Golden Boy (2013) s01e10 Episode Script


1 CLARK: We don't choose our family, but most of us start with the understanding that despite our differences, we have each other's back.
And then there are those, like this prisoner.
He made choices that brought him here, as a member of society and as a parent.
Parents are supposed to make sacrifices for their children, not make them sacrificial.
(sniffs) It's a tough day when you learn that, believe me.
We need one of these.
The new living room is so empty, it echoes.
(clears throat) Someone tip you their inheritance? That's the only way we can afford it.
You know, when your father and I were living in Chelsea, we furnished the whole place by just stuff we found on the street.
It was actually kind of nice.
Yeah, we're not that bad off.
Any word from him? Dad? What? I can't ask? I wouldn't.
(clears throat) He, uh, actually called a couple months ago.
Seriously? Why? For bail? No, he's not locked up.
Well, how is he? Where is he? He says he's in San Francisco, managing a restaurant for a friend.
Whether that is true or not is up for debate.
Just wondering.
Your fancy friend.
The deputy mayor.
Coffee to go? Yeah.
Don't encourage her to pursue this, all right? I know, but the more it's a mystery, the more she's gonna pick at it, right? You got a sec? Yeah.
Good to see you, yeah.
Did I break up a family meeting? That's your mom and sister, right? How'd you know that? The tension said family, from there I just guessed.
All right, I-I'll get to it, then.
(phone rings) You need to take that? No, no, I'm good.
You and me, we're climbers.
We both turned heads early in our careers and I think we both know that forward motion doesn't happen without someone giving you a push.
The mayor is starting a think tank for fresh ideas in law enforcement.
It's the Safe City Initiative.
There are a lot of big political and financial dogs behind it, and we would like you to be the liaison between our office and the Detective Borough of Manhattan North.
Uh, wow.
Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but why me? (chuckles) The mayor has wanted you for this since you made Homicide.
What? You need incentive? All right, perks and contacts are the real name of this game.
Springsteen, third row.
Take your girl if you got one.
(chuckles) We need an answer fast, though.
(car door closes) We got it, all right, lower it.
(garbled radio transmission) (reporters clamoring) CLARK: Watch your backs.
Coming through.
Yeah, okay, I got to call you back.
What was that about? Nothing.
Tell me it's not her.
Your case, Junior.
The press is going to eat this one up.
Who found her? Guy on a kayak spotted the body.
DOA matches the description of Shana Taylor, 15 years old, missing for the last seven days.
(groans) A lot of bruising around the neck.
Possible strangulation.
Wearing the same clothes that she disappeared in.
Was she found on the shore or in the current? She was floating on the current, so she may have gone in anywhere along the river.
I'll ask harbor units to put together a list of potential dump sites.
I'm gonna push the tape back.
Keep the hounds at bay.
All right, move these people back 50 feet, set up the tape from there to there.
All right, folks, move it back.
So, is it Shana Taylor? No comment from me, and nothing from the department until next of kin's been notified.
I'll consider her a Jane Doe until the official statement.
I'm drawing a big fat line here, okay? Work and personal.
You're on your side, I'm on mine.
All right, no fun, but fine.
Hey, um Did you talk to your ex about us? No.
Where did that come from? Well, he offered me a cushy advisory position.
What's the look for? Uh, I don't know.
Maybe he's just impressed by you or something.
I doubt it, and I really don't believe in coincidences.
Yeah, neither do I.
I guess that's why I've got a look.
Yeah, but can we agree to keep this, us, a secret for right now? Agreed.
Now get behind the tape.
How long they been knocking 'em? OWEN: You see things that aren't there.
You know she was married to the deputy mayor, right? Holbrook? Well, now I know you're wrong 'cause the kid ain't that dumb.
Whatever you say, Don.
How long you been seeing this reporter now? (sighs) Two weeks.
A reporter? And the ex-wife of Carlton Holbrook? Almost ex-wife.
Papers aren't signed yet.
Does Arroyo know? He knows something.
You really know how to stack the odds against yourself, don't you? No, look, we have got a line in the sand, me and her.
All right, job and personal.
And there is no crossing it, trust me.
And what about the hundred other things that could go wrong, huh? Junior, Junior.
Oh, Junior.
Golden Boy 01x10 Sacrifice I can't believe this is happening.
Shana did a, a print ad for Macy's and a local commercial for a mattress company.
She was on her way.
I can't comprehend it.
I convinced myself she ran away.
CLARK: I know you've been questioned all week and you've been to hell and back, but just for our clarification, when was the last time you saw your daughter? A week ago today.
We had breakfast together, then I went to work.
I temp at an ad agency.
She didn't have any appointments that day, so We understand you just moved here recently-- is that correct? About ten months ago to pursue her modeling.
But just Shana and me.
Yeah, I stayed in Fort Wayne.
We divorced last year.
I've been at a motel here ever since Shana disappeared.
I never liked the idea of all this.
You know, New York is, uh I made Linda take my gun for protection.
You cannot say this is my fault.
CLARK: Do you mind me asking, are these Shana's things? Is this her makeup? Yeah, she only used them for go-sees.
They're like auditions for models.
And would she go to these things by herself? When I couldn't get off work, yeah.
TAYLOR: But if the appointment was in a bad area, she wouldn't go.
And then the scumbag manager would leave harassing messages for not showing up.
Spencer was treating her like a professional.
Yeah, but she was a child.
She didn't need tight outfits and makeup.
She needed to be a cheerleader with a boyfriend on the football team.
Not this.
Can I get some air? Of course, sure.
(sighs) Linda, is there something you'd like to say? I couldn't say it with Hank here.
I can't take any more blame, but I received a call this morning, before Shana was found, from Tri State Mutual about her term life policy.
But I never bought one.
Why, why would I? It was Spencer, her manager.
Then we'll speak with him right away.
How long were you managing Shana Taylor, Mr.
Amano? Eight months.
She came to an open call here, and I fell for that wholesome, farmhand look.
Sweet kid.
It's a sad day.
Yeah, you seem real broken up about it.
A 15-year-old girl missing for a week never ends well.
It's what I expected.
You told investigators that your last contact with Shana was the day before she went missing, but your cell activity indicates you called her eight times the morning she disappeared.
You never left a message, why? I got a call for her that morning for a go-see.
She wouldn't answer her cell.
You go to her apartment? I was judging a new faces competition in Albany the day she disappeared.
What are you implying? That you lied to the cops, and we want to figure out why.
Good question.
Why? What did I have against this kid who could have been very successful for me? Could have been.
But she was worth a guaranteed quarter million if she died.
Why take out life insurance on her? Why wasn't her mother aware of it? She signed the consent forms.
Right, which was, what, slipped under a stack of documents so she wouldn't notice? I take out insurance on a lot of kids, especially out-of-towners with flaky moms.
Flaky how? Stars in her eyes, pushy as hell.
A kid with a mom like that gets sick of it quick, finds coke on a photo shoot, and sometimes they wind up dead.
It's not my problem Linda didn't have a lawyer look over her paperwork.
I'm just protecting my investment.
Shana was a kid, not a portfolio.
And time is money.
You want any more of mine, call my lawyer.
Talking to this Spencer Amano, and all these kid photos, I need a shower.
But his alibi checks out.
He was at an Albany Hilton judging a modeling competition.
Is that where the models are these days? Albany? It's a money grab from wannabes; there's a big entrance fee.
OWEN: So, Shana's father checks out.
He's confirmed to be in Fort Wayne, Indiana the day of her disappearance.
Her mother, Linda Taylor, was at work that day.
KANG: DOA's computer? Missing Persons has been on it for a week.
No flags in her e-mails or social media.
But Diaco is tracking her movements on the day of her disappearance and prior.
He's, uh, following her makeup.
It was Clark's idea.
I suggested checking department stores for the makeup she had.
Agnes wears the same stuff, and since she can't afford it, she goes to the store for samples.
That's how we're tracking her movements? Her makeup? Yeah.
And the better idea is? We're headed to re-canvass the DOA's building in Queens.
Get on it.
(clears throat) Hey, just a heads up on Holbrook's offer.
You know, liaison to the mayor's office? The Safe City Initiative? How do you know about that? You're talking to the king of the grapevine here.
Listen, it's a good opportunity.
The question to ask is whether or not it's a good idea.
Why wouldn't it be? Holbrook always has an angle.
Word to the wise.
Eyes peeled.
Safe City Initiative.
That sounds like a shakedown.
Why's Arroyo trying to get in your head about it? How the hell did he find out? You're in a building full of detectives, kid.
There are no secrets in here, come on.
DIACO: Detective Clark.
My hat's off.
You might've nailed it.
That's Shana.
Three weeks ago, she was detained by store security for shoplifting.
They didn't file a police report; instead they released her to the custody of her father.
That-That's not possible.
He'd never been in New York until this week.
OWEN: We did confirm him to be in Fort Wayne during this time frame.
I never knew about any shoplifting.
She never said this happened.
Linda, do you recognize this man? He said he was her father.
It's Neil Jacobs-- he lives next door.
And, um, what was her relationship to him? There was none.
At least not that I knew of.
Oh, my God.
What was he doing with my daughter? (crying) Neil Jacobs, open up.
NYPD! DIACO: Clear back here, guys.
A lot of tchotchkes.
Yeah, he must be some kind of a collector.
DIACO: There's tons of antiques back here-- a fortune in Lladró.
OWEN: Junior.
(sighs) The City Light is open on this guy's screen.
It's your girlfriend's paper and your girlfriend's byline.
What? "Just hours after the body was pulled from the Hudson River, "a source described Neil Jacobs of Manhattan as being a person of interest in Miss Taylor's murder"" All right, Junior, I got to ask and everybody else is gonna ask.
Don, I did not leak this.
Well, you better hope this doesn't do too much damage before we bring this mope in.
(phone rings) Lieutenant.
All right.
Too late.
"Person of Interest ID'd in Aspiring Model's Death.
" Someone leaked this from inside the investigation.
And it gave Neil Jacobs a running start.
Anyone want to cop to it? Commissioner's gonna dump all the squad phones.
And there will be consequences for whoever did this.
Find Jacobs now.
You dumb little snot.
You whispered this to your girlfriend? See, I put a trick like that on you.
Torpedo an investigation when I could be in line for promotion? Not likely.
Why would I do that? I don't know-- maybe you're just too big a slave to your little bishop to realize when your girl is pumping you for a scoop.
Hey, hey, hey.
His personal life's none of your business.
Don, it is.
Until he learns to stop messing with women who carry recorders.
McKENZIE: Deleted history from Neil's computer.
Last search-- bus schedules from Port Authority to Schenectady.
Check the buses.
Police, get out of the way.
Ma'am, out of the way.
Hey, you in the green sweater! Police! We got him, we got him.
CLARK: Move, move! Aah! OWEN: Come on, get up.
(grunts) Take him.
You just got very lucky.
Neil Jacobs.
Well, you seem like a reasonable man.
Why'd you run like that? Ever since Shana disappeared, I set a Google Alert for updates.
Then this article came out that I'm a suspect.
I guess I panicked.
How well did you know her? Uh, we met in the laundry room a few months ago.
She didn't go to school, I sell antiques from home, so we'd see each other in the hall and we became friends.
Is that why you're wearing the same bracelet that we found on Shana? Oh, yeah, she gave this to me.
Like a, a friendship bracelet? OWEN: That's a little odd-- forming a friendship with somebody half your age-- don't you think? You can't measure a connection based on a number or a Or a level of maturity? Yeah, I think you can.
CLARK: You know what? I don't see the harm in it, you know? I mean, she trusted you.
Who did she call when she got caught shoplifting? You-- you're available so you showed up.
And lied for her.
She was too afraid her mom was going to find out.
What did she think her mom would do? I'm home a lot, and the walls are thin, so I hear when Linda yells.
I don't know if she ever hit Shana, but abandoning your child day after day is another form of abuse.
Well the day of Shana's disappearance, you rented a car.
Why? Every month I shop estate sales, vintage stores, and load up on merchandise.
Why would you ask me that? What about those scratches on your arm there? How'd you get those? From my cat.
These insinuations are unfounded-- I would never hurt Shana.
She was a sweet, lonely kid.
I was just trying to be nice to her.
Detective? I read you have a suspect in my daughter's murder? Mr.
Why don't you come over here and have a seat? Someone, uh ran their mouth prematurely, but yes, we are talking to someone.
It's Neil Jacobs, right? You know he lives right next door.
Yeah, we're aware of that.
Would you happen to know if he had access to Linda's apartment? I doubt it.
So, where is he now? Talking to detectives.
Listen, everyone here is working really hard to get you some answers, okay? She just wanted to ride her bike.
I let my ex take her from that? So she could pursue her dream, right? Not Shana's.
Moving to New York was Linda's midlife adventure.
I never should have let them leave.
How do you make up for mistakes like that? Mr.
Taylor there's only one person to blame for what happened to your daughter, and we are working to determine exactly who that is.
I promise you, we will call you when there is news, okay? Father of the DOA wandering around like a zombie.
See, this is what happens when a rookie schmuck blabs to the press.
Are we sure it was the rookie schmuck who blabbed? It's in your wheelhouse.
How did I get this reputation? Through repeated action.
(phone rings) I got to take this.
Does it pertain to this case? Not your business.
Hey, I got your text.
What's going on? You outed our suspect.
I reported news as it came to me-- that's my job.
The guy wasn't even in custody yet, Margot, I mean, you should've come to me first.
I was actually trying to keep you out of it.
To protect you.
So that big fat line between us and our jobs is only there when it works for you? Convenient.
No, look, people are talking about us, and it looks like I fed you the information, and we both know I didn't, so (sighs) I want to know who did.
I got an e-mail saying, uh, Neil Jacobs was a person of interest-- it came from an anonymous address and the paper's working to trace it.
So you published off an anonymous e-mail? And my source at the court who said that there was a warrant being issued to search Jacobs' apartment.
Look, I corroborated and I was right on the money.
You have any idea who this anonymous is? Maybe.
Look, I I got to go.
I'll just pretend like I didn't see what I just saw.
Yeah, I'd appreciate that.
So, the M.
confirms Shana was strangled.
There's no DNA from her attacker under her fingernails.
Her body was in the water too long.
So we can't nab Neil for the scratches? But here's something interesting.
Shana broke her wrist about 11 months ago.
And the way it healed, the M.
doesn't think that she ever received any medical treatment.
Wha-- how does a parent not know her child's in that kind of pain? Why wouldn't Shana's mother get her help? Because she was trying to hide the injury.
So, Neil, when you talked about yelling through the walls, what did you mean? So you actually believe me? Finally, thank God.
Teenagers and parents yell at each other all the time.
How did this stand out? She was always yelling about how Shana had ruined her life.
She had sacrificed everything.
Glass would be broken.
Shana ever mention these fights? I was her respite from that.
Detective Clark.
A second of your time? We're working on something.
Are you gonna tell me? Or am I gonna read about it in the papers? I saw you duck out earlier.
Did you go meet that reporter? Idiot, please.
Why don't we just call out the elephant between us, huh, take this outside? Absolutely, we could do that.
Let's go.
Hey, gentlemen! Put 'em back in your pants so we can get some work done.
HANK: Neil Jacobs? Gun! (grunting) (handcuffs click) Thanks to the bravery and swift action of the men and women of the Three-Nine squad, no one was injured today when a gunman opened fire in the precinct.
Lieutenant who was the shooter? I can't release any names right now, but what I can tell you is that he is in our custody.
Is it true the target was Neil Jacobs? That's all I have for right now.
Thank you.
(reporters shouting) Thanks.
Are you all right? You dove right in front of that gun.
I, uh I didn't even think about it.
OWEN: You're gonna give me a heart attack, kid.
Don't do that again.
All right.
You need anything? Water? Nah, I'm fine.
You know, for a second, I Let's not sit on our hands while Boy Wonder licks his boo-boos.
They were working an angle on the DOA's mother right before all this nonsense happened, and I'd like to see what the father has to say about it.
Why don't you take a breath? And by "all this nonsense"" you mean the shooting in the squad where you almost got plugged, and "Boy Wonder" just saved your life? Come on.
He was at the right place at the right time.
Be a human being for a second.
Give the kid his due.
(sighs) Hey, Don, can I have a word with your partner, please? I've never been in a situation like this but I imagine there's some expected gratitude but it ain't coming.
If you hadn't leaked Neil Jacobs' name to your little girlfriend, Taylor would never have come in here, guns blazing.
Are you out of your mind? I'm gonna prove it because from now on, there are two investigations going on.
Do you think for? Because of you two, we're all still standing.
You guys made the Three-Nine proud today.
(clears throat) Thank you, Lieu.
We were just doing the job, you know? If either of you need some time, I'd understand.
No, I'm good, thanks.
I'd rather get back to work.
Me and Don-- we're gonna go and, uh, take Linda Taylor in.
Make sure this abuse claim's legit first.
She's the mother of the victim.
You up for sitting with Hank Taylor? Maybe he can be of help before he's arraigned.
Ah, we'll let Diaco handle it.
I'm a little more shook up than my young colleague here.
You got it.
CLARK: Shana sent this to her father.
We just found it in his e-mails.
Hey, Pops.
I miss you.
I got passed on for another job today.
Mom says I have to hang in there, 'cause someone's gonna hire me, and I'm gonna be a star, so But I miss my friends.
I miss my school.
Can you believe that? This isn't fun anymore.
I want to come home, but Mom goes ballistic every time I say something like that, so I gotta go.
Love you.
She didn't really want to go back to Fort Wayne.
She was a kid.
CLARK: And you were making adult demands on her.
Uh Hey.
I have children myself, Mrs.
Believe me, I know how much patience it requires.
Now, Shana broke her wrist 11 months ago and it was never treated.
Did you do that to her? Oh, my baby.
Uh, we were arguing and I I grabbed her.
(sniffs) She pulled away and fell.
I knew she was hurt, but I didn't know it was broken.
God, I never would have Our kids can push our buttons like nobody else.
Oh, Shana could do that.
She never understood the sacrifice that it takes to make it here.
Yeah, you were just trying to teach her that.
You're a parent.
Parents have to be firm.
If Shana wanted to go home after all your hard work, then you would be angry.
We get that.
Well OWEN: Parents lose patience.
I know I have.
Is that what happened between you and Shana? You know, we could help you.
I did not hurt my baby.
Taylor, look at your daughter's face at the end of the tape.
She hears you coming.
She doesn't want you to know how she feels.
No, I wasn't there.
(sniffs) And those things she's saying weren't true.
She wanted to be a star-- it was her dream! Neil Jacobs.
That's who hurt her.
(crying): I loved her.
That's all.
(sniffs) This is the best sound the lab could get.
Still no hint whether it's Linda in the background.
(muffled): Mom goes ballistic every time I say something like that, so DIACO: I can't make it out.
And I have excellent hearing.
(low squawking) Hey, Pops.
I miss you.
What is that sound? I got passed on for another job today.
Mom says I have to hang in there And some kind of music.
She at an arcade? McKENZIE: Maybe Coney Island.
You'd hear seagulls, not geese.
(music playing faintly) And that that definitely sounds like a carousel.
I hear like a bat.
I know where that is.
OWEN: No, thank you.
The Inwood Park Carnival.
I worked foot patrol up there.
It's up every year around this time for about a month.
And that bracelet that Neil had on when we brought him in? Yeah, it matches the carnival colors.
He said Shana gave it to him.
What if Neil took Shana to the carnival? That could be where he killed her.
That park has easy access to the river.
He could've dumped that body without anybody seeing him.
Let's get a search team together.
Detective Arroyo, right? You called.
I'm here.
You ought to be racked with guilt over those bullets flying in our squad room.
Me, racked with guilt? There's an investigation under way to prove that Clark leaked Neil Jacobs to you.
(sighs) You want to save yourself a world of embarrassment? Cop to it right now.
Except that's not what happened.
We're doing this dance? You're in bed with Clark.
Secret's out.
That has no bearing whatsoever.
You want him facing department charges? Want to see him lose his shield? Is that what you want? Then cop to this.
Let me help him get in front of it.
Oh, in spite of the fact you're his sworn enemy? Come on.
I've done everything I can for that kid.
Look, the tip came from an anonymous e-mail.
We tried to trace it at the paper, we wound up following an IP trail to 20 different addresses.
So some hacker sent out an anonymous e-mail.
We don't know who, but it wasn't Clark.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
(indistinct chatter) (dog barking) Detectives.
Dog's got something in the woods.
(barks) Thanks, George.
(grunts) It's a girl's sock.
Shana was wearing one just like this when they pulled her out of the Hudson.
We need to talk to Neil Jacobs again.
We bring him here, we're gonna break that coward right where he killed her.
Well? Uh, I'm here.
You're a techie punk, you've said it 100 times.
Do you know how to send an anonymous e-mail? You nearly got me killed today, you know that? What are you talking about? Come on.
The lieutenant has been keeping the mayor's office up to the minute on the Shana Taylor case.
You e-mailed Neil Jacobs' name to your ex-wife.
Why would I do that? To put Clark in a jackpot with the job.
(chuckles) I'm appointing him to our Safe City committee.
Why why would I want a cloud over him? (chuckles) You never had any intention of putting him on any committee.
It's a smokescreen.
To draw attention away from you getting between him and Margot.
Your pathetic jealousy nearly got me shot.
You had a traumatic day.
You're upset.
Clark is weak and entitled but I'm not gonna be part of your personal vendetta.
You ever try something like this again I'm coming for you.
(McKenzie sighs) Where have you been? Sorting out my head.
Yeah? 'Cause when you said that before, it sounded like an excuse to run off and do something devious.
You know me too well.
Is this a shot in the dark? The kid's got a plan.
(breathing hard) I don't want to be here.
Come on.
Who doesn't like the park? Why didn't you tell us you brought Shana here, il? I didn't.
We checked your shoes in your closest.
You tried to wipe off all the mud, but you couldn't.
I'll bet my paycheck that that mud matches the mud here.
CLARK: We also checked the mileage on the car you rented the day Shana went missing.
You traveled 43 miles.
That's the exact round-trip distance from your apartment to here.
It's not a coincidence, is it, Neil? OWEN: I bet that made you feel good, huh? She got to be a kid here.
You know, we found Shana's other sock.
We know that she died right here.
If it was an accident, Neil, or a misunderstanding, you have to tell us.
That is the only way we can help you.
Neil, if you touched her and she didn't understand No.
She started screaming, you just wanted her to keep her quiet.
She gave you that bracelet, is that right? Because you were her friend.
Her only friend.
Her mother neglected her, but not you.
You spent time with her, you cared for her.
She needed someone.
You don't like to go out very much, do you, Neil? She got to you, didn't she? But you couldn't avoid her.
She was right next door.
And that day at the carnival, I mean you didn't touch her.
She reached out to you.
She gave you that bracelet.
She said I was her best friend.
She hugged me.
CLARK: Of course.
You were trying to protect her, weren't you? I didn't want to hurt her.
When you put your hands around her neck? Then she was gone.
I didn't want to hurt her.
This is a day I'm more than happy to see end.
Okay, what's on your mind? Tell me.
I was just thinking about earlier.
The shooting.
And it scared me which I didn't admit to.
But, uh it made me think about some of my recent choices.
Well, good thing you're still here.
still got time to make everything right.
Is there? Everything? I'm not sure I get the gist of that.
You got time for a drink? Deb someone here for you.
Oh, hey, is it 7:00 already? Is this who's been calling you all day? Yeah.
He's renovating the building next to mine.
Um, you sure you're still up for dinner? Yeah, as long as we can start with a few drinks first.
Uh, this is my partner, Christian Arroyo.
David Reed.
It's good to meet you.
Yeah, yeah.
(clears throat) (sighs) Okay.
So, I'll talk to you tomorrow? Yeah, you guys have a good night.
(clears throat) Good job with Jacobs.
What, are we best buddies now? What happened to your private investigation? Forget about it.
It was a bad idea.
You realize that, for him, that's like he's saying, "I love you.
Be mine.
" (laughs) (sighs) What, are you thinking about that girl again? Yeah.
I owe her a call.
And I know you think it's a bad idea.
Look, just, just ask yourself one question, you know? Are you falling in love with this girl? I don't go in for that kind of stuff, Don.
So, "Yeah.
" Look, I bought Agnes a couch.
It's getting delivered.
I gotta get home.
Hey, Junior, listen, um, there are about 800 reasons why it won't, but, um, for your sake, I hope this works out.
Thank you, Don.
(clears throat) So, Clark called.
And he turned down the liaison gig.
(chuckles) Wow.
I guess there is a brain in his head.
You know, as much as I'd like to deny it, he's a good cop.
And now, thanks to you, I owe that punk my life.
So here's to that.
I might have had a little difficulty parting with Margot, but I'm done with it.
I wish them nothing but the best.
And in the spirit of making things right with us, I'd like to offer you the liaison position.
(chuckles) I don't think so.
Yeah, you see, I can't figure if you're upset because I sent that anonymous e-mail or because you didn't think of it first.
(chuckles) That's beyond my pay grade.
You are coldhearted and vicious just like me.
So quit acting like a sissy.
Maybe I'm a little tired of coldhearted and vicious, you know.
It's starting to cost me.
Well, it's not like you to put pride before ambition.
(clears throat) Think about the liaison gig, do it fast.
I don't like to wait.
Thanks, buddy.
So, what do you think? It's cool.
It works.
Look at us.
Things are finally starting to work out.
New apartment, Mom back in our lives.
Only one piece of the puzzle missing.
Don't even say it.
You didn't want Mom around, and look at how that's working out.
Why not Dad? Mom is unpredictable and a mess.
But our dad he's a different story, all right? He's dangerous.
How? Just trust me.
(phone buzzes) I gotta go.
(sighs) Hey.
When I heard about the shooting, my heart stopped.
Just want to make sure you're okay.
I-I was gonna call you.
I, uh, I turned down Holbrook's offer.
I don't want you to do that for me.
It's not for you.
I did it for us.
So, Commissioner Clark, your recommendation on the prisoner's parole? My recommendation? Some sins cannot be forgiven.
That's why I'm not in favor of this board granting my father's parole.
In fact, I think you should throw away the key.
It should have been done a long time ago.