Gomorrah (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Roulette spagnola

Reverent till the Heavenly Gates,
with incense, candles and wax
Truer, lighter
Take my gold chains
or beat me with 'em
But you can't undo it,
brother, tell 'em
What's wrong?
Those words, hear 'em?
Think I need them?
You're worried about Conte?
You think Salvatore Conte
will be glad to see me?
He's waiting with open arms!
I bet he's forgotten
I set fire to his mother's house.
Sure, I'm worried.
Also because
I'm leaving you here alone.
Don't worry about me,
just think about making a deal
with Conte,
when you're back,
we'll take 'em all.
Can I turn it on?
Hurry up or I'll miss my flight.
This way, please.
I need the bathroom.
Can I meet Don Salvatore right away?
I'm taking you to the hotel.
- Hotel?
- That's what they told me.
On Sunday, legislative elections
will be held in Catalonia.
is Javier Lozano Iglesias,
who hopes to bolster
his plan for independence.
But Eulalia Cases y Santos
is sure of winning.
5,4 million Catalans are asked
to make a choice.
Polls will be open
from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
It's all his.
- What do we do now?
- Rest, I'll call you later.
My room no good.
No good, change.
Another room, yes.
Thank you.
Fuck them!
He got here?
I'll tell Don Salvatore.
Okay, change his room.
Who is it?
It's me.
Hide this.
Your phone's off,
I have to talk to you.
Get moving, it's urgent.
- Move!
- I'm comin'.
We got word from our contact.
The money's in and I've decided
you're the only one who can do this.
So, if Ciro makes up with Conte,
we're all set.
- Where's Honduras anyway?
- Near Mexico, Guatemala.
But why me?
This is the beginning,
our name has to be on it.
Gennaro, this thing
is bigger than anything else.
If we pull it off, they'll all
come to us, we'll be the strongest.
And for you too.
They'll finally see who's in charge,
it would be clear you're the boss.
Okay, Mom, I can do it.
My name's Savastano,
I can do it,
we'll be bigger than everybody.
Where are you going?
Come here!
No one can know.
- And Noemi?
- Say you gotta leave.
But don't say where.
This will work only
if nobody knows anything, hear me?
- Okay.
- Not even Ciro.
Not even Ciro.
- Hello?
- Nothing's on today.
What the fuck's that mean?
- What the fuck do I do?
- I don't know, whatever you like.
See you tomorrow.
Wait, honey!
Honey, wait!
What for?
For me to come back,
then we'll be in charge.
You always promise
but never come through.
You said I'd be a queen and look!
Think that's a palace?
Now I even have to wait
- Because when I get back
- When I get back
- You'll be back?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Then leave me a token.
A token?
A token of love.
I'm better off,
I was fed up anyway.
You're a nobody,
they walk all over you.
You're a nobody, just a loser!
The bastards
Pieces of shit!
Those bastards!
Bastards, bastards
Who is it?
- What are you saying?
- A person for you.
In the lobby.
I understand.
- Good morning.
- Now's okay?
The car's out front.
I want to thank him
for the great evening.
See that?
Some of it is his.
That's his too, 25 floors.
This is the most important thing,
the casino.
Pull over.
- Why?
- I gotta pee.
If you don't, I'll pee in the car.
Sightseeing's over,
take me to see Conte, okay?
I have different orders.
I don't give a fuck,
I'm sick of waiting, call him.
Take the phone!
I'll kill you with my own hands,
make it fast!
Call him!
It's me.
We have a problem with the guest.
We're coming.
You got faith?
It's important,
if you got faith,
you're never alone, never afraid.
Without faith
I'd never have got anywhere.
And I have just one person
to thank for this,
who made me see what faith is
My mother.
Do you know her?
Sure you do,
even know where she lives.
Like it?
It's nice like this,
can't see or hear anything.
Pardon me, I've been running
around in circles all morning.
- When can we talk?
- You're in a rush?
I just want to make things right,
and then go back home.
You piece of shit.
You even got a gun!
Even a gun!
I know it was you,
I know it was you.
Who set fire to my mom's house?
- It was an order!
- By another piece of shit like you.
And now you gotta die.
Where the fuck are you going?
You bastards, where are you goin'?
We'll buy it all, Gennaro.
100, 200, 300 kilos
We'll take all they got.
But you set the price,
you gotta be shrewd.
Start at 1.20
but don't go higher than 1.40.
I understand, max is 1.40.
so we sell it to dealers at 30,
they sell at 50
and we push 'em all out,
no more room for anybody.
When you wrap it up, tell me
and I'll take care of the rest.
- And then?
- Then you stay there.
When the shipment leaves there,
the money leaves here.
When the money gets there,
you come back to Naples.
- Why do I have to wait?
- Because you're their guarantee.
If you're there,
that means the money's coming.
This is your contact.
But learn the number by heart,
because this paper's gotta disappear.
Have a good trip
and may the Holy Virgin be with you.
- Bye, Little Baron.
- Bye, Gennaro.
- Lady Imma
- Goodbye.
What is it?
Just like your father.
- I gotta learn this number.
- Good.
EspaƱa Mobil,
the number you dialled
is not available,
try again later
Someone wants to talk to you.
- Hello?
- We can talk tonight.
I'll send for you at 10, okay?
- Okay.
- Good man.
Now we're almost even.
- Almost?
- Yeah.
To be even,
I should make your mother cry too.
I don't have one.
Sit down.
I'd rather stay home at night,
but my money's in it,
so I gotta see.
Like it?
I like it,
but there aren't many people.
Because it's early,
in Spain
people still haven't eaten.
Don Salvatore,
we'd like to settle things.
Yeah, sure,
now that the hashish market's all
mine, they want to settle things.
Pietro Savastano
always treated me like trash,
but you'll all be under me.
Things are changing,
there's some fresh air.
And who's this fresh air, you?
- But especially his son.
- Fatboy?
Nah, his head just
keeps his ears apart.
But he's a good kid
and pays attention to good advice.
I've been trying to call Ciro
since this morning, but no answer,
his phone's off.
What do you want from Ciro?
I wanted to say hello.
- Are you scared?
- No.
Not for me!
For you.
I'm leaving.
Who knows where Ciro is.
There's not just Ciro, you know,
there are lots of people here.
C'mon, go to bed, it's late,
you leave in four hours.
That girl, Noemi
I left her.
You were right,
she was no good for me.
Good, you did well.
What is it?
- Will you miss me a little?
- Good heavens, Gennaro
Of course I will.
Can I have a kiss?
You're too big for kisses!
Mom, I already miss you.
If anything happens,
I'll come right back,
Some have gas,
and others have gas stations.
You have gas,
but we've got gas stations.
We should be friends.
Think I'm hurtin'
without your gas stations?
- Somethin' I haven't got?
- Nothing.
But back home,
no one's better than us,
you know that.
Just think about it.
Will you?
I'll think about it,
I'll go pee and think about it.
Eremenko very angry with you.
Your game dangerous.
What? Can't you see I'm busy?
A piece of shit just followed
Don Salvatore into the toilet.
Never come to my house again
and be an asshole.
Don Salvatore, trouble?
This shithead's threatenin' me
in my own house. Where were you?
Come and see, we got sewer rats
here too, Russians.
Tell me, what exactly
should I be careful of?
Very. Very big and you
Now I'll show you the difference
between me and you,
so you can tell your master.
Stay still!
Get lost!
Go tell your boss.
These fuckin' Russians
they're loaded and they're vicious.
And they think
that's enough to give orders.
They think wrong.
It takes this,
they've got a long way to go.
Don Salvatore, pardon me
My proposal, you still haven't said
what you think.
I still can't see
who's givin' orders in your house.
I can tell you that my word counts.
If we make this agreement now,
you'll have just one problem,
counting our money.
Don Salvatore!
My neck
- Let's go.
- Hey, you're hurtin' me!
Worshipped, if a cop kills me
I get a kick at being hated
The perversion of a good
kid with a gun
Each tattoo is blood
in a frame
And we'll dance in your face
at the club
Genny, be careful!
Be good.
Yes, for Rome is perfect.
But on the first flight.
Thank you.
Fuck 'em all!
We set you up good
and you want to leave?
Wait a minute,
being impulsive is never good.
C'mon down.
They wanted to buy on the north coast
to develop real estate
and to import their drug shipments.
I figured, why leave it to them?
I'll buy it. Fuck the Russians.
But it was a mistake,
we ended up locking horns
and now I'm here
with a crushed vertebra,
wearin' this neck thing like a dog.
I can't wipe them out,
I gotta negotiate.
So I thought,
want to make peace with me?
Do you want my hash?
Then you do the negotiating
with the Russians.
When this thing's over, you and me
will start doing business again.
But it's your deal.
Let's not waste time,
no is not an option.
If you want to go home,
see that asshole Eremenko
and tell him we'll split it.
60 for me, 40 for them.
What's this got to do with me?
You're part, because the Russians
are really pissed off
and I can't afford
to lose one of my own men.
Now I see.
- 60 for you, 40 for them.
- Right.
I'd stand a better chance
in middle of the sea.
You underestimate yourself.
the kid will come for you later.
Take care, Ciro.
Got paper and pen?
Give it here, c'mon.
Make it fast!
Give it here.
Good evening.
This way.
Vitaly Eremenko.
Mr. Conte would like
to settle this thing.
So, he'll leave it?
Then he doesn't want to settle.
We wants to make a deal with you.
Eremenko doesn't share his things.
It depends what he wants to do
with his things.
We've been here for 20 years,
easier if you work with us.
We all win.
It's better to be friends
than fight a war.
What's this?
They're the next
city election winners,
they'll decide who builds what.
Together with the inspectors
on the building commissions,
the public works
licensing officials
We know them all, we pay them.
With them,
any project's already a go.
Without them,
you can buy all the land you want
You'll build 10 years later.
Our friends here
become yours too.
You like games, huh?
These are just candidates.
No one knows who'll win.
But, it's true, you have
more friends here than us
and friends are important.
We split 50-50.
Eremenko likes games too.
Do you know Russian roulette?
But it's an Eremenko variant.
I'm part of the System, if I don't
come back, there's no agreement.
The one who sent you here
knew you might not come back.
You're not very important
for them, Ciro.
Half a chance is better
than no chance.
- 50-50.
- Go!
Watch the light,
when it comes on
- I said 60 for me, 40 for them.
- Salvatore
But 50-50 is better than nothing.
Now you have to keep your word,
bury the hatchet
and the Moroccan comes to us.
I have a better proposition
Come work for me
and I'll change your life.
I'm honoured,
but I already have a house.
- And I give the orders in my house.
- Yeah?
Then why did they send you here
to risk dying?
I feel good in my house.
I hope you always feel that way.
- Hello, Counsellor.
- Hello, Lady Imma.
Why this sudden meeting,
has something happened to Pietro?
Your husband is really angry,
Ciro in Spain and Genny
in South America isn't what he said.
Wait a moment, Counsellor,
I forgot something.
Take your time.
What the fuck do you mean,
Gennaro's not here?
He left.
He left? For where?
I don't know, only Lady Imma
and Little Baron do.
Get moving!
- Where to?
- Savastano's house.
- Are you okay?
- Let's cut the shit.
Just tell me
what the fuck's going on.
What do you mean?
I've always been at your side.
Now you're gone.
And I'm still here.
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