Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Riron naki sûji

Approaching the target point.
Target, confirmed.
An overturned fishing vessel.
Any survivors?
I see two.
Commence rescue if possible.
Commencing rescue now.
A little to the right.
Kondo, are you there?
Yes, but I lost the survivors!
The boat sank!
Increase altitude and distance.
-We'll reapproach if we can.
-Roger that.
Akitsushima, this is JA-696A.
A giant…
a giant sea snake-like creature
has appeared.
He's already up there.
He's fast.
All clear. It's a person. Don't shoot.
Hello there.
You must have heard the gunshot.
It's dangerous. Get off the mountain.
We were also just about to…
What is it?
-No! You can't!
Basically, Archetype may exist already?
That might be possible.
And it refracts light toward the past?
Sounds far-fetched.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Light returning over and over
and exploding.
Let's stick to the real world.
It defies the laws of physics.
Couldn't it transcend time
if information isn't transferred?
An explosion is information.
That professor got super lucky
and defied the laws of physics.
Or she already knew the answer. Possibly.
But it's impossible for light
to refract through time.
I'll bet on it.
Winner gets sushi.
And a helicopter ride over Tokyo.
I'm in.
Professor Li wants to see you
about your report.
Try to picture light moving back in time
within a certain medium.
Like this, with space on the vertical axis
and time on the horizontal axis.
Light normally refracts like this,
but in this case, it refracts here.
So there's a problem
with conservation of energy?
Light is emitted from here
before photons reach the medium.
Anti-photons are simultaneously generated
and they annihilate each other
on the medium's surface.
Sounds good so far.
If this process can be generated,
it's then a matter of repeating it.
Sending photons from the past
to the medium again
will increase them infinitely.
In theory.
It sounds right.
We call that process the Ashihara Cascade.
I knew it.
You already figured it out.
I feel like I wasted time thinking.
Sometimes, the thought process
is more important than the answer.
You got the answer right away,
but it took us years.
We finally got it
by studying Ashihara's paper.
Ashihara's paper?
In the middle of the journey of our life
I found myself within a dark wood
Where the straight way was lost
What's that?
A quote from Dante's "Inferno."
I thought you were a scientist.
Fairy tales have some truth to them.
Like tossing monsters into the sea
and mixing them to achieve immortality.
The Acheron? Where's the ferry?
This is also Dante.
Once you cross the River Styx,
there's no turning around.
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
The Gates of Hell.
Or is this the primordial soup
of ancient earth?
The new phase of Archetype is here.
The sensors are reacting. They're moving.
Is Ashihara's prophecy coming true?
Abnormal sensor levels. Unanalyzable.
The survey team is heading back.
What's that?
The one that set off the sensors.
Drop your bags and run.
What? Hey!
If I were that old woman,
I'd sacrifice us to keep it underground.
You're kidding me.
The monster is fast.
It will catch up to them.
Really? Are you sure?
Close it.
Is it controlling the Red Dust?
Keep moving! You'll get trapped in hell!
Damn that old woman.
-What is it?
It probably got shot.
An injured kaiju. We better be careful.
Looks like he found something.
Yun, run!
There it is.
It deflected the bullet.
Are you okay?
Don't shoot all of a sudden.
It predicted the projectile
and deflected the bullet?
Light can be collected from one
to three minutes in the future.
Isn't it the same as seeing the future?
Yes, you're right.
But if the information isn't transferred…
I guess it is, huh?
Advanced waves? EPR correlation?
What do you think?
Maybe it's not possible?
Does it still defy the laws of physics?
Let's say it's possible
for argument's sake.
What do you think
the future would look like?
What would the future look like?
The Archetype presentation
was like watching alchemy.
What do you think
is in the photo with Ashihara?
Since when were you allowed to quiz me?
That skeleton. Misakioku must have
already started the research.
What if
there's a connection between
Archetype and the bones?
Our country is interested in funding
the research on Archetype.
The groundwork is underway.
We look forward to your response.
So your plant in India is almost complete?
You should come to visit.
Our researchers see a similarity
in the Red Dust on Rodans
and the raw material of Archetype.
Red Dust?
Actually, the raw material
of Archetype is very rare
and is found only in certain places.
We'd like to share
that information with you.
Rodans and Archetype come
from the same origin?
That's one theory.
A camper saw a huge shadow
in the middle of the night…
If the big hedgehog sees you,
it could eat you.
-Did he get eaten?
-It wasn't a boar.
It wasn't a deer either.
I heard a loud noise.
It was covered with spikes
and roared like a train.
Then what?
The city office said they're going
to hunt it down in the mountains,
but I wonder if it will work.
The two missing fishermen were rescued.
They were attacked
by what looks like a water snake…
Close the Uraga Channel?
We'll lose access to Tokyo Bay.
It will be an economic disaster.
What if it attacks a chemical tanker?
It must be killed right away.
The sea creature has been named Manda,
which means giant snake.
Disaster relief units are going after…
Rodans, which have been seen in Japan,
were witnessed in Auckland, New Zealand.
Rodans have been sighted
in the following six countries.
Australia, New Zealand,
Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue…
A flock of Rodans in Singapore,
Kuala Lumpur, and…
Airlines are canceling their flights
due to Rodans in the West Pacific…
-Flight restrictions…
-More and more Rodans…
The Otaki signal was used in Japan…
The weather is perfect today
for some hunting in the mountains.
To ensure the safety of our citizens,
we'll do whatever we can
to quickly find Anguirus
and either capture or exterminate it.
What's Anguirus?
The name of the kaiju.
The mayor's new grandchild saw it
on the news and called it Anguirus.
Maybe he meant to say Ankylosaurus.
We want you to use that radio wave thing
that attracted the Rodans
to lure it into that trap.
Will you do it?
I don't know
if it will react to radio waves,
but Jet Jaguar can cage the monster.
Otaki, long time no see!
Hey, Gen. This is huge.
A whaling gun?
Can this truck stand the recoil?
Don't worry. I still know how to fight.
That's not what I said.
You know how skilled I am.
Like I said…
I'm aware of the danger.
Tires must be more stable
than bipedal walking.
I didn't have time to thoroughly
design the lower body.
It's learning posture control
through a genetic algorithm.
Looks complicated.
I have various settings to readjust
since it originally used bipedal walking.
So it's like changing from fins to wings?
Will the kaiju come out of hiding
with all this commotion?
Even if it does, it might be too swift
to lure into the cage.
It might also deflect bullets
like it did before.
I'm sure it can't deflect every bullet.
Some parts of its body must be vulnerable.
This is Japan where a sea creature
called Manda was witnessed.
Another monster appeared on land.
The hunt to capture this new monster,
Anguirus, is about to start.
Wouldn't Manda attract more views?
Hi, guys.
A small group like us
has no place in the mainstream.
I want to see the footage from before.
What footage?
Did it predict the bullet's projectile?
Like a batter reading a pitch?
Impossible. The velocity of rifle bullets
is over 900 meters per second.
The shooter was around 20 meters
away from Anguirus.
Around 0.02 seconds
for the bullet to reach it.
Sensory nerve conduction
is 50 to 60 meters per second.
It wouldn't have time to react
even if it read the projectile.
So how did it deflect it?
Maybe it just turned its back
toward the shooter.
And it was already injured, wasn't it?
Why didn't it deflect
the Self Defense Force's attack?
It didn't know what firearms could do.
Then it learned about the loud sound
and ensuing pain
that comes from the cylinder.
That's why it got hit the first time.
-Right here.
The spike moved
before the rifle was fired.
It does look like it's moving
before the rifle was fired, but…
Predicting the future.
No. Maybe it's not predicting it.
What if it can actually see it?
That's an interesting theory.
Come on.
I have to go.
Is he really a journalist?
Will Anguirus come out?
Even if it does,
I don't know if we can help.
There are houses around here.
This is our field of fire.
Unless the monster enters it,
there's nothing we can do.
Ashihara's name is on a list
of pharmaceutical patents in London.
Something about
a rare molecule from jellyfish.
It was never put to practical use
and the company was acquired.
He was also the founder of the company
that managed the patents.
Archetype Co., Ltd.
Now it's an affiliate of SHIVA.
Ms. Kanoko went to see them.
A consortium and Misakioku.
Plus, its founder
and a pharmaceutical company in London.
And here's what's confusing.
SHIVA was established 50 years ago
and it also acquired
the Archetype company 50 years ago.
Ashihara founded
the Archetype company 60 years ago.
So this one came first?
SHIVA might have been
a subsidiary of Archetype Co., Ltd.
Was it taken over by a subsidiary?
Or did Ashihara make SHIVA?
SHIVA is building a huge facility
right now in Upala, India.
You had outside help, didn't you?
I have to file for more expenses…
Manda didn't react to the radio waves.
Do radio waves reach underwater?
I'm sure not every kaiju
is attracted to radio waves.
If Rodans are radio-wave kaiju,
then Anguirus…
Can it deflect bullets?
Or can it predict the future?
We've been shot!
It deflected the bullets.
What happened? Come in!
This is the command post!
Over there, at the course's edge.
They're coming back.
What happened?
It's gotten bigger.
It won't fit in the cage.
What about Mr. O?
He hasn't noticed.
Call him on the wireless.
It's going to catch up to them.
Look at that truck!
Whaling gun? Will that work?
Go, Gen! Hit it out of the park!
It's packed with explosives?
I missed. Load the next one.
I knew it.
Sit tight and watch.
So you think you can do whatever you want?
Jet Jaguar won't allow it!
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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