Gomorrah (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Il ruggito della leonessa

Milan Central Station
- How are you?
- Fine, thank you.
Get in.
This is to implement
the trusteeship.
- For what?
- Just sign it, don't worry.
Initial each page
and sign at the end.
Smile, Goletti,
I just bought Salba for 20 million
euros and saved your ass.
Too bad it's worth 200,
now that we've won the bid.
I get just 10%
and you take 90, for pennies.
Without those pennies,
you'd be declaring bankruptcy.
Don't worry,
just bring me profits.
Even with 10%,
you're still the CEO.
You look great,
you're all tanned!
I'm feeling better,
no one can break my balls in here,
absolutely no one.
And I have lots of time to think.
- How are you both?
- We're fine.
There's news,
Genny's got a girlfriend.
What's she like? Is she pretty?
She's a good person.
that motorcycle I gave you,
did you fix it? Does it run?
It runs,
but since the accident
it's not like it was.
The filter
change the filter
and it will run much better.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Still not asleep?
- No.
I'm glad you're awake,
I have something good to tell you,
really good.
I bought a company.
You did?
It's an important company,
it just won a huge contract.
It's called Salba,
I bought it for us, it's all ours,
I'm fed up with making others rich,
so I decided to do something for us.
I did it for this baby on the way.
Whoever thought
Genny, this is the fourth.
Genny, Genny, Genny!
That's three.
- This is the fourth.
- Go!
That's enough, I gotta go to work.
- See you later.
- You couldn't take any more, huh?
Shut up and blow me.
Let's go.
Dad looks great, Ciro.
Even in maximum security,
double or triple maximum security
he always does great.
Dad takes jail
just sittin' on the crapper.
But things aren't going well.
It's not good on the streets,
know why?
Because Conte's stuff is better
and we've stopped getting it.
Since the cops screwed our shipment,
we're pushin' shit.
And the junkies go buy from others.
Money's comin' in,
so we'll be buyin' good stuff again.
Want to know the truth?
No one's cracking the whip.
Sheep with no sheepdog
go where they fuckin' want.
Your father has
to hand the power over.
You can't give orders from isolation.
He's gotta see, you're here now
and with you givin' the orders
the carousel starts turning again.
Awesome, seen like this, empty.
Perla, come here.
The lady is asking us
if we want a side room,
but I'd take the whole place.
The whole place?
And maybe we can get that DJ
from Ibiza that you like
Sven Vath?
An 18th birthday is important.
A moment of silence,
there's a small added event
in which Perla will waltz
with her dad.
- I can't dance.
- Don't worry, I'll lead.
Forgive me.
Lady Imma.
Of course, when you like.
My respects, Lady Imma.
- Well?
- We need cash.
Okay, no problem,
how much are we talking about?
All that me and Ciro brought you,
and that you bought shares with
- The Finnish bonds?
- Good.
I told you we might need it
and now we do.
- Is it a problem?
- No, absolutely not.
It's just that those Finnish bonds
are doing very well,
so I feel it's a shame.
I'd move the Panama bonds,
the new trust
we put in Pasquale de Vivo's name.
That investment
doesn't convince me much anymore.
Trust me,
it might take some time
to pull them out,
but it's the better solution.
Didn't you say it was cash?
You grabbed the triple A,
sent it to Finland
Maybe he didn't understand.
My husband said we need the money.
With all due respect,
I don't think, in his situation,
Don Pietro knows the market trend.
My husband gives the orders
and if my husband says
this is what we do,
it's what we do.
I don't trust that guy.
Since your dad's in maximum security,
he thinks he can do what he likes,
and that's not good,
that money's ours.
You can't give orders
from maximum security.
- Dad has to hand the power over.
- Who said so?
Ciro has to mind his own
fucking business, he's not family.
I can't redeem the Finnish bonds,
times have changed.
C'mon, you can do
anything you want.
The lax credit policy of the past
has caused some damage,
the rules are stricter now.
With all the fees
you've made off my money
you're an important client for us.
If you want to redeem the bonds,
give me another guarantee.
With that money, I bought Salba,
which has just won a huge contract,
take that as collateral.
I can't count Salba.
Its assets are largely immaterial.
If you don't repay the debt,
do I take over the tender contract?
- What is it, a shell?
- Open it.
Help me.
Those aren't cubic zirconia,
they're diamonds.
Really? Like yours?
We'll have them alike?
Thank you.
- Like them?
- Of course.
You're sweet, you know?
- Mom.
- The money didn't come.
- What do we do?
- We must leave.
We gotta go to Milan?
- Can't we call?
- No.
You know, we can't make a call.
Okay, then we have to go.
Why, got something to do?
- With that girl?
- Mom, that girl is Noemi.
What's this place?
Our love nest, like it?
Put me down.
Gennaro, put me down, c'mon.
When I get back,
I want to find you here.
You do?
When will you be back?
How soon?
Real soon.
I'm not doin' nothin'
What did you say?
I want a man,
not one who's bossed by his mom.
A man?
One who's not bossed by anyone?
Now you're mine.
- Lady Imma.
- Hello.
We called your office,
they said you were sick.
In fact,
I don't feel well at all.
Please come in.
- Franco.
- Genny.
- Are things okay?
- So so.
Shall we sit in the living room?
- Can I offer something?
- No, thank you.
It takes some time,
that's normal,
between selling, moving
It's a big sum.
but now we'd like
to understand everything.
Of course.
Hi, Franco.
I'll be in there.
- She's my daughter.
- Hi.
You have a daughter?
My wife's, but she's like my own.
A beautiful girl.
She's really beautiful.
What were we saying?
That tomorrow
we're coming to your office,
we want to understand.
Of course, perfect.
Please go in, this is the office.
Good morning, welcome.
Here's a profile of the investments,
starting with the real estate.
Is all this written there?
- Yes, it's the same thing.
- Then give me the papers.
As you wish.
Here's the list
of real estate properties.
These are the deeds of purchase
and the trusteeship assignments.
And I've prepared a profile
with purchase prices and present market
value, so you can see
Let me see.
So you can appreciate
the re-evaluation we've achieved.
What's that mean?
It's money I earned for you
through the investments.
If you need anything,
I'm in there.
- Can I get coffee for you?
- No, thanks.
Alright, until later.
Take your time.
Hi, it's Franco.
Fine, you?
I have a proposal for you,
can we meet?
Then I'll come to you.
Let me get this straight,
you just bought it,
you say it's already worth double,
but you'll sell it to me
for the price you paid.
- Think I'm an idiot?
- No.
I need cash,
I've eyed something else.
- 20, you said?
- Yes, but immediately.
I can't, let me breathe.
I have no time,
that's why I'm giving up on profit.
If you don't like it,
I'll go to Marchisio.
Let me verify the numbers,
if things are like you say,
it's a deal.
What are we doing here?
See those two buildings?
They're ours.
- Both of them?
- Yes.
Look there.
That's ours too.
- That one?
- Yes, that one.
- You know who created all this?
- No.
Your father, he did it all,
so now just you and me have
to handle everything, understand?
- I gotta buy a few gifts.
- Then you don't get it.
I have to buy Noemi a gift.
The building won't move.
See you later.
We'd be smart to move
the property assets
towards financial investments,
because real estate
generates no wealth,
while money creates money.
I know how to make money,
Lady Imma,
without spending a cent,
just by taking and giving back loans,
playing with currencies,
and especially, what's even more
important to us, without risk.
Because if a judge
should ever find a thread,
it might lead to real estate,
but not to money.
I take money, and move it
from one account to another
and make it circle the world
in an hour.
You know how long it might take
an investigator to trace it?
According to the present laws,
ten years.
Excuse me.
As I multiply it, I make money
appear and disappear as I want.
That's exactly what I don't like.
I can see the buildings,
they're there,
but you make money
appear and disappear
Let's be frank,
what happened to
the Finnish bonds?
We need them.
They're there, but it takes
a few days to redeem them.
Let's look at the paperwork
Let's do that,
I've never liked magic tricks.
Answer the phone,
it must be important.
No, you're what's important now.
Tell me what the fuck happened.
They found an irregularity
in the budget.
The sustainability index isn't in
compliance with parameters, a detail.
The fuck it's a detail.
- How did it get by you?
- It got by us.
Without that contract,
Salba's not worth a fucking thing.
They named an auditor,
let's hear what he says.
- Who is he?
- Luigi Sivieri.
- Luigi?
- Sivieri.
Maestro my ass.
I heard they lifted the contract
from your little gem.
It's no big deal, can be resolved.
You're in deep shit.
You're late.
On such short notice?
And the Swiss even made a fuss.
I worked a miracle.
Are you Mr. Sivieri?
- Have we met?
- No.
But we have a common interest,
the Salba Corporation.
Who are you?
One who'd like to see
the bid unblocked.
If you'll excuse me.
You fix the audit
and I'll treat you very well.
I'm sorry,
you've got the wrong person.
It's one hundred thousand.
- Listen
- Your hand, please.
When all's said and done,
I'll give you an equal amount.
Think it over,
I'll call you this afternoon.
I couldn't stand Milan anymore.
Did you find the gift?
Yeah, I found it.
Like it?
It's pretty.
Don't worry.
All okay, the money's comin'.
Listen, I was thinkin'.
We have to handle the money,
not the Little Baron,
I don't trust him.
Know what he does?
He says he buys the stuff for
20 euro, it's not true,
he pays half that,
and gives us what's shit,
that's why
the streets aren't going good.
But he's always
taken care of things.
Who do you trust?
Who do you trust?
Him or me?
Then put your money in my hands
and have no worries.
It's our time, understand?
You and me will change everything.
We'll make all hell break loose.
All hell.
A cigarette?
Give me a kiss.
Mr. Sivieri, hello, it's me.
- I came for the gifts.
- You're leaving again?
Do you realize
your dad's in jail?
Now you and me have
to manage things.
- Don't worry, I'll do everything.
- How?
When the money comes,
we have to cut the Little Baron out.
He buys shit with our money
and it's bad on the streets.
Did you come to this on your own?
- Or is it another idea of Ciro's?
- No.
It's my idea.
Maybe you don't realize
who you're dealing with.
You have no option,
so, for your own good
and your three children
You have no possibility to say no.
So, take the money and do your duty,
and fast. Understand?
- Hello?
- Ma'am?
- Hello.
- What is it?
- Mr. Franco Musi?
- Who is it?
- Mr. Musi?
- Yes.
We have a warrant for your arrest.
Just look
Just look what
that fucking shit went and did.
First he stole our money
for his own fucking business,
then he made all that hell
to get it back
and, in the end, he was arrested,
that piece of shit.
- That gigantic asshole.
- Now what happens?
What do you think happens?
We gotta get him out of jail,
I already sent our lawyer.
That son of a bitch
might rat on us all,
and he'd really ruin us,
he'd really ruin us,
that fucking shit.
Tell them
I'll set things straight.
Whatever happens to me,
they can't get to anything.
Calm down, Musi.
We're all convinced
that things will work out.
I've presented a petition
for your release
and I have good reason to think
it will be accepted.
Thank you, counsellor.
How soon?
It's a question of days,
it's important
for you to stay calm now.
He won't talk
and now that he's home,
there's no danger of a breakdown.
The problem is the hundred thousand
he gave to that guy,
that's what brought
the laundering accusation.
The public prosecutor wrote
a letter of request to Switzerland.
These things are lengthy,
but the Swiss
have already found something.
Accounts connected
to the trusteeships.
That son of a bitch
That's our money.
- Has it been seized yet?
- Not yet.
But when they start studying
the letter of request,
they'll seize the accounts.
You see, Lady Imma,
I don't know where they might end up,
if they start looking.
What should we do?
We have to take all they've found
out of their hands
and make it disappear,
right away.
Let's be frank, I'm a technician,
I can give you technical,
theoretical solutions,
but I'm not advising you
on anything, do you understand?
Lady Imma,
why are you saying that?
I assure you
You can't assure a thing,
absolutely nothing,
it's a risk we can't run.
Lady Imma,
I know I made a huge mistake,
but I can make it right.
So, all the accounts go to your wife,
she gets them unblocked
and we can recover our money
before the State seizes it.
Get a grip on yourself.
Think of the baby on the way.
And that girl too.
I saw her
- You love her, huh?
- Yes.
It shows.
Think you're doing this for them,
it's the only way
to have them live in peace.
Trust me,
it's the only thing to do.
But I give you my word of honor,
they'll never want for a thing.
- Hi, Franco.
- Hi, happy birthday.
- Could you come a moment?
- Sure.
- Has something happened?
- No.
Some trouble at the office,
but it's been resolved.
- Is everything alright?
- Yes, forgive me.
- Let's bring out the cake?
- Yes.
- I'll go get it.
- I'll turn out the lights.
Hey, Mom.
You look tired.
A little.
Now you can rest.
I can't,
I have a visit with your father.
Will you take me?
Can I talk to him?
No, last time was an exception,
it was the first visit.
Only one person can go in.
Okay, you go,
Dad will be happier.
Bye, bye.
Why aren't you going
to the visit?
You gotta go.
You were wrong
to let your mom handle everything,
you gotta talk to your father,
not her,
you gotta give the orders, okay?
- I gotta give the orders?
- Yes.
I'm givin' the orders, right?
Then how come
everyone's telling me what to do?
Genny here, Genny there,
do this, do that
I'm fucking fed up, okay?
I'm giving the orders?
Then I order you
to take my mother to the jail.
Gennaro's a smart guy.
Sure, he still has to grow,
but he'll be a great boss.
Like his father.
I've fixed everything,
you shouldn't worry.
I talked to the lawyer,
I know everything.
I feel tired.
Maybe the time's come
for me to rest.
Is Genny still with that girl?
He's a good guy,
my son's a man now.
I think your son still
can't judge women,
in fact,
I think she's not the right one.
A mother knows certain things.
- I know it
- Imma
He decides.
And there's Ciro,
he knows women.
So I can rest.
I found him in great spirits.
He's got clear ideas.
He has a nice proposal
for you too.
You go to Spain.
you have to go
make the peace with Conte,
so we can start
selling his stuff again.
And that's done.
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