Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Maboroshi no Sugata

A giant creature is moving
behind the Mandas.
It is extremely dangerous.
Stay away from the river.
It's advancing at a very high speed.
Blasts of red smoke are spreading
from the giant creature.
The smoke is obscuring our view
of its body in entirety.
It appears to be the only one
of its kind to come ashore.
Suspicion of weapons
and gunpowder violations.
But this interrogation
is just a formality.
We owe our thanks again to Otaki Factory.
The emergency evacuation…
If it was able to see the future,
it would've seen its own death.
So why did it come out?
Is it because it can't change the future?
It's like buying a lottery,
knowing you won't win it.
What good is it to know about the future
if you can't change it before it happens?
Before it happens?
I think it's pointless.
The bus is here.
The point in seeing the future?
An expert on Archetype research
and a big fan of Ashihara.
He was impressed by your report
and sent it to me.
He's a fan?
This is…
A diagram of Archetype.
It rotates in 4D
and its reflection is in 3D.
I see. In a different dimension,
the molecule has a new symmetry.
In other words?
The Archetype we see
is only a part of something.
Let's say this is our space and time
and this stick is light.
Even if there was a transtemporal
distortion, we wouldn't notice it.
But when light is transmitted,
it penetrates the world twice.
Hence, time refraction.
It means Archetype is a material
with a transtemporal structure.
Half of it exists in another world…
Are you making it in another world?
We call it a Singular Point.
Is there a Singular Point in London?
No, but I guess it's something similar
to a Singular Point.
This is your captain.
Due to an anomaly in our flight path,
we've been temporarily redirected
to Milan Malpensa Airport.
We apologize for…
One of the giant creatures that appeared
in Tokyo Bay went ashore into the city.
I think it's safe to assume
they're producing Red Dust.
Did Ashihara predict this too?
He did suggest their existence.
But he didn't say
many would appear at once.
Are they here for Salunga
that's trapped right below us?
Or the other creatures in Tokyo?
How's Salunga?
It appears
to be pushing upwards from within.
The pressure will reach the limit
in about 24 hours.
Pushing it upward? Is that even possible?
It's controlling Red Dust.
The plastic foams
have already been delivered.
Will cushioning material contain him?
It'll reinforce the barrier, in theory.
And we have to keep SHIVA unharmed.
"In theory," you say?
If it's controlling Red Dust,
why don't we do the same?
I want permission to use
the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.
Red Dust has permeated the city.
-Radio signal interference…
-Traffic disruptions…
Domestic and international flights
have been cancelled…
Alert level raised to four…
-Shortage of merchandise…
-Citizens are urged to evacuate.
-Food, water…
-Concerns about health risks…
There's more Red Dust here
than that thing's mass.
Airports in Europe are closed down
and land travel is chaotic.
Undersea cables may have been broken
by the Mandas attracted by radio waves.
Radio waves? What about the Otaki signal?
It stopped working on Rodans.
It also disrupts radio waves
and absorbs a wide range of wavelengths.
People at the site are saying
the Rodans appear to be
more resilient in Red Dust.
Some even say they're immortal.
If they died in Nigashio because
they couldn't adapt to the environment,
does this mean Red Dust
is expanding their habitat?
It's a material
that spreads the nightmare.
Flights to and from
Europe's coastal regions have been banned.
I'll stand watch.
After the East Coast of the USA…
Red sea?
Rodans have been sighted in Europe.
Kaiju. Monsters that bring bad luck…
Pelops II, show me the photos
from the night before the festival.
"When the tide turns red…"
"An apocalyptic monster emerges
from the red and bitter sea."
"Unheard of even in the age of gods,
the waters of Nigashio are dyed scarlet."
What's that? A magical chant?
Something like a local legend
about an apocalyptic monster appearing
from the sea when it turns red.
In the Book of Revelation, the sea turns
to blood and a beast appears.
I think this story
was written more recently.
What is Red Dust?
It's the raw material of Archetype,
in other words, its first phase.
I never told you, did I?
The diagram from BB
is the structure of Red Dust.
Red Dust is Archetype?
I thought you'd figured it out already.
-I rented a car. We'll have to drive.
-This is Red Dust? Then…
-We'll think of it as a road trip.
-Archetype has spread globally?
I'm going to crush that guy
in Tokyo with Jet Jaguar.
What? How?
I'm glad you asked.
Here we go.
Anguirus's horn?
When did you steal it?
I wouldn't call it stealing.
I took it as a trophy.
It deflects bullets
and predicts the future. Amazing!
The horn didn't predict the future.
You never know.
Jet Jaguar would be invincible
with a weapon made from this.
What kind of weapon?
An arrowhead.
If it misses, it's over.
We only get one chance.
What about a spear?
"A spear," you say?
Here's the analysis of the music data.
It appears to contain signals
from 16 blocks of 8-bit sounds.
16 blocks of 8-bit sounds?
The song I recorded at Misakioku
had a signal embedded in it.
So I had Yung analyze it.
In the song?
A signal is generated from the first six
of the sixteen blocks in each group.
This sequence looks familiar.
As decimal numbers,
it converts to 05639160700302.
Backwards, it's 20300706193650.
Year 2030, July 6, 7 p.m.?
Around 37 minutes after
you recorded this song at the mansion.
Date and time?
Can you convert the other sequences?
I tried multiple possibilities
but didn't find anything significant.
Someone wrote the time
into the song to call the Rodans?
I doubt they understand the calendar.
There were always rumors
about music from the mansion.
When did they start playing the song?
The original song was recorded
over 60 years ago.
Which means?
Are you okay?
It cut the steel wire.
Be careful.
What's hidden in this song?
What's this?
So is that song really coming from this?
Who did this?
Sorry about that. You got dirty.
Amazing reaction even after 80 years.
Radio signal interference
is slowing down the network.
It's worse than I thought. Red Dust may be
a bigger problem than the Rodans.
Kaiju and Red Dust look like a set.
Red Dust is Archetype,
and you study Red Dust.
Which means?
You created the kaiju?
Do you really think we have
the capability to create life?
Archetype is said to have 13 phases.
We can only handle three of them.
Ashihara predicted the evolution
of creatures based on Red Dust.
He discovered a minute amount
of Red Dust in a rare jellyfish in Japan.
A new species of jellyfish that ingests
and harnesses the power of Red Dust.
Red Dust and kaiju are natural phenomena?
Red Dust was only found in a few places,
but it's suddenly all over the world now.
Nobody knows why.
Can we somehow manage Red Dust?
There's one way.
Orthogonal Diagonalizer,
the 13th phase of Archetype
functions like a catalyst
to alter other Archetypes.
I read that in his paper.
Can it make Red Dust harmless?
The thirteenth phase is way beyond our
reach when we can barely handle the third.
But we came across your article.
BB is currently testing your theory.
We're ready to go.
Let's wait for the results.
Listen carefully.
Your footing on the wall may feel unsteady
when hanging from a rope.
Change your perception and make yourself
believe the ground is under your feet.
It's coming.
Fire your weapons.
All right. Light it.
Plan A failed.
I can't get their location.
Should we close the partition?
Where's BB?
When the gods and demons stirred the sea,
poison floated to the surface.
Shiva drank it and his body turned blue.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Is this what you're looking for?
That's Amrita?
Halahala, its poisonous by-product.
It's ready.
Let's see if it meets your expectations.
It didn't go off?
It has to detonate in Red Dust.
Did it work?
This is incredible.
Is this also a part
of Ashihara's prediction?
This is wonderful, but it failed.
-You passed.
-Passed what?
You survived, so you passed.
Hell is spreading steadily.
It makes sense, doesn't it?
Who attacked you?
The alarm was connected to the skeleton.
It emitted some sort of signal
that leaked outside and attracted Rodans.
If it's a kaiju alarm,
there must be people who want it.
Misakioku was built to guard it?
Ashihara, one of its founders,
moved to London and went missing.
The consortium is building
a plant in India.
What's in India?
Probably a hole connected to hell.
Maybe there was another one near Japan.
That's where…
Where's your report
from when the alarm rang?
Maybe it was sent to Ashihara.
No way.
You win the bet. Anguirus saw the future.
The Orthogonal Diagonalizer
is the more critical issue.
Orthogonal Diagonalizer?
It can break down Red Dust?
It's possible, in theory.
Can it actually do it?
Studies are being conducted in India,
but they're stumped.
Transtemporal molecules
are impossible to calculate.
Wouldn't the power of foresight make
any calculation possible?
-A toast in a toaster.
The toast is pulled back in time
the moment it gets toasted.
Toast that's toasted
before it's put in a toaster.
-Like that.
The results are fetched in advance.
Answers before a program is written?
But a program like that
is impossible to write.
It's possible. With factorization.
If any given number
is divisible by two, display two.
If not, add one,
go to initial time, and repeat.
No. The answer is given instantly.
That sounds more plausible.
But wouldn't it take time?
No. Everything only takes an instant.
A super calculator
that can't exist in this world…
Maybe that's how they simulated Archetype?
If that was possible,
they must have already simulated
the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.
Anyway, if there is such a calculator,
try calculating this for me.
It's taking too much time.
What is this?
A protocol to make Jet Jaguar invincible.
Jet Jaguar?
The government has named
the kaiju "Godzilla."
In the Tsukiji area…
The following traffic restrictions
and bans have been issued.
Please also stay away from other areas…
All right! Great!
Advance slowly.
All right. Advance slowly.
Okay. Stop!
Not bad at all.
Jet Jaguar can talk now?
I put Yung in it.
So that's Yung?
Yung, how is it?
It's a new experience.
Yung, I'll give you a new name.
You're Jet Jaguar Yung starting today.
My name is Jet Jaguar.
Jet Jaguar, stomp on Haberu.
I can't do that.
You better not!
A robot with principles?
Jet Jaguar, pick that up.
Roger that.
I named it the Spear of Anguirus.
It's pretty cute.
It needs a superhero pose.
Honor the six directions.
"Honor the six directions."
It looks dorky.
Jet Jaguar, activate the spear protocol.
Time to try it out.
Activating spear protocol.
Now let's go Godzilla hunting!
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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