God Friended Me (2018) s01e18 Episode Script

Return To Sender

1 Previously on "God Friended Me" We couldn't be prouder of your nomination for bishop.
During the walkabouts, you'll be meeting and answering questions with parishioners, but there are sensitive topics you want to pivot away from if they come up.
You mean my son who is an atheist and my daughter who is gay.
I did it.
Five years ago, Simon Hayes goes to a New York Presbyterian hospital for a bone marrow transplant, right? Turns out the surgeon who did the procedure John Dove.
Are you okay? I think you just saved my life.
How did your meeting with FreeVerse go? They want exclusivity.
Well, I write about the people we help, not the God Account.
That's the deal.
Nothing's changed.
I got invited to lunch with the editor-in-chief at "Catapult.
" I figured out where you were getting your stories, but what I can't figure out is why you're not writing who's behind the God Account.
You have to kiss her.
It's bad luck.
[WOMAN VOCALIZING] I can't be [UPBEAT MUSIC] Everything you want me to be I can't be - [LAUGHING] - [EXHALES] What? - Looking a little winded.
- Nah.
Who, me? No, no, no, no.
These are These are just deep breathes.
They're just taking in the the fresh air.
If I knew that we were running a marathon, I would have carb-ed up last night at dinner.
About that.
I had fun.
Yeah, me too.
I think it's safe to say that our second date was light years ahead of our first.
Hey, it's John Dove.
He said he can meet us today.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah.
Do you really think he can be the key to proving Simon Hayes is behind the God Account? I mean, it's possible.
Dove was my first Friend Suggestion.
If he saved Simon's life, then maybe Simon sent me his name to repay the favor.
Makes sense.
And if it turns out to be true, then I'll have a lot to talk about in my first podcast for FreeVerse.
[LAUGHS] I'm proud of you.
I know how much that opportunity means to you.
Thank you.
It's all because of you.
Oh, speaking of careers.
I've been thinking about your lunch with your editor-in-chief.
I think you should really reconsider his offer.
- You do? - Yeah.
Look, whatever he wants you to write, you're gonna make it great.
You always do.
You remember last time we were here? [LAUGHS] Yeah.
How could I forget? It was right after we had first met.
You told me to text you if I ever heard anything back from the God Account.
I'm glad you did.
Although, if I'm being honest, I was gonna call you either way.
Really? So, uh, have you heard anything from John Dove? Cara and I are gonna meet him today.
Hopefully it'll lead somewhere.
Hopefully? Miles, we are on the cusp of proving that Simon Hayes is behind the God Account.
- [CELL PHONE CHIMES] - This is huge.
Hey, this is new.
The God Account just rated a seller on Facebook Marketplace five stars.
- Interesting.
- Karen and Richard Benson.
Did the God Account actually buy something from 'em? No, it doesn't look like they have anything - for sale at the moment.
- Hm, 'cause technically you're not supposed to rate sellers unless you have, like, a personal purchase history.
[DOOR OPENS] - Who was it? - I don't know.
Someone dropped off a package.
It has my address, but it's for Jen Levy.
- Who's Jen Levy? - I don't know.
- Hm.
Well - What? The God Account rates a seller on Marketplace.
Two seconds later, a package arrives at your door.
- That is not random.
- No.
It's not.
Look at the name of the seller.
Karen and Richard Benson.
And we're sitting.
You know, Cara, I knew from Miles podcast that Henry Chase could be a possible suspect behind the God Account, and then you were kind enough to tell me you had two suspects.
I did.
So I started doing a little digging.
It turns out that Henry Chase attended Columbia with another pioneer in the field of predictive analytics.
They even won a few awards together.
Care to take a guess? Simon Hayes.
- Simon Hayes.
- Mm.
Now, Simon rarely gives interviews.
But lucky for me, I have some powerful friends, and I managed to score an interview with Mr.
Hayes for tomorrow.
[COMPELLING MUSIC] A journalist from "Catapult" is taking that interview.
The only question is, will it be you? [DOOR OPENS] For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11.
These words could not be more relevant, and that is my vision for the Episcopalian church.
And that's why I want to be your next bishop.
I know I'm new to this, but it seems like it's going great.
Like I said, he's a natural.
I think we have time for one more question.
Thank you, Reverend Finer.
I understand your son has a podcast where he promotes atheism.
How do you expect us to support you being bishop when you've raised a son who doesn't believe in God? [SUCKS TEETH] Life is full of challenges.
[ALL CHUCKLE] Some more difficult than others.
But I do believe our true character is revealed in the face of adversity.
I appreciate that, but I have to ask do you support your son's views? [TENSE MUSIC] In this instance, I do not.
But it's important for us to hold firm in our beliefs that the common bond that unites us will guide us through even the most difficult waters.
[APPLAUSE] I think we're looking at our next bishop.
[CHUCKLES] The Bensons are in 2W.
You know, I was thinking the God Account never does anything by mistake.
So the fact that you got Jen Levy's package maybe she has something to do with this.
Yeah, it's possible, but the God Account did rate the Bensons.
- Chances are, it's about them.
- Yeah.
- Hi, can I help you? - Hi.
My name is Miles.
- This is my friend, Rakesh.
- Hello.
You wouldn't happen to be Karen Benson? - Yes.
- Oh.
You sent this package to my address by mistake.
As you can see, I am not Jen Levy.
Karen, who is it? What are you doing here with that? - Richard, it's a sign.
- It's not a sign, Karen.
I'm sorry, we didn't want to start any trouble.
You're not.
Andrea wants us to have it.
It belongs here with us.
We never should have sold it.
We talked about this.
We don't want it back.
Now please go.
Um So what do you think is in it? I don't know.
I was telling him we should just open it and find out, but he's insisting we abide by the U.
Postal laws.
When Karen Benson saw the package, she told her husband that it was a sign that Andrea wanted her to have it.
- Who's Andrea? - I'm on it.
Okay, what about Jen Levy? I mean, could she have something to do with this? Rakesh looked into that, but there were over 50 Jen Levys in New York.
Well, maybe they made a typo on the label.
Her address could be similar to yours.
Yeah, we thought of that too, but none of the addresses came anywhere close to mine.
Look, all I know is that the Bensons are clearly going through something.
The question is, what? Actually, I think I know.
Andrea was their ten-year-old daughter.
She, uh, died three years ago.
So, uh, any ideas on how we go about helping the Bensons? [SIGHS] I don't know.
I mean, after my mom passed, there wasn't much anyone could do to help me through it.
You know, I had to get there on my own time, and it's different for everyone.
Well, maybe that's why the God Account thinks you can help them.
You know what they're going through.
But I know what loss is, but not what they're experiencing.
If we charge into their lives without a plan, we can make things worse.
So where do we start? Well, what about Jen Levy? Well, like I said, we've already tried, and we couldn't find her.
Actually, we haven't tried everything.
I mean, either the God Account hacked the shipping company or it was an error.
I could just take the package, go to IdentitySeal, scan the barcode and see what I find out.
All right, call us if you find anything.
- All right.
- Yeah.
We have to go meet John Dove.
It's really good to see you guys.
I admit I was surprised to hear from you.
Yeah, yeah, it's been a while.
We figured it'd be nice to catch up.
Well, things have definitely turned around since the last time we saw each other.
I'm practicing medicine again.
I even got back together with my girlfriend.
That's great.
The reason why we wanted to meet is because we are trying to get some information about a former patient of yours.
Simon Hayes.
You did a bone marrow transplant for him five years ago.
I'm sorry, I just can't speak to that.
The doctor-patient confidentiality and all.
But why why do you ask? Okay, this is gonna sound crazy because usually it does, but a few months ago I was friended by someone claiming to be God on Facebook.
And what did they want? They started sending me Friend Suggestions of people in need of help.
So we help them.
- Help them how? - By finding things they can't see, like hidden connections between strangers or reconnecting family.
Even saving someone's life.
[SOFT MUSIC] [CHUCKLES] That that was the reason you followed me onto the subway that day? Yeah.
You were my first Friend Suggestion.
We're trying to find out who's behind the account, and we think it could be Simon Hayes.
Look, the Hippocratic Oath forbids me from talking about my patients.
However, Simon wasn't technically my patient.
He wasn't the recipient of the bone marrow transplant.
He was the donor.
[CELL PHONE CHIMES] I have to go back to the hospital.
[SIGHS] It was good to see you guys again, and, look, if you do find out who's behind this God Account, you let me know.
I owe them a thank you.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
If Simon Hayes was the donor, who was the recipient? I don't know.
But maybe they're connected to the God Account somehow.
- [SIGHS] - Everything all right, man? Uh, yeah.
Who's Jen Levy? I have no idea.
Why do you ask? Oh, you have a rather large package of hers on your table here.
[CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY] Uh, I'm just I'm holding on to it for a friend, Miles Finer.
He, uh He got it by mistake.
That's, like, super weird, right? Not really.
I mean, you know, people get sent the wrong packages quite a bit.
Yeah, I'll have to let Miles know.
You know, he works here.
Oh, yeah, sounds familiar.
Miles Finer.
Customer Service, right? Wait, how'd you know I meant Miles Finer when I never told you his last name? Because you told me his last name.
About ten seconds ago.
- Oh.
- Hm.
Anyway, uh, what did you want to see me about? Right, so the Palo Alto team arrives in one week, and before they get here, I want to transform this room into a high-tech hub.
I want the team on a secure server, the works.
Can you do that? - Yeah, uh - Perfect.
I'll head down to IT right now and let them know what we need.
Go to it.
- All right.
- Okay.
[MYSTERIOUS MUSIC] [DOOR OPENS] Interview's tomorrow.
Do I need to line up another journalist to take it? No.
I knew I could count on you.
Actually, I have one condition.
I'm listening.
You built this company on solid reporting, which means facts matter.
Now, if I'm gonna do this article, put my reputation on the line, I need to put certain.
So here's my offer.
I take the interview with Simon, but if I walk away thinking he's not behind the God Account, we kill the story.
Deal? This guy, Miles, must really mean something to you.
Yeah, he does.
But if Simon Hayes is behind the God Account, you're writing the story.
Stay tuned for more of the Millennial Prophet right here on FreeVerse.
Benson, what are you doing here? I'm sorry for showing up like this.
My wife explained what happened that we sent the package to you by mistake.
I got your address from the shipping company, and well I apologize for how I reacted.
It's no problem.
Come on in.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I don't mean to take up your time, um, it's just my wife and I have changed our minds.
- We'd like the package back.
- I understand.
Yeah, my friend has been trying to track down the buyer, so he has it, but I can give him a call and have him come by.
Hey, Rakesh.
I'm here with Mr.
He was hoping to get his package back.
Do you mind coming by my place and dropping it off? Uh, Miles, that's gonna be a problem.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] The package is gone.
My friend thinks someone in the mailroom may have taken the package by mistake, but don't worry, okay? We will find it.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Do you mind if I ask What was in the package? My daughter's violin.
She passed away.
Three years ago tomorrow, actually.
Doctor said it was a brain aneurysm.
We were there when it happened.
[SNIFFLES] One minute she was playing in the snow and the next Karen and I are rushing her to the hospital.
Even after all this time, it doesn't feel real.
Have you two talked to someone? Yeah, but these past three years Karen and I have become, like, strangers.
And I don't know how to fix it.
I don't know how to help her move forward.
Which is why you sold the violin.
My daughter loved music.
That violin brought her so much joy, so much life.
She would have wanted it to be played, not just sitting in a box, collecting dust.
I thought that passing it on would I don't know, honor her memory.
And allow us to finally take that first step forward.
I thought Karen would understand that more than anyone.
What do you mean? She's a violin teacher, and they had a really special bond.
I found Jen Levy online, and she needed a violin.
But she couldn't afford one.
I told Karen I thought it was a sign.
Then when the violin found its way back to us.
She saw it as one that you were supposed to keep it.
Anyhow I should get going.
You call me when you find it? Yeah.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Can I ask you something? Do you really think getting the violin back will help your wife? No.
But it's what she needs right now.
It's something I can't give her.
Miss Bloom, nice to meet you.
Shall we, uh, have a seat? [CLEARS THROAT] [RECORDER BEEPS] - Do you mind? - No, no.
Not at all.
You know, I've been looking forward to sitting down with you.
- Really? - Yeah.
I read a bunch of your articles, and, you know, they really spoke to me.
- Thanks.
- I mean, this day and age, writing about people helping one another and hope, you know, it's practically a revolutionary act, you know? It did make me wonder why you'd want to speak with me? It just doesn't seem like the CEO of a tech company is the type of everyman you tend to profile.
I guess I want to get to know the man behind the CEO.
For example, your time at Columbia, and what led you to start Singular Dynamics.
That's what you wanted to talk to me about? Well, unless there's something else? Well, why don't we start with telling me why you're really here.
I know you're working on something big.
Like something that you've gone to great lengths to keep secret.
A top secret project.
That's quite the scoop.
Yeah, well, tell your boss he wasted a lot of favors, okay? Okay, your team from Palo Alto, the one that's been working on this project, you're moving them to New York.
Now, you wouldn't be doing this unless you were close to rolling it out, moving from trial phase to launch.
That's why I'm here.
Fewer than a dozen people know about that, all of whom have signed NDAs, all right? It won't take me long to find your source.
I want to know what you're working on.
Give me something or I'll run with what I have.
[SIGHS] Okay.
I've been working on this a very long time.
The trial phase went live eight months ago, and the results were they were phenomenal.
My code will change the course of people's lives.
Next week I host a gala, and I'm going to announce.
Hold off until after and I'll give you an exclusive.
I promise you it will be worth it.
[EDGY MUSIC] Dude, Bryan, good to see ya.
- It's Ryan.
- I know.
Uh, so mailroom told me you were doing rounds.
Any chance you took a package? - No.
- From my You sure? Yeah.
What are you doing? Stop that.
Dude, I just need that package, okay? If it was picked up, it's probably in the mailroom for outgoing delivery.
So you're looking for a clinical perspective on how to help Karen Benson move on? Do you have one? No.
Because you can't, at least not in the way you usually do.
I mean, I get it.
I never got over losing Mom.
You never forget.
But at some point, I started to reengage with the world, and I feel like Richard is ready to do that but not Karen.
People grieve differently, Miles.
If she's not ready, pushing her will only make things worse.
Richard doesn't think that his marriage is going to last.
I don't know how much worse that can get.
Unfortunately, most couples don't survive the loss of a child.
But the God Account thinks they can.
I just have to figure out how all the pieces connect.
[CELL PHONE CHIMES] - - What's that? [LAUGHS] Just got a friend request from Trish.
She sent me one last week.
You should check out that photo of her and Dad at the church barbecue.
What? What is it? Trish is friends with Karen Benson.
[BELL RINGS] Hey, Trish.
- Miles, what a nice surprise.
- Hey.
I just got your friend request, so I thought I would stop by and let you know that we are official.
Oh, whoo-hoo and here I thought you were just ignoring you.
What do you mean? I sent it that to you last week.
I wonder why you just got it today.
Oh, must be a glitch.
Anyways, I was on your page and I noticed that you were friends with Karen Benson.
- Karen? Of course.
- Yeah.
- Do you know her? - Well, not until yesterday.
She's my new Friend Suggestion.
- Oh, I see.
- Yeah.
You know they lost their daughter Andrea - a few years back.
- Yeah, yeah.
Things are still pretty tough.
I was wondering if you could tell me about her.
Karen's a music teacher.
Came into the shop from time to time.
We became Facebook friends, but we haven't spoken in a while.
By chance, would you know someone named Jen Levy? No.
Another Friend Suggestion? Not quite, but, uh Anyways, I have to go.
Oh, wait, Miles.
I actually really wanted to talk to you about something.
I went to your dad's walkabout yesterday, and I think he's having a hard time with what they're asking him to do.
Wait, did he say something? No, but I I could just tell.
Do you think that you could talk to him? Yeah, yeah, I can, but if you're really concerned I think it would be better coming from you.
- Hi, can I help you? - Yes.
I'm looking for a nice violin, but I don't have much to spend.
Unfortunately, we don't have any right now.
I can't believe this.
I bought this amazing violin on Facebook Marketplace, but it never arrived.
I reached out to the seller, but unfortunately - I haven't heard back.
- I I'm so sorry.
But you wouldn't so happen to be Jen Levy? Yeah.
How do you know that? So you're telling me that the violin I bought from the Bensons ended up at your house.
- Yeah.
- How's that possible? I have no idea.
Someone must have messed up on the shipping label.
And then I meet you here.
That's a crazy coincidence.
Well, the world's full of them.
But this is great.
Can we go to your house and pick it up? Actually, I kind of lost it.
It's a long story, but I promised the Bensons if I found it, I would return it to them.
They changed their minds about selling it.
I'm sorry.
I knew this was too good to be true.
She's gonna be so disappointed.
Who? My daughter, Lindsay.
She's 13, and tonight's kind of a special occasion.
It's her first recital.
She's been playing an old beat-up instrument, so I wanted to do something special for her.
And that's when I saw the Holstein violin on Facebook, and the Bensons agreed to sell it for next to nothing.
I know it sounds silly, but finding them felt like it was meant to be.
Look, I I can't make any promises, but if the violin turns up, I'll talk to the Bensons and see what I can do.
Thank you.
So you think the God Account wants us to get Mrs.
Benson to see Lindsay play.
Maybe seeing Lindsay with Andrea's violin and hearing it played again is what she needs to finally take that step forward.
Yeah, it makes sense.
It's just one problem.
We don't have the violin.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll text Rakesh.
[KNOCKING AT DOOR] Miles? Open up.
- Hey, what's up? - Hey.
So I found it.
- You did? That's great.
- Mm-hmm.
Where is it? Well, someone in the mailroom grabbed it off of my desk by mistake and had it sent out by courier, but that's a good thing 'cause the company we use is a very reliable one.
So I've been tracking them on my phone, and they should be here in three, two, one.
So how's work, Cara? Huh? Fine.
Why? You really think you can interview Simon Hayes in IdentitySeal and one of us wouldn't see you? Okay, look, my boss arranged it.
I had no choice.
You and Miles had a deal that you wouldn't write about the God Account, and if that's changed, you need to tell him.
[STRAINING] All right.
- Got it.
- Great.
Now we just need to convince Karen to see Lindsay play.
That is not gonna be easy.
No, but I have an idea of how we can get her there.
Arthur, hi.
Do you have a minute? Of course.
We didn't get a chance to talk after the walkabout yesterday.
Well, you were in a deep conversation with Diana.
I didn't really want to interrupt.
Well ? What did you think? The parishioners loved you.
But ? [SOFT MUSIC] When the board suggested that you play the political game to win the election, I saw their point, and I even pushed you to talk to Miles and Ali when you were having doubts.
But I think I was wrong.
You don't want to become bishop this way, pretending to be someone you're not.
No, I want to become bishop to be the person that I am to make change for the better, and to ensure that the church takes a step forward - and not backward.
- Then show them that now.
- Not later.
- I will.
- But when the time is right.
- The time is right.
If you don't win as the real you, I'm afraid you'll regret how you got there.
I found Andrea's violin.
Thank God.
Where is it? I gave it back to the person you sold it to.
Why would you do that? Because her daughter is a violinist and she has a recital tonight.
Look, I cannot imagine what you are going through.
No, you can't.
We didn't just lose Andrea.
We lost our future.
Watching Andrea grow up, fall in love, get married, play Carnegie Hall we lost all of it.
Three years ago today and it still feels like yesterday.
- Karen - No.
I know you're ready to move forward, but I'm not.
Because I don't know how to do that.
I don't know who I'm supposed to be.
All I know is that I'm trying to hold on to her memory as best I can.
And if I get rid of the one thing that she loved the most, I'll have nothing left to remember her by.
Letting go of Andrea's violin does not mean that you're letting go of her.
Miles is right.
Her violin can keep making music, keep making people happy.
It's what Andrea would want.
All I'm asking you to do is come to the recital.
If you want the violin back after that, it's yours.
[SOMBER MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Our last performer of the evening, playing the violin, Lindsay Levy.
Looks like they saved the best for last.
I know you'll do that violin proud.
- See you after the show.
- Yeah.
- Any sign of the Bensons? - No.
Where's Karen? She's not coming.
She just couldn't do it.
Why did you? I wanted to hear my daughter's violin played one more time.
But when I close my eyes, it's like Andrea's playing.
Like she's here.
[CRYING SOFTLY] I remember her first recital.
Karen was so nervous.
The moment she started to play, she grabbed my hand so tight.
I thought she'd never let go.
It's been a long time since we had a moment like that.
I thought if she came tonight, she might remember that.
But I couldn't get through to her.
I don't think I ever will.
- Thanks for trying.
- [SOFTLY] Yeah.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, Miles.
I really thought we had it figured out.
All the pieces were set to come together.
Yeah, I guess we were wrong.
Maybe for the first time we just can't help our Friend Suggestion.
I hate to say it, but I think maybe the one thing Mrs.
Benson needs is the one thing you can't give her her daughter back.
Yeah, but it doesn't make any sense.
Why would the God Account go through all this trouble sending us the Bensons, Andrea's violin, Jen Levy.
Is that John Dove? Hm? Wait, how does John Dove know Jen Levy? We're about to find out.
You're a real talent.
Miles, Cara, what are you guys doing here? Uh, Jen and I, uh, are new friends, and we came to hear Lindsay play.
How do you all know each other? John is Lindsay's doctor.
He saved her life.
In fact, that was three years ago today.
What's going on? [GASPS] Andrea's violin.
Thank you for keeping your word and returning it.
Well, actually we brought something more than that.
Your husband told me that when he closed his eyes tonight, he could hear Andrea playing.
And he was right.
What are you talking about? Well, three years ago Lindsay was suffering from congenital heart failure.
Without a transplant, she wasn't gonna live.
Andrea's heart saved her life.
The last thing we decided to do was donate her organs.
We never knew where they went.
I heard your daughter was an amazing violinist.
- She was.
- When I was sick, I made a list of things I'd promise myself I'd do if I lived.
One of them was learn how to play an instrument.
So my mom took me to a secondhand music shop, and for some reason, the violin spoke to me.
Now I know why.
I think she'd want you to have this.
[EXHALES] But this was meant for you.
Somehow Andrea's violin found its way back to her heart where it belongs.
You said you don't know how to move forward.
Well, I think this is your way.
I never did get to hear you play.
Would you mind? [PLAYS MELANCHOLY MELODY] [SOMBER MUSIC] I would first like to thank the membership of St.
Williams for having me.
We've partnered in so many events over the years that it feels like a second home.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming.
- Of course.
- Do you want to sit? No, no, no.
You said it was important for us to be here.
We just we don't know why.
I have a feeling your father could use your support today.
Investing in our community, making sure our children have a safe place to learn, it's these core values that will ensure our future remains bright.
Hm? [APPLAUSE] Please.
Thank you, Reverend Finer.
As you speak about core values, I'm curious to hear your position on the LGBTQIA's role in the church.
Thank you for your question.
It's an important one.
I think that everyone's relationship with God is different, that when we're searching I'm sorry, um The answer I was about to give wasn't good enough for you or me.
A few years ago, a parishioner of mine came to me to tell me that they were gay.
They were not struggling with their sexuality or the decision to come out.
They were struggling with their place in the church.
How they would be accepted by the community.
By me.
I was shook by this.
Because that parishioner was my daughter.
Through our journey, she showed me the true meaning of courage, strength, of acceptance.
I saw love in this.
I saw God in this.
This house speaks [SOFT POP MUSIC] The heart is capable of extraordinary things.
It gives us life, makes us feel love, and in some cases, can be passed on.
It's memories kept alive.
Thank you, Miles.
Teaching Lindsay has really helped Karen.
I haven't seen my wife smile in a very long time.
When you get there And of course the heart is also full of mystery.
It can remind you of who you are.
What you said it was beautiful.
It wasn't what I expected to say.
But it was what I needed to say.
I'm also guessing that it was your idea to bring in Ali and Miles.
I thought that you could use the support.
You know me so well.
I also know that you should always trust your heart because it will never steer you wrong.
And you're right.
I have been listening to my heart for some time now.
And it's telling me that I love you.
I love you too.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Or tear you in two directions.
What do you think? Is Simon Hayes behind - the God Account? - I think so.
And I think he's going to reveal that to the world next week at his gala.
He offered me an exclusive if I hold off from publishing until afterward.
Afterwards? It's no longer an exclusive.
Do you have enough to start writing? Yeah? Then I want to publish it before the gala.
And, sure, along the way the heart is bound to pick up scars, painful reminders of the past.
But if you trust it, follow it where it wants you to go, it will always lead you in the right direction.
- Hey.
- Hey, hey.
What's going on? You wanted to see me? Yeah.
There's just something I wanted to talk to you about.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
So what's up? When we were here a couple of days ago, you asked me to reconsider writing the story - for my boss.
- Mm-hmm.
I did.
That's great.
Okay, what's it about? When you Simon Hayes.
I'll tell you everything You mean the God Account? Yeah.
But I I came to you when FreeVerse told me that they wanted exclusive rights for the God Account.
You looked me in my eyes and told me that it was not a problem, that you weren't gonna - write an article about it.
- Yeah, I know.
You stood right there and told me how proud you were, how great of an opportunity this is.
You don't understand, okay? Someone at "Catapult" was going to write the article.
- What was I supposed to say? - You were supposed to say no.
Cara, this is not your story to tell.
Miles the God Account isn't just yours.
It's all of ours.
But we had a deal.
Well, I'm sorry.
Things changed.
Yeah, I guess they have.
Set fire to it all