Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Hayaki Koto Kaze no

We're wasting fuel.
How much farther to blue waters?
Four meters deep?
A powerful stench of decay,
even with masks on.
They're freezing 100 carcasses
for research.
The rest have been gathered
in several areas to await disposal.
And 3,700 will be sent here…
Several were found alive this morning…
Maybe the Rodans reacted
to the song from Misakioku.
Then they're the ones luring the Rodans.
Large Rodans have also been discovered
outside of Nigashio.
What attracted this flock when the song
hasn't been monitored since that day?
And why would Misakioku
want them to come here?
Doesn't it make you wonder?
Let's find out.
Mr. Goro Otaki has received
a letter of gratitude
for saving the citizens from Rodans.
I'm calling about the Rodans.
I just saw the news on TV.
You did a great job the other day.
The Rodans reacted strongly to this song.
Why did you lure them here?
Lure them? You've got it wrong.
It was an accidental signal.
We didn't intentionally…
So you accidentally and unintentionally
lured the Rodans?
That's one way to put it.
Red Dust. That's what we named
the red sand on the Rodans.
It contains a collection of
active and inactive complex molecules.
Does it affect our health?
It has no metabolic influence
on ordinary organisms.
Any reaction with the Rodan tissue?
We're studying their connection
to the Red Dust.
Will there be other giant creatures?
Like wingless quadrupedal
or bipedal land creatures.
We have no reason to believe so
at this time.
Any other questions?
"Archetype is an unattainable molecule."
This 14980c or whatever.
"Solve it and find out."
"It's like a quiz."
No match from 200 million conversions
of this character set.
Maybe there's no real answer.
If it says, "Solve it and find out,"
it must be solvable.
What's the data size?
It's 128 bits.
How about the MD5 hash function?
What's that?
It compresses everything
into 128 binary digits.
The word everything is
Right. Try it.
I can't. Hash functions are irreversible.
You have to try different inputs
until we get a match.
What do you mean?
Convert all the phrases you come up with
until we get the same code.
What about apple?
No match.
No match.
No match.
Apple. Gorilla. Trumpet.
Is this a word game?
No match.
How about you use the word underwear next?
Just tell me the result.
-Raspberry juice.
-No match.
-No match.
-No match.
-No match.
We could go on forever.
What's the maximum number of characters?
With all the data stored on this laptop,
So it's limitless.
It can also include images,
audio, and video data.
It's like turning hash browns
back into whole potatoes.
This is endless.
Endless is 36f45…
Dubai International Airport.
No match.
People on a moving walkway.
No match.
Crowded passport control.
No match.
Travelers from different countries.
No match.
Looking for the gate with a map.
No match.
You must be Mei Kamino. I'm your driver.
My name is Makita.
Is that all your luggage?
Yes. I'm known for traveling lightly.
Dramatic start.
No match. How about forgetful person?
Traveling alone in a white car.
No match. I'm here with you.
Eating a delicious kebab on a beach.
No match.
Burj Khalifa.
No match.
Fantastic design
that might reach outer space.
No match. Even the world's tallest
building won't reach outer space.
You're not very good at this word game.
Are they sea creatures
that wandered onto land?
That makes sense. New species of
deep-sea fish are discovered all the time.
Some varieties of aquatic insects
stay underwater all their lives.
But I don't know of
any like that in the ocean.
They apparently have something
that functions like gills.
Evolution is the gradual change
from one generation to the next.
-Metamorphosis, so to say…
-It's a warning from nature.
-Data from the previous flock…
-If you don't feel anything watching this,
-then you're inhuman.
-Only the mature Rodans…
I like this one better.
People are confusing
evolution with progress.
But they do seem more sophisticated.
What if they changed
in the past few weeks?
That's not evolution.
What if they can control their evolution?
How is that possible?
By changing their body at will?
Muscular hypertrophy.
You mean they change their body
to adapt to the environment?
Did they accelerate their evolution?
Then why did they self-destruct?
Because they're still evolving?
Maybe they're learning
how not to self-destruct.
Shunya Sato?
We've spoken before, yes?
The Rodans reacted to a signal
transmitted by accident?
It's confidential information,
so I can't go into detail.
But the signal was accidentally
transmitted from our machine.
It was probably a malfunction.
Who would send
the signal intentionally? For what?
I doubt that thing still has a will.
"That thing"? In the basement?
You know of it?
It's just a skeleton.
Ridiculous. Impossible.
You knew about a skeleton in the basement?
No. I just found out.
He didn't seem to be lying.
Misakioku's basement.
A skeleton with a will?
One is missing.
Did it come back to life and return home?
I will not forget you
So I will never have to recall you
Mr. Yamamoto…
I told you it's just a skeleton
of a dinosaur.
I think it's here somewhere.
Here it is.
This guy was misbehaving.
There we go.
The song came from those bones?
The race to develop new materials has
caused an inequality of wealth and power,
and that has brought great conflict.
We disclose information
on our development of Archetype
because we believe in equality.
There's an opportunity
for all gifted people.
We value inspiration and passion.
Let me introduce
Professor Guiying Li.
That's her.
Thanks, Steven.
Archetype is the ideal material.
It's light, tough,
and extremely durable and rigid.
It can also regenerate itself.
The problem is that
it only exists in simulations.
Until now.
What's that?
We've confirmed some
intriguing traits of Archetype.
It can trap light.
It can increase the energy it traps.
If light is trapped,
its intensity shouldn't change.
We still haven't been able to explain
this mechanism that appears
to defy the law of energy conservation.
If there's more energy,
there must be more light.
What if it's refracting
to non-spatial dimensions?
A material that existed only
in simulations is now in my hands.
If light refracts through time,
its diffused reflection can cause photons
to appear repeatedly in one spot.
In other words, the photons there
are photons from the future.
That's… my theory.
You must be Mei Kamino.
Yes. Hello…
Who is she?
Thank you for waiting.
This is the women's clothing section
on the 150th basement floor.
The items on sale are in the center zone.
A big crowd is expected.
Please watch your step.
Do you accept credit cards?
The survey team arrived in Partition 2.
The intermittent vibration continues.
Is there a video?
Only from that one instant 24 hours ago.
The iron maiden opens
for the first time in six years.
The elevator is not operational.
Please proceed to the food section
on foot down the stairs.
The steps are slippery
so please be very careful.
How odd. The front is plantigrade
and the back is digitigrade?
Are there two of them?
Plantigrades walk with their soles
flat on the ground, like bears and humans.
Digitigrades walk on their toes.
Like horses and cats.
And chimeras?
It doesn't look like
the Rodans came back to life.
Something came for the remains?
What animal is as big as heavy machinery?
A Naumann's elephant?
That was 20,000 years ago.
Do elephants eat birds?
I'm sorry I rushed you.
Did you come straight from the airport?
-Yes. Well…
Mei, this is Michael Steven.
You're that girl.
Tilda sent a survey team
without consulting us.
To the lake? Who?
BB. She took advantage of our absence.
I'm busy right now.
I don't know the details.
I sent an inquiry.
Why won't she answer the phone?
I did the right thing by calling you here.
Li! Will you come here?
Let me hear more about your time theory.
Will you write a report?
-I want it by tomorrow.
There's nothing we can do here.
By tomorrow?
It stepped out of the river there.
It went in again and then…
It jumped over there.
It's all over the place.
It's restless. Is it a kid?
Then the disorderly movement makes sense.
Maybe it doesn't know this world.
But it's so big.
Its parents must be bigger.
It flew from here.
That's at least ten meters.
You must've followed the footprints too.
"Takehiro Kai, self-employed journalist."
I've seen you guys somewhere.
Oh, right. You're the guys with the robot
that fought the Rodan.
Oh, wait!
Another footprint.
Over here!
What is he doing?
VIP treatment for a visiting researcher.
Where did I put the key?
I put it in the pocket.
You took it out
and put it in the suitcase.
I see. A chicken-or-egg situation.
Is that the right analogy?
I can't open the suitcase,
finish the report, or solve the quiz.
What is it?
I couldn't lock the suitcase
without the key.
Then how did you lock it?
I see. It wasn't locked
in the first place.
In the first place?
Solve it and find out.
That's correct!
That phrase is a match
with the set of characters
from Yun Arikawa.
Maybe it wasn't a quiz after all.
The answer is "solve it and find out."
What's the connection
between MD5 and Archetype?
Archetype is like no existing molecule.
We'll have to try
every possible molecular grouping.
We need to simulate
every possible atomic structure.
To find the answer to MD5 hash?
Yes. Thus, it's impossible.
But it's been found.
Right, so first possibility.
A super calculator.
One that can decrypt MD5?
It's non-existent in this world.
So it doesn't exist…
Second possibility.
It's the work of a genius.
That sounds possible. I can see that.
A genius born once every 10 billion years.
Earth hasn't been around that long.
So they haven't been born yet.
Third possibility.
Someone got super lucky.
Lucky? Luck, you say?
How lucky?
Writing Shakespeare's Hamlet
by randomly tapping the keyboard.
Playing Bach's Crab Canon
on the piano by chance.
Tossing paint that turns out
like Pollock's Number 5.
Incredible. Amazing.
And the luck never runs out.
That's even more amazing.
That transcends the laws of physics.
Can a material like that really exist?
I know, right?
What's the fourth possibility?
Okay. Fourth possibility.
They already knew the answer.
In any case, it's definitely something
that's not of this world.
Because it defies the laws of physics.
Not of this world…
Then maybe Archetype is made
in a different world from ours.
There's still a Rodan that's alive?
Didn't you hear?
A guy almost got his arm ripped off
when a Rodan came back to life.
Are you serious?
Luckily, his colleague killed it in time.
Tanaka and Suzuki, get off.
Go check that vehicle on its side.
It could've been caused by Rodans.
Be careful.
This is 00.01. We see a small
overturned civilian truck.
It's empty.
Is anybody here?
I see two civilians,
possibly from the truck.
Are you okay?
A fully-automatic rifle.
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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