God Friended Me (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Instant Karma

1 Previously on "God Friended Me" The dioceses would like me to be the next bishop of New York.
Arthur, how could you not tell me this? I can't marry you.
I love you, Cara, and I know you can't say that yet, and it's okay.
The God Account led me to Paris, where I found a painting - called "The Path.
" - How do we get our hands - on the key to unlock it? - Well, I'd need access to the AI program that created the painting.
And the only person who can give that to us is Audrey Grenelle Did you know there was a message hidden in the painting, "The Path"? How could you possibly know about that? Because it was meant for me.
Just so we're clear, you dragged me all the way to my own office to show me my own painting? Well, like we said, we think that the message - is hidden in the code.
- The message that God left you - is inside the code? - Not God the God Account.
Look, if you could just put your skepticism aside for, like, one second We really need to know about this painting.
A year ago I set out to disrupt the art world, push the boundaries of what art could be, so basically, piss everyone off.
I hired a team of coders, and designed an AI program that would essentially replace the artist.
So, all the paintings you saw at the Future of Art exhibit at the Louvre were created by it Except that one.
What are you talking about? My program was hacked.
The painting was designed by whoever is responsible for that.
The God Account.
Has to be.
Were you able to trace the hack? No, but I've tried everything.
Trust me.
Why do I get the sense you aren't telling us everything? Well, I thought the message hidden inside the code was meant for me.
- Why? - Doesn't really matter.
The message requires numeric code.
If you give me access to your AI program, I might be able to find it.
If this crazy story you're telling me is true, - I am not a part of it.
- No, you are.
Look, the God Account never does anything without a reason.
It wanted us to find each other.
If we can crack this code, then maybe we'll both get the answers we've been searching for.
So, any word on your graduate thesis? Actually, I'm meeting with my advisor this afternoon to get my first round of notes.
Hey, hey, you've been working on it for six months; knowing you, it's probably perfect.
- Yeah.
You know, this um food is amazing.
Don't you think so, Dad? Absolutely.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Do you need any more coffee or I'm fine, and not just about the coffee.
I know what the two of you are trying to do.
Not wanting to talk about Trish, and while I appreciate the concern, there is no need to dance around the issue.
We were just worried about you.
There's nothing to worry about.
Trish is upstate at her farm giving herself time to think.
And once she comes back, we'll work things out and be walking down the aisle in no time.
Dad, I don't think it's gonna be that easy.
Oh, I need to get out of here.
I have a meeting with the diocese to go over next week's swearing in.
- Thank you for the brunch.
Mwuh! - Mm-hmm.
We need to be here for him, Miles.
How? By letting him pretend everything is gonna be okay? I am no therapist, but he is definitely in denial.
- He's just being optimistic.
- Hmm.
I'll talk to him.
The God Account just liked Sarah's Second Hand Shop? So, what, that means it wants you to go shopping? [LAUGHS.]
I don't know, but I'll let you know when I find out.
Well, I have to admit, the God Account does have good taste.
This is actually one of my favorite thrift shops.
Well, we spoke to the owner, we've taken a lap around this place; any idea what we're supposed to find here? Hmm, no idea, but we'll figure it out, and maybe I can find a new purse, so win-win.
What was that for? No reason.
I just I'm happy that I have you in my life.
Yeah, me too.
Speaking of that new purse, that one's pretty cute.
Hm, hm, hm! Hm? - What do you think? - Well, I don't think the God Account brought us here to find a new purse.
- No? Come on.
- Mm-mm.
Check that out.
Sameer Patel.
Think he's a winner? There's only one way to find out.
Check the numbers on the website.
I wrote a story about people that play the lottery.
Did you know the average person spends $200 a year in tickets, and they never win? This guy did.
That must be why the God Account sent us here.
He won $1 million.
Thank you for sitting down with me, Dr.
Of course, Ali.
You've been one of my top students the past two years, and if I'm being perfectly honest, I was disappointed in your thesis.
Wow, um Okay.
If you wanna point out what part wasn't there for you, of course, I'll have another look at it.
That's the thing, Ali, it wasn't one specific area.
Your subject matter was personal: Single parenting and the family dynamic but it felt uninspired.
I feel like you've been less engaged the last few months.
Is everything okay with you? Never better.
Honestly, this is coming as a bit of a shock to me.
Look, Ali, it's been a long road, but you're almost there.
Take a step back, re-read your thesis, and let's sit down and talk about ways to rethink your approach.
$1 million? Man, is this guy gonna be happy to see you.
Well, yeah, that's if you can find him in time.
The ticket expires tomorrow.
A ticking clock.
God Account's upping it's game.
I like it.
I'm on it.
I'm gonna run a search for Sameer Patel in New York this could take a minute.
Uh, what's that look for? Oh uh, it's Jaya.
Um, the two of us are going on a secret date.
Tonight's the second one this week.
I'm gonna be honest.
This whole "sneaking around" thing, it's really spiced up our relationship.
Like - you wouldn't even believe - Okay, yeah, yeah, no, no, no, no, we get the point.
- Yeah, here we go.
Um, looks like there are Six Sameer Patels in New York.
This number should correspond with the store it was purchased from, which, according to the lottery commission is a bodega in Queens.
Okay, great, any of those Sameer Patels live nearby? [KEYS CLACKING, COMPUTER BEEPS.]
Actually, one of them works at a law firm two blocks away.
That has to be our guy.
Right? Can you check to see if the law firm has a Facebook page? Okay, let's see.
Patel & Sons, run by Sameer Patel and his brother Jay.
Says here they're closed on Sundays.
Well, can you get us a home address? Absolutely.
You're about to change this guy's life.
This is it.
Can I help you? Sameer Patel? That's right.
I'm Miles.
This is Cara.
Uh, we found something that belongs to you that you are gonna be happy to see.
You won! This ticket is worth $1 million.
I want nothing to do with that.
- Uh Yeah, that's not how I saw that going.
I don't get it.
Why would someone turn down $1 million? No idea, but whatever Sameer's reason, it must be why the God Account put him on our radar.
Yeah, so the question is what happened a year ago that made him decide - not to cash it? - I noticed something on the Patel & Sons Facebook page that could be our answer.
There was a memorial posting two days after Sameer purchased the winning ticket.
"Patel & Sons sends condolences to the family of Mira Gupta.
" - Who's Mira Gupta? - [MOUSE CLICKS.]
They were a couple, and from the looks of things, - very much in love.
- Okay, so, Sameer wins the lottery, but before he can cash the ticket, Mira dies? So maybe his grief over losing her is preventing him from cashing the ticket.
- - Oh.
Is everything okay? Yeah, it's just Ali.
She needs to talk.
Um, look we have 24 hours before this ticket expires, I say we head down to Patel & Sons first thing tomorrow and see Sameer.
Yeah, sounds good.
So what exactly did your advisor say? That my thesis was both uninspired and disappointing.
I'm sorry, Al, I know how hard you've worked on it.
Maybe you can rewrite it and make it great.
What if I don't want to? What are you talking about? She also told me I've been disengaged the last few months.
She's right.
I just I didn't know why, and I haven't wanted to face it.
- Face what? - That maybe this paper is a wake-up call.
A way of telling me This is not what I'm supposed to do with my life.
That's crazy.
You've always wanted to help people.
I know.
That hasn't changed.
But look at you.
You're helping people all the time in the most amazing ways.
You are welcome to join the God Account team anytime.
You have a calling.
And I thought I did too, but now I'm not so sure.
Have you talked to Dad about it? How am I supposed to talk about being at a crossroads with someone who is clearly in denial about the same thing? Uh What about your pastor at Advent Congregational? I mean, you clearly seem comfortable there.
Maybe she can give you some insight.
Hold up.
I'm sorry, um Did the atheist just tell me to go to church? No, your brother just told you to talk to whoever you need to if they'll help you find your way.
Thank you.
Parker, what are you doing here? Chasing a deadline.
What about you? Adam wants to team up on this story about some potential Wall Street scandal.
Nice, but enough about work.
Now that you moved out of my place, I haven't gotten any updates on you and Miles.
- So, how you guys doing? - Honestly? Things have never been better.
I mean, it's like whatever anxiety or insecurity I had about me and Miles You mean saying "I love you"? You know, today I could tell he almost said it, but he stopped himself.
He's been so sweet about not putting any pressure on me.
That's kinda adorable.
Now when I thought he was gonna say it, it didn't scare me.
So then, maybe it's time.
Please, thank Sameer, if it wasn't for him we'd be out on the street.
Oh, it was our pleasure.
Hi, I'm Judy.
Can I help you? Hi, yes, my name is Miles.
This is Cara.
Uh, we're looking to see Sameer Patel.
Well, can I tell him what this is about? Uh, we spoke with him briefly over the weekend about a legal matter that we were hoping he could help with.
- It's kind of urgent.
- Oh, okay, yeah, he's just finishing up a meeting.
He should be out any minute.
- Oh, here let me help you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Mmm! Whatever that is, it smells amazing.
Punjabi-style carrot pudding.
Mmm! Sameer does a lot of pro bono work, so Has he always done that? More so this last year.
Which is wonderful, of course, but we could use some more clients whose payments don't come wrapped in tinfoil.
- Is it just the three of you? It wasn't always, but uh we've had to do a little downsizing this last year.
I worked for their father when he first opened this place, so I've known Sameer and Jay since they were boys.
Practically family.
So we'll we'll get through it.
I'm so sorry, Indira, it won't happen again.
You say that every time Sameer forgets a conference call or skips a meeting, but there's no excuse for missing a court filing.
I'll call the judge, he'll be fine.
The hearing is this afternoon.
One more mistake, and I'm done.
How could you forget to file the motion? I was helping Mrs.
They were about to be evicted.
You wanna worry about people being evicted? Start with us.
We lose Indira, - we'll have to shut our doors.
- Excuse me.
We have new clients waiting.
They're here for me.
Why don't we talk in my office? - [DOOR CLICKS SHUT.]
- What are you doing here? I already told you I want nothing to do with that ticket.
Look, we understand that, but the ticket expires at the end of the day, and from what we just heard out there, it sounds pretty clear.
You need the money.
Not that way.
I will never cash that ticket.
Why not? Look, we know about Mira.
- About what happened.
- You don't know anything.
Okay, then tell us.
Why won't you cash it? Because That ticket is the reason Mira is dead.
Okay, okay, wait, wait what do you mean the ticket is the reason why Mira's dead? You wouldn't understand.
This is about Karma.
Wait, what does Karma have to do with this? Karma is about spiritual cause and effect.
Good intentions lead to good Karma.
Bad intentions lead to bad Karma.
Right, but how does buying a lottery ticket cause bad Karma? Because I didn't buy it.
I found it on the street.
When I discovered it was worth $1 million, I told Mira I was going to cash it.
She begged me not to, told me that cashing it was the same as stealing, that it would destroy my Karma.
But I didn't believe her.
I signed the ticket, and I was on my way to cash it when she was hit by a cab and died.
Mira's death was an accident.
You have to see Karma isn't real.
Believe me.
It is.
And Mira's death would be proof enough, but it didn't stop there.
In the months following that, my car got broken into, my apartment got flooded.
So that's why you started doing pro bono work.
- To restore your Karma? - Yes.
But the only way to truly do that is to return the ticket to its owner, and let them cash it.
So how did it end up in that purse? Because I was desperate.
So I put the ticket in one of Mira's purses and donated it, hoping God would unite the ticket to its rightful owner.
That they'd see my name written on there, find me, and let me sign it over to them.
I thought it had worked when you two showed up, but clearly it didn't.
Okay, well, did you ever try to find the original owner? Of course.
I went to the bodega where the ticket was purchased, but they couldn't help me.
What was I supposed to do, put up flyers? Who wouldn't want to claim a $1 million ticket? The ticket expires at the close of business today.
And once that happens, there will be no way to fix my Karma.
Well, then we need to find the owner.
We can help you.
Help how? Well, let's just say we came into your life for a reason.
If the bodega has security cameras, we thought that you could pull the footage.
Well, Miles Finer, nonbeliever and skeptic extraordinaire, has agreed to help someone restore their Karma.
I would not miss it.
I agreed to find the original owner of the lottery ticket because Sameer said it will help restore his Karma, but that's not what this is about.
- Says you.
- Aw, come on, bro, since when do you believe in Karma? Since always! Just because I don't go around talking about my beliefs on a podcast, doesn't mean I don't believe, dude.
Hinduism is, like, the oldest religion on the planet.
Plus, what's so crazy about the idea that what you put out there into the world - affects what comes back at you? - Sameer's life imploded because he lost the person that he loves.
That's not Karma, that's grief.
Okay, okay, I'm gonna stop the two of you before this turns into a holy war.
Now, onto a matter we can all agree on: Have you had a chance to look into Audrey Grenelle's AI program yet? I did, but when I was looking at the painting I found that we need this 11-digit number to unlock the code and reveal whatever message is hidden inside it.
Hey, that's great.
So how long will it take you to crack it? An 11-digit passkey can have over, like, ten billion combinations.
Even if I had a random number generator working 24/7, it could take years.
Do you remember Sameer coming in and talking to you about it? Oh, yeah.
Nice guy.
He comes in here all the time.
Look, I wish I could help you, but we sell hundreds of these a week, and this was a year ago.
Well, what about your security cameras? The hard drive only holds a few days before it's recorded over.
Well, I know a lot of people who play the lottery have superstitions, like always playing the same numbers.
Hmph, sorry.
Numbers for Lucky Lotto are generated by the machine.
Well, the ticket was purchased around this time.
Do you have any regulars that come around now? The only regulars I have at this time are those officers.
They come in at the start of their shift every day, but they don't play the lottery.
'Scuse me, are you going to stand here and just talk all day? Uh I'd like a $20 Lucky Lotto.
Thank you.
You can pay for a lottery ticket using a debit card? - Of course.
- Rakesh If a person we're looking for paid with a debit card, could you track them down? If that's how they paid for it, yeah, I can.
Hey, Pastor Olivia.
Ali, how are you? Ugh, I could be better.
- Do you have a minute? - Have a seat.
What's on your mind? So I've talked to you about how I'm studying to become a therapist, right? Of course.
If I'm not mistaken you graduate soon? Supposed to, but I got my thesis back from my advisor.
She thought it was - less than inspired.
- I see.
I feel like I'm at a crossroads, and I could really use some advice.
I'm sorry, Ali, I can't help you.
Wow, um as my pastor I was hoping for a little more than that.
What I mean to say is, you're the only person that can figure this out.
But I do have a suggestion.
Okay, better.
There's a church life forum here tonight.
It's a service where congregants can share the issues that they're struggling with.
More often than not, just standing up and speaking from the heart, it's enough to give you a little insight from God.
So why didn't Cara come back with us? Uh, she had to work on a story, and said she had a ton of research to do.
She say the three magic words yet? No.
That's okay.
All right, fine, yes, I would like for her to say it, but when she's ready.
When will that be? I have no idea.
Aw, Jaya had to cancel our secret date tonight.
She's having dinner with her parents.
Wait, do they know that you two are still dating? We played it perfectly, all right? You don't have to worry about that, trust me.
Okay, here we go.
I got a program running to check the transactions from the bodega of that day and time.
Shouldn't take more than a few minutes.
Well, assuming they didn't pay in cash.
It's a bit of a long shot, but hey, you put something good out into the world should get something back.
You realize you do not have valet? I just kept driving till I finally just parked where it looked like there should be there should be valet.
So you parked at the curb? - Huh? - Audrey, what's going on? I kept thinking about the 11-digit number you said we'd need to crack "The Path," And I wanted to show you something.
It's the road that leads up to my grandparents' summer house in Marseille, my absolute favorite place as a little girl.
It reminded me of "The Path.
" Rakesh, pull it up.
Wait, that's why you thought the message was for you; why it felt so personal, because of this photo.
So how does this help us crack the code? Turn it over.
If you include the postal code and region number, the address is made up of 11 digits.
I thought for a second that was actually going to work.
If you think this message is something that God wants you to see "Account.
" The God Account.
Why not give you the numbers to unlock it? I mean, maybe jot them down on a stone tablet or something.
Sameer's lottery ticket.
Naw, lottery ticket's six numbers Numbers, yes, but if you count the individual digits Sameer's ticket has 11.
- Sucks, right? - [COMPUTER BEEPS.]
- Miles? - Hmm? We just got a hit on our mystery lottery winner.
- You're kidding.
- No.
At the same time that the ticket was issued a debit card was swiped at the bodega for $5 even.
- Tim Whitson, 2057 West 66th Street.
What are you two talking about? Do you wanna see how the God Account works first-hand? No.
Hey, Sameer, this is my good friend Rakesh.
He's the one who tracked down the owner of the lottery ticket.
I don't know how to thank you.
Nah, don't mention it.
I have to be in court in an hour.
Indira's expecting me there.
All right, well let's go tell Tim Whitson the good news.
- Can I help you? - Hi, are you Tim Whitson? - That's right.
- Uh, I'm Miles Finer.
My friends and I may have found something that belongs to you, and sorry to be so cryptic; we just wanna make sure - that you're the right person.
- Okay.
Have you ever been to the Palace Bodega in Queens? Actually, I think I have.
I was in Queens last year for business.
I only remember because I hardly have meetings outside of Manhattan.
Do you remember what you bought? Sorry, no.
Do you ever play the lottery? Uh no.
So, uh, what did you find? It was a lottery ticket, but obviously, it doesn't belong to you.
I don't mean to be rude, but I am busy, so is that all? Yes, thank you.
It's okay.
We still got a couple more hours.
Hello, Judy.
Slow down.
It wasn't scheduled for another hour.
Jay can't do that.
Tell him I'll be right there.
Okay, I'll I'll come back.
That was Judy.
Our court time got pulled up, - and I missed it.
- Is everything okay? No.
We lost.
Our client Indira fired us.
Judy said Jay is closing the firm.
This is my bad Karma at work.
Judy, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'll be okay.
No, I'll fix this, I promise.
You need to listen to me, Sameer.
Now, I know how much you still miss Mira; how tough this last year has been, but you have to figure out how to make peace with it.
Because if you don't, I'm afraid you and your brother are gonna lose a lot more than a law firm.
I just got off the phone with the building manager to let him know we'll be vacating our lease.
This office has been in our family for 40 years.
Look, there must be something that we can do.
All Sameer had to do was show up in court today.
He didn't.
You mind telling me what was more important than saving our firm? A year ago, I found a lottery ticket in the street.
It was a winner.
- $1 million.
- $1 million? I don't understand.
Did you cash it? I was going to, and then Mira was killed and she was killed because I was going to take money that didn't belong to me.
She told me not to cash it.
The reason she is dead is because of me.
Why didn't you come to me? I'm your brother; I could have helped you through this.
Because you don't believe in Karma, and everything that's happened is because of my Karma.
I had to try and fix it.
I called Sameer because we thought we found the owner of the ticket.
But it wasn't them.
Now, the ticket expires in three hours.
We're going to keep looking.
We'll find them, I promise.
And if you don't? That money goes to no one.
You want me to cash the ticket? I want you to save Patel & Sons.
Save the legacy our father built.
And if I don't cash the ticket? Then we're no longer brothers.
How could we be? [SIGHS.]
- Give him the ticket.
- Sameer, Sameer.
- It's not too late.
- Give it to him, please.
But I don't have it on me.
I wasn't gonna be responsible for losing a $1 million ticket by walking around with it.
Someone's already done that.
It's at my place.
Give me an hour.
It's not like anyone can cash it without me signing it over to them anyhow.
One hour.
You better be here.
So Jay wants to cash the ticket.
Yes, that's why I told him I didn't have the ticket.
- I need to buy some more time.
- What are you gonna do? Honestly, I might just sit here and let it expire.
I mean, it's the only way to ensure that it won't tear them apart.
Is, uh, Ali here? No, why? I wanted to know how her meeting went with her advisor.
Have you spoken with her? Yes, actually.
Uh, you know what, I have to talk to Rakesh about something, but I'll call you later.
Bye, Arthur.
- Bye, good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
So? What did she tell you? [SIGHS.]
Her advisor thought that her paper was uninspired.
How come she never came to me with this? Because she's worried about you, Dad.
We both are.
Trish called off the wedding and left town, and your response was to pretend like everything was okay.
Ali is going through a tough time, and she is trying to face it head-on.
That's why she didn't talk to you about it.
Because I'm not.
I've gotta talk to her.
Thanks, Miles.
- Got a winner on your hands? - I do.
It's worth $1 million, but it expires in a few hours.
- Are you serious? - Mm-hmm.
My Friend Suggestion was about to cash it when his girlfriend was killed.
He believes her death is his fault; that intending to cash the ticket brought him bad Karma, but his brother Jay wants him to cash it - to save their law firm.
- What are you gonna do? I don't know.
If if Jay cashes it, Sameer will never forgive him, and I can't let that happen.
Kind of a lose-lose situation.
Any thoughts? Well, if cashing the ticket will tear them apart, you have to convince them of that, but it has to be their decision.
- Hey.
- Hey, your text said you needed to talk about something? Well, I was hoping you might be able to do me a favor.
Yeah, well considering, um, I can't crack the God Account painting, and I can't meet my girlfriend tonight, yup, I got nothing but time.
What's up? I'm working a story, and I just need help - tracing an email account.
- Yeah, just forward it to me, - I'll look into it.
- Okay, thanks.
So, Miles told me what happened with Sameer and Jay.
There's gotta be a way that we can figure out - who bought that ticket.
- In the next two hours? I mean, I'm open to ideas.
Well I know the bodega said they don't keep security footage, but what about the traffic cameras outside? Already checked.
What is it? It's Tom from my office.
He keeps sending me all these crazy cop videos.
- Wait, let me see.
Oh, my they can't even get the handcuffs on.
Dash cam footage.
Rakesh, that's it.
That's the answer.
Sameer! Jay! You're finally here.
We've only got two hours, give me the ticket.
You have to understand what cashing this ticket means for Sameer what it will mean for your relationship.
It means saving our firm.
No, it means the end of your firm, at least for the two of you.
Now, you can call it Karma, you can call it bad luck, you can call it blood money.
But no matter what you call it, you will be choosing it over Sameer, and he will never forgive you for it.
I'm sorry, Sameer, but I can't let $1 million go unclaimed when we could use it to save our firm.
Give me the ticket.
Hey, Rakesh, now is not a good ti Wait, what? [INQUISITIVE MUSIC.]
We're on our way.
- Officer Murphy, Officer Car.
- Hey, Sameer.
Wait, you two know each other? Officer Murphy was just telling us that Sameer helped a friend of his who was about to get fired.
He took the case pro bono.
It was nothing.
- Sorry, what is this about? - Whatever it is, - we don't have time.
- Actually they were here when the lottery ticket was purchased.
The dash cam footage from a year ago was recording everyone coming in and out of the bodega at that time, including the owner of the ticket.
But even if we have them on tape, there's no way we have enough time to go and find them.
I think we might be able to.
It's Judy! I don't believe it.
I know she goes to the bodega we all do but I had no idea she played the lottery.
Well, maybe she lost her ticket on the way to work.
Yeah, and since she probably didn't remember the numbers and assumed she'd ever win, she never thought about it again.
- We gotta go to Judy's.
- No, there's no time.
Let's cash the ticket and give her the money.
No, I have to sign the ticket over to her and let her cash it herself.
It is the only way that I can restore my Karma.
All right.
Let's go.
I can't believe it.
After all this time, it was Judy.
I can't imagine anyone who deserves it more.
You both do.
Judy, you here? Judy! Judy, Judy! She's not responding.
Call 911.
- Sameer blames himself.
- It's not his fault.
No, but he doesn't see it that way.
He still thinks it's about his Karma.
Is she okay? Judy suffered a brain aneurysm.
Her surgery was successful, and we've stabilized her.
- [SIGHS.]
- Lucky you were there.
If you hadn't have found her when you did, she wouldn't have made it.
You'll be able to see her in a few hours.
Ticket's expired.
I'm so sorry, Sameer.
All that matters is that Judy's gonna be fine, and if that means my Karma will never be restored [SIGHS.]
That's a price that I'm willing to pay.
Sameer, don't you see? This started with the loss of a life: The accident that killed Mira, the accident you blame yourself for.
But because you insisted on going to see Judy, instead of cashing that ticket, a life has been saved.
He's right, Sameer.
Because of you, Judy's gonna be okay.
What about us? We will be too.
Sameer It's time for you to move forward.
You're right.
Thank you.
For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to help people.
And for the last several years, I was certain of my path to becoming a therapist.
But lately, I've been feeling lost; feeling alone.
But standing in this church, looking out on this community, my community, I realize, how could I be lost? How could I be alone? [SNICKERS.]
"For I know the plans I have for you.
" "Plans to give you hope and a future.
" So, how could I worry about a future that in my heart I've always known has been guided by God.
Thank you.
That was beautiful, sweetheart.
- What are you doing here? - Well, Pastor Olivia was nice enough to let me know that you were speaking, and I'm very glad she did.
"For I know the plans I have for you"? "Plans to give you a hope and a future.
" Jeremiah 29:11.
- One of my favorites.
- I know.
Trish is supposed to be a part of your future, Dad.
I know.
Then what are you gonna do to fix it? I'm going to call her and convince her to come back home, today.
That was terrific, Ali.
Thank you, I mean, you were right.
That was exactly what I needed.
Well, I would say I'm surprised how natural you were up there, but like father, like daughter.
Maybe the path you're looking for isn't as surprising as you think.
Cause and effect is a part of our everyday lives.
It doesn't matter what we call it.
We take actions; there are consequences.
Sometimes the results can be surprising.
I'm gonna miss this place.
So am I.
But we still have each other.
We'll rebuild, together.
I will send out an army It can send us down a path we never thought to explore In the middle of the darkest night It's true Or awaken us to a truth we've known all along.
Trish, uh, it's it's me.
Can can we talk? Things never turn out exactly how we planned.
- Hey, Rakesh.
- Hey.
So, uh - who's Kamal Basu? - He's no one.
You mind telling me why no one's looking forward to having dinner with you tonight? You know my parents.
This is what they do.
I promise you, you have nothing to worry about, okay? - [SIGHS.]
- But in the end, all we have to do is control what we put out into the world and hope what's returned makes it all worth it.
Reach you In the middle of the hardest fight [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
It's true, I will rescue you - Hey! - Hey.
- I got you something.
Oh, I will rescue you Hey, what's this for? Do you remember our last night in Paris? How could I forget? And do you remember what you said to me? I do.
Standing under the Eiffel Tower, it was perfect.
And while I know that can never be duplicated, I Thought I'd at least give it a try.
Miles You, you Never trust nobody I love you.
With my heart I love you too.
Death do us part They're gonna wish that they had What we have, baby They're gonna wish that they had What we have, baby Death do us part [KEYS CLACKING.]
So what'd you wanna see me about? I traced those dummy emails you wanted me to look at for your story.
They're all registered to the same guy: Jonathan Carter.
You heard of him? No no, but I'm definitely gonna find him.
Hi! You're all here.
Hey, what are you doing here? I'm headed out of town and came to say good-bye, but I guess I like you guys.
If you're ever back in Paris for one of those God Account thingies, look me up.
You just want to know if we were able - to crack the 11-digit code.
- Maybe.
Well, we didn't.
Hey, Patel & Sons just posted a new photo - that the God Account liked.
- Hm.
Aw, it's of Judy and her hospital wristband saying these are her new lucky numbers.
Wait a minute.
Lucky numbers? [INQUISITIVE MUSIC.]
It's 11 digits.
Zero, nine, two, five, seven, two, one, zero, three, four, eight.
A house.
How is a house a message? Not to mention, it could be anywhere in the world.
It's not.
It's in Jersey.
- Mm-hmm.
- How do you know that? Because that's the first place that Cara and I tracked the God Account to all the way back when this first started.
Yeah, but why is it sending us there now? I don't know, but that's what we're gonna find out.