Gomorrah (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Gelsomina Verde

- Hi!
- Is this any time to come to work?
- Cool, huh?
- It's noon, Daniele!
- What's to do?
- The Enduro.
Gotta be ready for tonight.
This project's important for us,
a cultural focal point
What a pain, Michele!
Relax, you're the Mayor now.
We know it's important,
especially for us, right?
- How do we organize?
- Your companies, but our workers.
I had to make lots of promises
to get this jerk elected.
Just leave us the multiplex
and bowling alley.
I have to talk to Conte,
but I don't think it'll be a problem.
There is one problem
- The Romano brothers.
- The car showroom?
The showroom sits
right in the middle of everything.
Where is he?
Wasn't that your job?
I went, they said
the showroom's untouchable,
it was their father's,
rest his soul.
Ciro, will you take care of it?
- Yeah.
- It's settled.
He'll crack his head someday.
His head's too hard.
- Who is he?
- An idiot.
- My boyfriend cute, isn't he?
- Yeah.
Gennaro thinks he's God,
he thinks he's like his father.
He's bosom buddies with Conte
and all the other families.
He'll never budge!
How's things? How's Don Salvatore?
You know him,
he prays and works, works and prays.
Is he pleased with the set up?
Who isn't!
Glad to hear it.
We all should be pleased, right?
Say hello for me.
Let's go, Rosario.
- Ciro wants you.
- Now?
- Another trip?
- No, it's something different.
I'll be right back.
- Where are you going?
- Let go!
I pay you to work,
not to go around.
Mom's sick, I have to go.
Don't worry, the scooter
will be ready for tomorrow.
I gotta shoot?
One thing at a time.
Here, go have fun.
Why don't we have a drink tonight?
Is he a fag?
I have a family,
don't you have a girlfriend?
Course! Look.
- Lemme see.
- Her name's Manu.
Pretty, isn't she?
Go screw Manu!
I have something important
for you tomorrow.
Whatever you want.
- Come down.
- Where we goin'?
We'll ride around.
- Dad won't let me out.
- We'll be back early.
I have school tomorrow.
C'mon, we'll get a pizza,
I'll talk to your dad.
Sure, right
Okay, see you tomorrow?
You haven't been home for 15 days.
How could I, Mom? I was working.
Stay the night, at least.
I can't, I have to be
in Marbella tomorrow.
- My boss will get pissed.
- Conte not a good guy!
- Why? You don't know him.
- I know what you're up to.
C'mon, I never get to see you
and when I do, you cry.
C'mon, Mom.
I'll be back soon, promise.
Bye, Mom.
- How are you?
- Fine. Things okay at work?
Great, my boss likes me,
says I got a career.
He'll promote you to chief runner.
- You screwin' with me?
- Me? No!
I'll kick your ass, idiot!
I gotta go.
Take care of Mom,
she's stressed-out.
No fuckin' around, okay?
- Don't worry.
- Bye, Daniele.
There he is, let's make it fast!
Take off!
The Romano brothers are done.
Tonino, you know what Dad said?
I've got war in my head.
But he has a head for war.
What's that mean?
You're a good soldier.
Thank you, Ciro.
Tell Salvatore we can come
to an agreement on everything.
This song is dedicated
to the party girl, with best wishes.
Did you hear? He gave Bomber
Piscinola, the whole market.
- He did?
- Yeah.
He's only 19!
- And so?
- Nothing.
But we fought all Don Pietro's wars
and we're still here.
Be thankful, you could end up
like Attilio and all the others.
That piece of shit!
He said I'm a soldier.
Soldiers are only good in war.
So, want to wage war all alone?
Alone? Aren't you with me?
Sure I am.
As a kid at the orphanage,
you know what the nuns said?
An earthquake is God's will,
it does the Earth good,
like when a person's sick
the fever builds up, builds up,
until either it breaks
or he dies.
That's why an earthquake
is a good thing.
An applause for the party girl,
and our best wishes.
Rosario, call Danielino,
he's gotta do somethin'
What did you think at the showroom
the other day?
Nothin', it's not my business.
- No effect on you?
- No.
Maybe if you'd done the shooting,
it would have.
You're asking me to shoot?
- Can you?
- How do I know!
Can you? Let's see.
Show me what you can do.
Aim there.
Think you're in a movie?
Straight, head up.
Your arm straight, like this!
Hold your breath.
I got it.
- One out of two, good!
- Let me try again.
- You'd like to?
- Yeah.
That's enough!
You want to shoot
but just at bottles?
Or really shoot?
Shootin' a man is different,
you gotta get close.
I bet it scares you.
- It doesn't?
- No.
Good kid.
That's him,
see him?
Who is he? What did he do?
He's nobody,
just a piece of shit
who won't pay his debts.
His name's Tonino Russo,
we explained it calmly,
but he won't see.
Now Gennaro's pissed off,
says that's it.
He says it's gotta be done
tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night?
When no one's around,
you come here, waste him
and go right back home, okay?
Go back home.
Then call me
and we'll go for a beer.
- You're scared shitless?
- Me? No way!
I trust you,
just me knows you can do it,
but don't tell anybody, okay?
This is just an advance.
Take it.
The rest when it's done.
This is just the start.
Let's go!
- Hey, O' Track!
- Look who's here!
- Gimme another.
- He's already stoned!
- Me?
- Lay off!
- Just one more.
- Don't give it to him.
I'll do this.
- Open your mouth.
- You love it!
- Bro!
- Daniele, all good?
- Yeah, and you?
- Just great.
- Who are you with?
- Some friends.
Okay, I see.
- You're with Genny Savastano?
- Yeah, I work for him now.
- Yeah?
- Come on, you can meet him.
Genny, I'd like you meet
a friend of mine.
Nice to meet you, Bruno.
What do you do for him?
What do you think?
Hey, stupid, come here.
- Your hands are a mess.
- I give shampoos all day.
- But they smell good.
- Yours are disgusting.
Now you're okay.
If I don't take care of you
What are you doing?
Can we be together tonight?
- How can I?
- C'mon, I want to be with you.
Not tonight,
but Dad's not around tomorrow.
Aren't you happy?
It's a ring in rose gold,
with pure diamond.
Okay, that's just right.
- I'll pay cash.
- Alright.
C'mon in.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
After you kill him, get rid of it.
If you still have it
on the motorcycle, go slow,
if you get stopped,
it's trouble, okay?
Speaking of motorcycles,
I made you a promise.
Watch yourself.
Daniele, what's wrong?
Nothing, it's cold.
What is it, you didn't like it?
I loved it.
Look what I found.
- For you.
- Really?
- Will you marry me?
- You're crazy.
Answer, will you marry me?
The killers surprised him outside
this warehouse, they followed him,
killed him and fled.
The murderers,
according to eye-witnesses,
were two, they wore helmets
to hide their faces.
A significant death, an important
murder, that of Tonino Russo,
a man with a criminal record,
a major figure in the Conte clan.
A murder which almost certainly,
investigators say,
could unleash a new wave of blood,
innocent blood
Just a minute.
Why didn't you say
he wasn't a nobody?
I didn't want you
under too much pressure.
You were good,
where are you now?
I'm on the Domiziana,
near Castelvolturno, with Manu.
Doing what?
Why didn't you go right home?
I couldn't stay at home.
Yeah, I understand.
Now do this,
go straight home,
I'll give you the other 500.
So, we can call it even.
I'll be waitin'.
Manu, I gotta go,
I'll call you later.
You're leaving me here?
I'll come for you.
Do we wait for him all night?
- Got somethin' to do?
- Just want to know
- We have to wait and that's it.
- And when we find him?
No trouble.
- We mustn't scare him.
- We'll make him laugh!
What happened?
- Will you get my girlfriend?
- Your girlfriend?
You don't know her,
her name's Manu, she's at Bar Italia.
Manu, don't worry,
everything's okay.
Bruno, a friend of mine,
will come get you.
I can't explain now,
I'll give you his number,
then I'll turn my phone off.
I'm in trouble, they got me
involved, now they want to kill me.
What the fuck did you do?
Ciro Di Marzio
had me kill a big shot.
Shut up, I don't wanna know.
You gotta help me, still got
a place where I can sleep?
Don't get me involved!
You know my grandma's lot?
There's a shack with tools,
the key's on the door-frame.
But just for tonight.
You never talked to me,
we never said anything.
This is a recording,
the number you have dialled
is temporarily unavailable.
This is a recording,
the number you have dialled
Bruno, it's Manu,
Daniele's girlfriend,
I'm waiting at Bar Italia.
Bruno, where are you?
I'm still waiting.
Are you Manu,
Daniele's girlfriend?
Are you Bruno?
That's me, get in.
Where's Daniele?
Maybe you didn't understand
what I asked.
- Where's Daniele?
- I don't know.
I'll ask you again,
where's Daniele?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
C'mon, you know!
It's true that you know?
Where the fuck is he?
Want to go home or not?
Where the fuck is he?
Where is he?
- And Manu?
- She wasn't there.
- Didn't she call?
- My phone's dead.
She wasn't where you said.
You gotta leave,
I'm scared to death.
Not one of you
can tell me who did it?
You're just a bunch of assholes.
Find him, get him
and bring him to me.
What do they say?
Fuckin' nothin'.
It's gotta be Gennaro Savastano.
Send flowers to the family
and bring me that guy,
el trasportista, what's his name?
- Massimo.
- Good.
Send him to me.
We're goin' back to Naples.
Hi it's Manu,
I can't answer, call later.
At first, the murder
was thought to be
in retaliation
for the killing of Tonino Russo,
but then investigators discovered
that the charred body
inside the vehicle was a woman,
a very young woman.
The victim's identity is not known,
the only clue to her identification
is the presence, inside the car,
of a crown-shaped ring
with diamonds.
As they try to unravel
the identity of this girl,
found charred,
investigators are wondering,
if there's a connection
between Tonino Russo's murder
and this girl's.
I pray, give me the strength
to protect my family,
that's why I pray to you Lord,
hear my prayer, Oh God.
Our father, who art in heaven
- Hello?
- Massimo, it's me.
Little bro, I can't talk now,
I'm workin'.
I'll call you later.
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