Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Jikan no Gimonfu

A flock of Rodans along Long Island…
Daddy? Mommy?
They're approaching Manhattan…
Rodans! They're now all over Manhattan.
The Rodans are here.
Evacuate to an indoor location.
Stay indoors and do not go outside.
Manhattan is on fire.
A countless number of Rodans
are now in our country…
Around 80 years ago,
Ashihara discovered a rare jellyfish
during his investigation on the red tide.
He was conducting his research here.
Jellyfish? Not radio waves?
If he were alive, he'd be over 100.
He might not be dead yet.
Do jellyfish emit radio waves?
A kaiju named by the staff.
Ashihara also predicted a creature
linked to Red Dust.
What's its objective?
Perhaps the fresh air above the ground.
If Ashihara is right, maybe it's coming
to get back the treasure we stole.
It destroyed the partition in a day.
The rest is a matter of time.
How long do we have?
The bigger issue is the stable existence
of the alpha phase of Red Dust.
In ten years of research, he was only
able to make it last for 0.001 seconds.
There's damage around the world
from the Rodans and Red Dust.
Airlines are canceling their flights
considering the possible effect
of Red Dust on aircraft engines…
Volume 18, 1960. And…
Where's the next shelf?
Ten meters ahead, two meters to the left.
They're all obscure journals.
How's that new body of yours?
Its specs are 256 times better
than your computer.
I thought you were linked to it.
There's no need to split hairs.
It's not here.
Ashihara was a pioneer
in Archetype research,
but nobody understood
most of his findings about it.
He was way ahead of his time.
They're all non-digitized journals.
Did the famous ones reject his articles?
Or did he avoid the mainstream?
Maybe he was simply wrong.
Here it is.
This is Professor Ashihara?
A dog?
They look like sporadic simple groups.
No wonder it wasn't published
in major magazines.
It's incomprehensible.
They look like doodles.
They look a lot like your notes.
"6 = 9"?
What does that mean?
To stop them from entering Tokyo Bay,
we'll use every resource
and equipment available to us.
Vermin control and disaster relief teams
will be deployed.
Will heavy weaponry be used?
Rodans first came to Japan
and then spread to Oceania.
Their nest must be somewhere
in the Pacific Ocean.
So why did they skip the West Coast
and suddenly appear in New York?
Maybe they have two nests.
Are the two nests connected somewhere?
At this rate, next would be…
"6 = 9" and "Fearful Symmetry"?
Is symmetry fearful?
Symmetrophobia is the fear of symmetry.
I doubt that's what he means.
Is it symmetry in space or time?
-Tyger Tyger
-Excuse me?
Do you know "The Tyger,"
a poem by William Blake?
Tyger Tyger, burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
Do you know what it means?
I saw you at the lecture.
"Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ms. Shikago"?
That's by Whitman.
Let your soul stand cool and composed
Before a million universes
How is poetry and math connected?
I don't know.
Is it true that Archetype rewinds time?
Not rewind. More like bend.
Not only time, but also space
and laws and other things.
If Archetype exists in this world,
it must be an ordinary material.
But it creates a miracle?
Can it destroy the world?
Defying the laws of nature
wouldn't be that subtle.
It'd turn the world upside down…
Like turn the world into hell?
To deny the existence of the universe.
Something like that.
Deny its existence? With that "6 = 9"?
Tyger Tyger
Fearful symmetry?
Distort space-time symmetry?
Thank you!
Was I helpful?
Wait for me!
She's the girl Professor Li
summoned from Japan?
Professor Li!
Oh, no.
Are you okay?
What's this?
Distorted symmetry.
I know how the Ashihara Cascade works.
Twist and attach space and time,
not molecules.
"Twist and attach"?
You bind the transtemporal distortion
with a 3D structure.
Would you like to go to London
with me this weekend?
Oh, boy…
Take this! Give up!
You're no ordinary vermin.
Scram before this punch…
You got me there.
Damn you!
It's not over yet.
How careless of me.
But anybody can make a mistake.
It's curious.
Curious? Like playing with a new toy?
Hey! What are you doing? Stop it!
Hold on! Wait!
It lost interest.
It must get bored easily.
It's coming this way.
The spikes!
Civilians are in the mountains
behind the robot.
-Watch the field of fire.
-Roger that.
This is bad.
Hey! Don't shoot!
It will deflect the bullets!
Ricochet! Stop firing!
They're turning around.
Just as he predicted.
Retreat, full speed!
Where's Jet Jaguar?
I won't miss this time.
Let me borrow this.
Go get him!
Here we come!
I heard you can predict the projectile.
Stay still.
If we're this close,
I doubt you can dodge it!
Impossible. A monkey solved a problem
that even a calculator couldn't…
From Professor Li?
Is she mad at me again?
"Chemical reactions in hyperspace"?
Dad, dinnertime.
You're eating already.
I'm busy. Later.
When later? I'll wait 100 years, tops.
Ten thousand years.
Forget it then.
Steven? Li solved the Ashihara Cascade.
Wait. This isn't Li.
Kamino? Who's that?
Mei Kamino.
Sonar radar detection at 180 degrees.
Distance, 12,000.
Depth, 150. Speed, 70 knots.
Alpha targets, confirmed.
Depth, 90. Ascending quickly.
Speed remains the same.
Sixty. Twenty. Surface.
The targets' speed is 60 knots.
Patrol chopper, disengaging.
Targets, 180 degrees.
Distance, 8,000. Speed, 60 knots.
Approaching quickly!
Prepare for surface combat.
Deck gun, left side.
Coordinates instructed by CIC.
Guns… Fire!
Tracking numbers 2621 to 2627, destroyed.
Now tracking number 2711…
Can we stop them?
Targets proceeding in the same course
and approaching.
One hundred eighty degrees left.
They're heading straight toward us.
Hard-a-port! Cut the left engine.
Right engine, full power.
Turning 180 degrees.
Hold fire!
All hands, prepare for impact!
The targets are advancing past us
on both sides.
New target!
Distance, 100 ahead left of the bow.
Quickly ascending from depth 100.
Speed, 80 knots.
Distance, 30. Depth, 20.
Ten. Surface.
All positions, report damage.
No damage.
Slow down and proceed.
New target, 350 degrees. Speed, 60 knots.
Moving in the same direction…
Is it following the Mandas?
Due to the Manda,
Red Dust has spread across Tokyo Bay…
All the way to Chiba…
People are advised to stay away,
but the coastline is full of people
hoping to get a glance of the Mandas.
A single Rodan is flying over Tokyo…
I saw the news. You guys screwed up.
Cut us some slack.
We didn't know what we were up against.
What if they can see the future?
What are you talking about?
We have to think outside the box.
Extraordinary creatures might have
unusual weaknesses.
And I say to mankind
Be not curious about God
Book of Revelation?
I met an interesting girl.
You know about Archetype, don't you?
A fantastic new material
that doesn't exist.
Its source may be somewhere in Japan.
I want to know what's turning
Tokyo Bay red and where it's coming from.
It's those giant creatures.
Where did they come from?
The bottom of the sea?
The missing submarine. Could it be…
That's just a rumor.
Come on, Miho.
My name is Yoshiyasu.
What if this fantastic new material
is a nightmare that destroys the world?
And what if the nightmare
is the precursor to hell?
What are you talking about?
I'm ready. Get me from this angle.
The kaiju was overpowered
by a whaling gun.
It might have known it'd get hit
but didn't have time to dodge.
Did you get him?
No need for a wide shot. Just the people.
The government and citizens
stopped the monster together.
Absolutely wonderful.
It wasn't dead yet.
Load the gun.
Only one more spear. Is that enough?
Get away from me!
-It's injured and going berserk.
Rest in peace!
I'm going to finish you off! Take this!
My head!
Mr. O!
He's passed out.
Yung, operate the robot and report status.
All right. One moment.
Reporting status. Loss of the head.
Malfunction of the back gear.
All right.
Can it stand on two wheels?
Fixing auto gyro.
Fixing complete.
No vision due to head loss.
Unable to maintain
the accuracy of weapons.
-I'll be your eyes.
-All right.
Send it flying!
The town's in danger. What should we do?
Don't ask me.
Lower the arms to the right.
Adjusting right-arm angle
60 degrees to the bottom right.
Let's end this.
Creatures that we call kaiju
may have the ability to change
their DNA structure at will.
It's highly likely that they're a hybrid
of an existing creature
that has a different constitution.
They could be possibly
controlling their own evolution.
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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