Gomorrah (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

La scheda bianca

Hey, Genny!
All good?
I haven't slept for two days.
Still got jet lag?
My nerves.
- All good?
- He looks great!
How are you?
- Genny, you're skinny!
- Let me say hi?
Guys, get to work!
Get goin'!
I'm glad to see you.
What's new?
You've been back three days
but show up now?
I had to unwind.
- Wanna go out?
- No.
I'm gettin' some of my guys,
got things to settle.
- It's a problem?
- No problem.
- Bye, Ciro!
- Gennaro
We gotta talk.
Life's shit with all these junkies,
it's not my thing.
We gotta talk, okay?
Bye, Ciro!
Gennaro, what's up?
- All good?
- We gotta talk.
Sit down, do a line.
Where've you been?
Get rid of this shit.
I said we gotta talk.
Sure, okay.
Could you all leave?
Thank you.
So, it's important!
You have to run
for Mayor of Giugliano.
Easy, why not President of Italy!
What's so funny?
What's so funny?
You're serious?
Fabbretti's a shitty old man,
we need fresh blood,
young people like you.
But Fabbretti's ours,
we've always supported him.
What man are you?
Got no dignity?
I'm in City Council with 900 votes,
where the fuck can I go?
Fabbretti's got 30,000 votes,
why should I lose face?
With me, you'll never lose face.
Look at me!
You're a good kid,
everybody in Giugliano likes you.
Tomorrow we'll get your
pictures out,
we'll put young, fresh names
on the lists.
Then we'll find who controls the
votes, you know 'em, we'll get 'em.
Do I have a choice?
What do you think?
Okay, let's try it!
It's no try.
I'll make you mayor,
but you gotta be convinced.
Tomorrow I'll be convinced,
but now I want some blow.
- Bye, Michele.
- Bye, Genny.
Let's go.
Shut up,
I don't want to hear you.
We better not talk
or it'll end up bad.
No, we're going to talk.
What's the problem?
- Think I took your place?
- I don't want to hear you!
Guys, fried fish for everybody?
We gotta wait for Lady Imma.
No waitin' for anybody,
you talk to me from now on.
And make it fast, I'm busy.
Okay, we'll start now.
The stuff you got from Honduras
gave us total control of the market.
We gotta thank you
for the work you did.
Gennaro, is that you?
- Haven't seen you for 10 years!
- Mino, all good?
I got out of jail two weeks ago.
Now I'm a dishwasher.
You gotta help me out,
I don't want to stay here!
I'm busy now, we'll talk later.
Me and him went to school together.
Remember we called you
Red Pepper?
Because he was fat
and got red in the face.
Remember or not?
I do,
but I'm busy now,
I'll come see you.
Where were we?
I see you invited Ciro too,
recently he's been kept away
from the big deals.
Ciro's one of your best friends
and I think he should be
closer to you now.
Are you sending your friends
to bat for you?
Gennaro, we all got experience
out on the streets,
we grew with your father.
Instead of this shit,
let's talk serious.
Elections are coming up
in Giugliano.
They'll be building
a transportation hub.
We're covered,
Fabbretti's the mayor.
Five hundred walk-in refrigerators,
a multiplex, bowling lanes,
even a police station,
a train station
6,000 jobs.
We'll get some too!
Fabbretti's always given us our cut.
I'm not splittin' anymore,
I want it all!
It's not just us,
everybody's gotta eat!
It's all paid for.
Mino, come here!
This guy will ruin us!
What the fuck did you do?
And now?
- Where do we dump him?
- Take the gun.
You'll take care of it, Ciro?
Do it right.
This guy's gone nuts!
Let's go.
- Gennaro!
- Wait.
This is our time,
we waited years
and you treat me like shit!
You've forgotten all I did for you?
We're brothers.
I haven't forgotten,
but we're not brothers,
I'm Pietro's son, not you,
it's my turn now.
Sure, but I want to be close to you.
No, if you're close to me,
nothing will change.
I gotta show those old guys
I can make it on my own.
Be careful,
on your own, you'll sink.
Don't be angry,
but it's my turn now.
There are 3,000 flyers
and 500 posters.
They gotta go up all over Giugliano.
Split the neighborhoods,
I don't want to see Fabbretti's face.
Where do we start?
That's my neighborhood,
they all know I'm running.
This area's got money,
Communists, students
How do you stand there?
I don't.
Then let's get moving!
C'mon, guys!
- Hi, Daniele.
- Hi.
- Hi!
- Hey, kid! Your boss?
He's not here yet.
- Can I leave it with you?
- Sure.
- Are you good?
- I'm the best with Triumphs!
It won't run.
Must be the spark plugs.
- Will you check it out?
- Okay.
- I'm trusting you with it, careful.
- Any time!
- Bye, Daniele.
- Goodbye.
Who's this guy?
Gateano Salerno,
a developer and a family friend.
They haven't let him work
for two years, he's furious.
Good, the madder they are,
the better for us.
Fabbretti made me promises,
I brought him 3,000 votes.
He said we'd split
all the contracts
Fair, the fuck!
That's why we're here.
I'm asking your support
for my candidacy.
Support? No deals!
I'm making no deals anymore,
I've been fucked too much.
- You have my word of honour.
- Honour? What honour?
I haven't made a fuckin' cent
in two years!
Maybe you don't see
the transportation hub
- It might not happen.
- It will happen.
And when we win,
I'll let you do the whole thing.
And go against Fabbretti?
No, we go against everybody,
but if we win, we take it all.
A damn dog bit me, look.
I disinfected it.
Try mercurachrome,
there's no infection, you're alright.
- You're candidate for Mayor?
- Yes.
I'm managing
Michele Casillo's candidacy.
You got 7,000 votes last election,
I could use those.
I've been on the City Council for 10
years, always on the same side,
and it's not yours.
But the lists
haven't been presented yet.
- You'll always have a place with me.
- Wasting your time.
I know you re a good person.
I'm not asking you
to side with your enemies,
but to side with me
against your enemies,
who are buryin' the city.
We're in incompatible alliances.
There are still alliances?
Let's be frank,
I know who you are
and where you come from.
If the wound were deeper,
it'd get my ulna and radial, right?
Doc, I'm ignorant,
but I do know a few things.
There's a spot for you
till the last moment, okay?
Have a good day, Doctor.
Your name's Jessica, right?
- Who told you?
- Mutual friends.
My name's Genny.
- Are you from Giugliano?
- No.
- What do you want?
- I want to tell you you're beautiful.
- Yeah, sure
- Wait.
Will you be here tomorrow night?
- Why?
- I'll wait, we can hang out.
We'll see, bye.
- Grass is better.
- What is it, nougat? What's that?
This is chocolate!
- You don't know shit!
- It's good for Halloween!
Daniele, you hit it rich?
- Do your feet touch?
- Nice motorcycle!
- Whose is it?
- Ciro's.
Ciro lets you ride around
on his motorcycle?
- I fixed the spark plugs.
- Get off.
- Let me ride it.
- Get off!
Shut up, okay?
- Stay still!
- It's ours now!
Be a good kid.
Don't worry, relax.
What's botherin' you?
Quiet, don't move!
Now he'll get hurt.
- Hello!
- Hello.
I have the signatures
supporting my candidacy.
- 500 signatures?
- 850, so I've no worries.
Take your hands off me!
what the fuck are you doing?
Don't you dare touch me.
What's it mean,
you have a fuckin' list?
- Don't touch me!
- You shit, I'll bust your face.
I'll bust your face.
- They swiped the signatures.
- Who?
I always gotta do everything?
- What fucking manners!
- It's urgent.
I'm busy.
I'm Gennaro Savastano,
I want those signatures.
So it's the Savastanos
behind this mess?
- C'mon, let me talk to your mother.
- You gotta talk to me!
And tell that asshole friend of yours
it's a miracle
that I put him on the City Council.
He should kiss my ring.
Go on, get out!
I want those signatures!
Don't you see what you're doing?
It fell.
It fell?
It's my fault, I took it last night.
I'll fix it up, give me two days.
You make me laugh!
Bomber told me everything.
It fell
I'm looking for a kid I can trust,
I need a runner.
You ride around Naples,
deliverin' stuff.
And, if you do it right
Like the motorcycle?
I'll give it to you.
What do you say?
- Are you up for it?
- Yes.
I can trust you?
You can.
I'm busy now.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
- I have to go.
- Wait.
I really have to go.
Good night.
- It's 1 o'clock.
- I know, Dad.
What's that mean?
Doc, don't be angry with her,
it was our first date.
It was my fault.
Good night.
Hi, Gennaro.
Good evening.
Why mess up everything?
Fabbretti's no good for you anymore?
The mayor did something wrong?
Michele Casillo
is younger and better prepared.
Gennaro, I'll be undersecretary
of transportation this year.
If we manage to build the hub here,
it's thanks to me.
Whatever you need, ask me directly.
You don't need the mayor
to get what you need.
You're doing me a favor?
If you are who you are,
it's thanks to Dad.
Does your father know
what you're doing?
Dad's in maximum security,
I'm givin' the orders now.
Then let's talk straight,
I don't care at all
about the mayor of Giugliano.
Many friends would like you
to re-think this.
It will put people against us
who, for years,
have been at your father's side,
reliable people who like you.
I understand you,
you're young,
you want to do things
I should blow your brains out
just for making me waste time.
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- You're sure?
I'll call you later.
- You'll call me?
- You bet.
I have to go,
Hello, Doctor.
What are you up to?
What the fuck do you want?
I don't know what you've heard
about me and my family,
but the people talkin',
are jealous.
I really care about Jessica.
I don't know what else to say.
Have a good day.
If a person has to walk a half mile
to get to my shop,
they'll just drive
to the supermarket!
I know very well
you've lost lots of customers.
Excuse me a moment.
All the small businesses are with us.
- It's not enough, we're under.
- What?
We're working well,
the parish is with us
and the Association of the Bearers
for the Feast of St. Stephen,
I have an appointment
at the Sports Center tomorrow.
Fabbretti got 64%
of the votes last time.
We can't even get the votes
from the Left.
How many are there, 24?
What the fuck's so funny?
If we lose, we're done for.
- I'm doing the impossible.
- It's not enough.
You gotta go door-to-door
for the votes, understand?
- I understand.
- Get moving!
Get moving
I organized
a campaign dinner for you,
I have important friends
who can help you.
- I wanted to show you this place.
- I want nothin' from you.
- You're done makin' mistakes with me.
- What mistakes?
C'mon, talk!
It's like you want to kill me,
what the fuck did I do!
You don't understand?
I'll tell you.
In Honduras I was in a shack
with an American who talked
all the time because he was scared.
And your money wasn't coming.
One night the Hondurians
put a machete in my hand
and were yelling,
kill him, kill him
I prayed
someone would save me,
that you'd come to save me,
but no one came.
They kept yelling,
kill him or we'll kill you.
And so I did it,
I started with his head first,
then his arms, his hands.
I chopped him to pieces.
Now do you see?
If it weren't for me, you'd still be
a kid shadowing Ciro.
I sent you there
so you'd learn to negotiate
and I think it was useful,
don't you?
2000 votes,
That's what I can do.
I don't understand, Doctor,
be clear.
I won't run,
I'll try to pass
all my votes to you,
although it's impossible
to pass them all.
But, in exchange, promise you'll
never see my daughter again.
Think I'm some cesspool?
No, I don't think anything.
I made you an offer,
say yes or no.
And they say we're the shits!
Tomorrow I'll call
my patients one by one.
Take your hands off me.
We'll talk about it
when the polls close.
Get out.
There he is, move!
Excuse me, are you in charge of
the polling station?
Listen good,
the day before the elections
you'll go to the bathroom window
and throw us a clean ballot.
Turn him over.
Do you understand
what my friend said?
Bomber, let's go, get the scooter!
He understands.
I must greet the other guests.
Please excuse me.
the Maturano brothers are over there,
they know tons of people.
If you don't want to, I can go.
Let's go.
Good for you!
Get back to work.
Don't worry,
the polls show me in the lead.
Ma'am, no mistakes please.
- Hey!
- You can't be here.
- Why not?
- No candidates in here.
- Let's not make a fuss now
- Out, hear me?
Want mayhem in here?
Get out, or I'll make the mayhem.
Now I see what you're doing,
you were right.
You're proving
it's all in your hands,
everyone has to respect you.
I'm here,
I'm your most trusted friend, you
don't have to prove a thing to me,
I'm always on your side,
even if you lose.
I won't.
Make it fast!
- Station two.
- Thank you.
This was the first projection.
Figures are still incomplete
regarding Giugliano,
but the few stations still missing
can't change the outcome,
which is showing a surprising
victory by candidate Casillo,
who has a clear advantage over
incumbent Mayor Fabbretti
Hey, Mr. Mayor!
Where the fuck are you?
We have to celebrate.
I know.
- Call the whole group.
- And you?
I have to settle some business,
see you later.
I have an hour,
I said I was going to a girlfriend's.
We have to celebrate.
- Hello?
- I told Jessica it's over.
Thank you.
But first I fucked her
and came in her mouth
so she won't get pregnant.
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