Gomorrah (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Sangue africano

Treat me right.
Gimme a good piece.
Hey, give it here!
This shit's good!
I'm takin' a toke, c'mon!
- C'mon, I bring you money.
- Go!
- No, ten.
- One rock.
- Ten!
- Stop it!
He said ten euro!
- C'mon, I'll bring it later.
- Stop it!
Give me a rock, just one!
I said stop!
113, your complaint?
I can hear shooting from my house.
Yes, they're shooting.
- Address?
- Via Fuentes.
- Anyone wounded?
- I don't know.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Fuck off!
You fuck off!
Turn left.
Turn right.
Put your hands on the scanner.
Soldier, we want no trouble here.
This yard gets smaller every day,
Don Pietro.
Don't worry, Antonio, when I get out,
I'll send you a postcard of Vesuvius,
improve your view.
Look at them laugh!
A postcard?
- Don't you like Vesuvius?
- Send one to them too!
Sure, I like Vesuvius!
- Are you Pietro Savastano?
- What the fuck's it to you?
I have to talk to you.
Hear him?
He has to talk to me.
I heard.
I came here just to meet with you.
- And why's that?
- We gotta talk business.
- Wow!
- It's somethin' big!
What business?
See where we are?
See? End of discussion!
Get out of the sun, chocolate bar,
you'll melt!
Maybe I wasn't clear,
I gotta get out,
I can't stay in here.
The hearing's been postponed again,
I can't figure out why.
- Till when?
- Nine months.
What the fuck is it, a pregnancy?
Pietro, I did all I could,
still nothing,
the judge is smart,
but they can't hold you much longer,
they'll have to release you.
Counselor, that asshole warden
has me in a bind.
There are loads of problems
on the outside.
They gotta hear my voice,
in a year it will be too late.
There's just one solution
a transfer request.
If you agree
By now even the monkeys out there
think they can
sit at a table with men.
Can't even get a decent shower
in this shithole!
Shower's no good here.
Not going out?
Don't you like to play ball?
Kids play, men talk business.
You don't get it.
You and me have nothing to say.
Do you know crack addicts?
They're bad business,
it's dangerous work,
50% is too much,
we can give 10.
10 is good for you and for us.
When my son was little,
I'd take him to see the monkeys
and he said,
Daddy, how come
such stupid animals
wanna do what people do?
Monkeys are nice
when they obey their master,
because if they want to be in charge,
they're dangerous,
they gotta be put down.
We gotta talk,
go over percentages.
There's nothin' to say,
we've already talked about this,
you set the percentages
with Don Pietro personally.
We can't change 'em.
I know, that's why
I sent my man to jail,
but Don Pietro won't talk to him.
Tokumbo is like my brother,
what he says is like me
saying it,
but if Don Pietro won't talk to him,
then I'll decide,
next time we'll give you
only what we say.
You don't get it,
this is Italy,
we give the orders here!
You gotta do what we say,
and that's it!
Back home, they say if you pull
a rope too hard, the mule dies,
then you'll have to carry
your own rocks for the house.
Be an asshole and
I'll bury you under those rocks,
you and yours!
We just want to talk.
There's trouble with the blacks.
The monkeys
are the least of my problems.
They gave less than half
of what they should
and want to talk to you
or they won't work.
Everyone wants to talk to me,
but I can't talk to anyone.
The Africans sent a guy here.
I have nothin' to say to them,
not on the outside,
or in this shithole.
Tell Ciro to take a ride
with Gennaro
to make these shit blacks
change their minds.
You're sure?
Isn't it better to listen?
We already have lots of problems.
We can't let the Africans
dictate the rules to us,
we can't,
we'll solve a small problem
and find another hundred
on our backs.
I'll talk to Ciro,
don't worry.
Tell Ciro to take Gennarino
with him.
- Can I be honest with you?
- Sure.
I know Dad doesn't want
the Africans to handle this area,
but I think it's stupid.
Your father's ruled this clan
for 20 years,
he knows what he has to do.
But does he know
there's just blacks here?
Your father
doesn't consider this area,
just the percentage,
he doesn't give shit about the rest.
I think it's a mistake,
if we want to keep control,
we gotta be realistic.
It didn't seem like Naples,
it seemed like Africa!
That's their territory,
we can't do nothin' about it.
They say they won't pay
a fuckin' thing more.
Call a doctor!
Get a doctor!
Please, don't leave me
I got only you
If you leave me,
how can I live?
- Come here!
- Guards!
Savastano, to Administration!
You have something to tell me,
I know you weren't there,
but we don't have to watch the sky
to see where the rain's from.
I've been saying that to myself
since I came here.
I'll leave you
to grow old in solitary,
and all visits and packages
are suspended, as of today.
No problem, Warden,
I can do without everything.
But are you sure
you can do without me?
- You haven't touched your food?
- The chef can't cook.
While you were in solitary,
another four people were hurt,
this tension's no good
for anybody.
Your warden's making the mess,
I make things work.
Your transfer request was denied,
you have to stay here.
I moved mountains, but nothing.
Know what I think?
The mess here is making
things worse.
You have to cut the hardline,
if you want to live easy,
you have to open talks.
You know why I am what I am.
Even as a kid,
if someone broke my balls,
I never stepped back.
You keep doing your job,
and I'll keep doing mine.
I need a lover, I'll get one,
then there'll be talkin' done.
In this house there ain't no sun,
always yellin',
no peace for no one
We're gettin' flooded!
What's it take for them
to get here?
You two, cell 40.
Let's go!
Titonna, Manna, Esposito
and Cozzolino, cell 6.
Get moving!
Titonna, are you sleeping?
The others upstairs.
Put me with the African.
You'll give me 30%,
instead of 50
if you help me tomorrow.
It's over.
- Hello, Don Pietro!
- Hello!
Stop! What are you doing?
If you stop, we can talk.
I promise to do all I can
to meet your demands,
but stop this!
If you have requests,
get back in your cells first.
This fucking warden's
still talkin'!
Please sit down.
- Who's this?
- Big Man John, wrestling champ.
Warden, he looks like you.
My wife gave it to me,
she says so too.
- Do you like wrestling?
- Only if I win.
You can't always win.
Alright, Warden.
First floor,
Tokumbo, cell 60, transfer.
Tokumbo, did you hear that?
Get your stuff together,
you're being transferred.
- See who's in command?
- I knew it.
I brought you a gift
from Don Pietro.
- Take care.
- Bye.
See what I had to think up
to get you back?
The warden realizes
who's really in control.
To Don Pietro Savastano!
Just Hamsik's as great.
- He made another goal!
- He never misses.
He made a nice goal
right up the warden's ass!
To Don Pietro!
- Don Pietro, we're all here.
- To you, Don Pietro!
We're the best.
- You can talk.
- Thank you all.
We have to talk business.
First thing
Weekly allowances
are upped to 500 euros,
'cause inmates' families
shouldn't need for anything.
We gotta find another contact
for what Conte can't give,
but not that shithead
who's in such a rush to talk to me.
We have to keep spreading out.
In Melito, Caivano, Arzan,
they have to realize it's us now.
We have to spread to lower Arzan,
all the way to Rome.
I have to talk to you alone,
You can talk.
You have to do a job for me.
We gotta end it with
the black market, it's no good.
We gotta stay on our toes!
- You're sure you're okay with it?
- Yeah!
Your dad will be really happy
you came with us!
Fuck dad,
I'm happy if you are.
I gotta see the episode!
- Give me a drag?
- We'll see a nice film tonight!
First Don Antonio!
The episode's on at 8:30.
- When's the film start?
- At 9:10!
Remember just one thing,
you have to stay in the car, okay?
With the motor always running,
never get out
I understand, Ciro.
Good, let's go!
What the fuck
are you doin' here?
Get moving, go!
Go, move!
- What did I say?
- Stay in the car, motor on.
- But you?
- I got out.
- And you turned the motor off.
- But I thought
Don't, just do what I say,
that's it!
- I'm sorry, Ciro.
- Sorry my ass!
Never get out of the car again,
you have to always be ready
to run, hear me?
If you weren't Savastano's son,
I'd cut your head off.
Sorry, it won't happen again.
I got scared
and understood nothing.
you weren't scared, okay?
You got out of the car
because you wanted to shoot,
you wanted to waste one of those
shits with your own hands.
You weren't scared.
Let's go!
is the only way to describe
the terrifying images of death
coming from Naples.
A massacre of the black community,
almost certainly ordered by
the godfathers of the drug trade
You done? Get up.
Stand up.
you have to toughen up.
You're a Savastano.
Good! A deal's a deal,
right, Zecchinetta?
You got lucky this time,
we didn't come directly
to your house,
so lots of people with no fucking
connection, lost their lives.
You blacks are all
the same at night,
you lucked out,
but don't try it again,
'cause next time
we'll move in daylight
and we don't miss in daylight.
In the silence of the night
you want to die
You have no air,
you lack breath and sigh
You made love all alone,
and then as your tears came
Your heart is breaking
at the sound of my name
And your pillow
is stained with lipstick
Don Pietro,
the guards are here.
The guards?
What the fuck do they want?
What's this?
Go, Savastano,
your lawyer's waiting.
- Solitary?
- Nothing more can be done.
They're transferring you
to a maximum security
if I'm in solitary,
it's over for me.
The warden sent you the guard
you knew, just to screw you better.
The phone call last night
was bugged
and there's nothing more
I can do.
Read it yourself,
they put it all down,
nothing's missing.
The drugs they found on you,
the attempt to bribe
the police officer,
and what you ordered
by phone last night
It's more than enough for them.
A car!
Ciro, is it all okay?
- Is it all okay?
- It's all okay.
- To your health!
- And to yours!
- Bye, Gennaro.
- Bye, Ciro.
He's crazy about me!
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