same thing, too.
[CHUCKLING, CRYING] So all this time I thought I was protecting you, turns out you were protecting me, huh? [SIGHS] God, I love you, Max.
Hey, you know what? I promise you that no matter what life may bring us I will never give up on us again.
[LAUGHS] Hey, you guys okay? Yeah, yeah.
Everyone's all right.
Excuse me, we heard a commotion out here.
Is everything okay? Yeah, my son went up onto the roof.
I had to go get him down.
I'm sorry I wasn't here to stop him.
We've been short staffed this past week.
One of our guys just retired and we haven't found a replacement, so.
[TENSE MUSIC] So does that mean you're looking for someone? Yeah, we just need somebody with the right experience and background.
Would military experience qualify? Absolutely.
All right.
Well, you hear that, Ben? - You serve? - Two tours in Iraq.
No kidding.
I served in Iraq too.
First Armored.
You? Third Infantry.
And I just so happen to be looking for a job.
Come by our office tomorrow.
Maybe we can work something out.
Oh, and, um, thanks for coming by.
Oh, and I'm glad everything worked out with Ben and Max.
Yeah, me too.
So, Dad, what did you want to talk to us about? Um [SOLEMN MUSIC] I've decided I'm not going to accept the bid for bishop.
- What? - Why? Dad, this is what you've always wanted.
As is often the case with things, the dream is far more appealing than reality.
Did something happen? Lester and the board believe that in order to garner the support in the election, I should shy away from talking about my personal life.
But I will never shy away from you two.
You are the greatest achievement of my life.
But I get what Lester's saying.
- You do? - Mm-hmm.
If you have to avoid talking about our family, who cares? I don't understand.
I mean, how could both of you be okay with this? Because there is no other reverend out there as experienced and open-minded and as good and decent as you.
You've already reached so many people from your pulpit here.
Just think of what you can do on a bigger stage.
Yeah, play the political game, Dad.
Okay, we know who you are and what you stand for.
And when you become bishop, everyone else will, too.
Lately I have been thinking about the meaning of home and I realize that home can be so much more than just a roof over your head.
Hold on Home can be that feeling you have when everything in life finally comes together.
As we roll down Or a place that you can fill with beautiful memories.
And although this wave is stringing us along Ahh.
I can't thank you guys enough for everything you've done.
You're welcome.
Hey, Max, I know this tiny place is no castle, but it's a start.
Dad, this is a castle.
Well, let's plant that flag.
Know you're not alone Because I'm gonna make this place your home Settle down Now, home isn't always guaranteed.
It's something you might have to fight hard for.
Even sacrifice for.
So, Arthur, have you made a decision? Let's proceed.
[LAUGHS] You won't regret it.
You get lost you can always be found Something that needs to be preserved and protected.
Just read your piece on New York City's new park ranger.
It's well crafted, heartwarming article.
Glad you liked it.
It's great.
But it's not the story that's gonna take your career to the next level, Cara.
Look, I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna write about Miles and the God Account.
You know, you told me that a good journalist doesn't reveal their source.
They also don't let personal feelings get in the way of a great story.
Because there is nothing better than having a place that you can share with the people you love.
I mean, I still can't believe that we managed to find Ben a home and he gets to guard and actual castle.
Yeah, I'm excited for him.
Just about as excited as I am for our next date.
I was thinking Thai food? - Yes.
- Okay.
[BOTH LAUGHING] You know, I think we were interrupted earlier.
Yeah, we were.
Guys, guys! I got huge news! - Oh, boy.
- [CLEARS THROAT] Really got to work on your timing, dude.
Yeah, I know.
But I did it.
My algorithm, it found a link between Simon Hayes and one of our Friend Suggestions.
- Who? - So five years ago Simon Hayes goes to New York Presbyterian Hospital for a bone marrow transplant, right? Turns out, the surgeon who did the procedure: John Dove.
My first Friend Suggestion? If John Dove saved Simon's life maybe that's why he sent you his name first.
His way of returning the favor.
So that means Simon Hayes really could be behind the God Account? Not could be.
We got him.