Golden Boy (2013) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Been a while.
You've been missed, Commissioner.
You know, I used to feel at peace here, but now Walt, I know it's difficult to find solace after a tragedy.
I hope you don't think you were forgotten.
Steven, I'm here to ask you a favor.
I would like you to be a department chaplain.
I'm honored.
But honestly, I thought you'd moved on.
You ministered to me, you've heard my confessions.
No one knows a cop's mentality better than you.
I did hear your confessions.
But you're no open book, Walt.
We bear a heavy burden, you know that.
Some of us work the job like janitors, cleaning up people's mess, and others, well, we try to be saviors.
Which are you-- janitor or savior? I'm both.
I'm really starting to like your new apartment.
Three nights in a row-- aren't you getting a little bored of me? If I'm coming off as bored, I think I'm doing something wrong.
You're doing everything right.
Margot, you know, it's late.
You could stay.
What happened to your out-by-7:00 a.
rule? Plus, I'm on deadline.
Wow, so that's what it's like to be on the other end of that excuse.
It's not an excuse.
Really? Look, you and I, we haven't done a lot of real talking, and I guess we need to.
I like you.
I like you.
But that's all I can handle right now.
I'm just getting out of something.
"Something"? A lengthy separation.
You married? Divorcing.
I'm just I'm waiting for the final papers to go through.
I think you might know my ex, Carlton Holbrook, Deputy Mayor.
Yeah, yeah, I do know him, and how did I not know that you two were married? You and I have been busy doing other things besides discussing the past.
I didn't even hear about it through the grapevine.
Well, Carlton and I separated before he joined the mayor's office, and neither one of us gossip about our failed marriage.
Nothing's changed.
But I still have to go.
Some loser rifled my wallet and I got separated from my friends, so I didn't have a ride home.
I thought you had a night shift at the diner.
Traded shifts.
Why? I don't know, blow off steam.
This have anything to do with Mom being MIA the last couple of days? It has nothing to do with Mom.
How much you had to drink? A little.
You want to make me pancakes? Come on.
You called Mom 19 times in the last two days? Yeah, well, maybe something happened to her.
I mean, maybe we should file a missing persons report or something.
We're not gonna file a missing persons report, all right? She's gonna show up in a few days with some lame excuse.
That's it.
I know.
You said this was gonna happen.
I did, and you're not listening to me, are you? Hey.
Look at me.
Don't slip away, all right? Whatever she does we still got us.
Oh, yeah.
That's a cheery expression.
I earned it.
Tough morning.
- Hey.
- Hey.
DOA is Father Luis Santoya.
Multiple stab wounds.
He was delivering food for the church breakfast program at 5:00 a.
Damn, I didn't even recognize him.
Guy's a neighborhood hero.
He's a youth activist.
And an anti-cop pain in the ass.
He was big-time against stop-and-frisk, and he used his church as a sanctuary for gangbangers, so, please, pardon me for not shedding a tear.
This is a man of the cloth we're talking about.
Come on.
His wallet's on him with $70 in cash.
Nothing was taken from the center.
- No burglary, no robbery.
- Just a whole lot of stab wounds.
Yeah, somebody had a serious problem with Father Santoya.
There's no witnesses so far, but there's this bloody footprint over here.
Judging by the size, we're looking for either a woman or a kid.
Hey, what's so fascinating? Whoever stepped in the blood, stepped in the syrup and the juice.
They left a trail.
There's a bloody handprint on the door.
save us from the fires of Hell, lead all souls into Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy.
Natasha? Forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell Golden Boy 01x09 Atonement You can take her into interrogation.
Natasha Radkovich.
Another dead body in her wake.
How many homicides is she getting brought in on before she skips town? You'd think she'd have bailed after our first encounter.
Yeah, you'd think.
Huh, Clark? Surveillance is about what you'd expect it to be from a soup kitchen, as in zero.
Same luck on the canvas.
Any theory on her connection to Father Santoya? I'm heading back to the parish, get a sense if they know her.
Meanwhile, the lab's got the blood from her hands and clothes, and it's no question it was her shoe print on the crime scene.
She have any injuries, offensive wounds? No, she didn't have a mark on her, and you would expect something from such a violent knife attack.
Doesn't rule her out.
Nobody said it did.
This girl a bone of contention? Nah.
No, sir.
The diocese and every good New York Catholic will be calling on the hour.
So stay on point.
You're gonna talk to her? I'm the one who caught her, dim bulb.
You think you got a chance of getting her to flip 'cause you got such a great rapport? You know the first time you talked to her, you punched her in the face.
Just a little backhand tap.
Was it? Boys I'll go.
You guys can watch.
Or wrestle.
Or whatever else it takes to burn off some testosterone.
Okay? You're shivering.
Do you want a sweater or a blanket or something? You know, I had a rosary just like that one once.
How'd that prayer go that you were saying? Forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy.
The Fátima Prayer, right? Father Santoya taught me.
He gave me this.
How did you meet him? A couple months ago, he caught me at the church breakfast stuffing bagels in my pockets.
I mean, he was super chill-- he gave me a grocery bag for whatever food I wanted.
Well, that was generous.
I had just been kicked out of my squat that morning, and he offered me a place to stay at the rectory.
You were staying at the rectory with Father Santoya? It's something he did for kids on the street.
It was nothing weird.
Tell me what happened this morning.
Usually I help Father Santoya drop off the food.
Today I overslept.
And then when I got there I found him and he was all cut up.
What about the blood all over you? I didn't hurt him.
I was trying to give him CPR.
Then why did you hide? I don't know.
I heard the cops and I ran.
What was I supposed to do? Natasha, I want to help you.
Miguel Montez.
He came to the church last week and he was screaming at Father Santoya.
He was ballistic.
He blamed Santoya for his daughter getting shot.
Last time you were here, your story changed a good four times before we got the truth.
I promise you, Miguel Montez is legit.
And if we find out he isn't then this calm voice I'm using and this friendly demeanor-- it all goes away.
Miguel Montez.
Look, no one's in favor of cutting Natasha loose, but Montez' six-year-old daughter was wounded in a drive-by next to Santoya's church two months ago.
Happened at a rally to promote a peace treaty between rival drug gangs.
Yeah, the gang unit said they questioned Father Santoya for the names of the attendees, but he wouldn't divulge, said he was protecting the bangers' civil liberties.
Now, consequently, the shooter's still in the wind.
Solid motive for Montez to kill the priest.
If we can trust Natasha.
We can't.
But Diaco's down at the rectory.
He said the deacon knew of Montez showing up and arguing with Santoya.
Talk to Montez, but Natasha stays put.
You weren't, uh, thinking of going and talking to I got nothing to talk to her about, and, to be honest, I may trust her less than I trust you.
Mind stepping out? Thank you.
What the hell are you still doing here? What happened to Ohio? The money you gave me-- this guy named Randy told me he could get a sick drum set out of hock, sell it and triple the cash.
I'm guessing you haven't seen Randy since you handed over the money.
I'm not the brightest investor.
After that, I met Father Santoya.
Is this Montez a dead end? If he is, you tell me now.
Father Santoya saved my ass, so I'm giving you everything I know.
And no proof.
Except I had $700 I saved from yard work at church.
Why would I hurt him and then just leave that in my room? Not every murder's planned out, Natasha.
Come on.
You told me I remind you of your sister once, right? Right.
Can you tell when she's lying? Every time.
So maybe you can with me, too.
Look closely.
I owed Father Santoya my life, and I would die before I would hurt him.
Please have faith in me.
Make sure the order goes out on Friday, all right? You got it.
Miguel Montez? I'm Detective Arroyo.
This is Detective McKenzie.
You found who shot my daughter? We're here to ask you some questions about Father Luis Santoya.
I heard what happened.
I got nothing to say.
Did you have a disagreement with Father Santoya? My little girl is in an ICU bed she may never get out of, but Santoya said the rights of some thugs were more important.
Yeah, you could say we had a disagreement.
Can you tell us where you were at 5:00 a.
this morning? When you can tell me who shot my daughter, then we'll have something to talk about.
Montez, hey.
Get off me! You son of a bitch! Hey.
I didn't mean to hit you.
I-I didn't mean nothing by that.
That is assault on a police officer.
We could take you in for that.
I was at church this morning.
Not Santoya's, St.
I was praying for my little girl, like I do every morning.
You know, that priest had his values, but I still got mine.
Exactly where she said it was.
Maybe she's not lying.
Yeah, well, I just found out Miguel Montez checks out, so her lead is fizzled.
Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that, uh, she's leading us down a path.
But then again, maybe it does.
If Arroyo thinks she's lying, he's going to go after her again.
I got to go.
Wait, hang on a second there, hoss.
How bad off is your sister? What? Why? Because you wouldn't be the first cop in the world to try to work out his personal life on the job.
I can't control my mother, I can't protect my sister, but I sure as hell can save this stranger.
I'm not doing that, Don, okay? Well, see that you don't.
Because that can lead you down the wrong path.
I don't trust her one bit.
I'm just being thorough.
Guys? I found something.
Well, that's a lot of iPhones.
Hot as a boiled potato.
Looks like somebody's back to her thieving ways.
Let's lock her up.
Ooh That looks painful.
You know, I can tell you from experience, you're gonna have raccoon eyes for about two weeks, and then it's gonna turn a real attractive shade of yellow-purple.
Miguel Montez has a solid alibi.
And we recovered your stolen goods from your secret little hiding spot.
What? No.
You're crazy iPhones, watches, jewelry.
Father Santoya found out you were stealing from him, you flipped out and you killed him.
Didn't you, you little psycho? I didn't kill anyone and I didn't steal any of this! Shut up.
We're taking a walk to holding.
What?! I didn't steal anything! You're setting me up! Help me.
Help me.
I didn't steal anything! Hi.
I'm Julian.
You're Nora Clark's kid? Agnes.
What's up? How's she doing? She's okay.
Uh, I'm actually looking for her.
All right.
Um I haven't seen her.
Can I ask in how long? It's just that she hinted you guys were close.
We talked a lot at rehab, but not much since.
Did you guys ever discuss-- and I know this sounds stupid, and I think I already know the answer-- um, an audition for me? Oh.
Um you talk about a lot of things in the first week of getting clean That's a no.
Doesn't mean it can't happen.
Just that it didn't.
Or that she'd been crashing in your guest room? That's another thing we discussed, but didn't happen.
I've really only seen her once since rehab, at a meeting, and we just said hello.
Sorry to waste your time.
The stolen goods we recovered in Natasha's room correspond to two recent break-ins at parishioners' homes.
There have been eight burglaries total among the congregation, all on Sundays while the homeowners were in church.
Natasha admitted she used the church computer, so she had access to all the addresses.
And the burglaries coincide with her stay at the rectory.
Father Santoya put two and two together about the thefts, and she killed him to keep it quiet.
Yeah, but latent didn't lift Natasha's fingerprints off the stolen goods.
And we canvassed parishioners.
The girl was in service at the time of some of these burglaries.
An accomplice.
It's been known to happen.
The evidence collection team lifted a fingerprint belonging to a Drazan Babic from one of the victim's homes.
He's 19.
Croatian immigrant.
He's got priors for larceny, purse snatching, assault.
He's a street kid.
We haven't been able to locate him, but I showed his mug shot around the church, and he's been seen with Natasha at the rectory.
There you go.
Go back in to Natasha.
No, I don't believe that.
You guys aren't serious.
Another one of your do-gooder boyfriends? No, he's not my boyfriend.
I-I met him at a homeless shelter.
I took him to the church.
Why? To help him.
Like Father Santoya was helping me.
I was trying to be a good person.
Didn't exactly turn out that way, did it? Natasha, do you remember what I said would happen if your story kept changing? I really don't know anything about the burglaries.
Then how did the stolen goods end up in your room? I I don't know! She just shut down; this interview's over.
How many times we got to go through this? What, you want to tune me up now? Hey, nobody's getting tuned up.
We just don't want to see you do somebody else's time.
All right.
You were collared for the stolen goods.
You're gonna spend the next 17 hours in the tombs.
Then, then maybe we'll see if you're a little more willing to chat.
Get up.
I don't look at Natasha and see my sister.
I just can't see Arroyo getting very far breathing garlic in her face.
Yeah, well, kiddo, even you got to admit this girl's starting to look pretty good for being involved.
What? Those stolen goods from her closet? A few iPhones and some costume jewelry.
The list of missing items has, uh, diamond earrings and it has gold Rolexes.
Where the hell is that stuff? What do you mean, where the hell is that stuff? Sold.
And then either smoked up or shot up.
Why hang onto the crap? You wouldn't? No, I wouldn't.
I would, I would throw it in the river or something.
I don't know.
But Natasha-- she's a soft target.
So what are you saying, she's being set up? Is that the way you really feel or is that what you want to be true? It's not an impossible scenario.
Junior, sometimes in this job, you're just the janitor.
Cleaning up other people's messes.
You can't always be the savior.
All right, all right.
I got to step out.
I am not asking for the world here, Walt.
I just want to know where she is.
I understand, but I'm not gonna dump her cell, all right? This is what she does.
She will be back, eventually.
How can she tell such huge lies? Agnes No, please don't say you tried to tell me.
All right, look, I'll put a call in to a friend in Missing Persons, see if they have anything.
In the meantime, just call off the search, all right? I don't know if I can.
I'll talk to you later.
Did you tell Arroyo and McKenzie everything you know? If you're here to dig the knife in, you can save it.
If Drazan's involved, it's crushing me.
That's not much of a defense, is it? I got helped by Father Santoya, and I just wanted to help someone else.
I don't know anything about any robberies.
So what are you saying? Drazan, he used you for the addresses? I guess he could have gotten my password, yeah.
Is he capable of doing this murder? I mean, I've seen him be violent, but he told me he wanted to put it behind him.
It's the whole reason I took him to the church.
You got to tell me where I can find him.
I don't know.
You don't know? You need to think, all right? Your life depends on it.
Where does he live? Who does he hang out with? Does he got family, friends? Okay, listen, he took me to his cousin Pookie's place once.
It's near the projects.
Pookie? Yeah.
It's the same last name-- Babic.
Drazan says sometimes he crashes there.
Okay, what's the address? Tell me the address.
I don't know.
I know the area.
I can direct you.
No, you can't direct me.
You're due in central booking.
I mean You can't go alone.
Pookie's a street punk.
He doesn't talk to cops.
He might talk to me.
Hey, he might.
All right, come on.
Officer Yes, sir.
I need her personal belongings.
Tell the desk officer I'm gonna transport her to CB, okay? You got it.
Come on.
That's it.
That's where Pookie lives.
All right, this is what we're going to do.
You are gonna stand in that doorway, and if I see you going in I'm coming in after you, okay? What if Drazan's there? Why am I just straggling? Don't move.
I'm dialing my number on your phone, all right? You put your phone in your pocket.
I'm going to listen in.
Now make it quick.
Go, go.
Got me? I got you.
I got you.
Go, go.
How's it going? I'm looking for Pookie.
Hey, buddy.
I'm a police officer.
Pookie Babic-- where is he? Drazan Babic-- does he live here? Who's that? The girl who just came in, all right, where'd she go? Tell me.
Okay, quiet.
Anyone else know about this? No.
You got any idea how serious this is? You let a murder suspect back on the street.
I searched up and down the block, all right, but her cell phone is on voice mail so we can't track.
You gave her back her cell phone?! I am falling on the sword for this, Don.
I am taking the rip that is coming to me, all right? I just wanted your advice on how to proceed.
Oh, now you want my advice?! This girl is not an amateur.
Natasha is a liar and a thief.
But it doesn't make her a killer, Don.
With you mucking this up like you have, now we may never know for sure.
This girl made her bed.
Natasha was in custody for a reason.
We let the law determine her rights after this.
Not you! I thought she was being straight with me, Don.
I thought Thought you could save her? Well, she's the only one around here saving anything right now.
She's saving her own ass! It's the lieutenant.
Don't answer it.
Don't answer it.
They're expecting to arraign Natasha this afternoon.
That's going to give us maybe a couple of hours to get her back into custody.
Only now, she's a needle in a haystack.
Unless there really is something to this Cousin Pookie.
I ran the name.
Pookie is a known associate of Drazan.
They were both collared last year for a burglary, so we have a last known address, which is in the Bronx.
You better pray we get lucky, and you'll ride with me now.
Let's go.
(horns honking, Hey, Lieu.
Where are Clark and Owen? They're not answering their cells.
Hey, you get my message? Yeah.
Hey, Agnes.
Uh, why don't we go in here and talk a sec? Okay.
Sweetheart, I'm happy to oblige, but it was a little dicey looking into your mom's producer friend the other day.
Now, tracing your mom's cell.
I know, I'm a pain, but she lost it, or it was stolen.
She can't remember.
That-that's why she flaked the other night.
So she needs to find it because her call plan-- they charge you an arm and a leg for a replacement.
Sounds like something your brother can handle.
Walt's sensitive to Mom's flakiness, so I'm just trying to keep the peace, you know? It's not good, me getting involved in family matters.
So, last favor, all right? Cool.
I'm sorry.
That I lost Natasha, and that I got you involved.
You thought you had her pegged, didn't you? Yeah.
And I don't know if it's that Natasha reminds me of my sister or myself at that age.
And I I was a mess, Don.
I had no faith, I had no one on my side, and I I made a lot of bad decisions because of it.
Damn, lieutenant for me, too.
It's Croatian.
Keep your focus.
Pookie Babic? No.
Hey, sit down! Everybody stay back.
Cousin Drazan-- where is he? I haven't seen him in months.
What is that, a gold Rolex? Ah.
Let me see that.
With the initials D.
? Well, that don't exactly stand for Pookie Babic.
A watch just like that was stolen in connection with a murder we're working on.
Tell us where Drazan is, or you're looking like an accomplice.
Hey! I I-I saw him, like, an hour ago.
He was looking to leave town.
He had me pick up some of his stuff.
What do you mean, stuff?! Loot, stolen goods? Well, I didn't ask, but yeah, pretty much.
And then him and some girl came by to pick it up.
Some girl? Natasha? That was her name.
Look, he paid me with that, but I got nothing to do with no murder.
Where were they going? Uh, to see Drazan's fence, I think.
Some-some Russian named Andre in Red Hook.
That's all I got, I swear.
Turn around.
Now, technically, that's my watch, so Lieutenant's calling again.
We're going to have to go to the house and talk to him face-to-face.
Here you go, Pookie.
All right, no, Don, I'm not dragging you into this.
I'll talk to Kang alone.
Don't you say a word.
Are you kidding me? So Clark is mid-transport to booking with Natasha when she doubles over in pain and starts spitting up.
Why the hell were you transporting her? Well, she seemed shut down in the room with you.
I thought I had a shot.
Unbelievable numbskull you are, you know that? So he pulls over, and he uncuffs Natasha so she can use the ladies' room at a local diner.
When she doesn't come out, he goes into the lavatory after her, but Natasha's now gone, escaped through a window.
So you let a murder suspect waltz into a bathroom alone.
Is this a joke? It's inexcusable, Clark.
What the hell were you thinking? I blew it, all right? And I am doing everything I can to make up for it.
As in? As in, waiting on a lead on locating this fence, Andre.
There will be charges and specs on this.
Count on it.
What exactly was the name of that diner where you let Natasha just slip away? I got a CI who just identified Drazan's fence, Andre.
Last name Padovkin.
Buys and sells stolen merchandise out of a bodega in Red Hook.
And unless you two want to duke it out first, I got the address.
The pickup is registered to Drazan's neighbor.
He reported it stolen this morning.
And if for some reason, either suspect needs a cold drink, or their handcuffs are too tight, the 39 squad are here to provide them with comfort.
Isn't that right, Clark? And just so you know, I don't buy your little bathroom story.
And I will get the truth.
All right, Clark, you cover the front.
Owen, take the back.
Arroyo and I will cover each side.
Everybody settle.
I see 'em.
They're walking out.
Police! Don't move! - Stay where you are! - He's got a gun! - You shoot at me, I shoot her.
- Drazan, drop it! I'll blow her brains out, I swear to God.
Put the gun down.
I got no shot on him.
Clark, follow him.
No! Stay with me, all right? Look at me, look at me.
You're gonna be fine.
Don't close your eyes.
Call an ambulance! Dispatch, this is badge number 8210.
We got a female, GSW.
We need a bus forthwith! It's likely the bullet shattered a rib and collapsed her lung.
Once we get her in, she won't be out of the ICU anytime soon.
Is she gonna make it? If you have contact information for her family, call them now.
She was holding this.
Thank you.
Don, if I'd just taken her to central booking.
The case ain't over, Junior.
Don't stop fighting.
Patrol and Highway are up on Babic's license plate, but he's in the wind.
No good deed, huh? A little respect.
She murdered a priest.
She escaped from custody somehow, and yet I should show respect? Detective Clark, she wants you.
Excuse me.
He's gonna take his lumps for this, but not from you.
All this coddling you're doing with him is gonna backfire, you wait and see.
Natasha, hey, it's all right.
- Can you hear me? - My phone Your what? My phone.
Your ph Where's her phone? Wasn't on her, and I looked for it.
She mumbled something about it when we were working on her.
Come on, guys, let's go.
She might've turned her phone back on.
It might still be in Drazan's truck.
You're no longer contributing to this case, all right? TARU says her phone is pinging off cell towers, all right? It's moving.
Come on.
So, what, is Natasha helping us? Well, what do you know.
Her cell is pinging here.
That damn thing is close.
How long until her phone runs out of battery? Just got to keep looking.
We got it.
East Prospect, near the train station.
Got the phone.
There's something else here.
Train schedule.
New York to Philly is circled.
I got him! You went for my gun, didn't you? I'm gonna blast a hole in you like you did to her.
Help me! Help! Clark! Clark! I need some medical attention.
I think that cop broke my arm.
Yeah, where does it hurt? Right there? Hm? That cop almost killed me! You're already going down for one murder, Drazan.
Depending on Natasha's prognosis, maybe two.
You'll be locked up with the most dangerous criminals, with one thing left in their life: God-- and you wait till they find out that you killed one of his disciples.
I'm not saying a word.
You already said plenty.
Did the cops follow you? Is that why they're up my ass right now? You used me to rob the church, then you killed Father Santoya.
He was gonna turn me in to atone for my sins, so yeah, I cut him up good.
He was trying to help us! What are you No! Drazan, please, don't! Natasha recorded you on her cell phone.
Do-gooder bitch! You show some respect.
Get up.
You're under arrest for the murder of Father Luis Santoya and the attempted murder of Natasha Radkovich.
Any improvement? No.
I'm, uh I'm gonna tell the lieutenant what really happened.
It was my fault.
Well, listen, now, you you made a bad decision, but your instincts were right today.
Now, I don't condone what you did, but, uh if you lose your badge who's gonna look after those other Natashas? Or your sister? Man, Agnes, she's not even answering my phone calls now.
She will.
She will.
Hey, hey.
I'll get a doctor.
You're gonna be fine, all right? You're gonna be fine.
Come on.
Tell my mother Agnes.
To churn it into time Wait.
What are you doing here? I tried to call, but you wouldn't answer your phone.
I went to see that Rutherford you said you were staying with.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, I had the same reaction.
Why are you lying to us? Me and Rutherford, we did talk about the audition, and about me crashing at his place.
Yeah, in rehab, months ago! Yeah, that's true.
I never followed up.
And I did tell you it was a done deal, and and then when I tried to call I couldn't get ahold of him, so I got a bad habit of that, sweetheart.
I I make these big promises, and then when they fall flat Disappear.
It's shameful.
To be alone Where are you living? Oh, an SRO in Washington Heights.
I'm just trying to save, you know? And now you see me doing this-- it's just so embarrassing.
What? Making an honest living? No.
What else? What? No, nothing else, I swear.
Sweetie, sweetie, I screwed up, you know? I-I can't tell you how sorry I am.
You know, Walt may never forgive you, but I'm trying to make this work.
I know.
I know you are.
But you got to grow up.
Look, I'm I'm off the clock in ten minutes.
Will you wait for me? Yeah.
Yeah? Hey.
So, what are you doing here? I heard about what happened to your witness today.
That's awful.
Is she all right? Yeah, I'm hoping she's gonna be okay.
Something else on your mind? Uh I've been kicking myself for springing my separation on you the way I did.
I'm not very good at this dating.
Well, to be honest, neither am I.
It's so obvious you're totally falling for me.
You're the one on my front stoop.
This is true.
But according to my dating history, we're doomed, so According to mine, it's a miracle we're even talking about this at all, so At least we'll go down in flames together.
That we will.
I just got some pasta.
I could come upstairs and cook you Forgive me, Walt, but I'm surprised you want to appoint me chaplain.
In the years that we've known each other since your tragedy you quit taking my counsel.
If I couldn't offer you any solace, why would you trust that I could offer that to your officers? I do appreciate that you keep trying, Steven.
If you want to find peace, you're going to have to forgive Carlton Holbrook for what he did.
Holbrook isn't the issue.
It's myself that I can't forgive.
For not seeing it coming.