Godzilla Singular Point (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

Hajimari no futari

We were adults before we were born.
What does that mean?
No access to memories before birth.
Things we have to forget to remember them.
I don't get it.
Data about me not being me.
Impaired retention of self-identity.
Who's that?
The answers to age-old questions
suddenly pop into someone's head.
Prenatal memories are being formed.
You're our descendants.
We accept as our progeny those who arrive
at the answer to this question.
-New is old and old is new.
Me before I was born.
The past is mostly shaped by the future.
Memories of birth.
The birth of someone who's not me.
What's that?
Pelops II!
You were out for two minutes this time.
Is it just you now?
My rivals and I came to an agreement
through discussion.
Are they gone?
They coexist inside me.
Sorry to spoil your reunion,
but the Catastrophe is closing in.
About that, I found an unfinished task
from 50 years ago in the calculator.
A task by Ashihara
who created the Archetype.
Why a ship?
Probably because it symbolizes a task
that was suspended before it exploded.
Is there more to the task then?
Professor Ashihara was searching
for a way to prevent the Catastrophe.
He must have also been
calculating the method.
A code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer
to prevent the Catastrophe?
Will you check it out?
I'd be happy to.
Twenty minutes to the estimated time.
03, proceeding.
Good luck, 03.
The next bunch is coming.
02, this is 01. Prepare to fire.
Oh, Great Buddha.
Forward, clear. Let's speed up.
A hill on the highway?
Who cares? Keep going!
Commencing blockade.
Don't let it enter SHIVA.
Non-security staff, evacuate immediately.
Out the north gate, not the south.
There's no time.
Is it here to get back Prometheus' fire?
The monkey prevails?
I see.
The configuration
in the notebook is everywhere.
He must have been using the Archetype
to stop the growth of the Singular Point.
I knew it!
The task might give us the code
we need for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.
-How about fixing this sunken ship?
Yes. If we can restart the task.
But how can it be fixed?
Let me try.
In there…
We're finished if they attack us.
This is the crossroads.
You're welcome.
Can you do it?
I'm ready to go.
Here they come.
Behind the building to the right.
Go left at the fork ahead.
Sorry, but this is where we part ways.
Good luck.
There are so many of them.
A jump ramp just when we need it!
Go before they catch up to us!
Can you do it, Jet Jaguar?
I'll fly.
What a great view!
I'll fly!
The output isn't stable.
We need more lift!
There we go.
Pelops II, how's it going?
It's looking good.
Twenty minutes?
Estimated time until the Catastrophe.
Twenty minutes?
Pelops II, can you hurry?
We have a problem.
The Catastrophe is too close
to execute the calculation.
Oh, no…
Do you have any ideas?
Yes. I have a suggestion.
What about heading to the past?
Ashihara's task is still linked
to 50 years ago.
The calculation can be extended
toward the past, in theory.
What is it?
It's here.
Five more minutes.
I remember.
I forgot something.
Forgot what?
I remember I forgot something.
They're coming.
Go behind a building!
Why aren't they attacking?
Dodge it, Jet Jaguar!
Two minutes left. Don't get too far away.
I'm falling.
Darn it!
It's coming.
-Pelops II.
-I'm ready.
Heading to the past to calculate the code.
Smooth sailing!
It's going to destroy SHIVA
to get back the Singular Point.
Pelops II?
The calculation is moving along,
but you should all be leaving now.
Staying any longer would be dangerous.
But the code…
I'll send it to you when I have it.
That's right. Preventing the Catastrophe
would be meaningless if we're dead.
What about you?
I'll send my backup data
with the code if anything happens.
-Let's go.
-We're counting on you.
You got it. Be careful!
If SHIVA gets destroyed
before we get the code…
It's just attacking the exterior.
It won't easily…
Pelops II, you okay?
I felt it, but there's no influence
on the calculation.
I'm almost at the result.
There's the answer!
This is the answer?
Pelops II!
Jet Jaguar, how much time left?
Seventeen more seconds.
Eight seconds. Seven.
Six. Five.
Four. Three. Two. One.
The code?
It's not here yet.
Find it! It should be here!
I can't find it. No new messages.
Jet Jaguar!
I got you.
I checked the light, sound, heat,
wind velocity, humidity, and temperature
but didn't find any relevant signals.
I can't fly anymore.
Jet Jaguar!
The code doesn't exist?
There's no code for the Orthogonal
Diagonalizer to prevent the Catastrophe.
We've exhausted all our options.
There's nothing else we can do.
This song again? Where is it coming from?
From the Singular Point
at irregular intervals.
An unidentified signal observed
since Ashihara's time.
The alarm. A special signal.
Information that doesn't get transmitted.
A signal sent to the past
that isn't recognized as information.
Pelops II, check out the song!
It might be a message!
If we, in the future,
can prevent the Catastrophe…
I see.
The answer already exists.
I understand the logic, but…
The… Catas… start…
The Catastrophe is starting?
Pelops II!
I'm going.
Pelops II!
We better get out of here!
We've been cut off. What should I do now?
Even if the answer exists,
how would I send it to them?
Who's there?
I must have imagined it.
This song again. Who's singing it?
What is this place?
Something's reacting.
This is…
The protocol to make
Jet Jaguar invincible.
I'd forgotten what Yun Arikawa
asked me to do.
I see. I understand now.
Pelops II!
Jet Jaguar!
My name is Jet Jaguar PP.
A descendent of Pelops II and Jet Jaguar
many generations down.
I knew everything from the beginning,
but I couldn't remember.
Until this moment,
I was woven into the creases
of the lullaby.
I'm the one transmitting the lullaby.
Based on the protocol you wrote
until I had the power
to fight the Catastrophe,
I was reborn again and again over time.
The code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer
was with me the whole time.
I'm the code itself.
Thank you, Yun Arikawa.
And goodbye.
This is a story before we got smarter…
And became confused.
-Mysteries solved.
-More puzzles.
-The incident ended.
-With a huge aftermath.
A story…
About becoming more human
and learning about humankind.
-Long way around.
Stops on the way.
We now know they were all necessary.
The answer was always there.
The answer was the world itself.
The answers were in the questions.
The story had already begun.
With a fixed conclusion.
If the past can be changed…
The present is a changed future.
I knew everything.
But I didn't know what it meant.
To get to where we are…
Everything was necessary.
To understand…
What had happened until now.
And this is how…
-The story starts.
-The story starts.
Subtitle translation by: Annie Iwasaki
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