Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Rifujin na Gakufu

CP, this is 01 at OP1.
Monitoring situation.
CP, this is 01.
We hear footsteps, possibly Godzilla's,
but no visuals due to low visibility.
Awaiting command.
CP, roger that. Retreat.
CP! This is 03. There's a huge creature
flying over the city!
CP to 03. What is it?
No visuals through Red Dust.
There are huge blasts of wind!
This is 01.
-Godzilla spotted.
-Did it see it?
I don't think so.
Flying from Ginza to Yurakucho…
It looks like a Rodan.
Come in, 03! What's going on?
It's huge!
Singular Point, a place that invalidates
the laws of the world.
It exists all over the Earth
and is producing Red Dust?
But that thingamajig
can get rid of Red Dust.
If the Orthogonal Diagonalizer
can be completed.
Rodans can't survive without Red Dust.
There will always be Red Dust
if there's a Singular Point.
No easy solution?
Godzilla in Tokyo is growing quickly
due to the Singular Point,
and we're heading toward a catastrophe.
Longhorn Beetle thinks the Catastrophe
will destroy the universe.
Gamma-ray burst? Global change?
Gravitational collapse?
The end of humankind.
We have to stop it.
You lost contact with Longhorn Beetle
four days ago.
Who is she? Someone like us
with nothing better to do?
She says a man called Ashihara
predicted everything.
The mysterious globetrotter
and a key figure in Archetype research.
Surprisingly, this mansion's
former owner's name
is Michiyuki Ashihara.
Those are Singular Points?
They just look like squiggly lines.
Because it's a 2D drawing
of a transtemporal network.
I think it was in here.
Here it is.
Don't you remember?
If these sequences are converted
into decimal numbers and reversed…
You mean the date embedded in the song?
Jet Jaguar, compare them.
The sequences completely match
the ones in the song.
Does this mean it was Ashihara
who encrypted the song?
That's a crystal radio.
It wasn't sending it but receiving it?
He was obviously investigating it like us.
If it was in a memo left
by the owner who went missing,
it must have been embedded
over 50 years ago.
Time travel is full of paradoxes.
Like meeting yourself in the past.
Or killing an ancestor.
One theory says the universe
is rewritten after each time travel.
If there's a paradox between the past
and the future, one of them changes.
Wouldn't history keep changing
and go amok?
You think so?
History will stop changing if we go
to a universe without a time machine.
The same thing might happen
with a super dimension calculation.
If we send the result to the past,
the problem is solved before it's entered.
Like digesting before eating. It wouldn't
be a problem if no info was transmitted.
Information that doesn't get transmitted?
Even if a signal is sent to the past,
there's no problem
if it isn't recognized as information.
All right. Think of a number.
How many sunflowers?
Two, four, six…
What if your number was sent there
before you chose it?
Then forget nine. I choose three.
How many figurines are there?
The info is received, but there's no info
that indicates what the info is.
Then minus one.
What if the info is about something
that should exist but doesn't?
I see.
Then I choose that.
No signal yet.
There is currently
a serious global network failure.
Severed undersea cables, as well as
damaged power networks and base stations.
It's been 12 hours already.
BB is the one who told us to hurry.
Each country has
a different concept of time.
I can't contact Upala. Is he here?
I haven't seen him yet.
You should take a break.
Who's that?
Oh, no!
-Pelops II!
Damn it.
Come on!
Let me out!
Are you Mei Kamino? I'm Lina.
I'm here in place of BB.
In his place?
He wants to focus on his experiment
and can't be bothered to come.
Are you serious?
He told me to give this to you.
Let's see. It's consistent
with the information we have.
Mr. Makita.
Okay. I'll take care of it.
Yes! Mission accomplished.
Let's hurry. We might get back
in time for the experiment.
-We need to go now, or we'll miss it.
I'll be off then.
What's your name?
I'm Pelops II. Thank you for saving me.
Are you good at cleaning?
I'm looking for a housekeeping robot
that can also translate.
Excuse me?
I'm going to
the Japanese consulate in Kolkata.
Send the data to everyone on the list
once the signals are back up.
I'm sure somebody will respond.
Thanks for everything.
Be careful.
You too, Mr. Makita.
His daughter?
Watch yourself around Dad. He doesn't
like people who are smarter than him.
He doesn't like me already.
I knew it. He's angry.
And so he sent you?
No. He's in a good mood when he's angry.
I don't get it.
If you don't have a license,
I can drive for you.
It's okay. This car is tricky to control.
Going to SHIVA by land?
The cave is like a maze and we don't have
enough resources to cover each exit.
Where's BB?
He's playing with the calculator.
Can we really trust him?
How many experts on supernatural
phenomena are there? We can't be picky.
-Tough regenerative skin…
-Gather all forces to attack…
-That explosion…
-Terminate it in one strike…
-Abnormal reaction time…
-Bigger explosion…
-The government's decision…
-A shield-like object…
It must be eliminated
as quickly as possible.
They can't associate the explosion
with what happened to the streetlights.
It burned to death and revived
and then blew a ring out of its mouth.
You mean the laser beam
that killed the giant Rodan?
We still can't find the Rodan carcass.
What's happening?
We have to do something.
We've been a step behind all the way.
What should we do? How can we get ahead?
What do the other sequences mean?
Are they a description
of what's going to happen?
Or what to do when it happens?
Or is it a journal?
Jet Jaguar, the hourly news
at around 7:00 p.m. on July 6.
A blackout due to
a power line malfunction.
Three drunk youths
were rescued from a river.
A senior citizen got lost in the forest.
What else?
Otaki Factory employees were detained
for breaking into Misakioku.
Oh, that. Forget that part.
Here it is.
-"Solve it and find out."
-"Solve it and find out"?
Yes. The MD hash
for "solve it and find out."
A code that can't be decoded
without the answer.
is a match with the MD5 hash
for "solve it and find out."
The quiz you sent to Longhorn Beetle?
Why is that here?
MD5 hash was designed around 1990.
It didn't exist 50 years ago.
Is it predicting the future?
Then are these sequences
somehow connected to us?
Jet Jaguar, what was Yun Arikawa
doing at the time?
Talking to Misakioku.
It was a business call so it was recorded.
What makes you say that?
It's in the instructions.
Whose instructions?
-It says so in the manual.
-Instructions… It says so…
Hey. Is this relevant?
What if these sequences are all MD hash?
It's possible, but it's a code
that can't be decoded without an answer.
But I think it can be decoded.
You mean
with the Super Dimension Calculator?
The time was designated first.
The time was referring to
"It says so in the instructions."
And the other hint is,
"solve it and find out."
If they're all MD hash, it's impossible
to restore the original sequences,
but not if this is indicating a time.
Narrowing it down to a date
and time makes it possible.
Jet Jaguar.
Reverse the date and time of the past
100 years and the next 10 years
and calculate the MD5 hash.
All right.
Each sequence is consistent
with the calculated MD hash values.
It shows the time at 256 locations
for 41 days from July 6, 2030.
The order of incidents?
But it's not in order at all.
Is there a meaning to how it's sorted?
What was I doing at the time?
Your chat with Longhorn Beetle
makes up 99.2 percent of the time.
Are you serious?
Okay. Read the chat in order of this list.
The government will soon sanction…
-If the attack fails…
-…a Godzilla hunt.
Tokyo has been badly damaged.
Even after exterminating…
The attack scheduled for today…
Aircrafts are taking off from the base…
A deafening noise from the fleet…
-This large battalion…
-The time of the attack is…
Those of you in the restricted areas,
evacuate immediately.
Staying indoors may also not be safe.
Your lives may be in grave danger.
I was looking for you.
I didn't think you were coming back.
Bottled beer, please.
I put in a request for some days off.
Chikuwabu and octopus.
Coming right up.
I couldn't find my report anywhere.
I also contacted SHIVA.consortium
but they didn't even remember it.
You're so diligent.
Years ago, a small fishing village
in Misakioku vanished from this world.
Ashihara, who was born in that village,
saw a giant creature in the red sea.
The monster attacked the village
but was later slain.
People forgot about the incident
amidst the turmoil of war.
But Ashihara found its skeletal remains
and bought the facility.
He noticed that it emitted radio waves
and started monitoring them.
After his death,
its existence was forgotten.
All that remained was a manual on what
to do when the skeleton emits radio waves.
Am I right so far?
I said you're the type that creates
more work for yourself.
Don't you think forgetting
could be a part of that work?
"When the fish is caught,
the net is laid aside."
"To know what you know and
what you do not know is true knowledge."
"If people have too much knowledge,
you'll have trouble ruling them."
Yes, it's me. Yes.
What? I understand. I'm on my way.
The alarm is ringing again.
"If that's the Catastrophe…"
"What is it?"
"What would the future look like?"
Emoji for calm down.
"You need help, right?"
"Getting rid of Red Dust isn't enough."
"There must be a way."
"What time is it over there?"
"I think there's enough time."
Send file 203001.jpg.
"It bends time…"
"Send it to Tokyo?"
Emoji for flustered.
"Let's say it's possible
for argument's sake."
"What do you think
the future would look like?"
"…any calculation possible."
"This is the answer."
"It's possible? Use the Catastrophe?"
"If we can use the bug."
"That's even more amazing."
"That transcends the laws of physics."
It kind of makes sense but not…
This is the prediction?
No. Maybe it's a message.
From who?
-"And a helicopter ride over Tokyo."
-"I'm in."
"I'm surprised."
"I could be nice."
"Thanks. Be careful."
"Good luck."
Beep. That's it.
It sounds like a chat between two pals.
The message is snippets of
your conversations? Sent from the past?
Messages usually come from the past.
Not what I meant.
You were chatting
at all points in time except twice.
Once, it was your phone call
with Misakioku.
Could the caller have been
Longhorn Beetle?
Wait a sec. That means
Longhorn Beetle is Mei Kamino.
Mei Kamino?
The other instance
is a time in the future.
-Exactly 9:30 a.m. on August 16, 2030.
-Four days from now?
If this message is made
from your conversations with Kamino…
Four days from today, it will be completed
when she contacts me?
Or am I going to contact her?
Then what happens?
I don't know.
A skeleton with a will in the basement…
This song…
You know it? It's a local lullaby.
A typical song about saying goodbye
or meeting someone new.
Aren't those opposites?
Tributaries never become a river again.
A person who's lost never returns.
It sounds like a permanent separation.
But in the end,
everything converges in the ocean.
Red smoke?
Red Dust!
My dad is over there.
Please drive safely!
Oh, no. It's to the west.
You were way off.
How far are we?
Five more minutes.
-It's wreaking havoc.
-Get ready!
Front and center!
Don't waste it.
Wait for Red Dust to get thicker.
What are you doing here?
I brought her.
We can't see Godzilla from here.
It's obscured by Red Dust.
We've been instructed
to keep a safe distance.
The time of the attack is drawing near.
Fighter planes are in the air.
Who would've imagined a scene like this
when Godzilla came ashore?
The sound of an explosion.
The ground is shaking all the way here.
Did Godzilla get hit?
I see flashes of light.
The thunderous noise continues.
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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