Gomorrah (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Il clan dei Savastano

She put a picture of me
and her mom on book.
That's no book. Facebook!
- It's a social network.
- Should I worry?
Nah, all the kids have it!
She's always on the computer,
what the fuck does she write?
She writes her stuff!
- And they all read it?
- Yeah, all her friends.
I'll smash her computer,
that'll end it!
The street and it's stories,
no book sings it's glories
Stories of promise,
some go, some stay
Stories of who lives life
looking out a window
Listen, friend!
The best part's next!
Listen, friend!
Maria's not been born,
they say
They just invented her one day
so there'd be songs
Some say they met her
down the way
She's black as spades
and danced on the shore
Listen, friend!
What song is this?
It's too modern for me!
- You're so old!
- Yeah, it's too modern for me!
Anyway, I think,
what we're doing is shit,
Don Pietro should have
talked to Conte.
Maybe she's singing
an American song
Or O Sole Mio
in the neighbourhood
You don't like it, do you?
Who is it?
It's me, Mom.
- All okay?
- Yeah, he went up.
For 48 hours now,
it's been snowing even in Capri
no smoking at the table!
It's fake, Mom.
See? Even has a light.
This helps me quit.
Real or fake, it's still smoking.
At the table, no smoking!
Lord, bless us and the food
you've given us today,
- for Christ our Lord. Amen.
- Amen.
Mom, you should be cooking on TV.
What's that?
- What happened?
- Nothing, just relax.
- Nothing?
- Wait.
Hey, assholes, they're burning
my house down, come!
- Holy Mary, look!
- Just stay calm.
- Come here.
- Where are we going?
Mamma mia!
Relax, they're coming for us!
- We'll die.
- Get in here, sit down.
Full of grace,
the Lord is with thee,
blessed art thou among women, blessed
is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
I have to report a fire.
There's a fire at Via Stornaiolo 71.
I don't know, you can see flames
from the street.
No, I'm nobody,
I'm a citizen, just a guy.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and in the hour
of our death
What a stink!
- What's this stink of gas?
- Maybe there's a leak!
- Idiot!
- Cheers.
- Put 1,000 on Pupetta?
- Why?
We'll make 5,000!
- Damn you, Alfredo!
- Let's make it 6,000, Attilio!
Don't listen to him!
- Shut up!
- It's your problem, I warned you.
Wrong time, I can't lose
this money on horses.
- Then keep it in your pocket!
- Up yours!
And yours, you crook!
These clothes reek!
I'm changing, come with me?
Let's go!
- Bye, guys!
- Bye.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Lady Imma.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
- Coffee?
- I don't want to be a bother.
- It's no bother.
- Thank you.
- Carmela!
- Yes?
- Make some coffee.
- Alright.
What are you doing?
- You're looking at her ass?
- No way!
Watch your manners!
Curcio bids 1.78
and De Rosa bids 1.24 and 90.
Don Pietro, are we sure?
I'll write down this parameter,
but if Conte's group participates,
we're screwed!
I've been out for two rounds and
don't want Conte up my ass again.
De Rosa,
first of all, watch your mouth,
there's a lady.
Forgive me.
Second, I'm sure Conte learned
he shouldn't be an asshole.
We're sure?
Make the bid the surveyor says
and you'll win the job.
In annex 2, Russo coefficient 14.
I wish I could have been there to see
that dickhead shit in his pants.
Maybe he'll see
he's got to stay put.
- And just handle weed.
- Right.
If he doesn't see?
We'll make him see again
that I make the rules,
not Salvatore Conte.
Lady Imma, excuse me
I'd like to ask Don Pietro
if I can go.
Go, I'll tell him.
- Goodbye.
- Ciro!
Do you like this couch?
Mamma mia!
It's beautiful.
You can have it.
- You gotta think about it?
- I don't know if I can accept.
You'd be doing me a favor,
a new couch is coming tomorrow.
I'll call Genny, to help you.
- Genny!
- Yeah, Ma?
Come and help Ciro!
Give it here!
Thank you, Gennaro.
Next time there's a barbecue
at Conte's house, call me!
Relax, I'll let you know.
This thing doesn't end here.
And you gotta call me,
- Thanks.
- Bye.
You're sure? I see, thank you.
- Ciro's gone with the couch?
- Yes, why?
Because the new one's no good!
It's no good.
It's no good.
The Capanos went to Sharm el Sheik,
they say it's beautiful!
- Who gives a damn!
- You're such a bore!
God, I'm stuffed on meatballs!
That's weird, he only ate 15!
I think he's got a tapeworm.
What fun for the kids
at Sharm el Sheik!
Kids have fun everywhere!
Sure, but lots more
at Sharm el Sheik!
What a doll!
It's late. Attilio!
We gotta go.
I just can't.
I get it, I'll go, relax.
- I'll call you later!
- Okay.
Bye, Antonietta.
- Toupé.
- Ciro.
- Hi, Gigi.
- Hi, coffee?
can I do this with you?
- Why else am I here?
- Here
It's all written.
Excuse me,
can I ask you a favour?
My wife's nephew
is a good kid, but
Three dead, at least three!
And that's not all, there were
some injured on the floor.
Those sons of bitches
even threw two bombs!
- How are you?
- Not a scratch, see?
If you'd been there, you'd be dead!
We made a mistake,
I knew Conte would take revenge
after that fire.
You don't tell Pietro this,
It could have been any of us,
and not the Immortal,
who no one can kill!
Any of us
and now we'd be mourning a death.
They came onto our turf, shooting,
on Sunday,
there could have been kids around.
We can't just forget this,
you have to go get him!
We have to rip out
that snake tongue of his!
They say he's hiding out
in the cap factory.
I don't give a shit where he is,
you gotta get him!
Sure, Don Pietro,
but we have to find a way,
we gotta make him come out.
- That's not a place where
- Where?
You can't just break in,
we'll get hurt too.
- So, I wasn't clear.
- We gotta think a plan.
He's got guards
What's there to think, Africa?
If your son had been in that bar,
would you stop to think?
Would you?
- And you?
- You're right, but we gotta plan it.
Shut up!
Conte should have done
the thinking before,
it's too late now.
How the fuck do we get in?
There are guards everywhere,
right where he is.
Can you tell me?
Are we after Conte
or is he after us?
- Doesn't matter, we found each other.
- I'm serious.
Salvatore Conte's
leading us where he wants us
and Don Pietro's letting him.
He didn't get to be Pietro Savastano
for his pretty face!
Want to know what I think?
Pietro Savastano's gotten old
and Salvatore Conte knows it.
At the scene of the explosion,
Forensics is looking for
Why don't we buy the new couch
outside Naples? In Salerno!
- What do you say?
- No, Immacolata!
So, do we get another exactly like it
even if we know that inside
We won't do a thing.
Do we put up posters
that someone warns us?
I'd have clubbed that guy's head,
I'd have smashed him good
and torn his store apart.
I don't fuckin' believe
he didn't know.
- Don't swear at the table!
- Do I speak Chinese?
- We won't do a thing.
- Meanwhile we'll sit on the floor?
At the site of the explosion,
is looking for traces of the bombs,
and clues to reconstruct the event
and investigators
are questioning the injured,
trying to identify the murderers,
but the testimony is meager.
One fact leaked
from the investigation
regarding the origin
of the attack
Go with your father!
This spectacle of death
is the result of the Camorra war,
for the multimillion-dollar
cocaine business.
All clear!
All clear.
All clear.
- Hello.
- Hi.
What do you need, bro?
Make it fast!
- Remember?
- Sure do!
Seems they opened a neighbourhood
watch in here, did you know?
Cops and journalists a mess!
They're down 300 doses.
- Did you talk to Pietro?
- Bookie did, they're waiting.
There's no way.
I tried, but he's not listening.
He says we do it right away,
we gotta raise hell on his turf,
like he did with us.
Right, so we get cops and journalists
on our backs.
Where's he hiding?
He says he's there tomorrow night,
where he stores his stash.
- Who told him?
- He says he knows, no questions.
He's rippin',
says Conte's saying
Savastano's shittin' in his pants.
- See? It's like I said.
- That's enough!
If we gotta do it, let's do it.
We each do our part.
Let's move!
Stop bad-mouthing Pietro
in front of everyone?
One of them will tell him,
just to look good,
and you'll get a bullet
in the head.
What a laugh
if it's me that must shoot you!
Pino, I'm broke, will you loan me?
- I can't.
- C'mon!
- You'll get it back in a week.
- Got casts on your feet?
Tell me, got almonds
in those sugared candies?
What's so weird about these shoes?
Mind your own business, you idiots!
Genny will loan me, for sure.
Where are you going?
He's busy.
- And so?
- Get lost.
Candy Almonds, come here!
A big hand for Candy Almonds!
Did you know
the SanitĂ  district lowered prices?
Heroine's going for 11 euro.
They say there's another
fucking citizens watch group.
I don't think that's why.
- Why then?
- They're gettin' rid of stuff.
They know hell's breaking out,
that brings cops
and you don't sell with cops around.
Ciro, it's for tomorrow?
- I want to come too.
- You can't.
You decide if I come or not?
Not me,
it's your father who decides.
Ciro, I want to show Dad
I can do it.
If I'm with you, I know I can.
I'm sure you can,
but tomorrow's dangerous.
Want to make your father happy?
Stay home, like I say.
Are you scared?
You're surprised?
Ciro, if Dad lets me come,
I'll watch your back.
Make out another receipt
to the name of Attilio Diotallevi.
Is that a problem?
- Three rounds for him too?
- The same.
Take Attilio's receipt,
then get another two, one for
Hairball and one for Fishbone.
Pass me the stuff.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- When are you going?
- In a few minutes.
Close the door.
Being with you after her,
drives me crazy
- Where's the coffee?
- Right there.
You're morons!
You're just idiots!
Dad, can I go with Ciro
- Dad!
- I heard you!
- It's not a good idea.
- I'll stick to him.
No need.
Go have fun, your time will come.
But if you never give me a chance,
how can I?
Gennaro, you're my son,
you don't need chances.
- Eyes on the road!
- Mind your own business!
I want to die looking good.
Next time, we'll get Fishbone's
bullet-proof vest in a kiddies shop.
- Hear that?
- Go to hell!
- Everything okay, Michele?
- Yeah.
- You?
- All okay.
Lucia, she's phenomenal
at billiards.
I have a steady hand.
She's got a steady hand,
hear that?
Smile sometimes!
Are you always pissed off?
You're right, I'm pissed off.
- Hey, you!
- Can I buy you a drink?
She's with me!
- I bet your name's Noemi.
- Are you a prick?
What did you say?
Let him go, Gennaro!
I'll kill you!
We're not on our turf!
Bye, Noemi.
Hey, Immortal, wear this,
you'll feel better.
What we're doing is crap.
He's dead!
It hurts.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
Let's go, the cops are coming.
He's dead, you can't do
a thing for him!
Let's go, want to get caught?
What the fuck's with you?
Coming to my house like this?
I thought I'd better
tell you right away.
Attilio is dead, Hairball too.
- And Fishbone, and Africa.
- The asshole?
He ran, I don't even know
if he was there.
He was!
All his men are dead.
No one's left.
I'll settle for that.
Conte will remember it.
He'll think twice
before being an asshole.
I'm sorry about Attilio.
I know he was like a father to you.
But it had to be done, right?
And it had to be done like that.
I'll get big wreaths
of flowers for everybody.
I'll see to the women, the wives.
I'll take care of them.
We'll give paychecks right away,
even to the girlfriends.
Good job, Immortal!
You'll get some money too.
Antonio, hurry,
you have to go to school!
Antonio, get moving,
get some cookies from the kitchen.
- Luana, put that thing away.
- Just a minute!
Someday you'll find it
in a million pieces.
You'll see.
The crime scene is gruesome
- So, what do you say?
- It's nice, you chose well.
- It didn't even cost much.
- Really.
Is that alright?
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
So, wanna try this magnificence?
Let's try it out.
Why's it so hard?
You're right, it's hard.
Even the back.
Is that how it is
or is it defective?
No, that's how it is.
I don't like it,
we have to change it.
I want to be comfortable.
We have to change it.
Shit cops!
They can shove
their bugs up their asses!
It has been discovered that the
factory served as a logistics base
for the storing of drugs
for the clan
which wants to depose
the drug traffickers
Bye, Attilio.
- It's too late.
- No.
It is, I got all the way here.
Hey, I won,
now I'll be the look-out.
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