Gomorrah (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Ti fidi di me?

there's a problem with Mom.
I came for her
but all the cousins were there.
They found her right away,
didn't even have to look.
Go home.
I heard it on the radio,
200 kilograms.
We'd been waiting for a month.
They're on your back,
what can you expect?
You raised hell in Secondigliano
and now the cops are everywhere.
- What does our friend in Rome know?
- Nothin'.
Nunziata, I put you here
and that guy in Rome,
don't forget it.
You have to find out what's happening.
This isn't normal, okay?
They went straight to it,
someone tipped them off.
I'll see what he says.
Good guy.
They know it was you
who raised all that hell,
they're just waiting for us
to fuck up so they can screw you,
be careful.
This one here
We were in Greece,
last summer.
Where are the kids?
At my mother's.
His suit
- Antonietta
- I have to pick a suit for him.
They won't let us
have the funeral in church.
Why not? He wasn't a boss.
Not even a fugitive, why not?
Because he died
with a gun in his hand,
that's how it is,
they won't let us
take him into the church.
But don't worry about
all the rest.
We'll take care of it.
First your boss gets him killed
and then wants to pay me.
He doesn't give a shit
they won't let him into the church!
Keep your voice down.
your boss's calling you.
I'll be right there.
I'm sorry, but
Never come here again.
Never come here again.
- Hello.
- Hello, Ciro.
- Was Don Pietro looking for me?
- Yes, come with me.
I'll take you.
They're at the neighbour's,
they say it's safer.
Someone tipped them off,
there was a rat.
Was it Conte?
Conte deals with the Mexicans,
maybe he knew about the goods.
No matter,
we gotta keep our eyes open.
After the other night,
they're breathing down our necks.
Where's Bookie?
I called him, got no answer
and left a message.
- Maybe the cops hauled him in again.
- Again?
After the Conte thing,
they took him in for questioning.
Why didn't I know this?
- Because it was a thing
- It was nothin'.
They held him all day
and then took him home.
Renato's here.
where the fuck were you?
- There's a problem in Casavatore.
- In Casavatore?
What problem?
Ask your son Genny.
Go get your son.
What a nice scent you have!
What did you do last night
in Casavatore?
Nothing, I offered a girl a drink,
then an asshole came along
That asshole
is a friend of the boss here.
- How did I know!
- You never know a fucking thing.
Play asshole with the women
on our own turf,
not on other people's!
These guys don't count a fuck,
besides he ruined my motorcycle.
I'm a Savastano!
What should I have done?
We have to get along
with everyone right now,
even with the ones
who don't count shit.
Okay, he took the bike apart.
Then what did you do?
I took it real bad.
Hey, you know who he is?
- I know who I am.
- And who are you?
Bookie, drop it.
Please go in.
Just him.
Your father's not here?
He's retired.
I gotta talk with you?
I'm the man now!
What do we do?
I can't waste my time.
How much will it take
to resolve this?
It's not a matter of money,
it's face, my face,
and face is everything.
C'mon, Parisi, I got out of school
a long time ago.
What do you want
to resolve this thing?
Let's go for coffee in the square.
He made all this mess
and he has to clean it up.
Parisi, you're really serious?
I can't let it go.
I came as a gesture of good will,
I could have stayed home.
Just for thinking this shit,
you owe me an apology.
Don Pietro,
this will end up bad!
I guess we'll have to call back
your father.
Have a nice trip home!
We gotta kill him.
See what it means
doing all this shit?
Look here.
All those cops!
Pull over.
Turn the engine off
and put the keys on the roof.
Get out slowly
with your hands in sight.
Close the car door.
The front seat passenger
gets out now.
Close the car door,
put your hands on the roof.
The right rear seat passenger
gets out next.
Close the car door,
hands on the roof.
The left rear seat passenger
gets out next.
It's the most important drug seizure
in the last ten years
and it's interesting,
because it allows investigators
to reconstruct in detail
the new cocaine routes,
understand the alliances
between the Camorra clans
in the billion-dollar drug business
and above all, pinpoint
the South American coke lords
who are flooding all of Europe
with the white dust
- Can I go?
- Where to?
- I'm going out.
- Where to?
Just a ride around
with Pino and Carmine.
there are cops everywhere.
Dad, I need a new motorbike.
Sure, Genny boy, what colour?
- Bye, Mom!
- Bye.
At twenty,
I was a real son of a bitch,
I was always with my father,
That's the way Genny is,
he's not like us.
Who the fuck does he take us after?
It's our fault,
we've always given him everything,
too much.
Don't buy him the motorbike.
- As if that's enough!
- Meantime, don't buy it.
Not even a fucking priest,
a parson, no one.
There's no one.
Nice mercy!
Why don't we go?
There are cops.
You're hurting, huh?
He was like a father to me.
What was he like as a father?
You'd be an easy father for me.
You were right, someone talked.
He called the Anti-Mafia Agency
from a phone booth.
- Who?
- Don't know.
He said he could get you caught,
but wanted guarantees.
They didn't believe him,
so he tipped them off on the coke.
- I want that fucking name.
- I'll try.
I want that fucking name!
Leave it to me.
We have to make another attack
for that shit
that dickhead Genny did.
If they ripped your bike apart,
how would you react?
I don't go screwing around
on other people's turf!
It can be done,
we take him when he goes
to his slut.
- Let me get out.
- What?
Let me out!
I'm not doing another
piece of crap!
We go shoot Parisi
with all this mess around?
And with a traitor among us?
And then?
If the cops arrest Pietro,
who'll take his place?
Who, that idiot Genny?
Every Saturday Parisi goes
to a resort in Miliscola,
to see a Romanian whore.
Today's Saturday.
We go there and take him.
Don Pietro, are you listening?
We'll do it,
but there are loads of cops
out on the streets now.
Are you sure it's the right thing?
- Is it you who says what's right?
- No, I just meant
Then shut up, Malamò!
Don Pietro!
You called for me?
Sit down.
You've seen Parisi?
Not even thirty and already a boss.
Parisi is an idiot and after tonight
he'll stop being a joker.
It's not about Parisi,
it's about Genny.
If anything happens to me, he's in.
- What do you think?
- That he's your son.
And what do the others think?
They all think so too,
Gennaro's surname is Savastano.
Ciro, don't give me that shit!
I know what they think,
that he's not capable.
And it's true.
He's not ready,
he needs time
and maybe there isn't any.
But he has to do that one thing,
or he can't take my place,
even if he's God himself.
- Why me?
- Because you're fond of Genny.
- But now's not the time.
- Got problems?
You misunderstood.
- It's an honour for me.
- Then be happy.
Smell the fresh air!
They're screwing me.
Is that what Nunziata told you?
What will you do?
What will you do?
- Sit here and wait for the cops?
- What can I do?
Kill them all?
Stay away a while, relax.
We wait for things to settle
and it'll all get resolved.
Who'll resolve it? Genny, you?
I don't want to hide underground
like my father.
You won't go to jail,
hear me?
They've been on your heels
for 20 years and you're still here.
You're not going anywhere.
The truth?
- I'm not sorry for all the mess.
- That's no good.
You gotta stay more focused,
Your time will come sooner or later,
you gotta be ready.
Your father's not eternal.
And it's not the time for this.
Will you tell me what I should do?
- Why's it not the time?
- Now you'll see.
Know why I'm not sorry?
First, because I was pissed off,
then because that girl, Noemi,
was too pretty!
- What do I do with this?
- Throw it out.
You know,
I'd like to find a pretty girl
who loves me
and helps me have a little peace.
- What do we do with that?
- See if it still works.
Come here.
- Why?
- I'm bringing a gift.
Come here.
Take it.
This is Gennaro Savastano.
- Take this.
- To do what?
- Kill him!
- What the fuck are you saying?
- Let me go!
- Shut up, it's just a second!
Is it too easy like this?
Go, Gennaro!
Finish him off!
I didn't do anything!
Get moving!
Listen good,
it's better for you and me
if we say you killed him.
Or we'll be in trouble.
Hear me?
You did it!
I understand.
Killing is fucking easy.
Now you're okay,
now I can die.
The new motorcycle is at the dealers,
go pick it up.
How did you shoot him?
- Meaning?
- One, two, three times?
Just one that's all.
You've even got a good aim!
- It's beautiful.
- Better than the old one.
I'd wish I had a father like that,
you break one, he buys another.
You made it to Naples fast.
How come so urgent?
Let's say I'm not around one day.
- Meaning?
- Musi
I've got no time to waste, tell me,
is my money safe?
Of course, like always.
If anything fucking
happens to me,
you have to take
care of everything.
Imma, Genny
No one's to have any problems.
Naturally, trust me.
I want an update,
they have to know everything too.
Here are the latest things.
You know the previous ones.
why are you saying this?
- Is something going on?
- You never know.
Things are going well,
for us this recession is business,
and my decision
to stay liquid paid off,
we became major stockholders
at convenient prices.
- Malamò!!
- All okay, uncle.
drinks for all three are on me.
- It's just Zecchinetta and me.
- And Bookie?
I don't know, he was busy.
Don Pietro, come in.
- Please, I'll make coffee.
- Why didn't you go to Parisi?
Malamò and Zecchinetta
were enough
for an asshole like Parisi.
Besides I was busy,
I had to go to the Smurf house
and get the money.
With all the cops around,
we couldn't leave it there.
I'd have brought it in the morning,
but since you're here
Come in, I'll make coffee.
Is it true the cops picked you up?
Yeah, but for nothing.
They wanted to fuck me, but I had
a receipt from the firing range.
Did they say my name?
No, no way,
just a few questions.
Where was I on the day of the
shooting, who was I with
- A few hours and I was home.
- A few hours?
Why did they tell me all day?
Don Pietro,
don't go thinking strange things,
they made a check on me
only because I just got out.
If they'd had proof,
the fuck they'd have let me go!
Don Pietro, don't worry,
the cops have no proof!
when they found the cocaine,
they'd been tipped off.
Oh, Jesus,
you don't think it was me?
I swear on my mother,
I had nothing to do with it!
I've been with you for twenty years,
we've been through thick and thin.
How could you think
I'd give your name to the cops?
Bye, Bookie.
You forgot the bag
- To that shit Parisi!
- Forget him.
To my son
who became a man today.
- Right, Ciro?
- Right.
So, to Gennaro!
Where's Bookie? He disappeared!
Bookie was the rat.
Are you sure?
Why? Was it you?
Or Zecchinetta?
Or Ciro?
Anyone of you
want to raise your hand?
Don't worry, I took care of it,
you can all go.
- Have a good evening.
- Ciro!
Let's talk.
Tell me about it.
How did Genny kill him?
- He shot.
- I know, but how?
First from a distance,
then he went up and finished him.
He was good, right?
He needed encouragement.
Ciro, do you think,
this is any time to give me shit?
He didn't shoot him good.
- I killed him.
- Why didn't you say so?
Because he fired anyway!
Gennaro wanted to make you happy.
Know what I think?
When Genny's time comes,
you're number two.
Happy? Honoured!
But you shouldn't think about that,
because you're here
and you'll stay here.
But if it happens,
you have to stay close to Genny.
Until that time,
I'm in command
and if you tell me shit
I'll get pissed.
drink it all of it.
Let me know I can trust you,
if you're only a liar
or if I can put my son
and my business in your hands.
Good guy.
So, what's up?
There's been another contact
with the rat.
- When?
- Right now, they just let me know.
- What the fuck are you saying?
- The truth.
He says they promised him
all kinds of things
and he has to think about it.
He'll make another phone call.
We're doing all we can
to find out who he is,
but I'm sure we'll get him
before he makes that call.
Imma, what's up?
What the fuck do you want, Malamò?
How is he?
I'm coming.
I said I'm on my way, bye.
Turn the engine off.
Keys on the roof.
Get out slowly
with your hands in sight.
My son is in the hospital,
I need to go,
he's had an accident.
Check the car.
- I said I'm in a hurry, damn!
- Calm down!
If anything happens to my son,
you can't imagine what I'll do!
Look here.
- I won at cards with friends.
- Frisk him.
You won at cards, huh?
It's not my jacket,
they lent it to me.
- It's not mine!
- Stay still.
Let's do this,
take the bag,
there's more than 50,000 euro.
- Take the bag, you shits!
- Stay still!
I'll make you sorry you were born,
you shit!
- Ciro!
- Guys!
Any news?
We don't know anything.
I know he took an ugly hit.
- I don't know anything.
- Shit motorcycle!
How's Genny?
We're waiting to find out.
Bad news,
Don Pietro's been arrested.
- What the fuck you saying?
- He got stopped.
One thing at a time,
first Genny has to come out
of the operating room.
Ciro, call the lawyer,
take care of it, please.
What's up, bro?
It'll be okay, don't worry.
They say he saw the red light,
and ran it on purpose.
No way, he always did that!
Is it true what they say?
Holy Mary
And how's Gennaro?
He was unconscious,
they're still checking him over.
Think he'll pull through?
How do I know!
With Pietro in jail and Gennaro
like this, what's gonna happen?
This is no time to talk about it,
I gotta go, call you later.
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