Gomorrah (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Imma contro tutti

Clean those up, they're filthy.
- Hello.
- Giacobone, how are things?
Franco, please,
just give me a month.
You gotta move those, hear me?
What's another month?
Be serious!
I'm going to bed.
Good night, Pa!
Mom, it's Genny.
- How are you?
- Fine, the party was great.
When are you coming back?
I'm still stuck in the jungle,
these guys are worse than gypsies,
they really suck.
- Did they like the gift?
- It still hasn't come.
It's a thousand and one nights gift,
they'll love it.
- A thousand and one?
- It's a thousand and one nights gift.
It's supposed to be a thousand
and three hundred nights!
They've never had anything like it.
- Then they won't let me come home!
- A thousand, that's it!
They won't let me come back!
Maria, wait, stop.
Want to come home with me?
Do you?
Come with me,
I won't hurt you.
Have you got a name?
Or do we baptize you too?
We'll baptize you too, okay?
I called you here
because there's important news.
The first shipment's on its way.
Shouldn't we wait for Ciro?
He wasn't invited.
If we ask the price I say,
one euro a gram,
the stuffs good, shipping's smooth,
we'll be on top.
We'll cut prices by 20%.
You're sure, Lady Imma?
They'll all be against us.
That's a risk we have to take.
And I want new dealing spots,
places the cops don't know.
You must win them over.
We're going to be filling
these people's streets
with junkies and cops.
If the people like you,
they'll let you in
when the cops come.
Don't worry,
there are lots of new places.
I'll send one of my kids
You and I are going.
- Can I talk to you?
- Not now, I'm busy.
May I at least know why
I wasn't invited to the meeting?
Wait for me.
Stay calm.
I've got a good opportunity
for you too.
That's what I wanted to know,
I'll be waiting.
Fine, I'll let you know.
Let's go, buddy!
- This is the place.
- Nice!
- Like it?
- Yes.
This place's guaranteed,
I know some people here.
See all those storage places?
They're empty, been condemned,
we'll take them all,
it just needs a look-out there,
someone on the balconies,
someone on the roof
and the cops won't be able
to arrest anyone, it's a fortress.
Excuse me.
Imma Savastano?
- Yes.
- My pleasure, Luca Giacobone.
Could I speak to you a moment?
What a view!
You have a very interesting view.
- What did you want?
- Please sit down.
Do you know Franco Martucci?
They call him Lollipop.
He's a loan shark, I know him.
My father had a bridal shop.
He hit hard times
and Lollipop lent him
20,000 euros.
After one month,
he wanted the interest,
and after three months
he asked for 70,000 euros
and two weeks ago
Pa shot himself in the head.
Everyone here knows who you are,
that's why I'm asking
for your help.
What can I do?
Tell this man
we don't have anything.
- Lady Imma, hello.
- Hello, Franco.
Has something happened?
To what do I owe this honor?
- Nothing's happened. May I sit?
- Please.
Thank you.
I'm here in the name
of a very decent girl,
who's just lost her father.
His name was Giacobone,
know who I mean?
Of course!
She's a dirty lesbian, filthy.
Her father was a deadbeat
who couldn't keep
his accounts in order.
He owed me 70,000 euros.
Now that deadbeat
thought the debt would go away
if he died?
No, no.
Just how much interest
does this family owe?
First it was 50%,
then it went to 70%.
So, that's how it works, huh?
We risk jail
and you make money off us.
Listen good, Lollipop
Listen good
because I won't repeat it.
From now on the rules
have changed,
- Hello.
- Hello, Ciro.
- I've got good news for you.
- Finally!
You'll be running
the new dealing spot.
The selling spot?
- That's it for now.
- Not for me, it's a kid's job!
Get all the kids you need.
I think I deserve more, don't you?
It's the best thing for you now.
You have two days
to get the spot open.
Want some time to think it over?
- So?
- Gennaro's gotta come back quick.
- Why?
- That whore will ruin me!
- What happened?
- He'll kill me if I don't pay.
- Aren't these glasses cool?
- Yeah, great!
They're from the NATO base,
original American shades.
There he is!
Lady Imma,
this is no way to treat me,
I'm not one of your kids.
Want to see the way
you should be treated?
Zecchinetta, give me a light.
- Hey!
- Hello.
Hi, Ma!
This kid will be
at our window for a few days.
- Why?
- Immacolata Savastano sent me.
What for?
If I may, I'll just take
a chair and sit here.
- You gotta a leak?
- Yes.
I'll send someone to fix it.
Thank you, how nice!
There's a beautiful view,
it looks like Posillipo!
And you can see great
if the cops come.
I'll be here six hours,
so could you make coffee?
Hear me?
All okay!
Faster, com' on!
Come on, come on
Put it here Careful!
Move that thing, c'mon!
Help the lady.
They'll be here all day,
go get 'em some drinks.
- Ciro, there's a car.
- It's closed, no one gets through.
Go around!
Com' on, get moving!
Check the other side.
All okay.
All okay!
- Can I help you?
- No, thank you.
Com' on,
we gotta work tonight!
Wow, Marta,
they're beautiful!
Pa had good taste.
Why get rid of them?
Because Ma doesn't wanna
work here.
- So you can.
- Me? No way!
My father died wishin' that.
Well, okay.
We have to find someone
to buy them.
I'm sure we'll find
a buyer for the shop.
Thank you.
It's closed here!
Get off the scooter.
- Leave it and walk.
- Back up!
Goin' okay?
Wait here.
Make it fast!
Your turn.
- Keep your eyes open!
- Open your hand.
Open your hand.
Stay calm!
You gotta wait! Be quiet!
Com' on, keep quiet!
Get the money ready.
No yelling,
you'll have the cops on us.
I need a fix, fuck you!
You're a fucking pain!
You gotta keep quiet.
People are sleeping.
- Faster!
- Don't worry.
Open up.
Careful with the money!
Close it!
They gotta be quiet!
- What can we do?
- They gotta shut up!
Who's that?
You're pissin' me off!
I'll open your skull
and piss in it, shut up.
Open the door, fast!
No yellin'!
- Fuck off!
- Ciro!
Calm down.
- You know what happened last night?
- No.
They broke the statue
of the Virgin Mary.
Don't worry,
I'll handle it for you.
I'll take care of it myself.
Lady Imma, I gotta tell you
something important.
You've heard from Genny?
I can't get through to him,
but they found a male body.
- Do they know?
- He's a white guy.
And that
it was found in pieces.
I think they're just bluffing.
It doesn't make sense for them
to break our deal.
But we can change the offer,
if you want.
the offer stands.
It's okay!
Come on, buddy.
Lady Imma, hello,
come and see what happened.
- Hello.
- Hello, Lady Imma.
We're desperate,
we can't take any more.
- Look, they broke the statue.
- It's horrible.
Help us.
Tomorrow I'll get you
a new statue of the Virgin Mary.
Alright? Goodbye.
Lady Imma,
I'd like you to meet my daughter,
could you come a moment?
Let's go.
Come on.
Ciro, can you come,
I gotta talk to you!
- About what?
- I brought the pay, it's inside.
- You brought it to me?
- Want it or not? It's inside.
- Lady Imma, this is my daughter.
- Hi.
Wait here.
- She made this herself.
- Thank you.
We have to find this girl a job,
she needs one, she wants to work.
You can help, if you want.
Don't worry,
I already have an idea.
- Make room!
- Guys, dessert time!
Tell Lady Imma next time
we'll dole out the money ourselves.
She said to tell you,
no chaos at night.
2000 people come every day,
there's bound to be some chaos.
Lady Imma's orders.
Tell her we're doing a good job
and we want bonuses.
- Right!
- For now, no bonuses.
- What's your name anyway?
- Luca.
- Name's Luca!
- Are you male or female?
- Got a dick?
- I'll bet yours is tiny.
I'll lay it in your hand!
Don't embarrass yourself!
What makes a man is this,
not this.
Knock it off!
Make it fast,
I'm already sick of you!
We gotta do things right,
Go get me my car,
I'll be right there.
No one can say
we make trouble, okay?
I don't want problems
and especially ruckus at night.
When you ride your scooter
don't cover your face
with a helmet.
In the car at night, hands on the
wheel and inside lights on, always.
- Hear me?
- You're right.
- Okay?
- Sure!
You get it, they were after me!
They wanted to kill me!
We're with you.
I said we'd anger our competitors.
You've all got to stay calm.
I'll wage this war myself
even without you.
- They tried to knock me off.
- It's not about you.
I'll do things myself this time.
What are you talking about?
Think they were out for you?
Ciro di Marzio, they could
care less about you, understand?
They have it in for us,
the whole Savastano clan.
We can't stand here like cowed dogs,
we gotta react
and hit hard.
They say it was the Martone brothers.
I know them both,
I'll go for them with Rosario.
- Malamò will do it.
- Me too!
You'll do what I say!
Go take care of the dealing spot.
The meeting's over.
Come on, Maria.
We're leaving!
See Her light down here
Open your heart to her love
And keep it with you
Got a needle and a tourniquet?
Ciro, we've just got off duty.
- We're behind.
- There's the procession.
- How did it go?
- Not good.
Yeah, with all this commotion!
- Goodbye.
- Take care.
I want no problems
during the procession,
but then we gotta work harder,
or our numbers will be down.
Aren't you sleeping?
Yes, I am.
I'm just a little tired.
You look run down.
Genny's causing me some worry.
You know your son, don't you?
For a few weeks now,
I haven't understood anything,
I want to know
if I'm doing okay with him.
Am I making mistakes
with our son?
I had a dream.
- A dream?
- I dreamed! I could fly.
You were with me.
There were lots of animals
below us,
there were lions
and Genny too.
He was still riding a bicycle!
Genny's a good boy, isn't he?
He's a good boy.
Don't be afraid.
don't worry,
I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid!
Let me out of here!
Help me, please!
- Give it here!
- Count it good.
- Hurry!
- Grab it all.
Get the dope!
Com' on, get out!
Close it!
Run, Salvatore!
Move this.
Put the stuff in there.
Let's go!
Lock it, Rosa!
After another Camorra-style
bloody murder,
the police tightens its grip
in northern Naples,
especially in the drug-dealing
The drug market might be
the backdrop
for the death of Marta Giacobone,
who was chased down
in broad daylight
and savagely murdered
in a butcher shop.
The young woman may have been
caught in a settling of scores
We'll set up a meeting,
no war yet.
If they want to kill us,
they'll have to hear me first.
Are you sure?
That's a statement of weakness!
I said
a meeting when and where they like,
even on their turf.
Don Pietro Savastano
would never have accepted this.
And where's Gennaro?
Is he alive, dead?
Where the fuck is he?
What's it to you?
What can Gennaro do for you?
Do you think when Gennaro's back,
things will change for you?
You'll stay where I put you.
Now, get out.
Good evening.
I want no war,
no bloodshed,
or attention from the police,
I want my son's hard work
in Honduras acknowledged.
We have the best goods in the world
at give-away prices
and it comes in regularly,
and all this,
thanks to my son Genny.
If you like,
we can sell it to you,
at an advantageous price for all.
But we're the ones
who did the dirty work,
and so we make the rules,
and that's that.
If you want,
you can even decide
to go to war.
I know what you're thinking.
You split the world into
those who don't kill
and those who do.
And, because I'm a woman,
you think I'm in the first group.
You're wrong.
I should kill you too.
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