Golden Boy (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

The Price of Revenge

1 Previously on Golden Boy (grunts) WOMAN: Please don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me! Freeze! Don't move.
Shoot me now, I'll kill her! I'll kill everybody! Hear me? TV ANCHORMAN: His heroism was reported by numerous onlookers, as was the life-saving CPR he administered to his partner.
Good jump would be Anti-Crime.
I want to be in the Homicide Task Force.
You've only been on the job three years.
You'd be the least experienced by a decade.
You haven't made your bones.
You're saying I was a hero.
The commissioner offered me a gold shield.
I want my due.
I'm not sure how things are shaking out but maybe we're partnered up.
You're not.
I'm your partner.
You probably noticed that me and your partner, we don't mesh.
I know a little something about young men and how they deal with their devils and how it can cost them.
Police, you son of a bitch.
Freeze! (horn honking) (horns honking) (tires screeching) DRIVER: Hey! Watch it! (minister speaking indistinctly in distance) AIDE: I've never heard of the police commissioner attending the funeral of a confidential informant.
CLARK: They're an important part of the job and they die forgotten.
But you stand away.
CLARK: Well, it's doubtful his associates knew he was a snitch.
Could bring trouble to the family.
And you what's your association with a known Crip? You've got an eye for politics.
You'll do fine in this job.
(crying) My old partner said that some CI's just want the money, but others are trapped in a life.
They've got to live that life, but they also try to do right sometimes.
He said they deserve our attention.
Got someone else here I need to visit.
I've been working for you a week.
You've mentioned Don Owen every day.
Well, he taught me a lot.
Or at least he'd lay out a path.
The actual learning I always did that the hard way.
CORBETT: Either you're insane or broken in the skull! There's no other excuse for commenting to the press on an active investigation! You got as much business working Homicide as wearing a dress.
20 bucks he starts to cry.
No, he won't.
And even if he did, he wouldn't be the first one.
And it probably wouldn't be because he ripped the ass out of a pair of pants that were too tight for him.
That's hilarious.
You're a funny guy, Don.
Laugh riot.
(slams phone down) Unprofessional bastards.
I spent $900 on a business venture that just completely laid an egg.
"Defectives"? Disastrous misspelling.
Here-- it's a double XL.
ARROYO: Owen soft-ass target.
You took your jerk pill today, huh, Arroyo.
He doesn't leave your sight.
Any more screwups and I'm back in uniform.
Where the commissioner thinks I belong.
(sniffs) Dworaczyk-- coldest case on record.
And we're working it until we catch a fresh one, so get your little heart a-pumpin'.
Can we, uh, can we work in the diner? On the corner? That's probably a good idea.
You done with this yet? This schlong-measuring contest with Clark? There's no contest there.
Listen, I know the three-nine was your little kingdom before Clark got here, and you like things a certain way, but you lose focus when you get this angry and intense.
Except I'm exactly the opposite.
If our young friend has a chip on his shoulder, that's his business.
Yeah? Who sold him out to the press, huh? Who made it look like he was commenting on an open case? That's just a tap from a senior detective saying "know your place.
" I got plenty of those on my way up.
I survived.
Now, Detective, a favor? Step off my ass.
(wry laugh) See, now you're proving my point.
'Cause you don't talk to me like that right? Freshen you up, hon? Working on my diner lingo.
Yeah, it's really coming along.
Three days you've been partnered up? Yeah.
He giving you grief? Enough to make me want to crawl under my desk sometimes.
Well, if it gets too bad, you know where to find me-- slinging hash.
Aw, she can't be your sister.
She's all sweet and personable.
She's funny, too.
I saw you giving her dough back at the precinct the other day.
You support her? Yeah, as much as I can.
She still living with your aunt? No, she's living with me.
It's rent-free, if she keeps this job.
Oh, my God, the shock.
You're sweet and personable, too.
You're like her parent or something.
I thought we were working on Dworaczyk.
You know, you come off like some kind of a lone wolf, but, in reality, you got, like like a cub back at the den.
So I'm a she-wolf.
Yeah, we're done on this subject.
Yeah, well, you want to ruin things for her, and yourself, too, Wolfman? Revenge on Arroyo.
Who said I was out for revenge? It's lit up on your forehead like a neon sign.
You get back at Arroyo, then he comes after you again, and this don't end until one of you's wearing a bullet.
Listen, junior, the job ain't about getting even, it's about helping people who can't help-- Call in a 10-31.
What, what the hell are you? Hey! Police, you son of a bitch! (horn honks) Freeze! (horns honking) (tires screeching) DRIVER: Hey! Watch it! You, genius, are under arrest.
Aw, geez, how old are you? Twelve? Eighteen and a half.
I was just getting my stuff from a friend's place, you big idiot.
Yeah? Who's your friend? Jo Anne.
So does Jo Anne hang onto your Xbox, your cuff links and your man's wristwatch? You're taking a ride.
Come on, this isn't fair! It'll be good.
You can learn a trade in the joint-- maybe locksmithing-- so, next time, you can break in the front door.
Hey, what if I knew about something? Could we talk about that? Maybe make a deal? 'Cause I know where there's a dead body.
I keep stuff here sometimes.
Stolen goods.
Just stuff.
Last night, I came down and I saw this.
OWEN: Female, Jane Doe mid-20's.
Signs of strangulation.
She's wearing a tank top and a miniskirt, so ARROYO: She's a hooker.
Her pimp or dealer, take your pick.
I'm gonna try to keep an open mind on it for ten minutes.
That's a waste of ten minutes.
Owen's up to catch-- his call.
And her? OWEN: Street thief.
She uses this basement as a place to stash her haul, and the occasional hangout.
Her story hold up? OWEN: So far.
Clark's on it.
(phone rings) McKenzie.
Came in at midnight.
I was just going to drink beer and watch a movie on my laptop, but then I saw the body, I flipped, and I just ran.
You, uh, you live on the street? Sometimes.
Or couch surfing.
I didn't mean to clock you so hard.
I didn't realize you were, you know, female.
Look, don't play nice.
If you're a jerk, be a jerk, so I don't get my hopes up that you're not a jerk, and wind up disappointed.
That I don't need.
You know, my, uh, my sister says the same thing.
"That I don't need.
" Yeah? Great.
Missing Persons says DOA matches description of an Anne Brunell, whose sister reported her missing yesterday.
And if that's her, then her six-year-old daughter's missing, too.
Geez, it's gonna be a press storm.
Canvass the building and the surrounding area.
Inch by inch.
Get it moving fast.
Hey, start the canvass.
Check back in once you've covered the block.
That's funny, 'cause I was gonna suggest you do the same thing, because it's our case.
OWEN: It's my case.
So don't tell me we got a dead woman and a missing kid, and you two guys are squaring off? All for one, and one for all.
We run this like I say.
No screwing around, no revenge.
Hey, Wolf you hearing me? Absolutely.
Golden Boy 01x02 The Price of Revenge WOMAN: My sister.
She was doing so so good.
I think right now, my ear ringing.
I can't believe this.
Ma'am, when did you first realize your sister was missing? Yesterday.
She drops Abigail off at my house with my nanny on her way to NYU.
She's She's studying accounting.
She never showed.
Did your sister have a habit of disappearing? No, I know where you're going with this.
You've seen her criminal records.
For drug possession.
You can't just classify her as another dead junkie.
My sister, she had Cyclothymia.
It's a form of bipolar disorder.
When she's depressed, she can't be held responsible.
Was it stress that triggered the depression? The condition runs in my family.
OWEN: Was there something, someone, putting pressure on her? Uh, Brad Knopfler, Abigail's father.
Anne said he'd be in touch to see Abigail, but he probably just wanted money.
Anne wasn't sure he was clean.
Do you think he'd hurt her? He got into her when she was so down, took her money, got her into coke, knocked her up and just bailed.
How do we find this guy? Where's my niece? Where's Abigail? BRAD: You think I'd do something to hurt my little girl or her mom? You've got the wrong idea about me; I'm not that guy.
According to your record, you were "that guy" a year ago.
You took a collar for taking a sledgehammer to an ATM to try to steal the money inside.
That puts you in the classification of criminal we call profoundly stupid.
Yes, and I did six months for that; now I'm clean.
And you've been calling Anne, haven't you? To see Abigail, who is missing, and clearly not with me, so you're wasting time.
We found out you filed a petition for sole custody and you got rejected.
Now that had to sting.
Lays out a neat motive for you to kill her and take your little girl, don't you think? Wait a minute.
Anne was using again, and she wouldn't admit it.
I filed for custody so she'd see how serious it was.
I'm I'm a different guy now.
puts her death at 24 hours ago-- where were you? All I've been is back and forth between work and the halfway house.
I'm tracked all the time.
Please, check it now.
Brad's alibi pans out for the moment.
He said the DOA had been acting odd for the last six weeks.
(knocking on door) Start over, Detective.
ADA O'Connor, Walter Clark.
Acting odd how? Uh, she failed to return phone calls, uh, looked pale, looked like she wasn't sleeping.
He called it junkie behavior.
Or exhaustion from being a single mother.
Yeah, but the sister said that Anne was a good mother when she wasn't using.
Toxicology says she was.
Anything come up on the canvass? CLARK: No, blank.
But based on the lividity, M.
determined she wasn't murdered in the basement, just dumped there.
So where was she murdered? We're working on it.
I'll tell that to the D.
That you're working on it.
What about the tipster? Natasha Radkovich.
Priors are burglary and possession.
She's angling for a walk, I No, she gets nothing until we find out what the hell happened to Anne Brunell and locate that little girl.
(ringing) Homicide.
Detective Arroyo.
Nah, they're indisposed.
What do you got? Thank you.
Pardon the interruption.
A surveillance camera at NYU has Anne Brunell getting into a taxi with her daughter an hour before her estimated time of death.
We traced the medallion number to Kilgore Cabs, Vernon Boulevard.
The cabbie could be the last person to see her alive.
Kilgore Cabs is pulling in the driver, then we'll get his trip log.
I'll leave you to it.
So, Miss ADA? How were your seats for Wicked? They were amazing.
You're the best scalper in town.
Independent ticket agent.
Miss O'Connor? I, uh I feel like I may have offended you somehow.
Except we've never met.
The press always circles a missing child case, and any loose chatter makes my job a lot harder.
So we may not have met, but your reputation precedes you.
Just don't muddle the case.
Don't even think about that woman.
Too late.
I'll meet you down.
Hey, you know what? I think I'm gonna leave this one to you guys.
Don't know if it takes five people to interview a cabbie.
Tip log's filling up.
I'll see if there's anything worth pursuing.
Come on, spill it.
Clark and Owen get on my nerves for reasons I got to work out, and I will, but for now, a little distance won't kill us.
It might help keep us alive.
That's very mature.
And unlike you.
See you back.
What? What did I do? Do you know what a blood print is? It's when your fingerprint is found in the blood of a DOA.
Which means it had to have been made after the blood was spilled, right? Now I just got a phone call from the Latent Print Unit, who found your bloody fingerprint on the plastic that the DOA was wrapped in.
So you're lying that you never touched the body and that you just found it.
Got to be.
You have something to do with Anne Brunell's death? No, I do not.
But you know more than you're saying, don't you, you dumb little bitch? Bitch? Yeah, I want to talk to the other detective, the one with the eyebrows.
He didn't get the truth.
So now you get me, who can communicate better with street rats like you.
Did someone shove you around growing up? Hey, we got a missing kid, and the longer you lie, the less likely we are to get her back alive.
I don't know anything about it.
Explain the bloody print! Explain your pinstripes and hair gel.
Bloody print.
Murder rap.
At least Eyebrows had a shred of class.
You're the bitch, bitch! Now, are we clear who's in charge? Then let's start over.
REPORTER: information on the whereabouts of six-year-old Abigail Brunell should be called in to Crime Stoppers or your local police station.
Miss Brunell was last spotted in your taxi, so you might've been one of the last people to see her alive.
Anything you can remember about her? Nah.
I mean, if you guys hadn't come in, I wouldn't even know we interacted.
The story is everywhere.
The TV, it's crazy.
NYU pick up, two nights ago, around 9:00 p.
? Well, that's like a hundred other days and female fares.
If you guys want to know the drop off, I'd have to see the trip log.
My uncle's got all that.
Your, uh, your uncle own the cab company? Oh, yeah.
He's a big-time cab mogul.
Frank's trip log for the last 48 hours.
Got an NYU fare two nights ago to Williamsburg.
Does his mileage compute? Why wouldn't it? You're looking at Frank for something? What'd he do? It's our job to ask the questions.
You trying to put us out of work? Just saying, Frank's a good kid; he works his ass off.
All right, thanks.
Why's this Kilgore so uptight? Why's his nephew got teeth like a junkie? And the attention span of a flea.
Either way, we got to put a pin in it.
Arroyo's stealing your case.
OWEN: So, Latent called with this blood print when? Just after you guys ducked out to the cab company.
So I asked Natasha about it, and she admitted she'd disturbed the DOA and removed this.
DOA's pocket book.
Which Natasha rifled for cash and ditched.
I recovered it in a trash can near the crime scene.
Inside was a Post-it with an address to the Royal Dove Inn in Williamsburg, time of 9:30, name Damon Moore, an accountant for Klemmer/Stein.
Previous collar for soliciting.
Sounds like a john.
Likely her last.
Get to Klemmer/Stein, talk to the guy.
You and McKenzie run the interview.
Lieutenant I just want progress.
Now move.
Natasha, I mentioned my sister before so trust me that I know a little about girls like you.
How they get mixed up in things, and how they lie.
I wanted the money, so I took the wallet.
That's it.
I can't help you if your story keeps changing.
But I want to help you.
All right? I get you.
No, you don't.
But if you want to "get" something, I could use a soda.
Grape, if you have it.
Look at me.
What happened to you? I walked into a door.
As in, piss off.
You lay hands on that girl? You gullible dink.
You never heard of a skell trying to earn with a fake injury? She doesn't seem the type, but you, well, you got a reputation.
I'll bet you've never had to check for a pulse on a dead little kid.
Well, you're going to if we don't get to her now.
I'm just being proactive.
Wherever you go, we go.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
Where were you two nights ago at 9:00 p.
, Mr.
Moore? Uh, working? I don't know.
Let me think.
ARROYO: We'll think for you.
You arranged to see a whore at the Royal Dove Inn.
Wa Mr.
Moore, a woman is dead and a child is missing.
Now the clock is ticking on this little girl.
Now you're gonna be honest with us or we're gonna tell your boss why we're really here.
The only way to get to the rooms is to pass the front desk.
Mario can tell you that no one ever came.
What are you, such a whore monger you're on a first-name basis with the motel guy? Write down the information for this pimp service.
Arroyo hit Natasha in the face.
Look, I've never known him to hit a woman before.
Are you sure? How'd you hook up with this pimp originally? He's a cabbie.
I got into his cab one night.
He gave me a card and said he can get me women.
Describe this cabbie.
White mid-20s, dresses like a college kid.
Frank Kilgore.
Running prostitutes out of his cab.
ARROYO: I'll take the door.
Last time, you nearly got your head blown off.
Police! (TV playing) (rattling) Shh, shh, shh.
My mom said she had something to do, and I was supposed to sit with this man, and watch TV for a little.
My mom didn't want to leave me with him, but he looked like he was really angry, so she had to.
Abby? Oh, Abby! Abby Abby, you sweet girl.
And now Frank's in the wind.
We'll hook into him.
We should be hooked into him right now.
You got a little edge in that tone of yours.
Who's that for, Arroyo or me? He didn't think he could get away with stomping on your cases, we'd have all been on the same page about Natasha's blood print.
Frank would now be in custody.
Yeah, and this case ain't done, junior.
We got a murderer running around loose, and we're nowhere near bagging him.
There's a time and a place for flexing your muscles and pumping your chest.
This ain't it.
You understand? TARA: Anne would never prostitute herself and leave Abby with this pimp.
We're looking at every angle.
But you have to find out the truth.
Because someday this is the only memory that child's gonna have of her mother, and it can't be that.
Did my mom die? Uh sweetheart (sobs) Abby, can I tell you something? Your mommy is in a place where she's safe and protected.
You know how I know this? Because my brother is in that exact same place with her.
And he's the toughest cop you will ever know.
And he's looking out for her, okay? Here, I got you something.
Oh, you know my brand.
I saw it in Frank's apartment.
CSU just swabbed the bottle for evidence, which we'll compare against this, which will put you at Frank's place.
How long till we tie you into the murder and kidnapping? No, I didn't kill anyone and I have nothing nothing to do with that little girl.
I would never do that.
What did you do? I thought Frank was my boyfriend, but he's just some wannabe crime lord.
He tried to get me to use his dope to try and turn me out.
I couldn't do it.
Was he trying to do the same thing with Anne Brunell? How did she wind up dead? I don't know.
The night before last, he rolled up on me in his cab, and he was in a panic, and this body was in the trunk.
He needed a place to put her, so I showed him, because he was out of his mind and he had a gun.
All right.
Listen, I was robbing that apartment this morning 'cause I want money to go to Ohio.
I just want to go home.
I'm dirt broke because of him.
All right, all right, tell me where I find him.
I don't know.
He said he was collecting his cash and his dope.
It's hidden all over town.
Where's his biggest stash? I don't know.
I just gave her a soda.
CLARK: How did his parents die? OWEN: Car wreck, 15 years ago.
You didn't think I'd talk to Natasha and track you down? What'd you think, I'd just be farting around the office looking in trash cans, wondering where the hell you were? I couldn't risk it getting back to Arroyo, all right? I'm trying to save Natasha another fist to the face and get this case back to where it belongs, with us.
Us? You sure about that? Not just you? You see, 'cause this, this ain't how it works when you have a partner.
I didn't mean to imply it's your fault we don't have Frank Kilgore locked up.
Yeah, you did! Look, in the past, when Arroyo would jump in the middle of a case, it was 'cause he had an angle on it, he could clear it.
Which was fine by me-- I don't lose any sleep over my clearance rate.
But it's different now.
He's out for blood.
Him hitting that girl Fine.
I have been taking a back seat.
But listen, I'm man enough to accept the fact that the game has changed, that maybe I still got something to learn.
Hey, I didn't show up here wanting to change anyone's game, all right? Yeah? Well, tough, junior.
You did change it.
So deal with it like a man, huh? And so will I.
And, by the way, what makes you so sure Frank's gonna show up here tonight, anyway? Well, I dug two ounces of blow and a stack of cash from the base of his mother's grave, so he'll come for it.
Oh Hey, and not for nothing, didn't you see how I just snuck up on your ass? Well, that wouldn't happen if you were hiding behind the tree along the Path of Tranquility.
We'll hear him coming a mile away.
How do you know this place so well? I got somebody here.
She's on the way.
Come on.
She was killed on a case.
One of those forgotten folks that helps us on the job.
I pay my respects to those people.
Most of them just got dealt a nasty hand.
Was she your CI? The one Arroyo set up? That's a long story.
Which you could tell me, you know? Then I could ask you something, and we could get to know each other better.
We're talking about you now.
Earlier today, you gave some cash to a uniform cop-- Jenkins.
What are you up to? I had him go to Agnes's diner and buy coffee and donuts for patrol.
I'm trying to make her look good.
You see? You are that she-wolf.
Please don't say that to anyone else.
Did you hear that? (engine revs, turns off) What the hell?! What the hell?! OWEN: Hey, Frank! Over here! (gunshot) (grunting) Police, Frank! Don't move! (gasps, groans) That's your drugs and get-of-town cash.
We got Natasha's statement about you dumping Anne Brunell's body.
We got Anne Brunell's DNA in the trunk of your taxi and clean strangulation marks that are gonna match those fingers.
And you got nothing to say? Frank, we will pull your cell, trace every Hang on, hang on.
Let's give Frank a break.
He looks You-- are you hungry? Well, we'll bring you something to eat.
Come on.
Let's bring him something to eat.
Feed him? Maybe change his diaper, too? We'll handle it how we want.
You have a weak case at best, Don.
And if it was just you without Superboy around, you'd let me at him.
We got it.
They got him in.
They lead.
I really do believe my partner wants the best results in each case.
I also know he's being very territorial and defensive.
So you got my back? You're too good to be partnered with a guy like him.
We're a good team.
But I think for myself.
I make my own decisions.
Nobody speaks for me.
And if there was a compliment in there, well, then thank you.
That kid's wearing a Claddagh for a much bigger man.
It's his father's.
Wonder how Frank feels about these photos? Yeah, he cries every time he looks at them.
Hey, you got cash off Frank, right? I know he was collecting.
Yeah, from his parents' grave.
I earned that money.
The hardest way you can imagine.
Frank gave me nothing.
Please let me have it, so I can start over.
There's a law against that, Natasha.
It's called larceny.
How is it stealing if it's mine? If you're going to arrest me, just do it.
My uncle will get me some fat-necked lawyer like always.
Your uncle walked on you, Frank.
This was the last straw.
Did it start when they died, Frank? The drug use? That angry lump you got in your throat? Is this what your folks wanted for their little boy? Murder, kidnapping, burying cash and dope at their graves? Sometimes we can get led down a path because we pity ourselves over something we call fate.
And we can get so far down the road, away from our true selves.
But when that happens, Frank, we got to correct it.
You got to own up.
Don't you think that's what your dad would have wanted? I know mine would, if I was you.
Walter's, too.
Look, Frank we want to give you a shot to own this.
Put down the events in your own words.
Or you're going to end up in gen pop.
With them skinny arms, Frank, you're going to end up being somebody's rag doll within the first month you're there.
Next thing you know, you're in your cell and you're stripping your bedsheets to make a noose.
You got to talk to us, Frank.
You talk to us, and I promise you we will fight to get you segregation.
We will fight to make sure your side of this is understood.
Or you don't and your whole life, your whole life is a waste.
Come on, Frank.
Is that what they would have wanted for you? No.
Where did you find Anne Brunell? She hailed me down on MacDougal, near NYU.
She was crying.
Why? Something about her kid and the dad.
And I asked if she needed a pick-me-up.
You gave her cocaine? Got the hook in her? Got her into debt? Yep.
How did she end up dead, Frank? When she went to the motel to turn her first trick, she backed out and she called me for a ride.
And when I went to pick her up, I got so mad Did you strangle her? I grew up a little king.
And then fate turned me into dirt, and ever since, I've been trying to get fate to work back in my direction, but it won't.
I mean, nothing was working.
None of my plans-- nothing.
Nothing was working out.
So, this woman-- the drugs, the prostitution-- she just got in the wrong cab? Fate.
Go ahead and write it down for us, Frank.
Go ahead.
Full statement in his own handwriting.
Slam dunk.
Commissioner will be glad to hear your name associated with something positive again.
He'll be calling with an "attaboy.
" Chief, Detective Owen was the one who got him to flip.
His case.
I was just along for the ride.
I've seen you around.
How many years you got in Homicide? Eleven.
Eleven? Well, good work.
Expect that call.
So, uh, what do you think about Natasha? You convinced she's done lying? She gets her walk.
Anything else, Detective? I was waiting for you to say something.
(laughs quietly) Here, take this.
Is this yours or, like, some sort of widow/orphan fund? 'Cause I'm not taking that.
I earn my money.
It's Frank's.
All right? Yours.
From the grave site.
It was five grand.
The other four's getting vouchered.
It's enough to get you home or whatever else you want, but you got a shot here.
Someone like you doesn't get many of those.
In fact, this may be your only one ever.
So use it wisely.
Does your partner know about this? What does that matter? Just want to know who to thank.
I'll pass on your thanks.
I really remind you of your sister, huh? A little.
All right.
Okay, why are you staring at me? I don't know.
You're good at this.
And generating a lot of revenue.
You know, some uniform cop comes in here every day with a 50 spot for coffee and donuts.
What do you know? Thank you, big brother.
I don't quite have a finger on you yet.
Giving it up to the Chief of D's like you did.
The photos were your idea.
Yeah, but he gave you the nod.
You could have just run with it.
You really don't have a finger on me.
So, did the, uh did the commissioner call? Mm-hm.
Felt good, huh? I mean, there was a time when that kind of thing really mattered.
But, uh, if you do this for the glory, you're going to get burned every time.
But if you do it for what's in here, you always come out on top, so So it felt good, right? You're damn right it felt real goo Felt real good.
Well? I said all the things you told me to.
CLARK: It's Frank's.
From the grave site.
It was five grand.
The other four's getting vouchered.
He gave you the money? I'm off the hook, right? You and me are done.
He copped to stealing the money from Frank's stash? Yeah.
(laughing) He made it seem like the partner knew, too.
Oh, I doubt that's true.
But even implying it sets him up for an E felony.
Those dumb bastards.
Seems like an all right guy.
What do you have against him? Natasha, sometimes people just don't know their place.
They don't know how to play with the big boys.
An example would be you asking me stupid questions.
Am I supposed to give this to you? Ah, keep the money.
I'm no thief.
If you talk about this to anyone, you say anything, I will come down on you like the wrath of God.
They try to do the right thing, these folks.
They can get caught up and make bad decisions.
Revenge can be ugly.
I learned that the hard way.
So did she.