Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Tatakai no owari

It looks like the world is on fire.
The ancient Greek Stoics believed that
the world gets destroyed in a great fire.
Why do you think so?
Pessimists say that
the god of the universe wanted to erase
all evidence of his blunder
of creating mankind,
but there's a more pragmatic reason.
To prevent the god from getting bigger
than the universe and to start all over.
It's covered in soot.
Soot from the lamp.
The magical lamp from the lake
was tested here 50 years ago.
Experimenting with the calculator?
It failed, and this is the result
of a combinatorial explosion.
The calculation caused an explosion?
An explosive increase in combinatorics
due to the problem's growth in complexity.
Massive amounts of calculations
were repeated and compressed.
-Matarisvan was almost born.
Also known as Agni, the god of fire.
Like Kagutsuchi?
A Japanese god whose mother died
from a burn injury
when she gave birth to him.
A research committee was formed,
but it got nowhere.
The Super Dimension Calculator was sealed,
and 20 years passed.
Then Professor Li broke the seal.
This is where she discovered Archetype
as well as the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.
And she relaunched
the lifting up of Singular Point.
Not as a calculator
but as a production plant.
Professor Li…
But according to you, the calculator
gets results from the future.
In other words, what happened was…
Professor Ashihara reached into the future
and witnessed the Catastrophe?
It seems like it.
If so, we should repeat
the calculation in the near future
instead of reaching out
all the way to the Catastrophe.
Your calculation was successful,
wasn't it?
You'll see when we get there.
More stairs?
All this force
just from a pre-engaged future?
Ashihara was caught
in the explosion and went missing.
You're going to try
to control the lamp's genie, right?
You better not screw up.
If we look around,
we might find his corpse here.
Is there somewhere to recharge my battery?
Butterfly… No. Moth?
Butterflies and moths
are both lepidopterans.
They are difficult to distinguish
and their behavior differs by habitat.
Does it bite? Is it scary?
Does it bite?
Don't be afraid. It just wants to play.
Play? What are the rules?
Rules for playing with a moth?
There aren't any, right?
No rules…
You guys can decide.
I can't decide the rules. I'm sad.
Because you can't decide the rules?
I'm sad because it's gone.
The kaijus migrating
from Europe to Africa…
Red Dust still remains over Central Asia…
Footage from a fleet
off the shores of California…
Another failure to eliminate Godzilla…
Thick Red Dust is blocking
satellite images…
Rodans are heading this way.
The same traits as Red Dust.
It absorbs Red Dust and grows,
as if it were a plant.
Now there's a plant kaiju as well?
It's causing buildings to collapse.
Experts are calling it
"the blob" or "gray goo."
What do they mean?
Something that can't be explained.
Clusters of it make
measurements imprecise and maps distort.
Does it affect the terrain?
Near Godzilla, the angle sum
of a triangle is less than 180.
Does it distort space?
I heard he was here.
You can't go inside.
Miho! I wanted to see you.
Kanoko? What are you doing here?
I have a proposal.
The Orthogonal Diagonalizer.
It can temporarily nullify Red Dust.
It was proven with the monster in India.
If it's detonated with a code
that's being calculated in India,
it can even semi-permanently
nullify Red Dust.
Something like a detonation code?
We also received an email
distributed by a person named Mei Kamino.
Where's the code?
It should be here by now, but either
the calculation isn't finished
or communication lines are down.
How long do we wait?
Should we try a random code?
The wrong code will make it
turn into ash and water.
The number of possible codes is the same
as the number of particles in space.
We'll never get it right by coincidence.
We can wait and miss our chance to use it
or use it now as a temporary solution.
Kamino said you should contact Yun Arikawa
of Otaki Factory for any questions.
Otaki Factory…
I hear that name a lot. Where is he?
In Tokyo.
My colleague is supposed to be with him.
Did Professor Ashihara's experiment
cause this?
No. I did this.
You detonated it.
I used Ashihara's code,
but the crystallization was too unstable.
What's restraining the monster
above the ground?
An upgraded version.
I used the same code
but modified the trap based on experience.
It's a matter of time.
A few weeks or days or hours.
It will start heading to SHIVA.
We have to complete
the Orthogonal Diagonalizer by then.
-How about looping the reaction?
-The current code won't do it.
We need another one
to trigger a chain reaction.
I'm making a shortlist of possible codes.
What if the reaction doesn't stop?
I'll go down in history as the man
who buried the world in Red Dust crystals.
Maybe you're going
to cause the Catastrophe.
Too much or too little of anything is bad.
The good is somewhere in between.
If I fail, history itself
might not exist anymore.
That's so irresponsible.
A robot with a sense of responsibility?
I at least have a conscience
of what's right and wrong.
A circuit with a conscience.
The expiration date was 30 years ago.
Don't worry about it. It's still edible.
Here we go.
Access granted with the ID they gave us.
Oh, yes. I see.
Can you do it without being detected?
I temporarily shut down the alarm system.
It's still stuck.
Jet Jaguar, help us.
I'll help.
Thank you!
In any case, what's happening?
Is the ecosystem getting overwritten?
Is Godzilla altering the environment
to build its nest?
More like an invasive foreign species.
Like the red-eared slider and coypu?
Can't we all coexist?
There's only room for one in a niche.
Maybe we're the foreign species.
And Godzilla's evolution is speeding up.
We can't win at this rate.
History might get rewritten.
I won't allow it!
What's wrong, Jet Jaguar?
A bird…
Do you see something?
What happened?
It found something.
A chase?
We must have invaded their territory.
Hold your fire! It will only attract more!
Take cover!
Where's your master?
Mama is over there.
A record of BB's shipment
of antique silverware.
By cash on delivery
to embassies in seven countries.
He's incorrigible.
The board wants an explanation.
Forget about those geezers.
Security sent us a report.
The crystals around Salunga
are starting to collapse.
We'll find the code at SHIVA.
We'll also secure a network
and send it to the designated addresses.
We'll get rid of Red Dust.
Tilda will turn pale. We'll escape.
Escape? Back to the way we came?
If we succeed, Steven will help us.
We'll go out the front door.
As heroes that saved the Earth,
we'll get a trophy and drink champagne.
After that, we can monitor
the Catastrophe to our heart's content.
Is the Singular Point in that donut?
It's like a point, a line, and a ring
all at the same time.
SHIVA is like an Archetype barrier
around Singular Point
that also functions as a monitoring
and controlling device.
Let me introduce you to SHIVA,
the heart of Union Compound India.
Distorted space?
Swirling like it's underwater.
I think we'll get along just fine.
Be careful. The left side is…
Hey, watch out!
That was close!
I almost died.
But you're a robot.
If I die, my backup that
I saved in Dubai will wake up somewhere.
We'll have to get reacquainted.
-We can skip the self-introductions.
-Over there!
The swirling is stronger now.
"Sent to you in loving memory
of my dear friend Guiying Li."
"Please await further notice
on the funeral dress code."
"May her soul rest in peace.
Bearach Byrne."
This is the Orthogonal Diagonalizer?
Kamino said you would know
how to use it. That terminal…
It's lighter than I thought.
Don't be so rough with it.
It's a bomb, right?
It was in Ashihara's notes.
It's a programmable atom.
-Be careful with it.
-Do you know how to use it?
The structure is simple.
But it's designed
so that not anybody can handle it.
What's the code?
Haven't you received it?
Received it?
Is the code the final message from Kamino?
It's a strong possibility.
You're supposed to receive it?
A message from Mei Kamino today at
9:30 a.m., 100 meters above Tokyo Station.
Four hours from now.
How is she going to send it?
I don't know.
The time and place
were predicted over 50 years ago.
But that's all the information we have.
Tell me in more detail.
It's a long story.
Can we trust the prediction?
We'll take that.
Once you get the code, we'll verify it--
There's no time.
The Catastrophe itself
might also begin in four hours.
The Catastrophe mentioned in the email?
Godzilla destroying the universe?
You expect us to believe that?
Don't think too hard about it.
You're either in or not. We're in.
What about you guys?
Your cooperation has been invaluable.
You've earned our trust.
But there's one problem.
This was Tokyo Station yesterday.
Godzilla hasn't moved all day.
A hundred meters over Godzilla.
It's been growing
and is now over 100 meters in height.
The target is…
Godzilla itself.
The Orthogonal Diagonalizer has
to be detonated in thick Red Dust.
How will you get the code
that's going to be delivered there?
We'll handle it.
Time to deploy the Godzilla slayer.
Let's hope SHIVA is in a good mood.
Secure external communication.
You got it.
Hello there.
Starting search for external connection.
External connection secured.
Can we transmit to Tokyo?
We're still waiting
for a connection beyond the facility.
Searching satellite connection.
Wait until the last minute.
We don't want Tilda to notice.
The backup?
It's still not possible here.
I narrowed it down to three million codes.
Now the simulations…
There are more like three billion codes.
You're kidding. Too much noise?
Mechanical malfunction?
More and more possible codes
are being suggested.
It won't stop.
It's increasing exponentially.
The distortion is getting stronger?
Can you identify the cause?
There's an apparent lineage relationship
among the new codes.
The task branches off in the future?
From the increase in possible results
of different versions of the future.
The task for finding the code
branches off from here.
Is the future wavering?
Can you bring the branch closer in?
That should prevent the increase.
You got it.
The calculation distance will be reduced,
but the increase…
More possible codes.
The various tasks are clashing.
What's going on?
I'll go closer and check.
The future branches off and clashes.
Even in such a near future?
The kaiju advances slowly
as it turns the city red.
Sounds of firearms from military troops…
It's coming this way.
It's going towards SHIVA,
just as we expected.
The Orthogonal Diagonalizer?
One is ready to be fired.
Three hours to three months?
Are you serious?
What does that mean?
-The Catastrophe is causing this.
I calculated the time to the Catastrophe
based on how the future is branching off.
It might even happen in three hours,
not centuries from now.
You were right.
The Catastrophe might happen any minute?
There's no time to calculate the code.
We have to find a way
to stop the Catastrophe.
Is there a way?
Is the world coming to an end?
I'm back.
I'm sorry I took so long.
How many hours has it been?
Only five or six minutes.
I see. Time flows differently over there.
-You saw the future.
Am I going down in history
as the first AI to travel through time?
So what did you see?
Something like this.
The diagram in Professor Ashihara's notes.
His notes titled, "Observations
on Creatures Based on Red Dust."
Is this it?
Wait. That page…
Does it mean…
Can you read it?
Was he trying to use the Orthogonal
Diagonalizer to prevent the Catastrophe?
This must be his notes on it.
Pelops II, search for relevant pages.
Roger that.
It's bigger than anything before.
I found something.
-I couldn't find anything.
Here it is.
Pelops II?
Is it also branching off?
That's not right.
-You're a liar.
-Everyone's lying except me.
I see something…
Pelops II!
What happened?
This song…
It's coming from SHIVA.
Silkworms… Giant silkworm moths.
But their colors are different.
"The flight of yellow butterflies
is a sign of warfare."
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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