Golden Boy (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Beast of Burden

1 PAUL: Commissioner, I sent you an advanced copy of my story as a courtesy.
Not so that you can intimidate me into changing it.
Well, it's incomplete.
You made bold claims.
All corroborated from members of your own department.
You made deals, you did favors.
"He can be ruthless with the charmless glare of a stray dog protecting a bone.
" I've always tried to use my influence in the service of what's right.
For the people? Or for yourself? You know I'm not greedy, Paul.
Were there times when I was emotionally immature? Perhaps.
Certain people I should've come down on like a sledgehammer.
Got a name in mind? You know the name.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You know, when you sleep over, where do you change clothes? I got some suits at the office.
I can clear some space.
There's room.
Well, you know, it's only been a month.
What if you find out something about me you didn't like? Still a possibility.
Same goes for me.
Or maybe it's what you already know that's the problem.
Hey, your ex is not a deterrent, okay? He'll fade away.
Soon I hope.
And I'm not worried about your past.
Hey, I texted you last night.
I saw your old academy pal Mike Hauser at The White Horse.
I was out late.
Busy night? How is old Dave? Old Dave is fine, thank you.
And I wasn't ducking your texts.
I don't get good cell reception in Westchester.
Dave's in Westchester? Yeah, why? No reason.
Seven nights in a row at Margot's.
We both know that Holbrook is taking payoffs on the Williamsburg Arena remodel.
Let me get this straight.
You want to investigate your girlfriend's soon-to-be ex-husband, who so happens to be deputy mayor.
And which head are you thinking with now? Don, he's crooked, all right? And if collaring him solves a personal problem, then why not? Junior, by now, Holbrook has cooked his books and covered up any kickback.
That's the risk we took by warning him.
A guy like Holbrook, trust me, just give him enough rope.
KANG: All right, we got a fresh one at Hotel Chevalier, SoHo.
Owen, you're up.
DOA is Talia Price, 26, address in Flatbush.
Ligature on the neck says strangulation.
No sign of a struggle.
Wallet's full.
It's possible she knew her assailant.
Who found her? DIACO: Hotel manager.
Her roommate showed up at the front desk when she didn't answer her cell.
So, what, the roommate knew where she was and just called to check up? A little booze and a little blow and a safety call.
Suggesting that Talia was a working girl.
The hotel director of security is with TARU pulling surveillance.
OWEN: All right, I'll check and see how they're coming along.
Do me a favor, get a statement.
What? I'm just checking the time.
There's a clock above your head.
Your roommate, Talia, she a prostitute? She was an escort.
I stand corrected.
You, too? (nervous laugh) I can't believe this is happening.
Who was she with last night? She didn't give me a name, just a time frame for the job and when to call if she didn't come home.
She work independently or with a pimp? She had high-end clients so she kept that stuff private.
I don't, I don't know the agency.
Well, to be honest, Monique, you don't seem to know much.
Well, she wasn't proud of the work and tried to keep it low-key.
Any apprehension about the date last night? She was excited actually.
She was quitting to start City College next week.
CLARK: We're going to need to have access to her personal effects, okay? (phone buzzing) Hang on a second.
I'm gonna show you something.
Right? And when I show it to you, you act like a professional, you understand? Keep it together.
All right.
All right, run it please.
All right, this is our DOA, Talia Price, and her date checking into the hotel.
Now, in the elevator, a few seconds later (sighs) Holbrook.
Now, don't go licking your chops.
We got a long way to go on this one.
You didn't hear a word I just said, did you? Golden Boy 01x12 Beast of Burden RECEPTIONIST: I'm sorry, Mr.
Holbrook, they walked right past me.
HOLBROOK: Kate, Kate, it's okay.
Uh, just get me an ETA on Lisa Harris.
Lisa Harris, well, she don't come cheap.
What are you trying to get out in front of, Mr.
Holbrook? A nightmare, all right? But I haven't done anything wrong.
Then why the lawyer? I'm just trying to get my head straight, okay? I did not hurt that woman, so don't you look at me with anything even resembling judgment, you got that? You going to come out quietly or do we have to walk you out in cuffs, huh? (breathing heavily): Okay.
There's holes in the surveillance, but we do have Holbrook and the DOA Talia Price up to the floor the room was on, then leaving three hours later through the lobby in a rush.
DIACO: Victim's cell records show a lot of texts between her and Holbrook.
Anything to suggest a motive? Just places and times to meet up.
Could be blackmail or drug related or he just lost his temper.
I mean, he's not the most even-keeled guy.
Well, maybe you're just pushing him a little.
Not as much as he's pushing me.
I'm getting a feeling that you shouldn't be in the room.
I'm good, Lieu.
Holbrook's lawyer's here.
OWEN: What's your relationship with Talia Price? (clears throat) Um, she was a call girl and I was her client for over a year.
Is that how you ended up with her at the hotel with her last night? Yes.
But I didn't kill that girl.
Explain her death.
(sighs) I woke up in that hotel room and she was lying next to me and she was dead.
And you don't think there are a few holes in that, Carlton? HARRIS: Detective Clark, can the animosity, or we're walking out of here.
No, Lisa, you can it.
Your client's got some explaining to do.
I was passed out all night.
I-I-I don't remember a damn thing.
Well, the hotel security cameras do show you hammered but walking.
I have no recollection of even coming to that hotel.
I was at the Waverly, I remember texting Talia for us to meet up, and then and then I came to.
I'm being set up here.
It's the only plausible scenario.
Not the only one.
In my experience, people don't just kill an innocent party to set someone up.
I don't care what your experience tells you, okay? You woke up next to a call girl and she was dead.
Why didn't you call the police? I was in shock.
I just ran.
We have prepared a list of individuals who may have a grievance with Carlton.
Look, unless he's under arrest, which I wouldn't advise, we'll let ourselves out.
How about you save your advice for your client, not us? And we're gonna be watching you like a hawk.
I'm going to meet you in the car, okay? Detective we need a minute in private.
Totally unadvisable.
Just In here.
Off the record.
Look, I never like being at a disadvantage, okay? Not professionally or personally.
What do you want? I never thought that Margot and I were really through.
Well, the divorce papers just need your signature, so There was hope.
Till you appeared.
So, on behalf of the woman that I still love, I did some diligence.
You recall a, uh, homicide trial from 15 years ago? The victim was this Chinese bookie that, uh, got his head crushed in with a brick.
Yeah, the guy on trial for it was, um, a Walter Clark.
Is there any relation? You know there is.
Your father was going down for life.
Till the fourth quarter revelation that his son, Walter Jr.
, could provide an alibi.
Which was a total lie.
Prove it.
Remember your old running buddy Landon Fahey? Well, he's doing ten years upstate.
And, um, he says you were with him that night.
The only reason you'd want leverage is if you killed that prostitute.
I did nothing to that woman! Then why put me under your thumb? We all have skeletons, right? This is insurance that mine stay tucked away.
KANG: Mayor's aware of the situation.
He says radio silence until we're clear on the outcome.
McKENZIE: Talia Price's tox screen came back clean.
Holbrook's blood tested positive for Rohypnol.
OWEN: What about cocaine? Nothing came up.
So it's actually possible that he was roofied? Or he took it recreationally.
Or to alibi out.
Since when did you go sour on Holbrook? Just calling it like I see it.
DIACO: Off Talia's laptop, numerous e-mails from Jordan Wiser, her pimp and the owner of Enrapture Escorts.
"Intensity is our motto.
" That's verbatim from the Web site.
Well, these e-mails go on and on, don't they? Boiled down: Wiser was furious because Talia was quitting.
He's recently bankrupt and last year he took a collar for assaulting another female employee.
It was Talia's last night working.
That's ready income disappearing.
All right, well, where does he live? Two addresses on file-- a commercial property in Brooklyn and an apartment in the East Village.
OWEN: We'll take him at work, you two take the apartment.
Joe, you want to come with us? Oh, boy.
I need a minute.
Pops, what's going on? Found him walking along the West Side Highway looking lost.
He said you were on the job.
I wasn't lost.
I was doing research.
He said that a few times.
You got it.
Colleen was coming to pick you up at the dentist.
You're not supposed to be walking around the city alone, you know that.
Joseph, I haven't told you my new idea: a face recognition program on cameras.
You put it on every traffic light, and you will find any crook that you're looking for.
What do you think? It's not bad, actually, but I don't think the technology's there.
And what about that took you to the West Side Highway? I was studying the traffic flow.
Watching the faces.
Just research.
Dad, we agreed, no more patents.
The market's too limp.
Besides, you got pottery class, pinochle.
Forcing me to do pottery? You glaze beautifully.
Hey, Joe.
Sorry, Joe.
We gotta go.
Polo, Ralph Lauren.
The cologne.
I work in fragrances.
I can get you a break on it.
Walter Clark, my father, Francis Diaco.
Hi, Walter.
Good to meet you.
And he worked in fragrances 26 years ago.
Look, I got to bow out, get this troublemaker home.
Catch you later.
All right.
All right, let's go.
We got to talk.
My dad came into our room the night before the trial.
Agnes was asleep.
She was about four.
He said that me and him were going to his lawyer, and he told me what to say.
Which was? That I was with him in an arcade in Times Square when he supposedly smashed that bookie's head in.
Now, Holbrook knows about that.
He's blackmailing me, and my hands are tied.
Because you took the stand? Yeah.
The prosecution couldn't cross-examine me too hard or they'd risk looking like they were beating up a kid.
Perfect alibi.
He said, if I didn't do it, he'd take Agnes and I'd never see them again.
(buzzing) This is supposed to be Wiser's business.
It's a dead end.
All right, I'm gonna call Arroyo and McKenzie.
All right.
Listen, you know your dad did you a favor, right? What? Anybody who would put a 12-year-old to lie on a witness stand is just no damn good.
I mean, in his bones he's no damn good.
And he pushed you too far.
And now look at you.
What, with my ass in the fire from some dirty politician? Turned you into a cop.
A damn good cop.
You should think about that.
Hey, you soak your shoe in this? Coffee sucks.
Note taken.
I'll make another pot.
Why would I want you to make another pot when you couldn't make this one right? Just trying to help you out, sir.
Excuse me? (man speaks indistinctly) Thank you.
You're welcome.
What'd you say to that guy? I said, "That's my daughter you're talking to, so you'd better mind your manners.
" Been a long time, baby girl.
Jordan Wiser! Police! (clattering) Get out! Get out with your hands up! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Get out! Get out! Don't shoot me! I'm unarmed! I am totally cooperating! And I totally admit to abusing cocaine for the last 27 hours! Good.
Then you'll be nice and chatty.
Let's get some pants on you.
Come on.
(gasps) It's awful, it's awful.
Talia was such a great kid.
Hard worker, good attitude.
McKENZIE: Hard worker? As your prostitute? Escort.
Look, my nerves are completely destroyed.
You guys mind if I have a smoke? You light that, you get a fist in your face.
Can I just drag on it and pretend I'm smoking? Whatever.
Look, you had a history of violence with your girls, a pile of coke, and we know about your financial troubles.
Must've been a kick in the ass to learn that your best earner was leaving.
McKENZIE: Yeah, especially since Tali isn't even in your books.
You kept meticulous files.
I have a lot of energy.
Was she working behind your back? Pocketing your fee? She wouldn't do that.
? She did last night.
What did you do,your fee? follow her and Holbrook back to the hotel? Get payback on them both? Carlton Holbrook? Yeah.
Look, if anybody wanted payback, it was that guy's wife, Margot Dixon.
Just for the record, last night I was at the Ace Bar from 6:00 in the afternoon until closing.
Hold on.
Hold on a second.
Shut up! Holbrook's wife? What the hell you talking about? Sure, man.
Happened a couple months ago.
She found out about his playtime with Talia and she just came after her.
She went completely ballistic.
Was threatening her, calling her.
It was terrible.
She went crazy.
I'm gonna need you to go into this in very energetic detail.
Colleen, it's not your fault.
He got antsy, he's fine.
The man recounted three obscenely dirty jokes on the way home.
He's sharper than the both of us.
I'll see you tonight.
(sighs) My dad is a little bananas.
Well, you're lucky to have him.
ARROYO: "Margot got in Talia's face, "pushed her around and ripped off her necklace.
She was out for blood.
" That's Wiser's statement.
What, so we're taking the word of a pimp? A suspect? Bartender at the Ace says he was there till last call.
He didn't shut up the whole time and surveillance confirms it.
Come on.
Wiser just offered it up.
Nobody led him there.
Margot's got an alibi.
She was with me last night.
From when to when? Midnight on.
That's still two hours unaccounted for.
Okay, thank you.
Talia Price filed an assault complaint against Margot Dixon two months ago.
And the coup de grâce, please? A recent article she wrote: "The Ease and Sleaze of Rohypnol"" She breaks down how easy it is to buy roofies on the street, documents buying 20 pills.
ARROYO: History, motive and means.
If it was anybody else, you'd be halfway there by now.
All right.
I'll go bring her in.
Just let me.
Let me do it.
This is a nice surprise.
(chuckles) Hey, what's wrong? We found a dead pros at a downtown hotel this morning.
The DOA's a Talia Price.
Your name came up in the investigation.
The squad's at your apartment with a, with a search warrant, and they want to interview you down at the office.
I'm sorry.
I wouldn't recommend watching this.
It's their job to go at her like a suspect.
I'm good.
Just get it over with.
Dixon, have a seat.
So, where were you last night between 8:00 and midnight? MARGOT: I had an interview till about 10:00, and I stopped to buy a bottle of wine on the way home.
Look, can we just cut to the chase? How is Carlton involved in this? We're not writing your next exposé here.
We'll ask the questions, all right? What was your relationship to Talia Price? I didn't have one.
An article you published three weeks ago where you admit to sourcing roofies from a dealer in Greenpoint.
Where are those pills now? With Brooklyn North Narcotics, where I turned them in.
Is that the only reason I'm here? That and Talia Price's recent assault complaint against you.
Cat got your tongue? My husband and I had been separated for ten months when I realized a piece of my jewelry was with his belongings when he moved out.
It was my grandmother's.
He told me he gave it to this Talia.
I called and e-mailed for months.
She wouldn't give it back.
Or did you give her the necklace? Or maybe you wanted her for yourself? You're out of your mind.
Yeah? Your Web history and your hard drive show sexually explicit photos of Talia off the Enrapture Escort site.
That has nothing to do with this.
I was over my husband at that point.
He had, he had cheated all through our marriage.
But this was the first time I had a name of one of those women, and a face.
I just wanted to understand what he saw in someone like her that he didn't see in me.
I was just confused.
Well, given the extent of your Web history, one might call it obsessed.
Yeah, only over what she had that I didn't.
That is the only thing I saw in those photos.
But Carlton just used Talia like he uses everyone.
He kept secrets.
He took phone calls at all hours of the night.
I was never allowed to look into his financials.
I think he's capable of anything.
So, Margot was interviewing the Queens Borough president from 8:00 to 10:00 p.
, then she's got a credit card hit at a wine store in Astoria more than an hour away from where Talia was murdered.
Good, she was with me for the rest of the night.
She mentioned that Holbrook had dicey financials, but we combed his bank accounts, they're clean.
Well, he may have others.
Like where? (sighs) I don't know.
Can I Can I just get her home? Yeah.
That was gentle.
I barely scratched the surface with that woman.
What? How am I out of line here? We're not in the interrogation room.
Now you're just going after his girl, but for what? All I'm saying is, you don't always know who you're in bed with, do you? Come with me.
All right, what's with all the digs? Is this about Dave? I met the guy.
I got a weird vibe.
Did you look into him? I've been trying like hell to believe that you wouldn't, but I think you're needling me to ask.
You're misreading me.
Then what? I feel like everything is slipping through my fingers.
And I want to know why.
What happened? Define everything.
I was the most respected detective on the squad.
I had the most beautiful woman on my arm.
What the hell happened? You're still respected.
And you got a wife.
Things are moving where they're supposed to.
Not according to me.
Is that how everything always has to be? Always according to you? You're twisting my words.
Can we? Can we please be done with this? Please? Hey, Freddy.
I'll get her home, thank you.
Home? I'm done? I'm so sorry about what happened in there, all right? I (sighs) I had no control over it.
I know.
Carlton cheated on me.
And screwed up my head for a bit.
And I can't take that back.
I'm not judging you, I'm not.
I'm not perfect.
Who is? Sometimes I think you are.
(laughs) You're kidding me, right? It's like all my past mistakes keep rearing up on me on us.
But we're gonna make this go away-- I promise you.
But you got to give me a little bit of help.
What's in those files that Holbrook keeps in your storage room? He said medical records.
I never looked at them.
Okay, well, I think we need to.
I got a hunch.
CLARK: Three offshore accounts so no one can trace the kickbacks.
This is so sweet.
You and your new girlfriend working together.
Half a million each.
Two of the names are contractors that you put on the Williamsburg remodel.
But where's the third? Huh? What, you made promises you couldn't keep? If you want me to help you, you need to start talking.
Sarven Minassian.
He's an Armenian commercial contractor.
He's mobbed up.
He paid me for a bid.
You didn't come through with it? Well, I came through plenty, but there are limits, okay? He kept calling for favors left and right.
I even got him off on a gun possession charge, so I'd say half a mil is the least he can do.
So, what? He killed Talia to set you up? Is that what you're saying? He was very upset.
He thought we had a deal.
So you didn't think to mention this before? Well (clears throat) kind of opens up a can of worms, doesn't it? Right.
So that's why you mentioned the insurance.
Keeping this quiet is essential.
For both of us.
If he killed Talia Price, he's going down for it.
Well, I guess the question is how hard? What exactly does that mean? Follow your father's example.
I'm sure whatever got him so riled up about that Chinese bookie is a lot less than what you're facing.
You want me to kill him.
You son of a bitch.
You are insane if you think that I would ever do that.
I'm not expecting you to do anything for my sake.
You'll decide what's best for you.
Oh, tell Margot I say hi.
Sarven Minassian, large-scale construction contractor with a list of collars.
Highlights include assault and possession of a weapon.
What's the connection to Holbrook? Well, Holbrook's on the executive committee of the Williamsburg Arena, but Minassian is tied to a group of Armenian mobsters, so Holbrook wouldn't deal with him on the new remodel.
Was Holbrook taking money from this guy? No, there's no, uh, evidence of that.
So, Minassian roofies a politician and then kills a hooker to frame Holbrook.
But why? I don't think we're quite to the bottom of the story yet.
That's all I got so far.
KANG: Any surveillance of him in the hotel? DIACO: Only in the surrounding area.
He managed to duck the cameras in the hotel.
What's his last known address? Turtle Bay.
Convince him to come in.
Will do.
Doesn't smell right, kid.
All right, so why am I siding with Arroyo? Holbrook asked you straight up to kill the guy? He didn't say the words, but that's what he meant, yeah.
Guy's ex-wife is with another man.
His little criminal world is falling apart.
This guy is spinning out.
I know, but if we can just get Minassian in, keep him contained, then just Then what? Your secret stays secret? Uh-uh, no, no.
Then you're a slave to it, kid.
There's a lot at stake, Don.
Look you told me.
Did I disappear? No.
We need to play this out, but if push comes to shove, we put Holbrook where he belongs.
You ladies done whispering? Are we getting Minassian or what? Yeah.
OWEN: Police! Clear.
CLARK: Clear.
OWEN: Clear.
McKENZIE: Clear.
Somebody tipped him.
Now that we got a minute, how about you come clean? You already got what you need.
From the balcony.
Talia's pimp smokes these.
Or he pretends to.
I don't see any ashtrays.
Doesn't seem like Minassian smokes.
Well, what would Jordan Wiser and Minassian have in common? Do you know a guy named Sarven Minassian? That's not a real name, man, come on.
Your brand found on Minassian's balcony with your fingerprints on it.
We dumped your cell and we know that you exchanged several phone conversations with him this week.
Look, I don't know where he is, all right? I swear on my life-- he's probably skipped town already or he's about to.
Did Minassian hire you to set up Holbrook? No.
The loyalty is honorable, but we're gonna get him in here eventually, and how long do you think it's gonna take for him to roll on your ass? Not very long.
Not very long.
There's one chance for a deal between you.
Take it or he will.
Look, I had no idea what I was getting involved in, all right? Did you make Talia Price your sacrificial lamb? No! Look, Minassian's been a longtime client.
He's the one who introduced me to Holbrook in the first place.
But the two of them got into some kind of beef, I guess.
'Cause one day Minassian, he shows up, he offers me ten grand to set Holbrook up.
How? He wanted me to enlist Talia to slip him a Mickey.
Then open the hotel room door when Holbrook passed out.
Sarven was just supposed to take pictures.
You know, blackmail, hooker, drugs? But it took a bad turn, I don't know how it happened.
I don't know why it happened.
I desperately need a cigarette.
How do we find him? MAN: What the hell do you want? WISER: Sarven, it's the cops, man, they're all over me.
I got to get out of town, but the ten grand you gave me went straight to my coke dealer.
I'm broke as hell.
So what? Look, brother, killing Talia was never the plan.
I don't know what you want, Jordan.
When you strangled that girl, my business died with her.
I need cash.
20 grand.
Can we do that? So then I can split, and we can be friends, nobody's got to freak out and call their lawyer.
Your lawyer? You listen, okay? One word and you'll learn a lesson about cold feet.
The whore-- she got cold feet.
And I know where you live.
That sound like a confession? And a location.
Sixth floor's clear.
Building's vacant.
He must be in the wind.
Let's head down.
Anyone on the fifth? Negative.
We're all on three or below.
I need backup now.
(groans) I'm on Minassian.
He's heading to the stairwell.
I'm in pursuit.
Minassian! There's nowhere to run.
Fire escapes don't go to the roof and the building's surrounded.
(gunshot) (door opens) (door closes) He would've killed me, Don.
He had his gun up.
I did not plan this.
Junior, I believe you.
(siren wailing) I guess I don't have to tell you about procedure here.
I'll send this over to firearms analysis.
How's he doing? No signs of shock or concussion.
I'm good.
You'll need to see the department trauma counselor.
As soon as you can.
Good work, Clark.
Thanks, Lieu.
All right, I'm gonna say this once.
You did exactly what you were trained to do.
Holbrook's going to think I killed Minassian to protect him.
Forget Holbrook.
You need to figure out if you're more burdened by what he's got over you or what you're holding over yourself.
You know, technically, everything Holbrook said to me, everything I said to you should come out in the Fives.
Except for it ain't gonna.
McKENZIE: Yeah, okay, that sounds good.
All right, I'll see you later then.
Okay, bye.
(sighs) The world is moving.
You either move with it or you get mowed over.
Come on.
That's practically your philosophy.
This position that you think you're in it's on you.
It's not about me or Lorraine or Clark or some skell.
And if you're not careful, you're gonna wind up all alone.
And you'll have nobody to blame but you.
(sighs) You kind of break my heart, Christian.
You're breaking my heart.
With that skell Dave.
He told me he got collared once.
Tax fraud.
Plead out, paid a fine.
But you knew that.
No, I didn't.
(sighs) I hope I'm wrong but I think you got some hard days ahead of you.
(sighs) Thank God someone found him this time.
How much longer are we going to put this off? Colleen, he just got restless.
I'll talk to him.
He won't do it again.
He needs supervision.
More than we can give.
He'll never go for a nursing home.
He doesn't need it; he's sharp as a tack.
I think you know it's not true.
Something terrible happens, you'll never forgive yourself.
Hey, Pops.
How you doing? You overcooked the pasta.
Listen, one day down the road, when I'm too old to cook for you, what would you think about assisted living? Joseph, I do not urinate in my pants.
That's the kind of thing they do in those places.
That's not true.
What do you want me to do? Mental gymnastics, huh? You want me to run the multiplication tables? You want to give me a history exam? I am an elephant.
I remember the first word that you said: "Bill.
" And I'm wondering, who the hell is this Bill? But when my second word was "dollar," you realized what I was saying.
I know that she don't want the burden of an old man.
Believe me, I get it.
I'll watch my step.
Come here.
I haven't told you my new idea.
Face recognition program.
Put it on every traffic light and you will find any crook that you are looking for.
This is a big idea, Joseph.
This could really be something.
Yeah, Pops.
Maybe it could.
KANG: Detective Clark, you know the chief.
Detective, the gun that was found off of Sarven Minassian, that weapon was vouchered as evidence two weeks ago.
It should still be in the property room.
How is that possible? Serial numbers match, there's no question it's the same gun.
The report states nobody was with you at the time of the shooting, correct? (sighs) Am I being accused of planting a throwaway? We're all certain there's a good explanation.
CHIEF: Pending the outcome of this investigation, you're being placed on modified assignment.
You'll limit your activities to paperwork and answering phones.
We need all your weapons and your shield.
Right now.
OWEN: This is nothing but a damn shakedown.
It's Holbrook.
He had someone switch the guns.
He's the only one with that kind of reach.
Look I don't know if you want it, but I'd like to offer my help.
I do have some scruples, Don.
And nobody does this to a cop.
Well, then, I think we need to go pay another visit to Mr.
Holbrook, then.
All the lights are off in the back, too.
Not home.
You got your pick tools on you? You serious? He's framing you, kid.
Now, you got your tools on you or not? Personal effects are gone.
All the clothes are out of the drawers.
Safe's empty; same with the files.
He's gone.
Maybe it's over.
With Holbrook I should've been more ruthless.
I should've fallen on my sword.
I should've used every weapon that I could to put him behind bars.
'Cause we all know there's nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose.