Gomorrah (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Ora facciamo i Conte

Nourish my soul with
your wisdom
and my rifle with
your divine will.
Make my sight sharper,
my foot surer
on the sacred paths
of the homeland.
When future soldiers march
abreast in the ranks,
may I feel the beating
of their faithful hearts.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee,
blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the
fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and in the hour
of our death. Amen.
Put my music on.
At first, the murder
was thought to be
in retaliation
for the killing of Tonino Russo,
but then investigators
discovered the charred body
inside the vehicle was
a young woman,
a very young woman.
The victim's identity
is not known,
the only clue to
her identification
is the presence,
inside the car,
of a crown-shaped ring
with diamonds.
Investigators are wondering
if there is a connection
between Tonino Russo's murder
and this girl's.
The only certainty is
the Camorra killers
don't even respect
their distorted codes of honor,
no one is safe from their violence.
- Who did it, Gennaro?
- I don't know.
Look me in the eye.
You don't know a thing
about these murders?
- And your men?
- I said I don't know!
Then go tell them,
and they'd better believe you.
Salvatore Conte won't let
his man's death get by easily.
Wait here, I'll be right back.
Fill it up, please.
I didn't answer before
because I'm working.
Have you heard from Danielino?
Today? You're sure?
Your brother
didn't come home last night.
His girlfriend's father
came by this morning.
Mom, you gotta understand,
he's no kid anymore.
You might even be a
grandmother now.
Take care of yourself, Massimo.
And call me.
Don't worry.
I'm working now.
Okay, bye.
What's he doin' here?
Hello, Ma'am.
May I talk to you?
I'm sorry
for what happened to Tonino.
I swear, it's like
they killed one of my own family.
- It's like a real cigarette?
- Like shit to a doughnut.
But you stay healthy at least.
I don't give a fuck about health.
Then why did you quit smoking?
Every year I give up
something I really like.
Why's that?
The man who can do without
everything is scared of nothing.
We gotta find out who killed Tonino
Russo or who knows what'll happen.
There's even
that charred girl they found.
We gotta figure it out
and spread the word
we had nothing to do with either one.
I even talked to his wife,
I said we had nothing to do with it,
but I think she didn't believe me and
now Salvatore Conte's comin' back.
We're the first to lose, clear?
I don't give a fuck.
That Gennaro went to Tonino's house
doesn't mean anything.
I want the truth,
not what that asshole said or did.
One of my brothers
and a girl were killed
and no one knows nothin'.
A girl too?
Think it was Savastano?
I left a bunch of idiots
in Naples
who can't even find their dicks
in their jocks.
I didn't find him.
Stick to Bruno, his friend,
but no trouble,
we've already done enough,
and no fuck-ups,
like leaving the ring on the girl.
We gotta find him.
We gotta find him
or we're fucked,
Will you answer
that fuckin' phone?
No, sorry,
it's nothing important.
Daniele, I can't talk.
Wait, don't hang up.
I'm working.
- Don't get pissed.
- Then you don't understand?
No, you don't.
I really fucked up big.
Tell me later,
I can't talk now.
Call Mom, she's worried.
Massimo, I can't,
I can't call anyone.
Okay, I'll call you
as soon as I can.
That was my brother
- How are these Greek sea breams?
- Good, like ours.
The poor fish
gets all the way to Greece,
but it's pointless.
- Here, Ma'am, goodbye.
- Thank you.
- Can I help you?
- Do you know Danielino?
Know where I can find him?
I'm talkin' to you!
Outta my way!
Have you talked to him lately?
Yeah, a few days ago,
he asked me for a favour,
but I was busy.
He's got new friends now,
we're out of touch.
If you hear from him,
tell him Ciro wants to talk.
I wouldn't want to see him
get in any trouble
If he calls, I'll tell you,
but we're really
not in touch anymore.
Don't worry.
You'll say when you want to stop?
You gotta call your brother?
No, I say it for you.
If you're hungry, thirsty
I'm hungry.
Take this exit.
Average height
Dark hair, blue eyes.
Nothing to make you think
What's happened?
The jeweller recognized the ring.
- I should kill you for this.
- I'd like to myself.
Now they'll all know
it was Danielino.
- Get out.
- What the fuck do we do?
I'll deal with it, get out!
- Fuck!
- What is it?
The police.
And now?
Don't worry.
I'm Antonio Capano,
I have a restaurant in Barcelona.
Don't do anything stupid
and nothing will happen.
I gotta talk to you.
One of our guys is part of this mess.
- Who?
- You know him too.
He comes here, to the club,
the one working at the garage.
He did a few things for me.
How's he part of all this?
His girlfriend
was the girl in the car,
the girl with the ring.
I'm looking for him,
but haven't found him yet.
If this girl and Tonino Russo
are connected
Now you tell me!
He came here, to the club, but he was
your man and you gotta find him.
- I will.
- Bring him here, I gotta figure it!
If Danielino's part of this,
then our signature
is on Tonino Russo's murder.
Is everything alright?
We were below the speed limit.
I don't understand,
what's the problem?
The documents are in order.
What's the problem?
No problem.
Take that face off,
you look like you held-up a bank.
take your documents,
you can go.
Have you selected, sir?
Two fried-fish plates.
Will you excuse me a moment?
- Massimo!
- Tell me what the fuck's going on.
Where are you?
Did you call Mom?
I did it.
Did what?
They ordered me to do it,
I didn't know who he was, I swear,
or I'd never have done it.
They said he was just a nobody.
What the fuck are you saying?
I killed Russo.
I didn't know who he was
Is your brother okay?
Are you?
Yes, fine, I'm just hungry.
Hello, Ma'am.
Sorry, I scared you.
Are you Daniele's mother?
Because I'm a friend of his
and I'm a little worried.
Daniele didn't come home
last night, right?
You're right,
I suddenly show up here.
But I'm worried
Daniele's in some big trouble.
- I can help him out.
- How do you know him?
He did a great job
with my motorcycle.
He's good,
your son's got a magic touch,
so I got to liking him.
This is a little loose.
What kind of trouble?
I don't know
and I don't want to be wrong.
But I have to find him,
because if I find him,
he comes home okay,
otherwise I don't know
how it'll end up.
But I don't know where he is,
I haven't heard a thing.
I have a daughter,
I know how you feel.
I want to help you.
And maybe I'm worrying
a little too much.
Let's do this
I'll leave you my number.
If he calls, if he comes home,
call me.
Good evening,
how can I help you?
I want a suite for tonight.
I have one, I'll need
a document and a signature.
Thank you.
Room 420, fourth floor.
That way, good night.
Call me at 5.
And bring me coffee.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Coffee, please.
- May I?
- Yes.
- Massimo!
- I couldn't call sooner.
What do I do?
Tell me!
You know who I work for, right?
For Conte, understand?
And now I'm coming back with him,
he's gonna find out
I didn't know who he was.
They killed Manu.
It's my fault they burned her.
And now they wanna kill me too.
Shut up, Daniele.
Shut up.
On July 14, 1789
in Paris,
the Bastille was assailed.
It's the height
of the French Revolution.
On July 14, 2013
the Gran Fondo Pinarello,
cyclists take Montello mountain,
where World War I was fought.
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
I know who killed Russo.
He's just a kid,
he didn't know who he was,
they told him
he was just a guy,
now they want to kill him,
they killed the girl too.
And you tried to fix things
by killing me?
Where's your brother?
I don't know.
I should kill you!
Your brother has one chance,
if I find him before the Savastanos.
Your brother is the proof
those shits want to fuck with me.
I'm the only one
who can save his life.
- Hello?
- Hi, Daniele.
- Where are you?
- Where Dad used to work.
Remember? When we were kids
we even slept here.
Sure, I remember.
Listen, it's all okay now.
I talked to Don Salvatore,
you have to explain it all to him
and it'll all work out.
- Really?
- Really, I told him.
He understands they got you involved
and it's not your fault.
We're coming there, don't move.
You're sure?
Yes, sure,
we're already in the car,
we'll be there in five
or six hours.
Don't move, don't do anything, okay?
It's over
don't worry.
Salvatore Conte's coming back.
Then we have to get ready.
Our name's on everything
if they want war,
this is their chance.
Tonight get your mother and brother
and go back to Spain.
I'll find you a job,
something low-key.
You can't stay here,
at least until I wrap it up
with the Savastanos.
- Is that him?
- Yes.
Don Salvatore
I didn't want to kill you,
it's just that I was going crazy,
but, in my heart,
I never wished you harm.
Thank you, Don Salvatore.
Thank the almighty
who put you in my car.
No, you wait here.
I'm Salvatore Conte,
everything's okay, Daniele.
Everything's okay.
Everything's okay.
I know it wasn't your fault,
they ordered you
and you didn't know who he was,
your brother told me
I want to know just
one thing.
Who ordered you to kill Russo?
Who then?
It was Ciro, Ciro di Marzio.
I see.
Come here.
Come here,
come and receive forgiveness.
It's all okay, little guy.
It's all okay, it's all over.
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