God Friended Me (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

The Fighter

1 Previously on "God Friended me" Audrey Grenelle has a private art collection here.
This image is made entirely out of binary code.
It could be a message from the God Account.
This has to be where the message is hidden.
And the only person who can give that to us is Audrey Grenelle.
Bishop Thompson's daughter Claire is my Friend Suggestion.
I'll be stepping down.
I know that you don't want me getting involved in the church again.
Be honest with me about it.
They want you to take my place as the bishop of New York.
I've been down this road A thousand times before I was lost and I was broke Find a little hope Dad.
Thanks for coming, Miles.
Of course.
Just kind of curious why you wanted me to meet you here in Bishop Thompson's old office.
Because this is going to be my office.
The diocese would like me to be the next bishop of New York.
I've decided to accept.
In two weeks, I will be officially sworn in.
Well say something.
No, yeah, that's, um [LAUGHS.]
That's great.
I know this is what you've always wanted.
What does Trish think? Hmm.
Haven't told her yet.
- Dad.
D - I'm going to tell her.
I made Trish promises when I left Harlem Episcopal about the life we were going to have.
She may not react well to the news.
I have to find the right time.
So that's why you called me down here.
Hmm? So I would tell you that it's okay and give you my approval.
I thought, of all people, you'd understand.
- Understand what? - Understand why I have to do this.
I saw how lost you were without the God Account.
After I left the church, I felt the same.
I mean, whether we like it or not, we have a larger calling.
But, Dad, if I had to pick between Cara and the God Account I would choose her.
Look, I, um I have to go.
I gotta get to Ray Nicolette's barbecue.
Ray? Oh, Friend Suggestion from last year.
You know what's ironic? If the God Account hadn't sent you a Friend Suggestion for Claire Thompson, I wouldn't be standing here.
This heat is really bad for these brownies.
Definitely should've gone with tinfoil instead of Saran Wrap.
Rookie mistake.
What's going on, Miles? You've said, like, two words since you picked me up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm just thinking.
My dad is going to be the bishop of New York.
Wait, are you serious? Yeah.
Told me this morning.
Well, that's great, right? Honestly, I don't know.
Why do I get the sense that's not the only thing bothering you? 'Cause it was something that he said.
If the God Account hadn't sent us Claire's name, he wouldn't be bishop.
So you think the God Account wanted your dad to become bishop of New York? Is that really such a crazy idea? Why would it want that? I don't know.
But there's something bigger happening with the God Account, and I want to know what it has planned for me.
Yeah, I know.
And we will.
But right now brownies? Happy face? [LAUGHS.]
Ray's barbecue, okay? Okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
Come on.
Baby, look at that.
Aha! Wasn't sure you kids were gonna make it.
Ah, come on.
It's been a year since you took Isaac in.
We weren't gonna miss this.
It's a huge milestone.
Okay, still not a hugger.
Hey, why don't you put them brownies on the cooler? Maybe we don't share those right away.
- Yeah? - So where's Isaac? He's throwing the football with some friends.
He'll be back.
- Nice.
How's he doing? - He's great.
You know, I knew the kid was smarter than me, but now I get a report card every three months to prove it.
You guys have come a long way.
Well, right back at you.
Well, it took you two long enough to realize you were a good match.
How'd you know we were dating? Oh, the kid's got me listening to podcasts.
I figured I'd check out the Millennial Prophet, here.
Paris sounded like one hell of a trip.
Did you ever figure out what that painting means? No.
There's a woman who may have answers, but she's proven hard to find.
You're good at finding people.
Any chance you want to help? Sure.
I love pro bono work.
- What's her name? - Audrey Grenelle.
That's a good name.
Yeah, I'll let you know if I find anything.
All right.
Um I'm gonna go get us some punch.
Sorry to disappoint you, but some kid just ran off with the rest of Barbara's famous party punch.
Oh, I work with Barbara.
Trust me.
We dodged a bullet.
I'm Miles.
Nice to meet you.
So how do you know Isaac and Ray? I'm a social worker.
A few of us here used to work with his late wife, Abby.
How about you? Actually, I played a hand in Isaac coming to live with Ray.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Ray was pretty lost when Abby died, and then he met Isaac.
So on behalf of everyone that cares about Ray, thank you.
Elena, we really gotta go.
Miles, I'd like you to meet my rude boyfriend, Austin.
Sorry about that.
We just have things that we need to do today.
- Right, Elena? - Right.
Miles, enjoy the rest of the party.
- Where are those drinks? - Hey.
You okay? Yeah, yeah.
I just met that couple over there.
Elena and Austin.
She had this bruise on her arm, and I don't know.
There was a weird vibe between them.
Something didn't feel right.
Well, maybe you're just reading into things.
Or maybe I'm not.
Are you sure? No, but the timing of the Friend Suggestion is pretty hard to ignore.
Been around the God Account a few times now, so if it sent you Elena's name, she obviously needs help.
How well do you know Austin? I knew she was dating someone, but I never met him until today.
- I'll see what I can find out.
- Hey, thanks, Ray.
Look, I hope that I'm wrong.
You know, Elena and Abby were close.
I mean, she was with us right until the end.
I hope you're wrong as well.
So what do you know about this guy Austin? Look, we don't know anything for sure, and Ray's doing his cop thing.
We just need to know as much as possible about him.
On it.
Besides, I need a distraction from checking Jaya's Facebook page, like, every five minutes.
Oh, yeah.
Miles told me about the, un the fake breakup.
Are you fake okay? I mean, I was, until she changed her relationship status to "single," and I know we both agreed to do it, but seeing it just makes it so much more real.
- Okay, here we go.
Um, there's actually a whole bunch of articles on Austin Reynolds.
He was a professional MMA fighter until he suffered a career-ending injury.
Did you find anything? Not much.
Austin's record is clean, but I dealt with abuse cases when I was a cop, so I had a friend do me a favor and send me Elena's medical records.
That is extremely illegal.
Which makes it that much more impressive.
Anyway, Elena's been in and out of the ER this past year with multiple injuries consistent with abuse, but she's never reported anything to the police.
Says here Austin runs an MMA gym in Brooklyn.
- Want to take a ride? - Mm-hmm.
Uh, excuse me.
Excuse me.
We're looking for Austin Reynolds.
In the octagon.
Thank you.
Whatever his career-ending injury was, looks like it's all healed up.
Elena? Ray, what are you doing here? These are my friends, Miles and Cara.
Sure, yeah.
I met Miles at the barbecue.
What's going on? Well, they're do-gooder types.
Uh Look, I saw your bruise and you two arguing and I got concerned.
You thought I was hitting her? I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.
It's fine, really.
In addition to dating, Austin's also my coach.
We weren't arguing.
He was getting on me about not being late to my workout.
Well, now that we have that settled, why didn't you tell me you were some sort of octagon badass? Sorry.
Other than my son Gabe and Austin, I don't really talk about it much.
I like to keep my worlds separate.
It's easier that way.
Well, it's gonna be close to impossible to do that once she wins her next fight.
What do you mean? Elena's been fighting on the amateur circuit for about a year.
She's undefeated.
Her next fight's in a week, and when she wins, she can finally turn pro.
Not to mention there's a $75,000 purse.
Well, it sounds like everything is going great, then.
Other than needing to work on my armbar, yeah.
Well, you know, social worker turned MMA fighter is a pretty interesting story.
I'm a journalist.
I'd love to sit down and hear all about it.
Thanks, but I don't really like to talk about myself much.
Hey, you might as well get used to it.
Once you take down Killer Kate Sanchez, everybody's gonna want an interview.
Look, we can chat and then you can decide.
And I can use as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.
Stick around.
You remember Ray, right, honey? Yeah.
Hey, Ray.
How's Isaac doing? Still a Jets fan? Ugh.
Don't get me started, kid.
Mom, the Wi-Fi is down again.
You lost video game privileges.
Computer time is for homework only.
When I lost video game privileges as a kid, it was because I got into trouble.
Gabe here got detention twice last week.
Somehow the kid with perfect attendance has been cutting class, although he won't tell me why.
I promise.
I was doing my homework, but the Wi-Fi is better at our house.
Can't I just go home and do it? Gabe, I have to finish training.
And you are not walking home alone.
What, uh what if Ray and I took him home? Yeah, why not? We can stop for a slice, huh? Mom? Fine.
Straight home after pizza.
Okay? Thank you.
No, that helps a lot.
All right.
I'll talk to you.
- Isaac? - No, actually.
That was about your girl Audrey Grenelle.
Really? What did you find out? Not much, other than she's a criminal.
She has 20 unpaid parking tickets in the last year in New York.
Wait, wait, wait.
She has a car in the city? Then maybe she has a place.
Could you give me an address? I'd have to go through parking enforcement to get that.
They tend to be a tight-lipped group.
But I do have a friend that used to work at the DMV.
I'll see if he can help.
So any ideas as to why the God Account sent us Elena's way? Not sure.
It could have something to do with Gabe.
Elena says she didn't know why he was cutting class.
True, but she's always talking about how smart and responsible he is.
- Yeah? - And I've seen it.
I mean, kid acts more like an adult than me.
Well, that's called growing up with a single parent.
After my mom died, I suddenly became aware of everything my dad had on his plate.
At first, I tried to do everything I could to either lighten the load or avoid adding to it.
Eventually, I just stopped trying.
But it's that awareness that separates you from the other kids your age, and Gabe seems very aware.
So whatever's going on, he doesn't want his mom to know about it.
Thank you.
Ho-ho! Who's ready for a slice, huh? - Two, please.
- Ooh.
Must be good.
Best in Brooklyn.
My mom and I used to come here all the time.
Every Sunday.
We'd do pizza and just talk.
I take it you guys haven't done that in a while.
Not for a while.
Look, I know your mom's busy, but you still talk to her.
Whatever's going on in school, I'm pretty sure she still wants to know about it.
It's no big deal.
There's a bully at school.
I've been getting detention to avoid him.
- Maybe your mom can help? - No.
I need to deal with this on my own.
She has enough to worry about.
What, with the fight? No, it's not that.
Then what? Nothing.
Can we take the pizza to go? I have to get home and do my homework.
Sure, kid.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, sweetheart.
Trish, can I have a moment? I wanted to talk to you about something.
Yes, but first, I have some incredible news.
You do? My friend Damien who works at the botanical gardens just called.
There has been a cancellation and it is available.
And we have always thought it would be amazing to hold our reception there.
- So what do you think? - I think it sounds perfect.
- Oh, good! - Yes! Okay, look, Damien wants to meet with us tomorrow.
We need to jump on this before someone else does.
This is so exciting.
So what did you want to talk about? You know what? It can wait.
- This is really fantastic news.
- Yeah.
- Look.
And this is the color of the centerpieces I was wanting.
- Isn't that amazing? - Yeah.
Thanks again for doing this.
Austin's right.
I mean, if I say I'm ready to go pro, I have to act like one, and interviews come with the territory.
So what do you want to know? Actually, I'm interested in something you said earlier about keeping your worlds separate.
Oh, I guess I'm just a private person.
You know, I didn't start MMA for attention.
Then why did you? I haven't really told anyone about this other than Gabe and Austin, but I was [CLEARS THROAT.]
attacked and robbed two years ago while coming home.
Elena, I'm so sorry.
After that night, I felt so powerless.
Then you found MMA.
I had to take control of my life, and learning self-defense helped me do that.
But then eventually, it became so much more.
I started to feel just as good outside of the octagon as I did inside.
And doesn't hurt that I'm pretty damn good at it.
Oh, sorry.
One sec.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Come on.
Time to spar.
Can I stay and watch? Absolutely.
Come on, Elena.
Come on.
Get in there.
Jamie's not even close to Elena's level, and she's dominating.
Elena, focus! Get your head on straight! [FIGHTERS GRUNTING.]
- Elena.
You okay? You okay? I'm fine.
You're not fine.
What the hell just happened? Nothing.
Elena, that's not the first time that one of your sparring partners has taken you down lately.
What's going on? Nothing.
I just lost my focus for a second.
- I'm fine.
- Okay, look, this is the biggest fight of your life.
If you go into the octagon the way you did just now, you will lose or worse.
I'm just trying to protect you.
I don't need your protection.
I'm going to win.
That's who Elena has to fight? Yeah, and after what I saw today, I'm really worried for her.
She got an email right before she went in the ring.
Whatever it was, it really rattled her.
Hey, Rakesh, could you Hack her email? On it.
What is it? My friend at the DMV struck out - at that Grenelle address.
- [SIGHS.]
What's he talking about? Ray looked into Audrey and found out that she has a bunch of parking tickets, which made me think maybe she has a place here in the city.
Unfortunately, I don't have any connections with parking enforcement who can tell us where the tickets were mailed to.
Hey, can't you hack into that, Mr.
Extremely Illegal? Actually, for once, I don't think I have to.
Um, when you guys were in Paris, Joy's friend suggestion was Sarah Matthews.
She's a traffic enforcement officer.
I could see if she could do us a favor.
That's great.
Ray, what can you tell us about the guy who attacked Elena? I didn't even know she was attacked until today.
But I had a buddy pull that file.
Some crook named Leo James.
Put her in the hospital for three weeks.
Now he's serving four years for robbery and assault and battery.
Uh, actually he's not.
That message Elena got was an email from the Department of Corrections notifying her that her petition to block his early release has been denied.
Early release? Wait, the guy who attacked her is getting out of jail? - Mm-hmm.
- When? Today.
What are you guys doing here? You got a minute? We need to talk.
Sorry to drop by so early.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.
Hey, guys.
What's going on? Hey, I'm glad you're here.
We were hoping to speak to the both of you.
About what? We know about Leo James.
That he got released from prison yesterday.
That's none of your business.
You knew about this? I just found out.
It's no big deal.
It's in the past, babe.
We don't think it is.
Yesterday, right after you got that email, you got knocked down in the ring.
Austin said it himself.
If you get in that ring and you're not 100% focused, you'll lose or worse, you'll get hurt.
So what are you saying? I shouldn't fight? Who the hell do you think you are? Elena, they're just trying to help.
There's nothing to worry about.
Tell that to Gabe.
He is so worried about you that he's afraid to tell you that he's getting bullied at school.
Do not talk to me about my son.
You don't know us.
I am not calling off this fight.
I have sacrificed way too much and I have worked way too hard to get here.
No one's saying that you haven't.
But at what cost? Elena, if you don't take a step back from the ring, get help to deal with Leo James, you could push your son away, and it will take years to get that relationship back.
Look, I have been distracted lately.
I found out Leo James was gonna be released two weeks ago, but I didn't know when until I got that email.
But I'm fine now.
Hold up.
Two weeks ago? That's when you got knocked out in your sparring session.
You were lucky you didn't end up in the hospital.
Elena, maybe they're right, love.
No, they're not.
And if I don't get into that octagon, Leo James wins.
There's no way I'm gonna let that happen.
So from what you've told me, it sounds like Elena's dug in.
Yeah, she is.
I've worked with a lot of patients who've been assaulted.
And every single case is different because everyone deals with emotional trauma in their own way.
Yeah, and clearly Elena has chosen to deal with her emotions in the octagon.
But even if she wins, it won't make things better.
She'll keep burying her trauma, and pretty soon it'll start affecting other areas of her life.
It already has.
Her relationship with her son is suffering because of this.
Look in terms of therapy, there are a lot of great options out there.
But from what I'm hearing, there's one in particular I think might help Elena.
It's called restorative justice.
- What's that? - It facilitates meetings between the victims and their offenders.
It allows both sides to begin the healing process.
Well, that sounds perfect.
How do we set it up? Well, both sides need to agree to sit down.
I'd start with Leo James first.
Reach out to his PO, find out if he's okay with it before bringing it to Elena.
Ray's an ex-cop.
I bet he can help with that.
I'll give him a call.
Actually, do you think Cara could handle this one? I'm meeting Dad and Trish at the botanical gardens in half an hour.
It's their dream venue.
And I thought it could be something we look at together as a family.
I'll head down to my office, call Ray, let you know if I find anything.
- Okay.
- Hey, um before we go, there's something I need to tell you about Dad.
I take it you're passing on my offer to work together.
I'm considering all my options.
You have a real competitive side, don't you? Mm, says the guy who bet me his office last week? Well Fancy place you got here.
Ray, how did you get past reception? I'm excellent at small talk.
Who's this? Um, Adam Gray, Ray Nicolette.
Nice to meet you.
Ray is an ex-cop turned PI.
He's helping me on my story.
Good luck.
Let me know if you change your mind.
I won't.
Seems like a nice kid.
- [SIGHS.]
- Or not? He thinks my stories are too repetitive, that I should shake things up.
I take it you disagree.
Well, let's let the leaderboard decide.
So any luck reaching out to Leo James's parole officer? As a matter of fact, yes.
Said he was gonna talk to Leo about sitting down with Elena.
Does he think he'd be open to it? Possibly.
He said Leo was a first-time offender.
That's a good sign.
What's with the look? I don't know.
I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like we're missing something.
I'm listening.
Elena was attacked two years ago.
So why did the God Account send us her name now? Easy.
Leo James.
Right, but she could've sat down with Leo anytime.
Yet we get her name a week before the biggest fight of her life? So you still think she shouldn't fight? Honestly, I don't know.
Part of me wants her to get in that octagon and watch her win.
She deserves that.
I mean, she's been in and out of the hospital a bunch of times this past year, and yet she keeps getting back in the ring.
I admire her for it.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
The hospital.
That's it.
Do you have that medical report I gave you? Yeah.
Why? Austin said Elena got knocked out two weeks ago, that she was lucky not to have ended up in the hospital, right? But look.
According to her medical records, she did.
That's what we've been missing.
Elena hasn't been distracted the last two weeks.
She's been hurt.
So it's right over this way.
This is so beautiful.
Ali, thank you so much for this.
Of course.
So I take it you haven't told her yet? We're having lunch after this, and then I'm going to.
So the tables would be set up around the fountain, and the dance floor will be right over there.
What do we think? I think it's absolutely perfect.
- We'll take it.
- Yes! - [ALL CHUCKLE.]
- Great.
Now I know the window's tight, but I promise you, two weeks from Sunday, we'll be ready.
Wait a minute, Damien.
Two weeks? You said the cancellation was for the 31st.
I must have mixed up the dates.
Is there any chance you could bump up your timeline? Not possible.
We uh, Arthur, let's just talk about this.
Why don't I give you a minute? Look, I know I know that this is fast, but we can pull this together.
I mean, we are not gonna get a place like this.
I mean, there's no reason to pass it up.
Yes, there is.
I can't get married in two weeks because that's when the Diocese of New York swears in the next bishop.
And they offered it to me.
And I accepted.
Arthur, how could you not tell me this? I wanted to yest look we can discuss it now.
What exactly is there to discuss? That they offered you the position or that you decided to accept it? Right.
I know this wasn't part of the plan, but you know how important this is to me.
You stood by me when I ran for bishop.
But when you lost, you told me that this was the time for a new chapter in your life.
And then you asked me to marry you.
I still want to marry you.
That hasn't changed.
But things have changed, Arthur.
We bought a home together.
I sold a business that I loved.
I made sacrifices for you and I, and I I I thought that you were gonna do the same.
But clearly I was wrong.
What are you saying? I can't do this.
I'm sorry, Arthur.
I can't marry you.
Dad, are you okay? She just needs more time.
I'm gonna go see if she's okay.
Dad, what are you gonna do? Talk to her.
Make her understand.
No, I think she understands.
What do you mean? She knows that if you become bishop she's gonna lose you to the church.
I can find that balance, Miles.
This is what I've always wanted.
This is my calling.
I cannot turn down this second chance.
You want to talk about second chances? You found the love of your life not once, but twice, and you're willing to risk that just so you can become the bishop? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Sorry, Dad.
I I gotta go.
Elena went to the hospital two weeks ago and was diagnosed with a detached retina.
Well, I'm guessing two weeks isn't enough time for that to heal.
I spoke with Jaya, and she said more like two months.
I mean, Elena hasn't been getting knocked down during practice because she's been getting distracted.
It's her vision.
Which is why she kept it from Austin.
She knows he would stop her from fighting.
- Yeah, come on.
- Yeah.
I don't want them here.
I need you guys to leave.
We can't do that.
Look, we know Leo James being free isn't why you've been getting knocked down.
- What's she talking about? - I have no idea.
That's not true, Elena.
I said go! Mom.
Is everything okay? Everything's fine.
Go do your homework.
No, it's not fine, Elena.
Two weeks ago, you were diagnosed with a detached retina.
How could you possibly know that? Did you pull my medical records? - Hold up, is that true? - No.
Of course not.
She's lying.
Mom, you could barely see the next day.
You don't think I know what's going on with you, but I do.
There is nothing wrong with my vision, okay? Then why did you keep it a secret? It's not a secret.
And I didn't tell you because I am fine.
You're not fighting.
End of story.
What? No, you can't do that.
Yes, I can.
I'm not gonna be responsible for you losing your eyesight or worse.
I love you too much.
I have to tell the medical commission about your injury.
I know you think you were trying to help, but you just let Leo James win.
No, we didn't.
Every time you get into that ring, you see Leo James.
That's not where you need to face him.
That's not how you're gonna get over this.
What are you talking about? There's a program called restorative justice.
Yeah, I know what it is.
You want me to sit down with Leo James so he can tell me he's sorry? Like that'll make everything okay? We know how it sounds, but this could be a first step.
I've reached out to his PO.
He says Leo James is open to the idea.
He's staying at Harmony Home.
It's a 20-minute cab ride.
You're right.
The only way I'm gonna get over this is to face him.
Tried calling Trish, but she won't answer.
Did you ever speak with her? I did.
And? What'd she say? Not much.
I tried to tell her that you guys could work it out or at least talk it over.
But she didn't think there was anything left to say.
I can't lose her.
Then fight for her.
How? Everyone thinks that the moment I become bishop, they'll lose me to the church, that I won't be able to find balance not Trish, not your brother.
I don't know.
Maybe they're right.
You're the only one that can answer that.
But when it comes to the people that you love, I know you can change.
I've seen it.
And I believe in you.
So Elena agreed to participate in the restorative justice program and face Leo James.
- Miles, that's great.
- Hopefully, she can finally take a step forward for her and Gabe.
Speaking of taking a step forward, I texted Sarah Matthews the parking ticket number - of one Audrey Grenelle.
- And? She hasn't responded to my text yet.
She's a bit of a rule-follower, so I might've oversold her willingness to help, but, you know, keep the faith, or whatever it is you keep.
Wait, she's got a key, too, now? Yeah.
So? Miles, I thought we were key buddies.
So how's your new story about Elena going? You see the leaderboard in your future? Actually, yeah, I do.
Hey, Ray.
What's up? Are you sure? Yeah, we'll we'll meet you there.
Leo James changed his mind.
You've gotta be kidding me.
I mean, after everything he did, he won't even sit down with her? Well, maybe we can talk to him, you know? Maybe re-change his mind.
Yeah, yeah, it's worth a shot.
Ray said that he was staying at some halfway house in the Bronx.
Can you see if he can get a location? And Ray's gonna meet us at Elena's - so we can tell her together.
Guys? Come on in.
Hey, is Elena here? We need to talk.
No, she's not.
What's going on? Leo James changed his mind.
He's not going to sit down with Elena.
What? No.
No, he can't do that.
You guys said this was the way my mom could finally move on.
- We know.
- Yeah, and we're gonna keep trying.
Wait, Gabe.
I don't understand.
Elena said that she was gonna meet you guys at the parole office this morning.
- Where is she? - Uh, I think you got that mixed up.
We didn't have any plans to meet her.
Yeah, what exactly did she say when she left the house this morning? That she was finally gonna face him, put all of this behind her.
Maybe she is, but not in the way that were hoping.
I don't think Elena ever had any intention of facing Leo James through restorative justice.
She's going after him.
We gotta find her.
Elena, Gabe, and I share our cell phone locations.
I can see where she's at.
I'll try to get ahold of Leo's PO, see if he can call him in before she finds him.
It says she's at a park somewhere in the Bronx.
- Maybe we're wrong about this.
- No.
No, we're not.
The halfway house that Leo is staying at is in the Bronx.
We have to stop her before she gets there.
Ray's trying to contact Leo's PO, - but he hasn't heard back.
- Yeah, well, let's just hope - Elena is still here.
Rakesh, what's up? I was able to get the address of Leo's halfway house, but it looks like we weren't the only ones looking for it.
Wait, what are you talking about? Long story short, Elena Googled the address of Harmony Home from her laptop a little while ago, and it is two blocks away from that park you're headed to.
Wait, Miles.
It's Elena.
Hey, Rakesh, I'll call you back.
What are you doing here? You said you needed to face Leo James, but sitting down with him wasn't what you meant.
You meant taking things into your own hands.
Your version of confronting the man that attacked me is a joke.
Elena, what is fighting him going to prove? What happens then? You go to jail.
Gabe goes to foster care.
Leo James doesn't get to apologize.
That is not justice not the kind that I need.
I've been to that halfway house before, so, yes, I came here to face him, and that's what I'm going to do.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
If you've been there, why did you Google the address? What are you talking about? I didn't.
Does Gabe have access to your laptop? Yeah.
Why? - Oh, no.
- What? We stopped by your apartment earlier to tell you that Leo James changed his mind, - but you weren't there.
- When he heard the news, he took it really hard.
He stormed off.
You think Gabe is on his way to Leo James's halfway house? Yeah, and we need to go now.
Gabe! Stop.
You can't do this.
I can.
I need to get him to talk to you.
I don't want to talk to him, okay? I just want to go home.
- Okay? - No.
You have to do this.
It's the only way you'll get better.
I'm fine.
No, you're not.
Please, I want my mom back.
I want her back too.
I thought that by becoming a fighter, I wouldn't be afraid anymore.
But the truth is I am still scared.
And I have been so consumed by my fear that I have been [SNIFFLES.]
neglecting the one person that means more to me than anything else.
And I am never going to do that again.
I promise.
I love you.
Thank you.
Thank you for meeting me.
I'm sorry for what happened yesterday.
So am I.
I have a lot to prove to you.
You're worried I can't balance being the bishop and a husband, but I can.
- Arthur, that - I can find that balance.
Trish, please.
Marry me.
I'm heading up to my farm upstate.
I need to get away.
I need some time to think.
Trish, I don't want to lose you.
I love you.
I love you too.
But sometimes that's not enough.
Sometimes we can see our lives echoed in those around us.
It gives us a renewed sense of purpose, reminds us of what's important and what we're really fighting to hold on to.
I missed this, Mom.
Me too.
Change is gonna come Why don't you tell me about what's going on in school? Change is gonna come But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it isn't enough.
I can't believe it.
My story didn't even end up on the leaderboard.
Maybe it's time to reconsider Adam's offer? [POIGNANT MUSIC.]
Maybe I should.
Change is gonna come It can leave us torn between the past and the future.
Change is gonna come In the end, our actions will always be stronger than our words, but I believe people can change, that we can learn from our mistakes, and that our future remains unwritten.
Hey, guys.
You ready to go get some food? Um, actually, we've got something better to do.
Heard back from Sarah Matthews.
She got us an address for Audrey Grenelle.
It's in Brooklyn.
Think it's under Grenelle? Uh, her name isn't listed.
Are you sure this is the right address? Mm-hmm.
Wait, didn't Ray say she had, like, 20 parking tickets? Hi.
Excuse me.
Are you Audrey Grenelle? Yes.
That's me.
Um, my name is Miles Finer.
This is Cara and Rakesh.
We just wanted to ask you a few questions about one of your paintings at the Future of Art exhibit in Paris.
Oh, if you want to speak to me about that, you need to go through my gallery in the city.
It's about "The Path.
" Did you know there was a message hidden in the painting? How could you possibly know about that? Because it was meant for me.