Golden Boy (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Next Question

1 It's a beautiful building.
It's a a monument, a shrine.
A symbol of New York perseverance, don't you think? I do.
But you dodged my question.
I understand why.
I can't imagine a more painful topic, but I'd be remiss You asked what went down at Martelonna's Trattoria.
I'm getting to it.
By way of the Freedom Tower? That night and the tower they're connected.
I'm intrigued.
What really happened? My life, as I knew it, ended.
If I was aggressive before, afterwards I I lived like I had a knife in my teeth.
That night That night I became the commissioner.
You're going to get your guns back.
And your shield.
Owen thinks so, too, but it's going to take a while to find out who planted that throwaway gun on Minassian.
All roads lead to my ex on this.
He set you up.
Holbrook was brought up to IA, but until this is sorted, I ride a desk.
You ever get the feeling that something's waiting for you around the corner? Something that you just don't see coming? You mean like this? Hey.
I'll give you a ride.
Train's faster.
This is the third morning in a row you're out early, and every night you're coming home late.
You ducking me? 'Cause of Margot? Because of Dad.
He came into the diner a few days ago.
I knew it.
I knew something bad was coming.
He's in town for a few days, and he wanted to see if I'd get dinner.
Well, you're not doing that.
He figured you'd say that.
He'd asked if you'd call him for permission, I guess? And I've been afraid to give you his number, but come on.
You know I want this.
You know I don't.
And that's why we haven't spoken in three days.
Think about it.
All right, first big sit-down tomorrow at noon.
Gonna be me, you, IA, your lawyer.
We're gonna have a follow-up statement to the Minassian shooting and a conversation about your relationship with Deputy Mayor Holbrook.
Come on.
You're not even listening to me.
I just found out my dad's in town.
He made contact with Agnes.
Well, I think you might have bigger fish to fry here.
Not until noon tomorrow.
Seeing as I got to be house mouse, I may as well do some digging, find out why he's here.
Without a subpoena, huh? Yup.
It's done all the time.
It is not.
You're on modified assignment, okay? Sit tight, answer the phones.
And go out of my mind? Ah.
Remember this? Dworaczyk.
Case so cold, my tongue would stick to it.
This was an innocent man.
Maybe he deserves your attention.
All right, we got a fresh one-- 11th Ave and 22nd Street.
Arroyo up to catch.
Come on, chin up, Junior.
When will the conversation embargo end? We're going on two days here.
We're talking.
Work only.
If you want me to apologize, I apologize.
But I did not investigate your boyfriend.
It's not about an apology.
You know that.
Do I? So, our DOA is Sheyla Driggins.
Her boyfriend was driving.
Uniform says the boyfriend moves coke through the projects.
His name's Maceo Figueroa.
We'll talk to him.
Let's do it.
You know who shot at you? No idea.
Anyone gunning for you? Not a soul.
Just another visit from the bullet fairy? Okeydokey, then.
Come on.
So, what'd you get? It's a project drive-by.
Junior, why are you calling me? Any witnesses? So, you're bored.
All right, none stepping up, and I got to start the canvass.
Keep me apprised.
Hey, Lieu.
That's got to be Owen, right? Looks like him.
You ever cross paths with him back in the day? Yeah, once or twice.
What'd he look like then? Both had a full head of hair.
I'm busy.
So, big fella, first time up to catch-- what do we do with the body? Uh take off all my clothes.
Oh, I'm begging you not to.
Come on, Andy.
I've been on the job 11 years.
Yeah, but only in Homicide a week, where I've been for five years.
So, at the DOA, we watch, we listen, we keep our hands in our pockets.
That place is a known crack house.
Uh, DOA is 32, Jozef Do Dwoor-ah sizzik? Give me that.
Yeah, also, we got a neighbor who saw a white Buick LeSabre leaving the area in a rush around 0530.
Sideswiped him a block from here.
All right, see if he got a plate and can I.
the driver.
Then get him into the office.
All right.
Cash, ATM card, I.
This guy don't look right for a crack house.
Working-class addict? Could have stopped by before work for his score, got into a scuffle.
I said keep your hands in your pockets, not the vic's.
Hang on.
Hang on.
"1804 North Columbia Street.
" This is 1804 South Columbia.
Maybe the guy got the wrong address.
It's worth pursuing.
Then maybe it's a good thing I don't listen so good.
Yeah except you're tracking blood.
Tracking? Aw, damn it.
So, how long have I known you? Since I was a rookie.
You trained me on patrol.
I'm gonna train you here, too.
Everything I know, you'll know.
Then you can pass it along to some other greenhorn schmuck.
First lesson-- homicide cases move at their own pace.
You can't force 'em.
Slow, steady.
That's what makes them break.
Are you listening to me? Heard every word.
Also, you're doing the Fives, so date and time on top of all your notes.
Oh, okay, uh, 0720 hours, September 11, 2001.
Is dotted, Ts crossed, sir.
You're a cocky bastard.
Golden Boy 01x13 Beast of Burden So, what do you got? Maceo Figueroa.
Claims that he "doesn't know nothing.
" Chances of which are slim.
Narcotics has him running an upstart coke business and making enemies daily.
- The DOA? - Good student.
Looks like she just got caught up in the game.
Arroyo's gonna get him settled before we take another swing at him.
Hey, Lieu, so the kid is actually working Dworaczyk? I don't know if he's making any progress, but it's kept him quiet.
Well, where the hell is he? How about a great big hug for your dear old dad? I didn't think so.
Last ten years have been good to you.
How's your modeling career? Why did you approach Agnes? You should have come to me first.
I can't just waltz into a police station.
And she is a grown-up.
Why are you here, huh? Maybe I'm grown up a little bit, too.
Maybe I made a few mistakes.
You're here on a score, and you need some help.
And if you get Agnes involved, I'll lock you up.
You understand me? You called me.
2001, you were moving a lot of coke in Brooklyn, right? I'll take the Fifth.
Yeah, yeah.
The name Jozef Dworaczyk ring a bell? He was murdered on Columbia Street, morning of 9/11.
I don't remember the name.
But it was a hectic day.
But I'll ask around.
Must mean an awful lot if you're coming to me.
Yeah, it's for a friend.
And if you know something, you should tell me, 'cause I figure you owe me, right? Well, still, there is a favor I could ask.
There is never a free lunch with you, is there? You haven't changed a bit.
Listen, some guy stiffed me for 50 grand.
I know he's in the city, I just want to talk to him.
And that's why you're disrupting our lives, for 50 grand? Just a side thing.
I want to see my kids.
You know what? I wish I had the money, I do.
I'd give it to you so you will go away.
So, forget we talked, forget I asked.
And stay away from Agnes.
Hey, partner, come on.
How long you and Sheyla been together? About a year.
Did you love her? Yeah.
Then why do I feel like I'm talking to a wall, Maceo?! Whoever shot at us-- it was mistaken identity.
You got a list of enemies from here to that door.
Back off me, man! You bucking for promotion or something? Looking to get popped in the mouth? Is that what you're looking for? All right.
Let's start over.
You know who did this, and you're looking for revenge, right? But where is that gonna get you? Locked up? Killed? Is that what Sheyla would want? Just saw my dad.
First time in ten years.
Well, that went well, obviously.
So listen, you're coming from the crime scene, you're gonna notify Mrs.
Dworaczyk, but it's still very early in the morning.
Did you know anything about the planes by then? No.
We were just, um just working a case.
Jozef had nothing to do with drugs.
He was going to his new work, his first day.
What kind of work, ma'am? Stonemason.
Six months in New York, and he finally got a job.
He was very hopeful for us.
For the baby.
Dworaczyk, we're going to find who did this, all right? - I promise you.
- Detective Owen.
Listen, you never make that promise.
We don't collar up, it breaks her heart even worse.
But you might have skated on this.
My C.
, he said the crime scene crack house is run by a dealer named Eddie Roque.
Eddie's been using a lot lately, getting very paranoid.
Thinks he's got a rat in his operation.
Well, I don't think it's Dworaczyk.
I mean, nothing about him says he was in the drug trade.
What if Dworaczyk got lost, found himself at the door of a very paranoid drug dealer? Go get Eddie Roque.
Where's your warrant? The unmistakable scent of crack is wafting from your apartment.
Oops, that's probable cause, huh? Stay here and shut your mouth! Police department! I'll go around.
Roque, you son of a bitch! Stop! Police! Whoa! Big fella! Nice swing! You know, I was recruited by the Tigers.
I have nothing to do with this crack house in Green Point! Well, then why are your fingerprints all over the joint, huh? See, these things are what we call "discrepancies"" Did you ever see this man before? Jozef Dworaczyk? No.
You sure? See, 'cause this guy here-- he could be your brother, except for, you know, he's dead.
Where were you quarter of 6:00 this morning? I was with my girl.
Still up from last night.
We were fighting and making up.
Both were real loud.
Somebody must've heard.
Sit tight.
You put out a Finest Message on a white LeSabre with a damaged front end? Yeah.
Patrol got a hit on it.
Dewey Street, Red Hook.
What's on your mind, Lieu? You look like you need to be held.
This is unconfirmed, but there's been reports of flights being hijacked out of Newark and Logan.
Flights? How many? Well, intel's spotty, but one of the flights may be headed back to JFK.
And if so, the bosses want all available hostage negotiators to head to the airport.
Meaning you.
Until then, keep working the case, stay close to the radio.
What a beauty.
I think I was conceived in a Buick.
Well, that says everything, don't it? Yeah, Lieu.
You guys run the plate? Yeah.
Came back 10-16.
Ran it last night.
Big fire at one of the Towers.
Good Lord.
Since when? Just in the last few minutes.
News radio's saying it got hit by a single-engine airplane.
All right, I'll start the canvass.
All right.
They want senior guys to muster up at One PP, help control the scene at the Trade Center.
All right, I'll come with you.
Boss wants you to keep working this.
Come on.
What? I'm going to direct traffic and keep the peace; you're here getting your first homicide collar.
Remember, slow Slow and steady.
Slow and steady.
Make the case, brother.
Make me proud.
All right.
After you found the LeSabre, Lightstone's name just disappears from the case file.
Every other DD5 just has your name on it.
He went to the Towers? Yeah, I was just a, a couple minutes behind him.
He went in there.
That building.
All right.
You're sure he was driving that white car right there? What'd he look like? Black, skinny.
He looked really serious.
Now, where's my money? Beat it.
All right, slow and steady.
Slow and steady.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Andy, I'm driving to the city right now, but it's a madhouse.
All right.
Muster up a one PP.
They're setting up rescue teams.
I'm heading to the South Tower right now.
Watch your ass.
You know it, brother.
You, too.
Be safe.
You never once mentioned this old partner Lightstone.
I mean, not once.
Well, it was about two months before I could get back on the case.
By then the whole world had changed, you know.
The apartment at Red Hook was empty.
No prints.
Car was gone.
It was found a year later, though.
It had been, been stripped and torched and, uh You know, Junior, there's a reason why I haven't been able to crack this case.
I don't know what it is, but Maybe I ought to just let you Punk-ass Maceo-- he's all bottled up.
You took a hard line on him.
Maybe ease off a little.
- That's an idea.
- I ran Maceo.
He's got a number of known enemies, but canvass was a bust.
Till he fingers someone, we're in the dark.
You mind if I take a crack at him? How is that a good idea, Don? Because we're at a standstill.
Talk to the kid.
What the hell? Lorraine.
What? The midtown Hilton called.
They were unable to refund the full value of your planned extended stay.
What are you talking about? It's confusing, all right.
I found your credit card statement in your drawer.
Now I know why you insist on handling the finances.
Flowers, motel rooms, champagne.
Sure as hell wasn't me drinking champagne.
Well, obviously somebody nabbed our credit card number.
You need to stop lying right now.
You think I'm having an affair? It's insulting you'd even let the words come out of your mouth.
It's dry cleaning.
You don't set foot in our house again.
Come on, Lorraine And don't forget, you're not the only one who knows how to shoot a gun.
Son, I know exactly what you're feeling right now.
You feel like you're less than a man, and you're wondering if there's anything in this world that can make that pain go away.
You know, I had a partner once, and he taught me that the difference between Homicide and other cops is that we have to carry around the victim's pain until the killer gets caught, and then you can move on with your life, clean.
And every case that I didn't close I still carry around that pain.
But I got broad shoulders, son-- why don't you let me carry it for you? Or don't.
And then I'm gonna find your drugs and I'm gonna find your guns and I'm gonna find your money, and then I'm gonna put my boot on your neck and I'm gonna keep it there, 'cause you better believe we're gonna find who killed that girl.
Cody Vance.
Cody Vance is no stranger to drugs or violence.
And the address of his latest arrest matches what Maceo gave us.
Maceo comes with us to point him out.
I'm tired of the runaround today.
Yo, you are barking like a drill sergeant.
I'm having a bit of a tough day, and I could really use a win.
Which I plan to get.
Hey, Don.
Yeah? I need to show you something.
Dworaczyk and Eddie Roque-- physically very similar.
What if someone was targeting Roque and And got Dworaczyk instead, right? Yeah.
I noticed the resemblance, too, back in the day.
I pressed Eddie Roque about it, but couldn't get any traction on it.
When was the last time you spoke to Roque? Oh, it was a while ago.
Well, he got a recent collar for possession, he did court-ordered rehab.
Maybe it took.
Hey, uh, Don.
You sure this is sitting okay with you? Yeah, it's just the deeper you get, the more I think about Lightstone, that's all.
Eddie Roque? Detective Clark.
I need to ask you a few questions.
I told that other detective years ago that I didn't know anything about this Dworaczyk.
You didn't have any enemies even back in your dealing days? It was a long ago.
Roque how long have you got left to live? You got hepatitis C, right? Six months.
Unless I get a transplant.
See, I think you know who was coming for you, and they got Mr.
Dworaczyk instead.
And maybe they're still out there.
Maybe you are scared of them.
But you're gonna tell me anyway.
Otherwise I'm gonna be banging on your door every morning at 5:00 a.
Just gonna harass me? I will make the rest of your short life a living hell.
Trust me.
Just before that shooting, a coke dealer named Sal Dominguez threatened to blast my head open.
Where do I find him? He's been dead three years.
That's all I know.
What do you want? Hey, listen.
I thought of something that might be of help to you.
Do you want to know what it is or not? What do I owe you? It's just a favor for my boy.
Well, the good news is, we found an eyewitness who corroborated that Cody Vance did the drive-by on Maceo Figueroa.
But I'm guessing you couldn't find Cody Vance.
Cleared out.
And his girlfriend says he's got a private plane and relatives in Havana.
Plane left Teterboro six hours ago.
Get on with Interpol, but don't hold your breath getting him out of Cuba.
Hey, boss, the next promotion cycle's coming up.
We already got our guy.
He's just gonna be in the wind a few weeks, you know? Or longer.
It's not a win till he's in cuffs.
Which may be never.
What if Dworaczyk was killed by a hit man? No shell casings at the crime scene, no one reported any shots fired, maybe on account of a silencer.
All right.
I'm talking about a completely independent contract guy-- no real links to anyone, working for dope dealers.
Well, how did you get to this? My dad knew of a guy who did this kind of work.
He's long dead-- he couldn't have done Dworaczyk-- but it's the first time I ever heard the concept.
A hit man who works for dope dealers.
Yeah, that sounds like something worth looking into.
But, hey, about this information, now, what's that gonna cost you with your father? It's what you do for your partner, right? Listen, partner, I'm down here, but I'm not gonna be able to get south of Chambers Street.
There's no way.
I'm on foot from here.
Where the hell are you? South Tower, 20th floor.
I'm trying to clear folks out, Uh-huh.
but there's a lot of smoke.
Andy, listen.
Andy? Andy? A Okay, I'm here, I'm here.
I'm gonna help you, okay? How many months are you? I'm seven months.
You're gonna be fine.
Now stand up.
Come on.
Come with me, come with me.
You're gonna be fine.
Damn it.
You're gonna have to sit here, okay? you stay calm for the baby.
I'm sorry, but I really have to go.
Keep your head down! Put your head down! Keep it down! Over a four-year period in your dope-pedaling days, three of your main rivals got whacked.
It's a dangerous business.
Well, you alibied out for the three murders, but in each case, the killer laid in wait.
No gunshots were heard, so - we figure a silencer was used.
- Sounds like a hit man, doesn't it? You hire someone to do these murders? I don't know where you're getting this.
Give us a name and we propose - an immunity deal.
- Well, you know, we can pursue this thing without you.
Eventually we're gonna connect your name to the murder of your rivals, and you're gonna die in jail.
Why you interested in doing this? We think that the person you hired to take out the competition was later hired to murder you.
But he killed Jozef Dworaczyk by mistake.
You got six months left on this earth, Eddie.
How do you want to spend it? Full immunity? This is what you do when you're supposed to be doing nothing? Boss, we can get the name of this hit man.
But Eddie Roque isn't gonna talk to anybody but an A.
I thought you just went out for lunch.
Owen's running this now.
So, how many guys you think this killer did? So far, we've got 12 that fit the profile.
I'll catch the A.
up to speed, boss.
Do it.
You, uh, got a minute? I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you weren't insinuating yourself into this.
That'd be a mistake.
I'm part of this now.
Front and center.
It's Owen's case.
Me and Owen.
Sounds like you hooked into a prolific hit man, promotions are coming up.
It's been an especially bad day.
If anyone's getting a promotion, it's Owen.
No, it's me! I need this.
So you step aside, or I will steamroll you.
I'll reach into my old bag of tricks and pull out a recording of you stealing money.
And you can't have that, not with I.
on your ass.
Don's been working the case for 12 years.
He's got no career left.
I got years to go.
So this one's mine.
I don't know a last name, but he goes by Pablo.
All right, so how would the guy operate? Go ahead and tell the A.
He had a hardware store in Queens.
And if he knew you, you gave him a name, address, photo, and 25 grand.
So what makes you think Pablo killed Jozef Dworaczyk? Back in '01, I got word that a dealer named Salvador Dominguez had hired Pablo to take me out.
So when this Dworaczyk got killed at my place, I knew it was me he was after.
And Pablo never came after you to finish the job? I paid Salvador 50 grand to call off the hit.
And he did.
Pablo's your guy.
All right, how do we get to him? Still has the hardware store.
Maybe he's still doing contracts.
I guess you're gonna find out then.
I'm gonna find out? Didn't you just say we got to know the guy to hire him? Well, I don't.
So you're gonna get wired up.
You really want me to run this case for you? You're sitting out on the take-down; you might as well be useful.
I'm asking you one last time: please, let Owen have his day on this.
I'm telling you one last time, stick your Sorry I had to do this.
But I cannot let you muscle in on Owen's collar.
Not this one.
Where the hell's Arroyo? He's sitting this one out.
We going or what? Shut up.
Run it again.
I give Pablo the money and the photo, and then I say the name of the target, Jack Archer, okay? All right, listen.
I got Roque on an earwig.
You monitor the situation from here.
If this thing starts to go south, I want you to call in the troops right away, you understand? Okay.
You say Arroyo's sitting this one out, huh? Yeah.
All right.
Quarter-inch copper tubing? Hey.
Been awhile.
What've you been up to these days? Same old, you know.
I got something for you, if you're interested.
Why you so sweaty, man? I just been a little under the weather lately, you know? Anyway, the guy's name is Jack Archer.
You heard of him? Hey, what are you doing?! Damn it.
Cover the rear.
That way.
There's a fake wall.
Kid, it's a bootleggers' tunnel.
Headed south.
Try to find where it empties out.
Stop! Police! Don't move.
I don't see a badge.
Or a gun.
You want to dance, huh? Police! Police! Drop it! Drop it! I say it again, you die! Junior, you all right? Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
Just hurts like hell.
Get your hands where I can see 'em.
Get 'em up.
Get against that.
Finally got him, partner.
I finally got him.
men and women, combing through the ruins of the World Trade Center towers for survivors and for victims.
As many as 50,000 people work here, so an accurate count of the dead is impossible.
We do know that there were more than 250 people onboard the four planes that crashed today.
You have nine new messages.
First new message.
Donny, it's me.
I'm in the South Tower.
I'm tying to working my way out, but I don't know.
I tried calling Kara; I couldn't get through.
I would've liked hearing her voice one more time.
But, listen, you got to do me a favor.
Tell her that her and the kids were the best thing that ever happened to me.
All right? Tell her I'm sorry, and that I love her and that I will always be there with them.
Just promise me you'll do that for You got it, partner.
Heavenly Father please watch over the soul of my part my partner.
Look after his family his children Oh the carnage and horror, the bodies destroyed, the stories of those who couldn't get out to rescue the victims, but didn't come back Pablo Vega.
Well, we got your silencers here.
Got them out of the false wall in your bedroom along with the machine tools to make them.
What's that prove? Well, the gunpowder residue on these are consistent with the residue found on all of your victims, all shot at close range-- we're gonna match those up, too.
Who says I even knew those things were in my wall? Your fingerprints.
Look, let's just be honest with each other-- you're caught.
This day is about settling up our past, you and me.
You understand? You have any idea where Arroyo is? You know, I've been in your apartment-- it's very neat.
It's clean.
You're a meticulous guy.
So it must have gnawed at you, killing Jozef Dworaczyk by mistake.
You see, Pablo, we now know that you've killed 12 men.
And you're all business-- no souvenirs or nothing hanging around, nothing like that.
Just one thing.
An obituary.
This tiny little thing you keep tucked away in your wallet.
And you kept that thing folded up inside your wallet, and that's how I know this thing gnaws at you.
So you're gonna be straight with me, and then live out the rest of your life as the baddest son of a bitch on your cell block, or you can keep lying and you're gonna get a needle.
One screwup.
And when you shot Jozef Dworaczyk you thought you were killing Eddie Roque, didn't you? I still don't understand what that dude was doing at that door.
He just got lost.
I never stopped thinking about this one.
Neither have I.
Pablo there's something I've been wanting to say to you for 12 years.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you by the court Again, sorry it took so long, Mrs.
Dworaczyk, but the man who killed your husband's going to jail.
You take care, now.
Ah, boy.
Out of the 15 homicides Pablo copped to, 12 of them are still open.
But then there's three of them that Hey, listen, can I just go and thank you now, then? Thank you.
That's all.
'Cause if I say anything else, there's gonna be crying, and well, there ain't gonna be any crying.
You're welcome.
Lightstone gave that to you? Yeah, he did.
This little thing got me through all these years.
I'm gonna leave it to you in my will.
'Cause if I'm not around, you're gonna need it.
Oh, boy.
What the hell happened to him? Okay.
This could get a little gnarly.
Owen, Clark, my office.
Commissioner Dowdell wants to talk with you.
Phenomenal work, gentlemen.
You bagged a major contract killer.
15 homicides and a full confession.
How's your injury, Detective? The doctor said it should rehab just fine.
Thank you, Commissioner.
Listen, regarding your investigation with I.
, we'll see that's put to bed, posthaste.
Thank you, sir.
And, Don known you a long time.
Lot of history between us.
Yes, Commissioner.
How about a fresh start? You got a set of Class A's you can fit into? Uh, I do.
0900 tomorrow, I want you at One PP for your promotion to Second Grade.
Been a long time coming.
See you then.
Congratulations, Don.
I was following up on Pablo Vega's confessions.
Now, 12 of the cases are still open, but three of them, arrests were made, guys are serving time.
Well, maybe Vega's padding the numbers.
Wants to seem like a bigger shot than he really is.
Well, his recollection of the murders matches the incident reports perfectly.
I mean, things that weren't even said in the press.
And in each case, the perps confessed to the same detective.
His name is Ryan Bell.
He's a captain now.
Commissioner, I think we need to take a look at those confessions again.
You're a smart kid, Clark.
Your partner's worked long and hard for this promotion.
Don't soil it.
Hey, hon.
I was trying to call you.
I was gonna start dinner, but, you know What is it? Oh, no, everything's fine.
I just need to talk in person.
You know, because if you heard me on the phone, well you'd know what it was right away.
You got promoted! You got Oh, honey.
For my whole life I've only had faith in one thing.
One thing.
And that's you.
Oh, honey.
Oh mm.
Hi ya, sweetheart.
This your car? Pretty nice, huh? Yeah.
Kind of hoping you'd help me out with something.
You mind taking a ride? That be all right? Where? I'll explain on the way.
It's kind of, uh time-sensitive.
Well, does Walt know about this? Yeah.
We talked today; we're working everything out.
Why not? All right.
You want my opinion, the commissioner was telling you to forget those cases.
He was confirming those three guys were locked up for murders they didn't commit.
Keep forgetting about this hand.
Can you, uh? You know, it would make a great article.
But I couldn't be a named source.
It would all be on the down low.
Commissioner's dirty.
He's a crook.
You could expose him.
This could be big.
That's cute.
Holbrook, what the hell are you doing here? I just want to say hi before I split.
You know, there's a warrant out for your arrest.
That's that's not my concern.
Then what? What do you want, Carlton? No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No more harassment, okay? No more problems for me.
I made a big decision, and it has taken some time, but I have made peace with the way fate has steered my life.
You finally made peace? Good.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, all right I still got one card to play.
Carlton Okay, relax, all right? No! No! Those wrongly imprisoned men, it took a few years, but they were your ticket to this office.
And I'm the only one who made it through unscathed.
Unscathed? Your first year pursuing those cases nearly got you murdered.
You spent two weeks in a coma.
I'm here in one piece.
More than I can say for Detective McKenzie.
Or Owen.
That St.
Michael's pendant-- looks like he kept his promise.
Owen always kept his promises.
Especially when it came to those three men.
Tell me more.