Golden Boy (2013) s01e11 Episode Script


1 Spoke to someone on the phone two hours ago.
Price has gone up since then? That was my dad.
I'm helping him capitalize his assets.
In this place? Sir, my dad says you've been looking for this for years.
I'm sure you won't mind paying a little extra.
That's extortion.
In business school we call it free enterprise.
(clears throat) They teach you in business school that some things are worth more than money? Yeah? Like what? My mom's secret to marinara is combining fresh roma and heirloom tomatoes and then adding her favorite Chianti.
So, you, uh, close with your mom? Yeah, both my folks.
My dad inspired me to be a journalist.
Why, what-what does he do? Is he a reporter, too? No, he's a lawyer.
He hates it.
He convinced me to find a career I love.
You know, you never told me what your folks do.
In fact, you've told me pretty much nothing about them.
They're not really, uh, a big part of my life.
Eventually, I'm going to get you to open up.
It is my job getting people to talk.
Here, taste it.
(clears throat) Wow, that's, uh that's really something.
Oh, boy.
That's a little salty.
Yeah, I feel like my ankles are swelling.
(laughing) Okay, look, I'm a terrible cook.
Okay, I'm terrible.
So was my mom.
This recipe was always a disaster.
It doesn't matter.
(laughing): "A" for effort.
(doorbell rings) You expecting someone? Hold on.
(Walter clears throat) Maybe it's someone with a pizza.
(laughing): Shut up.
You're supposed to call before coming over.
You know that.
MAN: Well, we made an appointment.
That I'm exactly on time for.
We said Wednesday.
MAN: Tuesday.
Please, I schedule for the most powerful men in the city.
Hello, Detective.
Carlton, hi.
Yeah, forgive me.
I'm just trying to put together what I'm seeing.
Maybe-maybe I should go.
MARGOT: No, no.
Carlton wanted to get some files from the storage room.
I have the key to the padlock.
We can do it any time.
Like tomorrow, as scheduled.
How long have you two It's not your business.
A few weeks.
(laughs awkwardly) So, uh, (clears throat) while we were yuckin' it up in the mayor's skybox, you were with my wife? Um Because technically, we are still wed.
I didn't know it then.
Wow, quite the detective you are, huh? (scoffs) Okay, you're leaving now.
No, no, no.
There's no animosity here.
Of course there's no animosity.
She asked you to leave nicely.
Enjoy your dinner.
I told him Wednesday.
Absolutely Wednesday.
Oh, good Lord.
All right, keep your head down and your feet moving.
Is it true Quinlan Reed's been murdered? Do you have a suspect? Can you confirm cause of death? No comment, and stay back.
Well, that had a little edge to it.
(sighs) Yeah, I got a little problem with Holbrook.
I'll tell you about it later.
Oh, boy.
OWEN: Wow, Quinlan Reed.
Can't believe it.
Drafted in the first round in '09, led New York in scoring last two years.
Incredible agility.
And his killer's on the loose, so maybe we should be discussing that.
If it was Picasso who was lying here, we'd be discussing art.
Looks like he got beat up pretty bad.
ARROYO: Injury to the back of the head.
Bloodstain on the bench right there.
What do you think? He fell back on the ball, hit his head on the bench? There's going to be a list of enemies a mile long on this one.
Why? I watch baseball.
Last week he announced that he's leaving to play for Miami.
It's a real sudden departure.
It hurt a lot of people.
Enough to kill him? (phone ringing) OWEN: So, who found him? McKENZIE: Male, Hispanic accent.
911 got an anonymous cell phone call.
Cell phone comes back to a Manolito Villalobos.
The call was pinged off a cell tower on the roof.
So, the call was made from inside the building? Yeah.
I know this name, Villalobos.
Another ball player? Employee of the month.
VILLALOBOS: What happened was, I went in to do my morning check and he was just lying there, dead.
And I called it in anonymous because I don't want to get involved, you know.
Every time I hear a guy say that about a murder, he goes right to the top of the suspect list.
CLARK: Want to spend the day in the precinct or down in Central Bookings and then the Tombs? How about that? No, no.
Martin Olsen.
That's who I saw in there when I went to do my check.
He was standing over Quinlan.
Who is he? He is one of Quinlan's people.
He's a nice guy.
He just got out of the joint.
That didn't warrant a heads-up to us? Where's he live? Uh, over the bridge, in the city.
Usually he walks.
I'll put it over the air.
Got him headed toward the walkway.
Red hoodie, gray jeans, white athletic shoes.
All right, I'll head him off on the other side.
Martin Olsen, stop.
Stay where you are.
Don't move.
Show me your hands.
I didn't do it.
Do not move, you understand me? Do not move.
You all right? I got him.
Get up.
Golden Boy 01x11 Longshot You ask any ex-con what do you do if you get found with a dead body? You run.
The cops tailing you? Run.
It ain't about guilt.
Just instinct, huh? This dead body you stumbled on, how'd that happen? I'm I was one of Quinlan's trainers.
It helped me stay focused on the game.
Well, that must've been pretty recent, Martin, because you only just got out of jail, didn't you? I'm old friends with Quinlan's father Daryl.
He gave me the job.
This morning, Quinlan texted.
Ask me to meet him at the practice facility.
And when I got there then I found him.
Martin, you did 20 years for possession with intent to distribute crack.
You've been out for about ten months.
How are you adjusting here? I'm doing all right.
CLARK: You're doing all right? You've been arrested for assault already.
That was some chump at a barber shop talking smack about Quinlan.
I gave him a little shove.
Now that wouldn't be anything like what happened with Quinlan this morning, now, would it? Now why would I do that? Well, you're going to tell us that.
Otherwise, we're going to spend the rest of our day trying to figure that out.
OWEN: And, believe me, Martin, we're going to figure it out.
And then what happens to you? Then you go back upstate? Or was this just some kind of an accident or something? Don't treat me like a fool.
I know every damn angle.
I didn't do this.
Just ask Daryl, man.
Just just talk to Daryl.
Martin told you he found our son's body? That's what he said, but fleeing the scene raises a lot of questions.
And he sent you to me? To back him up.
You think he made a mistake doing that? I don't know.
I don't know what to think about anything right now.
What was your relationship to Martin? He was my best friend growing up in Bed-Stuy.
We grew up on the hoop courts.
Both had our eye on college ball.
And he was caught selling crack? 14 grams, so they gave him the mandatory 20.
How did Martin get back into your family picture? After he was released, no one would hire him.
So, I gave him a job helping my son out.
You managed your son's career? Gave him a few months.
I played a little pro ball in Europe before I blew out my knee.
Was there any tension between Martin and your son? They were friends.
DARYL: Except In training Training was tough.
Prison changed Martin.
He'd get frustrated.
He'd have outbursts.
Did he ever get violent? WOMAN: Then why was he working with our son? Why would you let him do that? I was trying to help out a friend.
And I brought him back into our lives? God help me if this is my fault.
QUINLAN: I grew up in New York.
This place is my home and this team has been like my family.
But, for all children there comes a time to leave home, and, unfortunately, this is my time.
I know this might shock a lot of you, but, I want to play for Miami.
(crowd murmuring) You hear that gasp? That's the sound of a million New York hearts breaking at once.
For a guy that just signed a $75 million contract, he doesn't seem too happy.
Strife in your personal life will do that.
KANG: When we getting back to Martin Olsen? Uh, a little hiccup on Martin.
His phone records confirmed that Quinlan Reed did send him a text asking to meet at the practice facility.
puts the time of death around 8:00 a.
this morning.
Now, we got surveillance of Martin crossing the Pulaski Bridge at 7:53.
He arrived at this facility at a little past 8:00.
That's within the margin of error for the time of death.
No surveillance on the basketball court? No.
Nothing helpful at the practice facility either.
Yeah, our office is getting 200 calls an hour about this.
What, you got nothing? Deputy Mayor, we're following up on various leads.
Talk in the office? You want to do me the courtesy and just run 'em down? Quinlan Reed got a $15,000 credit card charge to a Midtown nightclub.
So, what, he's the first ballplayer to blow dough on bottle service? No, it's not the case here.
The owner says that Quinlan got into a brawl there four nights ago, and apparently, it got pretty nasty.
Opposing party yelling out, "I'll kill your ass"" et cetera, et cetera.
15 grand covered the damage.
Do we have a name for the opposing party? No, not yet.
Well, call the second you do.
He couldn't go through the Chief of D's for that? Does he not have a telephone? Carlton.
"Deputy Mayor.
" (sighs) Margot and I, we didn't want you to find out like that.
Not on my mind, Detective.
Hey, well, if there's something that we need to hash out, I'll take you for lunch, we'll talk about it.
You think I just came in here and puked bile all over your squad 'cause you're boning my ex? Look, admittedly, it came as a surprise, but my God, you've got a city to police and I've got a boss breathing fire, so So are we good? Yeah.
He gave you the thumbs up, you got nothing to worry about.
OWEN: That's Quinlan Reed shoving an unknown bar patron and giving a guy a beatdown.
And that was you hauling that guy out of there, wasn't it? You know who he is? Vince Cole.
Neighborhood guy.
Street baller.
Him and Quinlan played the same cage growing up.
So what was the fight about? Vince came up to Quinlan pissed about something.
Guess he picked the wrong day.
What, and Quinlan unloaded on him? What was the matter with Quinlan? Vince got pretty mouthy, but he had his girl with him.
Quinlan humiliated him.
Why didn't you mention this to us before? I spent 20 years being told what to do and when.
I survived by keeping my mouth shut.
Well, on the outside, you better learn to start speaking up.
(knocking) Walter, you mom's here for you.
Give me a second, hmm? Hi, baby.
What's up? Everything all right? Yeah.
I'm sorry that I came here to your work, but the bank where your father and I used to have a checking account sends me a notice that a safety deposit box taken out in his name is about to lapse in payment and needs to be cleared out.
They can't find him.
But he named me as cosigner, so This was in the box.
Mom, I really have zero time for this.
Come on, baby, two minutes.
It's letters.
Your father wrote them to you and Agnes.
See? Hmm? He just didn't know where to find you.
I mean, look.
And look at these pictures, huh? Doesn't this mean a lot that he wrote you these? I mean, your father-- he made mistakes.
He made plenty of 'em, Mom.
But he always had you and your sister in his heart.
You know, I admit I haven't seen him in ten years, but I I really don't remember him being this sentimental, Mom.
Oh, no, no, he could be.
Don't mention any of this to Agnes, all right? Not until I've decided what to do with these.
Not a word.
Not a word.
Letters from my father.
Well, what, you're not even the least bit curious? Nope.
I stopped being interested in what he had to say a long time ago.
Well, as a father who's made some mistakes, I'd at least want my kid to take a look.
That's not too much to ask, is it? We're not talking missed Little League games here, Don.
His, His mistakes are on a whole different level.
Trust me.
All right, enough of that.
Martin have a location on Vince Cole? Yeah.
He says he's always at the 14th Street cages talking smack.
All right, let's go.
Vince Cole? This is Detective Owen.
I'm Detective Clark.
We need to talk.
I don't know a Vince Cole.
That's funny 'cause you got a panther tattoo just like he does.
Come on, son.
Do yourself a favor.
Don't make this difficult.
Y'all got game? How about a little two-on-two? We're not here to play, man.
Is that right? Mm-hmm.
Gun! Get down, everybody! Get down! Get down! (women shriek) Get up! (handcuffs rasp) Guns on a playground? What's the matter with you? What the hell is in your head drawing down on a playground?! That gunshot was accidental.
All right, we're gonna call that one lie #1.
When was the last time you saw Quinlan Reed? Weeks ago.
Now that's two lies in under a minute.
Trust me, Vince: you don't want to get to #3.
The Westgold nightclub, what was your beef with Quinlan about? He was about to make some real balling money.
Promised I could be on his advisor team.
What does that mean, part of his entourage? Him going to Miami and sideline that? Can't go to Miami.
I got three kids.
So you bring this up to him at the club, and then he whipped your ass in front of your girl.
Then this morning, you track him down for payback, right? I had nothing to do with killing Quinlan.
You ever heard of Calvin Russell, hmm? Russell played for Philly when I was a kid.
Grew up in the same building I did in the projects.
Never heard of him.
When he went to the pros, everybody in the entire project thought that he owed them something.
They couldn't be happy for him or proud of him, no.
They were just angry and bitter that this didn't happen to them.
Then he got shot in the head after a pickup game by a dope dealer who didn't like to lose.
Any of that sound familiar? I can't help you.
(cell phone buzzes) The lieutenant wants us.
All right.
Get used to your surroundings, Vince.
You ain't going anywhere.
Boss, you know we're in the middle of working Vince Cole.
Close the door.
Now, if it were up to me, this Vince Cole shooting at a playground, he'd be spitting out teeth right now.
But? The Chief of D's thinks you could have picked a safer location to arrest him.
A safe? Well, I guess it would have been nice if he'd have just walked into the house and just surrendered! Does he know that Clark nearly got shot himself?! Did one of you kick the mayor's dog or something? 'Cause the Chief says it's filtering down from them.
What about the consequences of our getting shot at? You're not running with the case.
You back up Arroyo and McKenzie.
Just be patient.
It'll blow over.
Is this how it's gonna be, Holbrook gunning for me now? What does it even get him taking us off the case? I don't know.
Breaks my balls? That's an awful long way to go to do that.
If you're here to gloat, bad idea, all right? Peace, dipstick.
Changing course here.
DIACO: A bodega in the Bronx.
Keep your eye on the gunman at the counter.
See that? Same tattoo as on Vince Cole.
And he left fingerprints.
And it's at the time Quinlan Reed was murdered.
I guess Vince tried shooting his way out of the park 'cause he thought you were there to collar him for the robbery.
He won't be breathing fresh air anytime soon, but not for killing Quinlan Reed.
All right.
Quinlan's finances.
And a list of insurance beneficiaries and everybody he owed money to.
So a needle in a haystack, then.
You want to do some big boy police work, Don? Keep your partner off the deputy mayor's wife.
Hey! Whoa! Sit! Leave! Follow me.
What is this? And does it relate to how weird you're acting? Getting shot at last week seeing you with another guy it made me think.
It shined some light on how unhappy I am in my marriage.
That's why I packed the bag and I left Lorraine.
This is why you were so emotional this morning? You ever think about us? No, no, no, do not say you did this for us.
There is no us.
I can see how you might think that right now.
But ponder it.
No more sneaking around.
Me, you, all in.
Only you would do something this drastic without even talking to me first.
I'm talking to you right now.
Deb, we make sense.
I'm not asking you to make some big crazy decision or to dump this mook you're dating.
He's a nice guy, all right? He's a single guy.
You know, there's more to me than just ambition.
Come on, Deb.
I'm getting back to being the guy you had real affection for.
Maybe even loved.
I'm just saying, think about it.
(phone rings) Hmm? (sighs) McKenzie.
All right.
Medical examiner's got something for us.
Thank God.
(door opens) Quinlan Reed's contract for New York.
We have cars, mortgage payments.
He even had a say in the stadium renovation.
And he still bailed to Miami? Well, yeah, there's also a provision for Martin Olsen as a trainer for 100 grand a season.
Well, there's nothing like that in the Miami contract.
Well, if Martin lost his job in a free agency, you can see how that would start an argument.
You saw him; does he really look like the type to you? Come on.
After 20 years in the can, some guys just They can't make it on the outside.
It bothers you, what you did to Quinlan.
McKENZIE: The bruising became apparent after the swelling went down.
Bruises made by a ring.
Looks like wings.
That's the emblem for your high school championship ring for the Fulton Eagles.
Martin, every guy just out of the pen has big hopes, and you just hit the jackpot.
Training a pro hoop star? Until he pulled the rug out from under you.
Quinlan wasn't bringing you to Miami.
You had to have been devastated.
He needed to make a clean break.
So easy come, easy go.
100 grand a year down the drain, and you just let it slide? He wasn't changing his mind about Miami, so I just let it go.
And I hocked that ring before I went to prison.
'Cause I didn't want to be reminded of the life I could've had.
Martin Olsen's sister's here.
She wants to see a detective.
McKENZIE: Martin, you don't add up.
You talk like a Buddhist monk, but you get arrested for assault.
I'm standing up for Quinlan who stood up for me.
Now please, don't make me look at these pictures.
WOMAN: Martin was like an uncle to Quinlan.
He would never do anything to hurt him, and he would never do anything that would take him away from my son.
Your brother's been away in prison for a long time.
It changes a man.
Martin doesn't care about money.
He gives us every dime he makes, and in the spare time he has, he spends with Joey.
Quinlan was murdered by someone whose temper got away from them.
Okay, stop.
When Martin was nine, him and our cousin stole a candy bar or something from a bodega.
When they ran off from the store, our cousin got hit by a car; he died.
Martin blamed himself ever since.
It's what led to him being in prison.
He was arrested for crack possession with intent to distribute.
Him and Daryl Reed were in that scheme together, and I think Daryl convinced my brother to take the blame.
He let himself be taken advantage of because that's what he felt he deserved.
Now do you believe me or do I have to put up my house to get Martin a lawyer? Ma'am, I'd love to believe you, but your brother's gonna need that lawyer.
Hey, Daryl Reed is wearing the same championship ring that Martin Olsen has.
Junior, come here.
You got to take a look at this.
(tires squealing) Oh! What, are you going for a little drive on the case? 'Cause I got something we need to pursue right now.
Got sidelined, Don.
I'm sure Arroyo can handle it, all right? Hey, hey.
Move this car or I swear I'm gonna shoot out the tires.
(engine stops) In Quinlan's financial files were letters about the stadium remodel, and you know who's on the executive committee? Carlton Holbrook.
You know why he wanted me off the case? You know why he barked at us about being kept up to the minute? Holbrook doesn't want us digging into his no-bid contracts for concrete and plumbing.
You got evidence of this, and I mean like, smoking-gun evidence? I spoke to one of the contractors, and he gave me a wink and a nod that he was demanding kickbacks.
Junior, wink and a nod, that's not gonna get the job done, not with Holbrook.
Look, he's dirty.
And he's going after my job, and he's going after Margot, so I'm gonna bury him.
Hey, all right, Junior.
Slow and steady.
You recognize this? Yeah, it's Daryl's basketball ring.
Well, bruising on your son indicates that his killer was wearing the exact same ring.
Martin says he no longer has his ring, and we were unable to find even one recent photo with him wearing it.
And we know that Daryl wears his every day, doesn't he? Louise? Okay.
Louise, is there something you're not telling us about Daryl's relationship with Quinlan? You know, Daryl wasn't really part of our lives until Quinlan was, um, 11 years old.
You know, he said he couldn't be.
He was traveling for basketball and all, but when his career ended, you know, he had more time.
Is this about the time that Quinlan started looking like a prospect? Look, I just wanted us to be a family.
Well, we know that Quinlan's new contract with Miami was negotiated solely by his lawyer, and Daryl was left completely out of it.
Are we reading the paperwork right? Quinlan fired his own father? Last week, um, he brought in other accountants who said that Daryl had been mismanaging his funds, and, uh, maybe even stealing.
And how exactly did Daryl react to that? Well, you know, he tried to smooth it over, but, um Quinlan, he said that he'd always felt that he was a business deal to Daryl.
Louise? We need to find your husband.
Do you know where he is? I don't know.
Another call from Holbrook.
He's pissed that we just released Martin Olsen.
He's not really our suspect anymore.
I explained that, but thank you, Joe.
So, where is our suspect? Daryl Reed is not, nor has he been, at the mortuary preparing for his son's funeral.
We're up on his cell phone.
There have been texts going out to Martin Olsen saying, "Meet me at Morris Playground"" Bed-Stuy, near where they grew up.
So can we get to Martin before they meet? Not answering his phone.
I'll get Arroyo.
Come on.
Let's go check out the playground.
Say, boss, I'm thinking maybe Clark and I should go down to City Hall and get the deputy mayor up to speed.
He seems awfully concerned.
Just get him off our ass.
Will do.
ARROYO: I'm not really sure.
I'll be home regular time.
Yes, I'll bring milk.
Look, Lorraine, I really got to go.
I love you, too.
Thank you.
Yeah, sure.
Lovely office.
So, uh, where's your spunky partner? Oh, he's downstairs, steaming in the car.
His fist all clenched.
I just asked him to let me handle it.
Handle what? You have been really cagey today.
All the phone calls and the meddling, and the Does it have anything to do with this? A lot of interesting stuff in there on the arena financials.
Kickback's such an ugly word, especially in your line of work, where even a whiff of impropriety is as damaging as any crime.
Yeah, um, if you had anything real, you'd be talking to the D.
, so Or I'd be standing in front of you, doing business.
You know what, just for the record, it was not me who started this.
Yeah, it was, and also for the record, stay away from my partner, stay out of the precinct, and lay off our cases.
Or We clear? Thanks for dropping by, Detective Owen.
Thanks, Joe.
So what happened? I made my point, but I got to tell you, Junior, I don't think this is over.
Sorry I got you involved, Don.
I should I should've handled it.
Holbrook's a bully.
They like an isolated target.
Now he knows I got your back.
It's safety in numbers.
Diaco called.
That Morris Playground was razed four years ago, but I spoke to Louise Reed.
She said Daryl named his boat Morris Playground.
It's down by the Westside Marina.
Well, that boat could be his exit plan.
Let's go.
All right.
Junior, let's go.
(birds cawing) Daryl Reed! NYPD! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't shoot.
Keep your hands up.
Move toward us.
Come on.
Step off the boat onto the dock.
Keep moving, keep moving.
Come to me.
All right, he's got a gun.
What? What are you talking about "he's got a gun"? Martin, all right? He said he fought with Quinlan and he murdered my kid.
Martin, are you in there? He found my gun in the stateroom.
He's threatened to kill himself.
Please, don't let him die.
Settle down.
Yeah, it's true.
He's in there.
He's got a gun.
Get on with ESU.
Have them bring a negotiator.
You, tell me exactly what happened from the minute you got here.
Look, I told him to meet to talk.
All right, he showed up looking all crazy.
(gunshot) He's alive.
Do not move.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Keep them up, all right? I set it down, and it fired.
I didn't mean it to fire.
Move toward me now.
Do not touch the gun, all right? Come on.
Keep your hands up.
Turn around.
Turn around slowly.
Now back up toward me.
Come on.
(grunts) Come on.
All right, let's go.
Uncuff me, okay? My boy was murdered.
I have funeral plans to make.
You're coming.
Shut your mouth.
I just set the gun down on the table and it went off.
I didn't want it to.
So you confess to Daryl that you killed Quinlan, and then you plan to what? Kill yourself? I was thinking about it.
And I backed out.
What's he doing here? We gonna bring you back in and then you can look them both right in the eye and explain to them why you're going back to prison for the rest of your life.
And you can tell them how you killed Quinlan.
Weren't you about Joey's age when your cousin was killed, Martin? How do you know about that? Now, let's say this boy made the same mistake that you made.
What are you gonna tell him? Hmm? To-to own up? To learn, to live right? Or are you gonna tell him that now he has to be somebody else's doormat for the rest of his life? Second chances don't come often, Martin.
But you got one right here, right now.
Don't waste it.
Before I went away I had the whole world figured out.
You play ball.
You practice.
And our team was like a family.
You do anything for your family.
Did, uh, did Daryl take advantage of that back then, Martin? The crack deal.
It was his idea.
It was me that ended up holding the bag.
Is he doing the same thing now, hmm? Taking advantage of you? I just I can't seem to make life on the outside work.
I didn't know it was gonna be this hard.
Martin, what did Daryl promise you so you would confess to killing Quinlan? He said he'd take care of Brandy and Joey for the rest of their lives.
They never have to worry about money again.
That's more than I can ever give them.
Well, I don't think they'd agree.
Lab tested your high school ring, and it came back positive for your son's DNA.
DARYL: I wouldn't hurt him.
I raised that boy.
I'm the reason why he went pro, had a single dime to his name.
Even though you didn't come back into his life until you saw dollar signs.
Who who said that about me? Your wife.
Quinlan's mother.
She said you left the house after an angry call with your son.
She also said if this goes to trial, she's gonna fight to testify against you.
Well, that's just great.
The rat's off the ship.
Is that what Quinlan was to you? Just another rat leaving your ship? What happened this morning, Daryl? Or do we just say you're a leech? He got up in my face and called me a thief.
Is that when the fight started? You hit him.
He punched me first.
I pushed him.
You beat him to a pulp, Daryl.
I lost control.
I couldn't stop.
And he fell.
(sighs) And when his head hit the bench, and I heard the crack I knew.
There was nothing I could do.
You couldn't call an ambulance? Couldn't do CPR? I would've had it been my son.
I would've done everything I could to save him.
I would have not left him there to die.
Paternity is complicated, Junior.
CLARK: Shouldn't be.
You love your kids.
You take care of them.
But sometimes there's more to it than that.
You know, my dad did a lot to take advantage of me when I was a kid, so (sighs) when I feel manipulated like today with Holbrook, I go ballistic, so I'm sorry.
Well, then it's a good thing you got me.
You want to talk? Yeah.
Why'd you lie to me? About speaking to Lorraine.
I overheard you on the phone.
I'm paving a path.
Does your wife know she's getting a divorce? She will very soon.
That's a no.
I'm checking into a hotel.
And I'm gonna call her to set a time to discuss it.
So, what, this is contingent on me saying we'll get back together? What, are you hedging your bets? This is your family.
I didn't see any point in hurting them until I knew where we stood first.
Okay, allow me to make it easy for you.
Go home.
No, don't act that way.
You know, when I first met you, you were this tough, smart cop.
And if you bent the rules, it was to solve a case, not to boost your own ego.
And you never ever lied to me.
And now, you'll lie about anything.
I wasn't lying about my feelings for you.
(crying): I don't even know what to trust anymore.
This is not somebody I want to be partnered with.
, you know the rules.
Put that away.
Daddy, have you seen the picture on the fridge for you? Sure did.
It's beautiful.
You get the milk? Yeah, it's in the fridge.
How was school? Fine.
Everything okay? Long day.
Pass the chicken.
(sirens blare in distance) Hello.
So, tell me.
What did your father say in his letters? Mom, you got to forgive me for being nosy, but I checked your social.
You haven't had a bank account in over ten years and neither has Dad.
So the idea of a safety deposit box, it's it's nonsense.
(sighs) Okay.
I found the letters in an old box, okay? I felt awful that I never gotten them to you so I made up a story to cover my ass.
I thought sober people were supposed to honest, Mom.
I just thought if you were willing to let me back into your life and give me a chance, you would with your father, also.
And we could finally heal this family.
It's not his family anymore.
So, what are you talking about? (clears throat) Dad? You don't have to whisper behind my back.
I know about his assault and racketeering charges.
No, Mom didn't tell me.
It's called the Internet, Walt.
Since neither one of you were willing to talk about him, I found out for myself.
Which I'm gonna continue to do-- fair warning.
She doesn't know the half of what he's done, and I don't want her to.
Are we clear? Yes.
Where are you going? You're not gonna order? No.
(cell phone buzzes) (groans) Now is not a good time.
No, he didn't go for it.
As we start this new journey, remember that we aren't defined by our mistakes but by how we pick ourselves up and carry on.
If you're lucky enough to get a second chance, take it-- it can change your life.
I'd like to thank my uncle Martin for teaching me that lesson.
I wouldn't be standing here today if it weren't for him.
It's a very poignant lesson.
(chuckles) I think I've heard it somewhere before.
It stuck with us.
I, uh I thought you might be ready to wear this again.
face them head on.
Embrace these new experiences