Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Rikigaku no Genri

Ten seconds to impact.
Eight, seven, six,
five, four, three,
two, one.
Starting BDA.
The target's surface is crumbling.
What is that?
Crow 22, this is CP.
The target is heading your way.
Awaiting orders.
CP, this is Crow 22. There's too much
Red Dust. Switch to GPS artillery.
Roger that.
Target vector 0-9-0, alpha 18645.
Coordinates 0-9-0, alpha 18645.
Roger that.
This is CP. Glory 01 dropped two shells.
There's one more!
BDA, report.
There's too much smoke. Hold on.
Crow 22, report BDA.
Do we need to strike again?
I repeat. BDA, report.
Reactive armor?
Rapidly generated tissue appeared to burst
on impact to buffer the shock.
Its tissue changed before it was hit.
The Anguirus in Nigashio
also made a defensive move
before we launched our attack.
In the end, we were able to
take it out with a civilian's help.
The civilian killed it
with that robot, right?
Backup will be here in a few minutes!
We might be in their belly by then.
Stand back and don't move!
Don't move?
Move forward!
Which is it?
We'll take cover over there.
Keep them away from us.
-Let's go.
-Roger that.
Yes! That was good!
Go! Crush them!
Keep your voice down.
Jet Jaguar, battery level?
Twenty-three percent.
It won't last against so many of them.
There is a super calculator.
It bends time and whirls around.
There are countless eyes looking this way.
We need a super calculator
to make Archetype.
And with Archetype,
we can make a super calculator.
That means…
We need Archetype to make Archetype.
Which comes first? The chicken or the egg?
The answer is a calculator
that uses Singular Point?
The Orthogonal Diagonalizer can be
completed but can't be used
because of the Catastrophe.
So I'm researching the Catastrophe.
The Catastrophe?
Catastrophe? Did she dump you already?
What's going on?
The fate of the world may be in her hands.
-There's Kanda!
Dead bodies too.
Were they eaten?
It's the office staff.
He's moving! He's alive!
We arrived at the marina.
Yes. Okay. We're on our way.
Are they alive?
These are the spider monsters?
-I'll call you back!
Should we go help them or not?
Jet Jaguar, can you go?
I need time.
Let's do what we can now
and save that guy in the web.
That's our ship over there.
A ship…
But the key is in the office…
Kanda has one!
Let's go! Yun, take command
of Jet Jaguar if something happens.
Save the world!
I can't believe this is happening.
"The Catastrophe is an error created
by the clash of Singular Points."
Then isn't the problem the future itself
and not the calculator?
Maybe they're growing.
Growing? The Singular Points?
The Super Dimension Calculator
might be just showing the future.
Maybe the Singular Points'
uncontrollable growth is the Catastrophe.
If the future shows a catastrophe…
There will be a catastrophe
in the world one day.
So what is the Catastrophe?
What's going to happen?
Who knows when…
There were notes about dates.
The Super Dimension Calculator may have
been used to draw a map of the future.
What if this is a bifurcation diagram
of the Singular Points' evolution?
The Ashihara Catastrophe.
He must've thought
the universe would face a catastrophe.
Year 2030.
Is that when he thinks it'll happen?
It's not far away.
Look at this part.
It might indicate the end of the world
due to the Catastrophe.
Was he trying to prevent the Catastrophe
with the Super Dimension Calculator?
I have to let everyone know.
Professor Li!
I've seen her before.
This is Mei Kamino.
This is Tilda.
You've met Steven, and this is BB.
Kamino? You wrote that report.
Will you explain what you found out?
All right.
Professor Ashihara developed the Super
Dimension Calculator for his research.
He thought Archetype was an otherworldly
molecule created from Singular Points.
He was right. It's been proven.
You call that proof?
He saw a catastrophe in the future.
The future?
A catastrophe in the future?
Yes. The catastrophe isn't going
to happen in the calculator.
It's going to happen in this world.
-I don't believe it.
-Think about it.
It's a calculator that can see the future.
Maybe it's a malfunction.
A malfunction of the universe.
A catastrophe in this world?
So we have to stop it.
Do you have any evidence?
Yes. Pelops II!
Right here!
According to Super Dimension
Calculator D23-283846 in Ashihara's notes…
"If the radiance of a thousand suns
were to burst at once into the sky,
that would be like the splendor
of the Mighty One."
"I am become Death,
the Shatterer of Worlds."
A quote from the Bhagavad Gita?
The evidence is a scripture?
If the future catastrophe is real,
the calculator will function safely
if it doesn't come in contact with it.
Make it loop repeatedly in the near future
before the Catastrophe.
What do you mean?
The Super Dimension Calculator
is already usable.
What about combinatorial explosion?
Circumventable, in theory.
Can you complete it?
We have to do something
about the Catastrophe first.
If we can complete
the Orthogonal Diagonalizer,
it will protect Earth from Red Dust.
You agree, don't you?
The Catastrophe may occur any minute…
If we can use the calculator,
it'll change everything.
We can eliminate Red Dust from the world.
I think it's worth trying.
We have the knowledge and tools.
Li, what do you think?
BB, get ready to activate the calculator.
What are you saying, Professor Li?
Get back to Upala right away.
I'll arrange a flight.
Not from Heathrow but somewhere else.
The completion of Orthogonal Diagonalizer
is the top priority.
The prevention of the Catastrophe is!
Salunga disappeared?
The Red Dust has disappeared,
and there's no sensor reaction either.
It went somewhere with Red Dust?
A flock of Rodans is approaching.
We have to leave now.
We're off. See you in India.
Right. I'll be in touch.
You have to trust me. Get ready to go.
The flock of Rodans has crossed
the defense line and the coastal barrier
and is flying towards London.
They're moving extremely fast.
People are evacuating…
We have to hurry.
What's this?
I also think the Catastrophe is real.
Professor Li.
This was Ashihara's mansion.
It's under my care now.
I couldn't decipher his notes.
But your explanation made
many things clear.
Singular Points are getting more active
and could be triggering the Catastrophe.
For example, in Tokyo.
Godzilla is a Singular Point?
So how do we avoid a catastrophe
that's already part of the future?
How to change the future…
You're getting close to the answer.
You have to look where Ashihara didn't.
You have to go further than him.
We've got a flight. Let's go.
-Pelops II!
Please hurry.
Come on.
The airfield is an hour from here.
I hope we make it in time.
Stop wailing.
We'll get you out.
It's faster this way.
Where's the key?
What key?
-Oh, it's in my chest pocket.
-Rest in peace.
It's right behind them.
It's coming!
Jet Jaguar, let's get out of here.
Roger that.
Right, clear. Left, clear. Let's go.
We're heading to a ship
roughly 100m to the west.
-All right.
-Run! Don't look back!
Behind us! No! In the air!
Jet Jaguar, hurry!
I'll catch up with you.
Jet Jaguar!
The migration of Rodans
across the Atlantic…
Hi. You're home early.
I'm going away for a while.
Go stay with your aunt.
I don't like her food.
Suck it up. Or would you rather
come to the lab with me?
An unexpected appearance…
Rewind that.
I can't. It's live.
Is this a different case? Then…
You have to help.
I'm following the instructions,
but the problem seems
to be solved in Tokyo.
They don't need it now, do they?
I know you don't think it's solved.
She might be able to stop the Catastrophe.
You have a lot of faith in her.
Do what you have to,
but don't get in her way.
Okay. We'll move along as planned.
The signals are very weak.
Let me know when it gets better.
You got it.
I'll reintroduce you to BB in India.
He'll help us monitor the Catastrophe
with the calculator.
The concept is too difficult
for Steven and Tilda.
But the Catastrophe
could happen any second…
Yes, but we first have to pinpoint when.
Is that possible?
If we were able to prevent it,
there'd be nothing to see in the future.
Something that hasn't happened
never existed to begin with.
We're at a dead end.
If there's no catastrophe in the future,
isn't that the ultimate solution?
Since it never existed.
It's a transtemporal phenomenon.
We'll have to see what comes next.
Tilda and Steven won't like it,
but I'm more concerned about BB.
He'll probably want to use
the Catastrophe for something else.
Use the Catastrophe?
We better leave the car here.
Let's go to that building.
Let's go.
We have to hurry.
I forgot my notes.
Staying alive is more important.
Keep going.
Professor Li!
Professor Li! Run!
Bugging off? Come and fight!
-We don't want that.
-To the ship!
Are they returning to protect their nest?
Current location?
Entering field of vision.
Battery, running out.
Switching to emergency protocol.
Purging battery to attempt escape.
Go ahead to the ship.
Jet Jaguar?
Protocol, set. Purging backpack.
Here I go.
-Start the ship.
Backup battery, low.
Entering sleep mode. Good night.
Yun, come here.
The Catastrophe is starting?
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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