Golden Boy (2013) s01e01 Episode Script


1 (gunshots, people screaming) MAN: He's in the check cashing store! (screaming continues) Central 55 George, 10-85 forthwith! Shots fired at 421 Ditmars Avenue.
You ready? Rocelio! Wheelman! (grunts) (grunts) (music playing over radio) (panting) 55 George.
10-13, officer shot.
(woman screaming) Please don't hurt me! Please! Please don't hurt me! Freeze! Don't move! My little girl's in there! Don't move! (screams) Please (two gunshots) (people screaming) I'll kill her! I'll kill everybody! You hear me?! Drop it! (woman gasping) Any more gunmen inside?! No! Move! Go! Go! Rocelio! Come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on! (grunts) Come on, man.
Come on, Rocelio.
Come on, stay with me.
Come on, Rocelio.
Come on, look at me.
Look at me, buddy.
(sirens approaching) MAN: Commissioner Clark, Paul Daly from the Times.
I want to congratulate you on your appointment, sir.
How does it feel to be working behind Teddy Roosevelt's desk? Humbling.
There are certain things I expected when I started out.
But getting here was a long road.
Well, you're 34 years old.
Four years younger than Roosevelt was.
It's been a quick ride, but it cost you.
Friends, colleagues, people who were closest to you.
I guess we're diving right in.
Well, you call yourself a street kid, but you climbed from patrol to Homicide to the big chair at 1PP.
And you do it faster than anyone in the 170-year history of this department.
So you tell me, Commissioner: you a master politician or just a savvy cop? You, um ever heard the parable of the fighting dogs? Inside me, there are two dogs at war.
One good and one evil.
Now, which one wins? The one you feed the most.
Heard that my first week as a detective.
The beginning of my education.
Well, why don't we start with how you got there.
REPORTER: Officer Clark was shot in his bulletproof vest.
His heroism was recorded by numerous onlookers, as was the life-saving CPR he administered to his partner.
Today Clark's being discharged from the hospital after a press conference with Police Commissioner Dowdell.
Walter, the press are assembled.
Commissioner will be here in a minute, okay? You'll go to the podium, we'll introduce you, introduce your sister, then I'll announce your promotion.
If you haven't given much thought to it, good jump would be anti-crime.
Or narcotics undercover.
I want to be on the Homicide Task Force.
Sir, I was offered the assignment of my choosing.
I chose.
Your colleagues would respect your bravery, but no one will want to work with you, okay? You've only been on the job three years.
You'd be the least experienced by a decade.
Kid you haven't made your bones.
Speaking plain, I made my bones from the age of nine.
Stealing food for me and my sister and then working two jobs to get through John Jay.
Then, when that smoke cleared, and those mutts were lying dead on the ground, and my hands were covered in my partner's blood, you're saying I was a hero.
The commissioner offered me a gold shield and an assignment of my choosing.
I want my due.
Golden Boy 01x01 Pilot Yours is the empty desk.
Your partner will be in soon.
MAN: Are you kidding me? You tell TJ to lay off his sister or he's not going to Six Flags, period.
Love you.
All right, you drive safe.
Talk to you later.
Detective Arroyo? Walter Clark, I'm new on the squad.
I know.
You know, I, uh, I've been watching your career for years.
In the paper, New York One, doing the perp walk with Darien Block.
You saw that? That's good.
I'm looking forward to working together.
Not sure how things are shaking out, but maybe we're partnered up.
You're not.
I'm your partner.
Don't knock yourself out doing backflips.
(chuckles) I'm doing them on the inside.
I'm Walter Clark.
Don Owen.
Listen, I know you come in here real green, but if you keep your ears open, I'll give you a fair shake.
Two seconds, all right? Boss.
Quick question about partner assignments.
Not open for discussion.
Night watch is sitting on a homicide from last night.
Bar 220 downtown.
Arroyo, take it over.
Clark, Owen, you're support.
(cameras clicking) Detective Clark, day one, how does it feel? Well, it's my dream to be in Homicide, so it's great to get started.
Are you working your first case? I'm not authorized to talk about anything that's ongoing.
(reporters clamoring) Sorry.
Been like this all month.
Yeah, what are you gonna do? Who am I? Morgan Freeman? Open your own damn door.
(chuckles) (elevator bell dings) You know what you do with a D.
, right? Yeah.
I set out the parameters You do nothing.
Keep your hands in your pockets.
: Treshon Clay, 22.
Took one to the gut.
Nine millimeter shell casing behind the planter.
This area's closed for the season, but people come out here and smoke.
Bouncer found him after last call.
McKenzie, Diaco, Walter Clark.
I've seen your face so much I'm already sick of it.
Joe Diaco.
Walter Clark.
Deb McKenzie.
I ride with Arroyo.
Nice to meet you.
I got a brother on the job, Jimmy.
He said he worked with you up in the Bronx.
Ah, Jimmy, yeah, yeah.
Uh, anti-crime, right? Yeah.
He said you were a cocky little snot.
Any witnesses? None stepping up, but the manager's collecting guest lists and credit card receipts.
ARROYO: This kid doesn't fit the profile of the joint.
He's not a drug dealer, either.
Maybe a runner? There's a meth spot on 13th.
McKENZIE: I'll get the boss up to speed, have Narcotics do a sweep.
's parents were notified.
They're on their way in.
Something I noticed.
The D.
's in borrowed clothes.
His wallet's in the back left pocket, but it's the right one that's worn out.
You know, stretched, a little shiny or so.
He's a southpaw, but he borrows his clothes from a righty.
See, I used to do the same thing with the opposite pocket always worn out.
You know, the monogram on the shirt doesn't match the D.
's initials.
That gave it away, too.
Which is why I said he's questionable for this spot, as in, he didn't fit in.
But thank you.
Treshon was a trustee scholar at NYU.
You only get that with a high GPA.
There was an I.
in his wallet from the Chelsea Greenway Foundation.
Was he working there? MAN: He always wanted to do nonprofit work.
He's resourceful.
Especially with an obstacle.
You're talking like he's still here.
(crying): He is still here.
I just can't Vorachek homicide.
We're working it.
Familiarize yourself.
I don't understand.
There's more than one open murder in New York.
11 years ago, Joseph Vorachek-- 32, Polish immigrant-- was on his way to his new construction job, gets off at the wrong stop in East Harlem, shot three times in the chest for reasons no one can discern.
But wait, wait, wait.
So it's a cold case? So cold, not even the cold case squad will touch it.
Colder than an Eskimo's nuts.
Which is what Kang's saying about your career if he's sticking you on Vorachek.
It's called starting slow.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
We're going to find who did this.
I promise you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You got rocks in your head? You never make a promise like that.
What's wrong with giving them hope? What if we don't collar up on this? OWEN: He gets it.
Back off.
Come on, we got work to do.
It's my sister; she's ducking my texts.
How come? She lives with our aunt, who maybe wants to change the arrangement.
You know, it's a long story.
Which you could tell me, then I could get to know you better.
And then I tell you something She's with a smack-peddling drummer junkie, and my aunt wants her out.
Which isn't something you'd understand, 'cause you've only got sons.
Okay? How'd you know I only have sons? You got a College of Staten Island baseball schedule on your key chain.
And I saw a letter in your trash from St.
Albertus Boys High School.
And the coup de grâce: you've got a photo of your kids on your desk.
I pay attention.
(door opens) ARROYO: All right, right this way.
CLARK: Arroyo's narcotics sweep.
They got a suspect and a weapon.
Not our case, junior.
I got your text, but my phone died.
You don't know the whole story.
There's another dimension to you smoking dope in your room? Aunt Irene's got the extra space and time to look after you, Ag-- I have got neither.
So this situation is working out.
You know we don't mess with things that are working out.
I moved in with Jackson.
No way, that is not happening.
You just show up here to make a stand? Jackson says I got to pitch in for food.
Yeah, sure.
Plus, I I owe him 50 bucks.
(sighs) Take it, all right? This isn't over.
Charge your phone.
ARROYO (over speaker): Deaundre the gun we found on you is the same caliber as what killed Treshon Clay.
Holding the same brand of ammunition.
Now, when the slug we pulled out of that kid comes up to match that weapon damn, son (chuckles): you got some sad days ahead.
I found that gun in the alley on 23rd.
McKENZIE: Account for yourself midnight to 3:00 a.
DEAUNDRE: Look, I wasn't in that club.
McKENZIE: Talking vague wastes everybody's time.
You got a lot of heat on you, brass-wise.
Any advice you need, I'm very current.
Or tickets.
Book of Mormon, Knicks.
I'm a ducat savant.
DEAUNDRE: I said I wasn't in that club.
I ain't got nothing else for you.
Hey, Arroyo, want us to transport him to Central Booking? What? Uh-uh.
Just to get some air.
Don't go talking to him.
You got that? All right, what's this about? What was that about? That's the second time you've squared off and the second time you've blinked.
We gonna take that ride, or what? So, Deaundre the tattoo on your neck-- a snake.
You're not just a dope dealer, you're a Sidewinder.
Not our case, not our guy.
Sidewinders burglary crew, right? You know, they invited me to join up.
You know, in another life, we could've been colleagues.
So, you were doing a burglary last night.
That's why you won't give up an alibi.
Now, we can go down the nasty forensics route, match your cell activity with the burglaries in Queens or you can help me.
And then I help you.
(sighs) Yeah.
All right.
KANG: We re-canvassed the area of the homicide, but we came up blank.
Sorry to interrupt, but Deaundre Stubblefield-- he's got an alibi.
He was doing a burglary in Queens; he checks out.
Guy gave it up in the car.
We were actually investigating an old case.
This just kind of fell in our laps.
Commissioner's watching this, so if the kid's got a nose for it, maybe he ought to be working it.
(clears throat) Hey.
Good work.
Listen, we're headed to Chelsea Greenway offices, talk to the kid's coworkers.
Are you coming? Yeah.
Deputy commissioner comes down here once a year, that just happens to be today, and lookie here, now we're on the Treshon Clay case, 'cause, well, I guess Vorachek just didn't float your boat.
This the kind of detective you want to be, hmm? Working the brass, working the press? Calling in a photo op or two for yourself this morning? I didn't do that.
Boom, you just confirmed it.
You look like a teenager that's just been busted with his hand down some girl's pants.
You know, if you're gonna lie to your partner, do me a favor, would you? Do better than that.
See (whispers): I pay attention, too.
WOMAN: Treshon worked up here at the office, but he volunteered down at the park, too.
He liked to help landscape along the tracks.
Said it brought him closer to the project, made him feel special.
I've seen your picture before.
Famous, aren't you? A little I guess.
(clears throat) Can I, uh Can I make an observation, Melody? Seems like you were close with Treshon.
Closer than anyone else we've talked to, anyway, am I right? Did you have feelings for Treshon? I just I think this happened because of me.
Because I told Oliver-- Oliver Esten-- that I didn't date guys at work.
That was so he'd leave me alone.
But then he found out about me and Treshon, got in my face, said a bunch of nasty things.
What kind of things? Threats? More like insulting things.
Racial insults.
"I'm not good enough for you, but he is?" That that (sighs) That what? Melody, come on, what kind of guy we dealing with here? Oliver called Treshon a "field Negro.
" CLARK: All right, just make sure he calls.
I looked up Oliver Esten.
His grandfather founded Esten Steel; it's big money.
We need to invite him in nice and polite.
Look, kid, my hat's off to you.
Great work with that girl in there.
You got something on your mind? You probably noticed that me and your partner, we don't mesh.
Owen is a dinosaur.
He's stuck in a pattern.
You trust your instincts with that guy.
You're the alpha there.
Look, this case is dropping out of the sky into your palm.
Did I throw elbows when you first came in? Yeah, of course I did.
What do you expect? But you got chops, and you're making this case.
And me, I'm just riding your wake.
You're golden.
Ha! Come on.
MAN: A Negro? No.
I never called Treshon a Negro.
What is this, 1950? Mr.
Esten, were you at Bar 220 last night? No one goes to Bar 220 on a Tuesday.
It's a rookie move.
Your name was on the guest list.
It was checked off.
People use my name.
They know I won't show.
Look, this is starting to feel really antagonistic.
We got a dead kid, and people are saying you had a beef with him.
Him dying is a serious shock; I want that taken into account.
ARROYO: Absolutely.
But you need to help us, too.
Because we pulled surveillance off an ATM across the street from the club, and you entered at 11:04.
All right, I went there, had a drink, and I bailed.
ARROYO: So why'd you lie about it? Don't want to be involved.
He's boxing him in.
That kid is old money.
And if his daddy taught him anything, it's how to lawyer up, and Arroyo's gonna lead him right into it.
You know, calling him out like you do, it's coming off as jealousy.
ESTEN: Look, I didn't hurt Treshon, but I wouldn't tell you if I had.
I know my rights, and I want my lawyer.
Well, I'm certainly not jealous of that.
Ballistics confirmed the gun we recovered was, in fact, the murder weapon.
But the lab lifted more than one set of prints.
On the magazine was a print for a Benito Gaez.
Assault and possession.
Any connection with our victim? No, but there's a possible connection between Gaez and Oliver Esten.
The ATM surveillance footage shows Esten entered with a Latin male, early 20s.
Could be Gaez.
Kate Bosworth entered a few minutes after.
That's unrelated.
Address on Gaez? The Bronx.
Get him in.
When we grab Gaez, how about you take the door.
Ready for that? Yeah.
Why him? Why not? I'll take the door.
I'm not six, all right? I can handle it.
(siren wailing faintly in distance) (baby crying in distance) (gasping breaths) Junior.
Benito Gaez! Police! McKENZIE: Clear! (gunshot) McKENZIE: I'm going after him! Cover me.
Gaez! Freeze! (gunshot) You all right? I'm all right! He's on his way down! (grunting) Get out of the way! (siren wailing in distance) (panting) (sirens approaching) Tell me about Treshon Clay.
Don't know him.
CLARK: Your thumbprint was on the clip in the gun that killed him.
I didn't do any murder.
What, so you just touched the murder weapon? OWEN: Benito would you say that Oliver Esten was a friend of yours? Yeah.
That's why I don't think he'd say lies about me.
You know what you do for a friend, don't you, Benito? You help them.
Take Walter here.
If Walter was to call me in the middle of the night, I'd run right over there.
You know why? Because Walter's my friend.
If you were really his friend, you think he'd be letting you sit here in a police station getting your ass cooked? Come on, son, let us help you.
How'd you hook up with Esten? (sighs) Clubs.
You need stuff, I get it.
Yeah, what, dope, girls? Esten needed a gun.
He said he got into it with some kid and he wanted to settle up.
Didn't say nothing about shooting.
Well, that's what you do with a gun, Benito.
He said he wanted to jam it into the dude's ribs and freak him out a bit.
I wouldn't have agreed to nothing more.
Why'd you load it, Benito? I didn't.
Yo, we go to the club, and Esten goes off and he does his thing.
I didn't know nothing happened.
But he hands me the gun, so I run and I toss it.
I got played.
It's a place to start.
Nice work.
Better than my first time in the room.
I appreciate it.
Can you, um can you give me a heads-up on something? Owen and Arroyo? Three years ago, Owen's informant got killed on a case.
Crackhead pross, one foot in the grave.
Turns out Arroyo unintentionally revealed her identity.
What, so all this over a screwup? Official word got out that Owen was responsible, but nobody could determine the source.
It got ugly.
There was a lot of name-calling, so now they keep to themselves.
Got an opinion on it? Not one I'll share.
I know you had another brother on the job.
Gone two years now.
He was a hero.
I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting? Thinking about Esten.
We need leverage for a warrant.
The guy's lawyered up.
Diaco says that every Wednesday Esten's at a club called Kilowatt.
Now, we couldn't break him, but maybe you can.
Esten is a racist pig, and he will buy himself a walk unless someone shows some balls.
(phone ringing) CLARK: I got to take this.
My sister.
Hey, what's up? Don't go crazy.
I just got out of Kings County Hospital, and I need a ride.
CLARK: Can we talk now? You can't be with a guy who punches you in the face, Agnes.
Do you understand why I get so upset? Because I get scared.
I see you on this path you get put on, when you you got a mom who is drugged out and your dad is some mobbed-up loser.
(sobs) But you got to fight.
You got to get as far away from that as you can, so even if you fall sometimes you don't end up where we started.
Because it was hell.
Look, I got to step out for a bit.
But get comfortable.
(quietly): Thanks.
Promise you won't do anything to Jackson.
It was an accident, all right?! I swear to God! You're under arrest for assault, you scumbag.
(groans) (handcuffs clicking) And you're a heroin dealer who's holding product.
So we're taking a ride.
You think locking me up's gonna solve her problems? Huh? She's no angel, man.
They authorize overtime on that ten-year-old case? I work it on my own.
I'm busy.
Esten's got a rep for using dope.
What if we arrested him for possession? It'd be a collar.
And then we'd have some leverage to get him to talk, maybe get a warrant for his place.
But if somebody were to plant dope on him-- you know, like a cop-- then I'd consider that cop to be as bad as Esten, maybe even worse.
Hey, didn't say anything about planting dope.
You brought it up.
I know a little something about young men and how they deal with their devils, and how it can cost them, dearly.
Your hand shakes.
Are you going to therapy? Yeah.
Well, it almost got you killed.
You need to cool out a little bit, kiddo.
Be patient.
Hasn't done much good for Mr.
Hey, it'll crack.
And when it does, I will have done it right, like it was supposed to be done in the first place.
What do you mean? You barely even looked at this case.
Vorachek was murdered early morning, September 11, 2001.
We damn near had his killer.
Then the world fell apart, and the trail went cold.
Vorachek's wife in Poland checks up on the case every anniversary.
I'd like to call her someday and tell her we collared up.
So he deserves my attention.
(dance music playing) WOMAN: Clark, over here.
Hey, Gemma.
Didn't think you'd call.
I'm glad you did.
You didn't come here for me.
What am I here for? I'm a reporter, Clark; give me some credit.
What do you know about him? Can't get a girl to open her legs without roofies or coke.
He also worked with Treshon Clay.
Is he your suspect? It's tomorrow's front page.
What do you got? He's a person of interest associated with a possible suspect.
But you did not get that from me, all right? Now where is he? I mean, I've been doing martial arts for years, right? But, like, jujitsu really evens me, you know? It's, like, the only thing keeping me sane, you know? Can you hold this for a second? Forgive me, Mr.
Esten, but I can talk to you without your lawyer.
So this is about humiliating me? We met with Benito Gaez.
Yeah, he's a liar.
Broke thug.
Is it that easy to make Homicide? You know, blasting two boat people doesn't impress me.
So you're violating my civil rights why? I'm waiting for you to wolf up enough vodka and blow so you blurt out the truth: that you killed an unarmed kid over a girl who would sooner spit in your face than return your phone call.
See, Treshon didn't do a thing, did he? But you're one of those fat-wallet inbreds with the mentality of an alley rapist.
I swear, I will shove a lawsuit so far up your ass! Hey, hey, break it up! Break it up! You got nothing on me, man! I got more than you think.
(keys jingling) What the hell are you doing here? Got to take a ride.
Danish? CLARK: His name is Oliver Esten.
Yeah, he bought a box of BT3's for a nine-millimeter.
Same ammo used to kill Treshon Clay.
Why would he buy ammo unless he planned to shoot someone? No way Esten can even call it an accident.
He cabbed it out to Jersey to buy ammo, then he went to the club to kill Treshon Clay.
Straight-up murder.
No? That's about as good a piece of circumstantial evidence as we're gonna get.
What? How'd you wind up here? I told you, I figured he bought ammo, so I canvassed gun stores.
Way the hell out in North Jersey? Yeah.
And you said he cabbed it out here.
How'd you come to that? I got information that Esten took a $250 cab ride two days ago.
I checked with the cab company, they gave me this place.
Yeah? And who gave you this information, huh? How'd you know what cab company to call? It was on the receipt.
Which you got from where? Esten's apartment.
You broke in? I evened the score.
That rich, punk-ass is using every trick to dodge a murder, so I used a little trick of my own.
All this information, useless.
And if any of it gets out, this guy is gonna walk, and you dragged me into this.
I only got two years left.
Look at me when I'm talking to you! I got two years, and then I'm out! And you are not gonna screw this up for me.
You got into this squad on your guts, but it's patience and maturity what gets you to belong.
You got neither! Learn 'em or get out, junior! You go home and you don't say a word about this to anybody.
Oh, hell no.
There are only two people in the department authorized to comment on an open case: the commissioner and DCPI.
I am neither of those.
I didn't put your name in that article, Clark.
One of the city editors must have.
I don't know.
How does that happen?! Someone calls in a favor.
Someone with juice who doesn't like you.
Look, you've got an enemy.
Esten's back in.
What's going on? An anonymous tip sent McKenzie and Arroyo to Marty's House of Guns.
The case ain't gonna make unless the ammunition evidence comes from outside of you.
Arroyo sold out your informant.
Sold you out.
And you feed him a collar, my collar? Treshon Clay had a mother, a father and two brothers.
They don't give a damn about my past with Arroyo.
It's got nothing to do with the work.
ARROYO: We're not looking to waste anyone's time, but we think you're gonna find this very interesting.
LAWYER: My client told you he's never been to Marty's House of Guns.
You couldn't drag me to Jersey with a knife at my throat.
The proprietor's here to view a lineup.
If your client refuses, we can get a subpoena to compel him.
Based on? Positive I.
from the array.
It already got us warrants for his properties.
Wristband from Bar 220, recovered from the backseat of your driver's Town Car.
Its color-coding matches the night that you were at the club with Treshon, and under the clasp, there's traces of blood and gunshot residue.
You know, this is entrapment.
That cop who got in my face at the club, he set me up! ARROYO: Your driver told us that you're the only one who's been in that car.
Blood on the wristband is confirmed same type as Treshon Clay, and the lab is running it for DNA.
ARROYO: Till then, would you care to make a statement? No? Then you're under arrest.
You'll want to talk to your union delegate.
You're gonna need him.
Hey, pal.
You got to know when to shut your trap.
That was a snake move what you did to Clark.
You're better than that.
With a guy like him, you got to set the rules early.
Show him who's pride leader, then give him room.
It's done now.
Esten, did you give a confession? REPORTER 2: Mr.
Esten, over here! Detective, over here! Is he being charged with murder? REPORTER 3: Oliver, why did you kill Treshon Clay? Mr.
Esten, something for the press! REPORTER 4: Arroyo, Arroyo, is he being charged with murder? Something for the paper! The boss says I need to get with my delegate.
I don't know who it is.
You're talking to him.
Three boys, 23 years on the job.
Been exposed to a lot of human nature, lot of surprises.
But one thing always holds true: inside every man, there's two dogs fighting.
One's good, one's evil.
You know who wins? The one you feed the most.
And the sooner you get rid of this pit bull pride of yours, the sooner you'll be teachable.
But until then All right.
Listen, you find your weapon since the shooting? (sighs) I'm fine.
Is that true? Or is that what you tell your shrink? (panting softly) DALY: So, at that point, was there any hint about how bad things were gonna get between Arroyo and Owen? Or the murder-suicide or the precinct shootout? No.
No, I had no idea what was coming.
But, like I said, it was a long road.
Next question.