Gomorrah (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

L'omm 'e casa

- You are?
- Savastano, Pietro.
Open your mouth.
Lift your tongue.
Spread your legs wider!
Does your wife know
you like this stuff?
Further down.
- I'll take that.
- Inmate, keep working!
The policy used to be
different here,
but with me
it's the straight and narrow.
No privileges.
Got it, Savastano?
For no one.
You're all the same to me.
Cell 32.
- No reasoning with this guy, huh?
- No, he won't bend.
He's a pain, but don't worry.
Get me a cell phone.
Colleague, cell 32.
Don Pietro Savastano's
Don Pietro!
- It's him!
- Hello, Don Pietro!
Hello, Don Pietro.
- Don Pietro, at your disposal!
- We're here, whatever you need!
- Hello, Don Pietro
- My respects.
- Hello, Don Pietro.
- Hello, guys!
I'll take that.
- Peppino!
- Tell me.
- Coffee for Don Pietro.
- At your service!
Luciano, help me make his bed.
Don Pietro's tired
and wants to rest.
- You're still in here?
- Got consecutive sentences.
Diego, at your service.
Tuck the sheet in.
I'm up for trial, got nabbed
with 52 baggies of coke.
- And you, Pasqualino?
- I'm up too, Uncle.
Robbery and kidnapping
in a jewelry store in Naples.
The asshole pressed the alarm
so I took him hostage.
All hell broke out!
Suddenly there were cops,
just like an American movie.
I started with a jewelry heist
in Naples too.
I bet we held up the same asshole,
30 years apart.
But now the jerk's got an alarm.
How much did you get in that hit?
No money, I don't know yet
how much jail-time.
Water's boiling,
bring the rest of the stuff.
Daniele, set the table.
Go help Antonio.
Things okay?
Like shit, the warden's
always on our backs.
He has us frisked too.
Then put this up your ass.
Tell him Gennaro's
out of the hospital, he's fine.
Don Pietro gets
everything he wants, clear?
- Don't worry, Ciro.
- Take care.
C'mon, girly!
One, two C'mon!
For shrimp linguini
you need some tomato sauce.
First I sauté garlic,
oil and hot pepper,
then I pan-fry the shrimp,
a good glass of white wine,
a couple of tomatoes
and then
Don Pietro couldn't give a damn,
I'm talkin' to myself.
What's eatin' him?
- Guys, Don Pietro!
- Hello.
- My respects, Don Pietro.
- Hello.
Hello, Don Pietro.
Another day gone!
I can't take this life
It's just not for me
There's stress all the time
something's got to be done about
the water, it's like hen's piss.
Savastano, return to your cell.
I'm comin', just time
for this piss to rinse me.
what's the matter?
My trial's next week,
I've got a bad feeling.
Don't worry,
it will all go fine.
Did you ask for this?
- Yeah.
- Sign for it.
Your son's
out of the hospital
and is okay.
The stuff's not Conte's,
but it's not bad
and the price is good.
Sit down!
Ciro, the cell phone!
It's him.
The Lord's word.
Don Pietro,
I'll put you on loudspeaker.
Do you hear us?
- Are thing's okay?
- Yeah, now that we hear you.
- We miss you!
- How are you doing in there?
A piece of cake.
And that third world contract?
It's all okay,
De Rosa thanks you.
Tell him to stop breakin'
balls now.
The guy on the housing project
has to tell Curcio
to get together with Russo,
hear me?
A channel's opened
with Di Vaio and Carluccio,
but they're shittin' bricks,
they say if they go
against Conte,
they gotta be sure
you're number one, even in jail.
Let me talk to 'em, I'll tell
these nobodies who's in command.
At one, give me the number.
- I gotta go.
- Take care!
What's this?
What are you doing down there?
Face to the wall, now!
Are you deaf?
Face to the wall!
What did you lose?
Piece of shit!
Face to the wall, Savastano!
You bastard!
What the fuck Let's go!
Take it easy, officer!
You're too edgy.
We got no plates.
Don Pietro, breadsticks.
Right now, while we're eating!
God, no time to even sit down!
C'mon, two at a time!
- Outside.
- Move it!
Get moving, outside!
Outside, everyone
in the transition cell, c'mon!
Quiet, move!
- How's things, Totò?
- Fine, he's with me.
You're a little early.
We want to be sure
to talk to Don Pietro.
- It's an honor for us.
- 'Cause you don't count shit, yeah.
You're gettin' a great break.
Sure, but see it our way,
those are the contacts, the routes.
If we go against Conte,
we gotta be sure we're protected.
- My word's not enough?
- For me, sure.
But we gotta convince people,
if they know I talk directly
to Don Pietro, it's different.
Contact's gotta be direct.
Be patient,
you'll talk directly to him,
like you want.
Look what they did to you!
what did they do to you?
What is it, Uncle?
You worried?
I had a really important problem
to resolve
and this asshole warden
is wasting my time.
It's late, Zecchinetta!
I gotta go.
We'll try again tomorrow, Toto.
We'll try again tomorrow.
Take care, Zecchinetta.
These two are shittin' bricks,
the idiots don't have the balls
to go with us.
But we can't leave our markets
without smoke,
we gotta be sharp,
people can put two and two together.
Salvatore Conte in Spain, Don Pietro
in jail and the problem's ours.
For now, the fastest solution
is these two jerks.
My dear warden!
To what do I owe this visit?
I thought we understood
each other,
but this shows I was wrong.
Too bad! Isolation will help you
see how we behave here.
I'm at your disposal, warden!
I gotta have a lover
Or I'll put a rope
'round my neck
There's no light in this house,
always yellin', no peace
this is shit.
- I'm sick without my dope.
- Come on, you'll get over it.
Move it!
take this wastebasket.
Open it.
Get all the stuff!
Like this, Pasqualino!
Close the blast doors.
Tonino, get Lady Imma
a place in line.
- Ma'am
- What is it?
- Pietro Savastano's wife is here.
- So?
- She has to get in ahead.
- Ahead?
- We were here at 7 a.m.!
- Doesn't matter.
Okay, so we let her in ahead
and just relax.
Hi, Dad.
- How are you?
- I'm okay.
- You?
- He's fine, thank God, he's fine.
His check-up was good,
the blood was re-absorbed.
- Really? You're feeling better?
- Yes, I'm fine, Dad.
Get me out of here
as soon as possible.
Don't worry, the lawyer said
you mustn't worry.
It's easy when it's not his ass!
You're sure you're okay?
You got a good cell?
Is Rino helping you?
That asshole warden
got Rino transferred,
but it's no problem,
the preliminary hearing
is coming,
if the lawyer does his job.
Ciro says the new contact
didn't work out.
- What do we do?
- What? We find another one.
Take Musi the money
and tell him to keep it liquid.
Money fixes everything.
What did you do to your hair?
- Nothing, why?
- You look wilder.
- More like a lioness.
- Cut it out!
I mean it!
You're the man of the house now.
We eat good today,
Mom brought me chicken and potatoes
cooked her way
Pasqualino, what are you doing?
Sorry, my hearing is today,
but I look like a bum.
I have guilty on my face!
The judge won't even
let me sit down.
wear this.
No, Uncle, don't worry.
Pasqualino, wear the shirt.
See? Now you look
like an honest man.
Thank you, Don Pietro.
You can tell this costs a lot.
money makes an honest man.
What's this stink?
Junkies stuff their money
in their underwear,
think it's scented?
Once it's in your wallet,
it doesn't stink anymore, trust me.
What are you thinking, Gennaro?
How many pairs of underwear
to hold all this money.
Too bad such a nice place
was closed.
It never opened,
it's always been closed.
Okay, we can go,
Musi will be here soon.
It's a big family.
Family's important.
This eggplant parmesan,
what a great smell!
- Your wife has a magic touch.
- Thank you.
Have you all washed your hands?
Ready at the table!
- Inspection!
- We can never eat in peace.
Let's go!
Arms up!
What happened with Don Pietro?
Can you fix it?
We still don't know anything.
But he's still the boss,
even in jail.
My father's a lion.
the money we brought you
must stay liquid,
we might need it.
- Triple A Government Bonds.
- I said, liquid!
It's like cash,
you can sell them in 5 minutes,
triple A means zero risk.
It doesn't move but it grows.
Why give up that interest?
You know how it's done.
I'd say Finland, it's the
only triple A with a stable outlook,
it's basically cash.
Up to you.
Are we done?
- Good God!
- What is it?
- Fuckin' SOBs!
- It's all a mess!
We got no water!
No water?
None in the tap or the john.
It's that fucking warden,
he's really pissing me off.
It's a losing battle,
he's in charge.
Oh, yeah?
Fuckin' bastard!
- Hey, chief!
- Piece of shit!
Close that door!
Get back, c'mon!
Close them up!
Gennaro, tell me something,
how long since
you've had a screw?
We must do something about it.
That blonde?
From Casavatore,
the one you raised hell for.
I wish,
but it's impossible.
Let me make a call.
I want it all set up right,
like I say.
I gotta go, talk to you later.
- Did you see his face?
- And he kept quiet.
Mute, not a word.
Know why?
Because that woman, this car,
all he's got
Is all ours.
Good, you're learnin'.
Gennaro, you and me together
can't be beat.
- Antonio, you're distracted.
- It happens, Don Pietro.
How did it go?
They gave me 10 years.
Don't think about it, stay calm.
Know what we'll do?
Tomorrow we call your lawyer,
have him request house arrest.
Worst scenario, you go to rehab.
Genny, Genny, Genny!
Thanks for coming.
So? What's there to tell me?
I feel like a king tonight,
want to be my queen?
My love!
Go, Genny, you're the best!
- Where are you taking me?
- It's a surprise.
Please, right this way.
- Tonino!
- Uncle!
You're back!
- Gennaro, come in.
- Evenin'.
Are thing's okay?
Please, come in.
A pleasure to meet you!
- My son always talks about you.
- Pleasure's mine.
Take them on the balcony!
Please, go ahead.
Is that Alessio?
I told you,
you're a queen tonight.
Evenin' all, let's hear it!
- What song do you want to hear?
- Still Us.
- Still Us!
- Who's it dedicated to?
Noemi, the beautiful girl
next to me
and to Dad,
unjustly imprisoned,
and to that piece of garbage
Salvatore Conte,
who shit in his pants
and ran off to Spain.
Hands up!
open this fuckin' door!
Open this fuckin' door!
Call the guards.
Guys, gimme a hand!
Go call the guards!
Hurry, 32!
Warden, cell 32.
Take everyone out.
Thank you!
Alessio, Alessio, Alessio!
Let's go,
nothing left to do here.
put the first two in cell 40.
Genny, Genny, Genny!
It's no lie to say,
that's enough
To say, that's enough
And in the silence of the night
you want to die
Thanks to everybody.
Hey, Ma!
Come with me.
Mom, this is Noemi
who's stealing my heart.
Noemi, this is Imma, my mom.
A pleasure.
My pleasure.
Come inside a moment,
I have to talk to you.
Wait for me.
You get home at this hour,
in this shape?
How dare you bring some girl home
without telling me?
You don't have to worry
about anything anymore,
I've grown,
now I know what I'm doing.
I'll take care of everything.
Besides, you heard Dad,
I'm the man here now!
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