Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Taore yuku hito no

A ban on entering all areas
2.5km from the Tsukiji
4-chome crossing has been issued
for the Godzilla hunt.
Also, in the same area…
Firing has ceased.
-Should we resume?
A minus 20-degree vapor from the target
is causing
the temperature to drop rapidly.
What is it doing?
Did it burn to death?
Its flames were strong enough to melt
the windows in the surrounding buildings.
A stinging odor fills the air
where the attack took place yesterday.
The gas that caused the explosion
with a blast of 500m…
No more Red Dust
has appeared since its death.
-It seems to have burned to death…
-A sheet of Red Dust…
-The hunt for Mandas…
-The viscous substance evaporated…
The carcass of the giant creature
still remains in the city,
but the sky over Tokyo is blue
for the first time in days.
Mr. O, what should we do?
It looks like the problem was solved.
A creature that died from its own gas…
The phoenix revives from its ashes
and the eucalyptus resprouts after fires.
Did it die to survive?
There was no need
for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.
Cumulonimbus clouds.
They're formed by upward air currents
and can even reach the stratosphere.
A power charger for a condenser created
by the earth's surface and ionosphere.
It looks so beautiful and frightening.
What's the matter? You're using more CPU.
This is what it means
to live inside a body.
Something smells off.
"Smells off,"
meaning questionable and dubious.
That's not what I meant.
Look at the beach.
Did someone kill the Manta?
It's "Manda."
There's someone else with some grit.
No. No human could have
inflicted that damage.
-Let's go look.
"Know your enemy and know yourself
to stay out of danger in 100 battles."
Hard tissue was identified
under the charred layers of the body.
Like bones?
It's not an exoskeleton
and there's something
shapeless underneath it.
A gooey slime,
possibly a pupa of some kind.
Pupa? So it might come back
to life in another form?
It's possible.
From the sea to the land.
What's next? The sky?
What is it?
Let me see that again.
What's that?
What's going on?
Look up there.
A Rodan?
Was it carried all the way here
by the blast?
I heard there's not a single Rodan
in the city anymore.
International forwarder?
Your report was forwarded three times
before it ended up here.
I doubt Ashihara is here.
When did you stop forwarding them?
I believe 30 years ago.
Anything older than that, we discard.
So this is 30 years' worth?
I guess so.
Does this happen a lot?
Plenty of mails are forwarded
from one place to the next.
Sometimes it takes years
before it's returned to the sender.
Addressed to Michiyuki Ashihara.
That's where the SHIVA facility is.
Is Ashihara in India?
The soup's going to boil over.
I need a sounding board
to organize my thoughts.
Go find a co-worker.
Three types of Archetypes.
They can't merge with each other.
what if this is the transtemporal
main body of Archetypes?
Let's say we can only see
its shadow in this world.
We think Red Dust,
Archetype's first phase, is square.
Then this is the second phase.
We only see the shadow, so it looks like
a different material to us,
but it's the same thing
at a different angle.
I've been trying to change its shape
just by looking at its shadow.
Simulating the shadow.
No wonder the results didn't match.
Oh, okay…
I should be able to control Archetype
if I can change its angle
in the transtemporal dimension.
The Orthogonal Diagonalizer
would make that possible.
Why won't you answer your phone?
Tilda is furious.
I'm busy. Can't it wait?
Hey! What about dinner?
Eat without me!
I have good news and bad news.
Your theory was right.
That's the good news.
Archetype is transtemporal?
But it's impossible to process in reality.
That's the bad news.
Until now, it was like
looking for a ring in the sea,
but now it's like looking
for a ring in space.
We don't have enough resources
for the simulation.
We need a super calculator?
One that can't exist in this world.
But it does exist, doesn't it?
One that uses time distortion.
Amazing. You figured it out already?
Professor Ashihara used it to calculate
the traits of Archetype.
You're 60 percent correct.
Wouldn't anything be possible
with a super calculator?
Even making the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.
But it hasn't happened. Why not?
Ashihara did make a calculator
in order to see the future.
But what he saw was a catastrophe.
Wear this.
The sky over England is turning red.
In addition to the Mandas,
Rodans have been sighted over the sea.
-Maritime defense…
-Please evacuate…
What was the catastrophe
Professor Ashihara saw?
-He saw an error.
-An error?
Pelops II, what's one plus one?
Repeat it 100 million times.
Done. It's still two.
What if the result
was different each time?
We usually conduct error corrections
when they occur,
thus I expect it to be
a hardware or software malfunction.
It's normal to assume something's wrong,
but what if you can't find the problem?
There's no malfunction,
but you get a different answer each time…
It is possibly
a lack of understanding of time.
That's possible.
Ashihara succeeded
in applying time distortion
to calculate the result of something
a fraction of a second in the future.
He reached further into the future
to enhance computing capacity.
One, ten,
one hundred seconds into the future.
But from a certain point,
the results became inconsistent.
He couldn't figure out why.
That's the Ashihara Catastrophe.
Like a black hole in the future?
He thought it was an anomaly
in the laws of physics.
A twist in the laws of physics?
Maybe more along the lines
of mathematical fact.
An incongruity of numbers? Like "6 = 9"?
There is a super calculator.
But it doesn't work properly
because it creates a catastrophe.
Isn't there a way to avoid it?
-It's up to you.
Nobody understood his research,
but you're starting to decipher it.
You're closer to him than anybody else.
This is where he used to live.
Everything you see here
are his research documents.
You brought me here for this?
That's what was in the photo.
We first thought they melted in the heat,
but that wasn't the case.
This was caused by the gas it exhaled…
You were only
supposed to break down Red Dust.
That was the plan.
You could've destroyed SHIVA.
But SHIVA is unharmed.
Restraining the research director?
I'm appalled.
If it weren't for him,
that monster would've gotten out.
The end doesn't justify the means.
There's no room for decorum.
Ashihara predicted that Archetype will
recreate the world in the 21st century.
That's an unfounded hypothesis.
SHIVA is getting more active.
Now that some of his work has been
deciphered, we daresay he wasn't crazy.
I don't believe it.
Li's co-researcher figured it out.
Let's talk to Li.
The board approved the relaunch
of Ashihara's experiments.
A robot!
Yes. I saw it on TV.
Jumbo Jet!
No. Jet Jumbo.
Come here, Jet Jumbo.
No. My name is Jet Jaguar.
Wow! It talks!
Do you have missiles?
Shoot a laser beam.
Can you fly?
It smells awful.
Eaten by its own kind?
It was Godzilla. Look at this.
Teeth marks.
Maybe it was sea roaches or squillas.
Sea roaches that can eat
this giant in a few days?
-Gigantic sea roaches?
-He was home. He's taking the day off.
What did he say about that?
He had no idea.
He said everything was fine yesterday.
So what is that?
The gigantic sea roach's nest.
Ready? One.
Ready? Three.
Ready? Seven.
You won again?
-You're cheating.
-I'm not cheating.
What is it doing?
Hey! We have work to do!
All right.
You're leaving already?
Sorry, but I have to work.
Are you going kaiju hunting? Good luck!
Let's play again!
See you!
Were you playing a game?
I won ten times in a row.
Then it bristled its spikes
and came charging at me.
But I reacted quickly.
I dodged and jumped onto its back.
I found a big spike from the bunch
and hung onto it.
It's reassuring to have your cooperation.
If anything happens…
I predicted which fingers they'd hold up
by their eye and muscle movement.
That's cheating.
It's not against the rules.
You play games to win them, right?
Winning isn't everything.
Search Homo Ludens.
Human culture was developed through play?
An unknown is approaching.
An unknown?
Be careful.
What is it? Nothing's happening.
Incoming, eleven o'clock.
It's getting closer.
Up there!
It's a spider monster this time.
I hate spiders!
It's sliced in two but still moving.
Take this!
Don't let your guard down.
Especially when it's been provoked.
Fight to the death…
Hey! Wretched monster!
I'm still alive.
Did it make that?
It looks too big for work done by one.
-I'll call for backup.
-Six of them.
We're surrounded. Stay alert.
Jet Jaguar, can you stop them?
Four at best.
The other two?
Run toward twelve o'clock at my signal.
All right.
Explosives could not penetrate
the tough surface…
A GPS-guided bomb called JDAM…
He must have written down
every thought he had.
A mix of cosmology, information science,
molecular biology, and the occult.
Even the magic square.
How can we prevent the Catastrophe
when we don't know what it is?
How can I move ahead
when I can barely keep up?
This might be the super calculator.
This is the past.
The past connects to the future,
and the future goes back to the past?
It suggests a major time regression.
The existence of a huge Archetype?
If each eye is a super calculator,
isn't it a network of super calculators?
Connect multiple calculators
to increase processing speed?
But they're super calculators.
Professor Li said the answers differ
each time because of the Catastrophe.
The super calculators' answers
might be competing with each other.
For example,
I have numerous siblings in the network,
and we're constantly trying
to outdo each other.
Why? Can't you get along?
We're driven by different individualities
and our answers clash.
Which would make a better pet?
A dog or a cat?
I'd naturally say dog,
but some of my siblings would say cat.
The rivalry of super calculators?
If that's the Catastrophe…
Wait a second. Maybe these eyes
aren't Archetypes but Singular Points.
A super calculator is a Singular Point?
Maybe each eye is a universe of its own
and a Singular Point.
They keep coming.
Don't provoke them. You hear?
Thanks. You saved my life.
One of them got away.
I don't see any holes in your body.
Mr. O and the others?
I'm okay, but…
We can't find our colleague.
He was just here.
Did he fall in the sea?
We looked, but we couldn't find him.
This is bad.
He may have been taken
by the one that got away.
Giant spiders' nest…
In there?
Jet Jaguar, what is it like inside?
I can't tell from here.
What are they going to do to him?
Stick a tube down his throat
and lay eggs in his stomach.
I've heard of parasitic wasps
that prey on spiders, but…
In any case, he could still be alive.
Jet Jaguar, go check it out.
Roger that.
What do you see?
There's no movement.
They must have preyed on him already.
We don't know that yet.
Scanning. Creating a high-resolution map.
Catastrophe? The world gets destroyed?
Hey. Turn around slowly and look.
Jet Jaguar, come back.
There's more in here.
I detect 20 of them,
and they're increasing.
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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