God Friended Me (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

The Greater Good

1 Previously, on "God Friended Me" Your last article is trending at the top of the "Catapult" leaderboard.
- So any news on the job hunt? - Not yet.
Why do you not work in IT? It is a technology company, is it not? Yes, um, I don't have my bachelor's degree.
We just got word from the diocese.
Unfortunately, they're going with Reverend Thompson.
Bishop Thompson, what a pleasant surprise.
I've been looking for a chief of staff.
- What do you say? - I was just hoping that this next chapter of our lives was gonna be about us together.
Now that Joy's gone, maybe that's the last we hear from the God Account.
Just got a new Friend Suggestion.
- Baby, I know love - [LAUGHS.]
Isn't what I thought it was Miles, slow slow down! Seriously.
Look, I never thought I would be the one catching up to you.
What can I say? I'm in a good mood especially because we have our Friend Suggestions back.
Yeah, speaking of which, did Rakesh find out anything - about Claire Thompson? - Not yet.
Her Facebook page is private, but he said, "I will have it hacked by 10:00 a.
" So it sounds like everything is going back to the way that it should be.
Actually, you're right about that.
My old boss, Natalie, got promoted to editor in chief.
She called this morning and offered me my job in features back.
- Congratulations.
That's incredible.
- Thank you.
I came back from Paris to write stories that were personal to me.
This just feels right and so does this.
I'm glad we finally have time for us.
I agree, which is why I made dinner reservations for us tonight.
- You did? - Uh-huh.
8:00 p.
at Momofuku.
Sounds great.
Oh, it's Rakesh.
He got access to Claire's Facebook page.
Wait, what is it? Do you remember Reverend Thompson, the guy who beat my dad in the election to become bishop of New York? Yeah, what about him? Claire Thompson is his daughter.
Not much on her Facebook.
Says she's a registered nurse, but doesn't say where.
Wait, you said that Bishop Thompson and your dad were friends, right? Yeah, I can give him a call, see if he can introduce us to Claire.
No need.
According to the church's website, the bishop and his family are hosting a celebration of the new ministry today.
Well, then, we should congratulate the bishop - on his win.
- We should.
You guys are gonna have to survive without me.
I got a romantic lunch date with Jaya.
- Nice, where you going? - Hospital cafeteria.
Okay, it isn't romantic-romantic, but Jaya's doing a rotation at New York General, and it's keeping her pretty busy, so gotta improvise.
Make sure to talk to Reverend Martinez about the divinity scholarship programs.
- He agreed to come? - Well, not at first.
You really are a miracle worker.
So how'd Trish feel about this trial run as chief of staff? I haven't told her about it yet.
Um, I want to be certain that I can make this work before I let my family know.
Understood, but we can make it work.
I promise.
- Excuse me.
Miles, Cara.
- So good to see you.
- Welcome home.
- Thank you.
Dad, what are you doing here? Oh, um, Bishop Thompson asked me to come by and help with introductions, ease his transition as bishop of New York.
But the more important question is, what are you doing here? Actually, we're here to talk to his daughter, Claire.
Why, what's going on? She's my Friend Suggestion.
After Joy went back to Chicago, I started getting them again, and she's the first one back.
Is there anything you can tell us about her? I've known Claire since she was little.
Um, as far as I know, she's doing really well.
Wait, what do you mean, "doing really well?" Come on, Dad.
Dad, you know we're here to help.
She's in recovery.
Two years sober.
But if the God Account sent me her name, maybe something's happened.
For Claire's sake, I hope not, but I'll introduce you.
Claire, a minute? [PENSIVE MUSIC.]
This is my son Miles and his girlfriend, Cara.
- Hey - BOTH: Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
- Hey, congratulations on your dad - becoming bishop.
- Oh, thank you.
Um, excuse me.
So you must have to attend a lot of these events.
Yeah, my dad likes to remind everyone that he is a family man as well as a bishop.
Well, I know what it's like, growing up as a pastor's kid.
Sometimes they set the bar high and it's tough when you're not able to reach it.
And when you don't, they won't let you forget it.
Sorry, that sounded kind of terrible.
I love my dad.
My parents got divorced when I was four, and, well, we've been together ever since.
The relationship's just a bit complicated.
Wanna talk about complicated? I'm an atheist.
Okay, um, I admit that's missing the bar pretty spectacularly.
Is everything okay? Yeah, it's just a friend.
Um, I'm gonna have to go, so Miles, you remember Bishop Thompson.
Oh, of course, of course.
- It's good to see you again.
- You, too.
Um, Dad, sorry to cut out, but, uh, I have to go to work.
I thought you had the day off? - [STAMMERS.]
- My daughter is a registered nurse at New York General.
Oh, New York General.
We have a friend there.
Do you know Dr.
Jaya Desai? I'm sure we might have crossed paths.
It's a pretty big hospital.
But, um, sorry, Dad, I didn't mean work.
I meant I had to go to a meeting.
Oh, okay, good.
Call me later.
Okay, um, nice to meet you guys.
Excuse me, but I have to make the rounds.
Well, did you find out anything? No, and something definitely feels off.
Yeah, whatever it is, she doesn't want her father to know about it.
Dad, don't worry.
I'm gonna figure out what's going on.
You're such a good boyfriend to have lunch in between my rounds.
I mean, for a hospital cafeteria, they make a mean burrito.
So, good news: my parents want to have dinner with us.
I'm sorry, how is that good news? They don't exactly like me.
Of course they like you.
Okay, so let's use this as a chance to show them how good you're doing now.
It'll be fine.
What's in there? Alien autopsy? [LAUGHS.]
Just pharmacy.
The hospital's cracked down since someone's been stealing meds, so only doctors are allowed in there now.
I gotta get back to my rounds, but dinner, 8:00 p.
Bring your A game.
Hey, Miles, it's me.
Hey, Rakesh, I've been trying to call you.
- You still with Jaya? - No, but get this: Claire works at New York General.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
She just told me.
- How do you know? - 'Cause I just saw her sneak into the hospital's pharmacy, and according to Jaya, only doctors are allowed in there.
Rakesh, she's a recovering addict.
Miles, that's not good, because I'm pretty sure she just stole drugs from the hospital.
Are you certain she was stealing? Well, it looks that way, and according to Jaya, it's not the first time meds have gone missing.
The hospital's already investigating.
Well, i-if she gets caught, she can go to jail.
I should speak to her father.
Let him know what's going on.
Wait, Dad.
I need to be absolutely sure what's going on with her before involving her father.
I was there two years ago when Bishop Thompson had to intervene in Claire's life.
She almost didn't come through.
Hey, Rakesh.
Uh, any any luck with finding Claire? No, but I do have a lead.
It turns out you guys have a mutual friend on Facebook.
- Who? - Rachel Blake.
Who's Rachel Blake? Uh, she was a Friend Suggestion a year ago.
Her sister died in a car accident not too far from Harlem Episcopal.
Oh, I remember you telling me about her.
Well, according to her Facebook, she just checked in to Harlem Community College.
She's teaching art there.
Let me talk to Rachel.
Maybe she knows how to get in touch with Claire.
If not, we'll go to the bishop.
Keep me posted.
Can I help you? Oh, sorry, this used to be my office.
I'm Cara Bloom.
Adam Grey.
You know, I've heard a lot about you.
When I first started here, everyone said I had very big shoes to fill.
Oh, well, I only wear a size six, so Cara, there you are.
- Hey, Parker.
- I see you met Adam.
He just came over from "Chatter" six weeks ago.
Been at the top of the leaderboard ever since.
Anyways, uh, it was great to meet you.
If you ever need anything, my office is always open.
Come on.
Natalie's tied up in a meeting.
Sent me to show you to your office.
It's so good having you back.
"Catapult" hasn't felt the same without you.
Thank you, Parker.
Yeah, it's good to be back.
Here we are.
- I know, sorry.
It's fine.
Gotta work my way back up.
Knowing you, I'm sure it won't take long.
- Lunch today? - Yeah, definitely.
Rachel Blake, wow.
So any idea how she knows Claire? No, but hopefully they're more than just Facebook friends.
We need to find Claire fast.
Yeah, well, knowing the God Account, Rachel coming into the picture is more than just a coincidence.
Hey, how did it go at "Catapult"? Honestly, not great.
You know, I thought going back would be like picking up where I left off, but kind of feels like I'm starting over.
Sometimes starting over isn't such a bad thing.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Plus, it'll be that much more satisfying when I get back on top of the leaderboard.
Hey, that's Rachel.
I don't know if you're supposed to be telling me that.
Oh, you know what? Give me a sec.
Miles! This is such a surprise.
- Aww.
- Good to see you.
- This is Cara.
- Rachel, nice to meet you.
Yeah, you, too.
I know we haven't actually met, but I feel like I know you.
I'm a big fan of the "Millennial Prophet," so I hear your name a lot.
So I'm guessing running into you guys isn't a coincidence.
Not exactly.
We're trying to get ahold of Claire Thompson.
We were hoping you could help.
How do you know Claire? She is my Friend Suggestion.
I would never normally talk about someone from the program, but if the God Account sent you Claire's name, something is clearly wrong.
"The program"? You met Claire in AA? Last year, after Miles helped me.
Claire and I became friends.
Look, we need to talk to Claire.
We think she may have relapsed.
What is it? About a week ago, we were coming out of a meeting.
She got some text.
She asked if I could give her a lift to a duplex in Jackson Heights.
Said it was urgent.
I tried to ask what was going on, but she wouldn't say, and I was gonna talk to her about it at our meeting yesterday, but she didn't show.
Any chance you remember that address? Yeah.
But if Claire's in trouble, I'm coming with you.
Thank you for making us dinner, Ms.
I love the chicken.
It's so moist.
Thank you, Rakesh.
Yes, I think we all appreciate your review of the chicken.
Listen, we have something to talk to you about.
Both of you.
Wait, could I say something first? I know you guys didn't think much of me when we first met, but I promise that if you give me a chance, I will prove that I am worthy of your daughter.
W-what'd I say? Uh, you have nothing to be nervous about, Rakesh.
You've just gone from customer service to being the head of R&D at, uh, IdentitySeal.
You finally have your own apartment now, and, uh, we know exactly how well you've been doing lately.
Yeah, you know [LAUGHS.]
I mean, if you put it like that, I guess I'm kind of awesome.
And so humble.
You'll make an ideal husband for our Jaya, which is why we feel it is time for you two to get engaged.
Mama, Papa, don't you think we're moving a little fast? Nonsense.
At your age, we'd already been married three years and I was pregnant with you.
If anything, you have some catching up to do.
Are we talking about kids right now? Well, of course.
These are the next steps, and we cannot wait to have grandchildren.
A toast to the impending union of Jaya and Rakesh.
A perfect match.
It's just up the block.
Thanks for helping us.
Cara and I had to cancel our date.
Yeah, I hope we didn't hijack your night.
No, it's fine.
It's just my birthday.
- What? - [LAUGHS.]
That's what we call it in the program.
- I'm one year sober today.
- Hey, congratulations.
I was planning on celebrating with a six-pack - Huh? - of LaCroix and a Smiths album, but think I can rain check that.
This is it.
Okay, we should split up, knock on a few doors.
Miles, Rachel, w-what are you doing here? We need to talk.
My friend saw you stealing medication from New York General.
- You've got this all wrong.
- Okay, so explain it to us.
What is this place? It's a free clinic for patients who can't afford healthcare.
I didn't relapse.
I've been stealing medication so I can save lives.
How long have you been doing this? Well, I opened the clinic a few months ago and, uh, then I started working on the weekends.
Now I'm here every night.
- Gracias.
- Mm-hmm.
Isabel is ten years old.
She has type 1 diabetes.
New York General turned her and her mother away because they don't have insurance.
Most immigrants in this area don't.
That's why I opened this place.
There must be some free clinic that they can go to.
Most are overcrowded and nowhere near this area.
No one is questioning your intentions, but there must be a way that you can raise funds to make this legal.
I've tried.
I have applied for grants, but nothing has come through.
Okay, but the hospital is investigating.
How long until they figure out it's you? They won't.
Half the nurses at New York General have the passcode to the pharmacy.
But none of them are stealing.
It's a risk I'm gonna have to take.
There's no other way.
Well, then, let us help you.
Your dad is the bishop of New York.
There must be something he can do.
When I first had the idea about this place, I went to him.
He told me that I should focus on recovery.
Look, I appreciate your concern but I'm gonna ask you to stay out of this.
What are we gonna do? I don't know.
Okay, went ahead and made your usuals.
You're welcome.
What's going on? - What did you do? - Me? Nothing.
Not me, it's her parents.
They want us to get engaged and get married and have kids.
And by the look on both of your faces, I am guessing that neither of you are ready for that.
No, not even close.
- I mean, I love you, but - Rakesh, relax.
Of course we're not ready.
My life is crazy with my residency, and you're running a whole department at IdentitySeal.
And we've only been dating in the same state for a few months.
Well, why don't you just say that to your parents? [SIGHS.]
They won't understand.
In our culture, there are a lot of expectations parents have for their kids.
Mine have always had a plan for me, and after all they sacrificed, I I just can't disappoint them.
So what are you gonna do? No clue.
I mean, who would have thought that my getting my break at IdentitySeal would be our downfall? - Wait, that's it.
- What's it? IdentitySeal.
Me becoming the head of R&D took me from zero to hero - with your family, right? - Mm-hmm.
What if I got fired? Rakesh, I'm not gonna let you lose your job over this.
- That's crazy.
- No, Jaya, we pretend that I got fired.
Then I go back to being zero, and they won't make us get engaged.
And we can keep on dating.
- Rakesh, you're a genius.
Wow, Dad, this place looks great.
Look, I I know you guys have only been living here for a few weeks, but it looks like you've been living here for years.
Well, I appreciate that.
Um, Trish and I have worked hard to make this place feel like home.
So, uh, were you able to talk to Claire? Yes, and thankfully, she hasn't relapsed.
Oh, that's good news.
But, um, what about her stealing from the hospital? It wasn't for her.
She started an underground clinic to treat patients who don't have healthcare.
Oh, my God.
That's a noble cause, Miles, um, but it doesn't excuse her actions.
She's still committing a crime, one that could land her in jail.
I know, but the only way she is going to stop is if she gets the funds to make her clinic legal.
So I thought you could help.
Well, there are grants that the church provides.
I mean, that's how I first opened the soup kitchen and the shelter at Harlem Episcopal.
It's a slow process.
But there is one person who could expedite things.
- Bishop Thompson? - Mm.
Dad, Claire doesn't want to involve him.
- She thinks he won't understand.
- Her father loves her.
He he didn't turn his back on her two years ago, and he won't do it now.
- You want to help Claire? - Mm-hmm.
You should talk to him.
Love what you've done with the place.
Very funny, Parker.
What's up? Well, now that you're back at "Catapult," I figured we'd do what we do best: gossip.
No, no, that's what you do best.
What's going on with you and Miles? How'd your date go last night? Uh, it didn't.
Let me guess: God Account? Yes, but we rescheduled for tonight.
We are determined to have a normal dating life.
Good for you.
So boyfriend and job exactly where you want them to be.
Boyfriend, yes.
Job, not so much.
Hey, what can you tell me about this Adam guy? - He's a great writer.
- "A great writer"? - Really? - You haven't read his stuff? No! I've seen his headlines.
They're clickbait.
It's what gossip sites do.
What do you have against gossip sites? Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
And cue my exit.
I was kidding.
So, uh, what brings you down here? - Curiosity, I guess.
- About? Why you would give up writing a book about Simon Hayes to come back to work at "Catapult.
Let's just say I wanted to write my own stories.
I respect that.
I've read most of them.
They're very good.
Why do I feel like there's a "but" coming? But they tend to get a little repetitive.
I mean, they're essentially variations of the same story.
Yeah, because they're a series, a very successful one that explores the positive side of humanity, unlike gossip.
Anyways, this has been really fun, but I gotta get back to writing my story.
You can check it out when it hits the top of the leaderboard.
Sound pretty confident.
Care to make it interesting? What do you have in mind? Your story beats mine this week, and I'll let you have your old office back.
What do you say? I'd say start packing your stuff.
I don't know what to say.
Stealing from a hospital? What was she thinking? Well, she was thinking about helping people.
Look, I I'm not defending her actions, but her heart was in the right place.
That may be, Miles, but her actions have jeopardized her future, everything she was working for.
Edward, we understand how serious this is, but there is a solution.
Claire has been applying for grants to make her clinic legal, and we were hoping that you could help.
She was afraid to come to you, how you would judge her.
So this is a chance for you to be there for her as you always have.
You're right, Arthur.
My daughter needs me and I I can't let her down.
Uh, thank you, both of you.
I'll, um I'll go make some calls.
Claire's gonna be so relieved that her father wants to help.
Yes, and once we tell her the good news, we can have that date that we missed.
- Still good for 8:00? - Yeah, sounds perfect.
Hey, Claire.
What are you doing here? Look, I know you wanted us to stay out of this, but we spoke to your dad and he wants to help.
That explains it.
What are you talking about? My dad just called the hospital and got me fired.
So thanks to you the clinic is over.
Wait, wait, Claire.
Claire, hold up, hold up.
I'm sorry, that that's not what we wanted.
Tell that to my patients.
Okay, Claire, look Claire, Claire! We just wanted to help.
"Help"? Not only did I lose my job, I lost access to the hospital's pharmacy.
You have put a lot of lives at risk.
Okay, there must be something that we could do.
I don't see how.
If the hospital knows you're stealing from them, why didn't they get the police involved? My dad has friends on the hospital board.
They agreed not to press charges.
It's his way of fixing things.
You know, I'm sure he was just trying to protect you.
He was trying to protect himself.
He knew that if the cops got involved, it would become a scandal, so he swept it under the rug.
Okay, well, h-how about I talk to my dad again, huh? Your father listens to him.
Maybe he can sort this out.
You told your father about the clinic.
Let me guess: he was the one who wanted to talk to my dad.
Yeah, why? Arthur's working for my dad as his chief of staff.
- You didn't know? - No.
Well, I guess having fathers who put the church first is something that we have in common.
Wait, Miles, why wouldn't your dad tell you he was working for Bishop Thompson? I don't know, but believe me, that's what I'm gonna ask him.
What was so important you both had to rush here to tell us in person? Rakesh got fired from his job.
W-what? We thought you were doing so well.
Yeah, me, too, but I guess I'll probably have to go back to customer service and move back in with my parents.
That is very disappointing news.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I mean, obviously that means I need to get back on my feet, and and prove that I'm worthy of Jaya before we get engaged.
Don't be silly.
There are more important qualities in a son-in-law than just his profession.
- There are? - Yes.
I mean, you stuck by our daughter for all those months when she was in Minnesota.
We want to stick by you this time.
And you heard the whole part about me moving back in with my parents? - Mm-hmm.
- Into their basement.
I mean, after the wedding, we'll help you find a place together.
Jaya makes an excellent salary as a physician.
You'll be fine.
We love you, Rakesh.
I'm, uh I'm glad you dropped by.
I was, uh, just about to call you.
Is that before or after your boss had Claire fired at the hospital? So she told you that I work for her father.
The question is, why didn't you? Because I haven't decided if it's something that I want.
Wow, you could have fooled me.
Dad, I came to you for help, but the only person you were interested in helping was your new boss.
You manipulated me.
I did not manipulate you.
I I would have gone to Thompson whether I was working for him or not.
He's Claire's father.
He needed to know.
He got her fired.
She's stealing from the hospital.
What was he supposed to do? Here's a crazy idea: he could help her.
He could help her clinic.
He could help the people who depend on her.
Or did I miss something in those Bible verses you love to quote about the meek and the sick? Whether you want to see it or not, he is helping her.
- How? - By keeping her from getting arrested, for starters.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the job.
I'll talk to Thompson and see if I can try and find a way to help her patients legally, but what Claire was doing was dangerous, and you know it.
Trust me on this.
What is it? It's Rachel.
Claire just got arrested for trying to buy painkillers off of a dealer.
She's at the 98th Precinct.
I gotta go down there.
I'm coming with you.
Hey, we came as soon as we could.
Her dad's inside.
He just bailed her out.
Claire, we have to talk about this.
I'm not in the mood for a father-daughter convo right now.
You don't want to talk to me, fine.
You can talk to one of the counselors at the intake center.
I am not going back to rehab.
I'm not using.
Not yet, but it's clearly just a matter of time.
Claire, please, your father's just here to help.
This is none of your business.
I don't need help.
I have been sober for two years.
I am not headed for a relapse.
Look around you.
I just bailed you out of jail for buying painkillers.
They were for my patients.
And I believe you, but how many lines do you have to cross before it all becomes a blur Stop talking like you know what I went through.
You don't.
You can never understand.
Claire, wait.
I do understand.
More than anyone.
No, you don't And you never will.
I'll make sure she's okay.
So, you still want me to trust you on this? [SIGHS.]
What are we gonna do? I mean, it seems like things have gotten worse.
Yeah, and I don't think Claire is gonna stop trying to save her clinic, which means she's gonna keep putting herself at risk.
We need to figure out a way to get through to her.
May I come in? I spoke to Thompson after you left.
- He's scared for his daughter.
- Yeah, so am I.
Then let's figure out a way to help her.
Is this coming from you, or Bishop Thompson's chief of staff? Actually, I don't think I'm going to stay on in that capacity any longer.
Wait, you're stepping down? It was a trial run.
I needed to see if I could juggle something like that before I spoke to Trish.
Clearly, I have my answer.
I know I'm supposed to be retired, but To feel useful, to have people rely on you and then to come through for them I guess I miss that.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
But, to answer your question, I'm here as your father, not as the bishop's chief of staff, and I wouldn't want anything to come between us.
I'm glad.
Wait, that's it.
I think we've been looking at this all wrong.
This isn't about helping Claire keep her clinic.
I think this about bringing a father and daughter back together, healing the fracture between them.
You got that from watching us? I think she's right.
Thompson wants that more than anything.
I mean, he blames himself for not being able to reach her.
Yeah, he he does.
I saw it at the precinct.
But I think there was something more.
He said that he understood what Claire was going through.
Then you should talk to the bishop.
No, we should talk to him together.
- Have you heard from Claire yet? - Not yet.
I don't know how to get through to her.
I know how it looks, me getting her fired.
I was just trying to protect her.
At the precinct, you were going to tell her something before she left.
What was it? She thinks that you don't understand what she's going through, but you said that you did.
What did you mean? I'm 20 years sober.
Why didn't you ever tell her? Because then I'd have to be honest with how long I've been sober, and she'd make the connection.
What connection? My drinking cost me my marriage.
20 years ago is when you got divorced.
If Claire knew the truth, then I'd lose her too.
I couldn't risk that.
I still can't.
If you don't tell her if you can't be there for her in the way that she needs most right now, then you already have.
I can't believe our plan backfired.
What do we do now? I could start looking for rings.
Rakesh, no.
We should get engaged because it's something we want to do, not something we have to do.
So what now? I stand up to my parents.
- Jaya, are you sure? - Yeah.
Everything they want for us, we do too.
Just not right now.
I'll make them understand that.
And what if they don't? Then we'll cross that bridge together.
- Okay.
- Ooh Ooh Ooh Claire? What is this, some type of intervention? No, I'm here to apologize.
- It's a little too late for that.
- No.
No, it's not.
Trust me.
You said I don't know what you've been going through But I do.
I I don't understand, how could you keep this from me? All this time, I I thought you thought that I was weak, or that you were ashamed of me.
No, sweetie.
I was ashamed of me.
It took your mother leaving for me to get help.
That's why she left? That was my rock bottom.
I went to a meeting the very next day.
I was so afraid that if you knew why she really left that you'd never forgive me.
Why are you telling me now? Because I don't want you to stop helping people, but we need to do it the right way.
"We"? Your dad was able to convince the church to fund your clinic.
You're gonna be able to keep helping people.
You did that for me? Yeah, for both of us.
I thought we could do it together.
After I tell the diocese how I covered things up at the hospital, I'll be stepping down.
I told him that retirement isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
That it's best if he found a new purpose.
And I can't think of a better one than helping my daughter.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I need to tell you something.
You're not having second thoughts about our wedding centerpieces, are you? - No.
For the last few days, I've been working with Bishop Thompson.
You took the job? No, no, I just wanted to see if I could balance something like that with everything else in my life.
I know that you don't want me getting involved in the church again, but there is a part of me that's feeling a little lost.
I understand that but then, be honest with me about it.
I know, and I'm sorry, but we don't have to worry about it, since Bishop Thompson is stepping down.
So it looks like you have me all to yourself after all.
I like the sound of that.
We all have a million things going on at once.
Life pulling us in every direction.
It can be hard trying to balance what's important, what really matters, but sometimes we need to stop and mark the occasions that are meaningful Miles, what are you doing here? I got you something.
Hmm? You mentioned you love The Smiths.
Happy sober birthday.
The sunset glow Miles, Rachel.
- BOTH: Hey.
- It's good to see you.
Rachel, you remember my dad.
He's gonna be joining us at meetings from now on.
- Good to have you.
- Thanks.
Miles, I just wanted to thank you again for everything.
We both do.
Of course.
You're welcome.
Okay, ready to go? - Yeah.
- Okay.
The heights of the alpine Seize the golden light when the sun shines To recognize when there needs to be a change Congratulations, you got the top story.
Get to keep your office.
Another victory for shock over substance, I guess.
Not quite.
I read your article.
It was good.
Better than good.
Looks like you were right.
I need to shake things up.
I might have just the thing.
I'm chasing a story right now that I think could be huge, and I could use a hand.
So what do you say? Wanna share that number one spot? I'll think about it.
And yet, be careful how you go about changing things.
- They didn't go for it, did they? - No.
They said if we weren't ready to take the next step, then we weren't serious.
They said we should break up.
And you told them we would? Yes, but we're not going to.
We just need to be careful for a little while.
Keep our relationship between us.
Ah, a fake breakup.
- Exactly.
- Huh.
And when we're ready to take the next step, then we can put all this behind us.
It's hard, I get it, but sometimes change is necessary to take a step forward and find that balance we're all searching for.
So make these moments last - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- Seek to reach the heights Of the alpine Hey, what are you doing here? I'm here for a date.
I didn't know we had one.
I mean, plus it's it's 3:30.
It's kind of an unusual time for a date.
Yeah, well, we're an unusual couple.
Look, if we're gonna balance dating and the God Account, we can't do things like everyone else.
Making reservations, planning ahead it's just not gonna work.
So how do we make it work? Well, we take the opportunities when they come, and we embrace them.
Sounds good.
So make these moments last Thanks for coming.
You said it was important.
The Council of Bishops asked for recommendations on who I think should take my place.
Oh, there's some great choices.
Uh, do you want me to give you some names? No, no, no.
No need.
I gave them one, and they agreed.
Who is it? It's you, Arthur.
They want you to take my place as the bishop of New York.