Gomorrah (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

Cento modi per uccidere

Always with us,
you'll always be with us!
Always with us,
you'll always be with us
Word of God.
Praise to you, Christ.
Bruno couldn't come,
but he was so fond of Daniele.
He was his best friend.
There are no words, Angela.
We all know
this isn't a hero's death.
But despite
Daniele's responsibility,
he was just 16.
Children born
in other places in Italy
have opportunities
that are denied here.
There are no colours here,
everything's gray,
there are no good places
that allow the development
of our children's talents.
This is a ghetto.
Here they want people to stay
in their homes, not interfere.
They wanted an entire area
for drug-dealing in broad daylight.
The almighty will consider
that if Daniele made mistakes,
they were mistakes
made by a boy of 16,
a boy who was certainly responsible
for what he was doing,
but 16
16 is so young,
that it forces you to look closer
at what's behind it,
it obliges you
to share the responsibility.
Daniele's age knocks
on the consciences of those who yak
about legality, commitment, work.
And it doesn't knock with knuckles,
but with fingernails.
All stand.
Any news about his friend Bruno?
they say he's in Marseille,
he has relatives there.
We could go there.
We can't make more trouble,
if he knew anything,
he'd have talked already.
Let's leave someone
casing his house, for now.
- Guys, who gives the orders here?
- We do!
Massimo, Daniele's brother?
Can't find him either,
we've looked all over,
no one knows where he is.
We know who killed Danielino.
- But we don't know why.
- I don't give a fuck why!
Conte shouldn't dare,
this is my house
and Danielino was our problem.
But Conte didn't give a fuck.
That asshole's challengin' us all.
What are you sayin'?
What are you sayin'?
Since Ciro went to Spain,
we're doin' good business with Conte,
really great business.
If Conte's back,
it's just because they killed Russo.
Then why's he still here?
Why's he promisin' the world
to whomever passes over to him?
We gotta finish with Conte.
We stop sellin' his smoke, today.
Think about it, Genny.
It puts us in the wrong,
what this kid's sayin'
is gossip, hearsay.
I'm sure Conte
didn't mean any disrespect,
maybe he didn't even know
who Danielino was.
He knew who Danielino was
and he knew
I was handling it personally.
I'm not givin' my money
to people who want war with me.
don't forget one thing.
We all built this house
with your father
and we always respected
just one rule,
money's got no flag,
and we're talkin' about money,
money and that's all.
The problem
isn't Conte.
See you, Gennaro.
Bye, guys!
Bye, Gennaro.
Tonino, see you at home?
Zecchinetta's got a bad temper.
He never talked like that
to Don Pietro.
And in front of everyone too
Kiddin' me?
But he's no idiot,
he baited the hook,
he knows there's money to get,
some fish will bite.
And the fact that Conte
hasn't gone back to Spain
I think he has something in mind.
Bye, Gennaro.
Ciro's right,
money kills more than guns.
I didn't like what
Zecchinetta said,
he shouldn't dare.
But I especially didn't like
how the old guys listened.
He's gotta eat his tongue,
but first find out
where that shit Conte's hidin'.
Agostino, hi kid!
Is Dad at home?
Yeah, I'll get him?
Don't worry, we'll go up.
Little guys, what are you doin'?
- We're playing.
- With guns.
Put them down,
I'll show you something nice.
A device has been found
in the office of the President
of the Campania region
Agostino, the keys!
He never changes.
take the keys with you!
What's going on?
- Are you crazy?
- Genny sent us.
- Wait.
- It's great!
- What are you showing them?
- It's great, I want one too!
You want one too?
- Show me, can you shoot?
- Yes.
Shoot there.
- You're Dad's friends, right?
- Sure.
We've known him
since we were your age.
Shoot! Good boy!
I'm Genny's godfather,
I don't believe he sent you.
Well, he did,
he's fucking sick of you.
- My kids are outside.
- Don't worry, we'll handle them.
- Tell us where Conte's hiding.
- I don't know!
I don't believe you!
- I don't believe you.
- I don't know, I don't want to know.
You piece of shit,
you've gone over to Conte.
You're already with Conte.
When we wipe him out
and those shits of his,
we'll split the territory
and make a pact.
The ones Savastano kicked out
can come back
and without trouble.
The markets are everyone's,
and no one, no one
will have a monopoly
over anything.
We all use the channels we want,
no paying middle men,
and personal vendettas
stay separate,
because business
is the most important thing.
I'm not asking anyone to betray.
I just want you to take
what was already yours,
like I want to take
what was already mine.
I was born here,
like all of you.
Guys, they're all crazy.
My nephew, my own blood,
killed Zecchinetta,
I can't believe it.
He's like a son,
now what do I do?
We can't leave the clan
with Genny and his gang,
we have to do something,
for the good of everyone.
We've always been
in the Savastano clan,
Don Pietro was like
a father to me
and it's the same
for all of you.
Pietro Savastano, sure,
but his son and his son's gang
are something else.
Business is nothin' to them,
they're disrespectful and dickheads.
If we go to war,
we'd better choose our side well.
My brother and I are ready
to do anything
- Even to go over to Conte.
- No, not me.
Now we gotta stay together,
all of us.
Ciro, you raised Gennaro
only you can make him
see reason, go talk to him.
I can try,
but, Carlo,
you have to do something too.
you go talk to Genny,
I'll deal with my nephew.
Hey, come here,
I gotta talk to you.
- What's up, uncle?
- Get over here!
what the fuck got into you?
What are you talking about?
Don't play dumb with me,
I raised you,
and I always hear what you do.
We did our duty, Genny ordered it.
Genny's an idiot.
You don't kill people
who earn you money, you buy them.
- We all loved Zecchinetta.
- Why was he in business with Conte?
Who the fuck cares!
Zecchinetta was one of us, okay?
You know it's us who count now?
Don't move!
Kid, watch it, understand?
You and this bunch of fish bait
gotta respect those that are older
and have more experience, okay?
- You don't get it.
- Idiot, put that down.
You don't understand a fuckin' thing,
you're like old cars,
you're headed for the junk yard.
Oh, yeah? Then shoot,
show me what a man you are.
If you kill me,
you kill yourself, piece of shit.
Hey, what are you doing?
Are you crazy?
He's your uncle,
lower the gun.
Hey, Pop, start it up.
Let's go, nothin' happened.
Zecchinetta's death
made them show their hand.
The old guys
met with Conte.
They all want to move
to his side,
they say
they don't trust you,
or anyone of you, anymore,
because you've never
showed respect.
Are you serious?
They want to betray
you and your father?
We gotta do with them
like we did with Zecchinetta.
Track's right,
we gotta kill 'em all,
even if we got doubts.
Zecchinetta's dead
because he made a mistake.
Nobody else dies for the moment.
Tomorrow I'm talkin' to my father
and when I'm back, there'll be no
more talk about Salvatore Conte,
just about Don Pietro Savastano,
because we're all his sons,
not just me.
Dad, how are you?
Our friend is back from Spain
and wants to give a party
the same day as ours.
We're worried,
lots of our friends want to go
to his party and not ours.
Dad, you have to talk
to our relatives,
or someone will be upset.
I don't know
who I can trust anymore.
Guys, you shoulda seen him.
I gave him time to look me
in the eye
and then I blew his head off.
Track's right, a shot to the head,
they die fast.
And not in the face?
From front or back,
it's the same.
What are you sayin'?
You don't know a fuckin' thing!
You gotta shoot them in the chest.
A couple of chest shots
and they die right off.
- Hey, don't fuck with me
- Stay calm, idiot.
- What's with you?
- Let's just relax.
And remember what Genny said,
no trouble, till he gets back.
Here's a killer Wants to be boss!
Jack the Ripper.
The chest?
It takes ten minutes to die.
Your lungs gotta fill
with blood first.
So much pain, you piss yourself.
- What the fuck, I'm eatin'.
- I forgot
The young lady's edgy.
Ya heard? This here young lady's
scared of his uncle.
Got a problem?
You're the problem.
You're the problem!
See how you're shittin'
your pants?
Guys, don't you smell
the stink of shit?
I'm not scared of anyone.
And now I'll show you.
Bring the bill!
What are you doing?
- I'm texting.
- With who?
A friend of mine.
That phone's always
in your hands!
This is Mom.
Come here, baby.
It's Tonino,
I have a message from Genny.
- Come on up.
- I can't, you come down.
Are you coming, or aren't you?
I can't come down, you come up.
He's not alone, Dad.
Let's go.
- But he was scared shitless.
- No way!
Let's go,
we'll come back tomorrow.
They left.
Let's see if the bastard
can get out.
Two go there.
Shit bastard!
- What's all this racket?
- Songbird, come down!
You're fuckin' around
at this hour?
What are you doing?
Come and see!
- He called Giovanni.
- He's comin' down!
Make it fast!
- What's all this?
- You piece of shit!
You're stayin' locked up
like a monkey!
You sons of bitches!
I'll call your uncle!
You're a shit,
a snot-nosed baby!
I'll come get you in bed,
These four sons of bitches
Giovanni, come down!
You shits!
It's on fire.
Little Baron!
- Fuckhead!
- You shit, come to the balcony!
Come out!
Come to the balcony!
- Shoot!
- You're no one, Little Baron.
You're shittin' yourself,
Little Baron!
You shit yourself.
Let's go.
You can't stand
his jealousy
Possessive like a madman
You asked for that slap
Don't you see
he's crazy about you
Call him,
this time I'll dial the number
The silent treatment
is useless
You already know he comes
looking for you, he loves you
And you love him too,
your eyes say so
You can't stand living
this way
- Hi.
- Hi, Mom.
Dad's lost his head.
He didn't say a word to me,
I think they're drugging him,
he's not himself.
No one's to know this,
hear me?
No one.
Listen to me, for once.
You have to say
your father said to find peace,
to admit all errors and forgive.
Forgive what?
Your idiot friends
wreaked havoc on Naples
and this morning the old clan
killed Tonino Spiderman.
You have to call a meeting
there's too much tension.
A sit-down, everyone puts
a close relative as guarantee,
each one puts a relative
in the hands of another,
that way you're sure
no one tricks you.
I was with my father yesterday,
in that shit jail,
he talked to me heart in hand.
He had me see what we really are.
He said both from this side
and the other, we're all friends,
relatives, brothers.
Yes, I was wrong,
actually, my friends and me
were wrong,
because we acted without thinking
and we forgot
the most important thing,
I'm not forgetting
Zecchinetta's blood,
or Tonino Spiderman's.
But this death chain's
gotta stop right now,
because we have to be united
against Salvatore Conte,
who's gotta go back to Spain,
because just one clan
gives the orders here
and that clan's all of us.
- Who is it?
- Lady Imma.
Good evening, please come in.
May I?
Good evening.
Bruno was scared,
that's why he didn't say anything.
Then, when he heard about
Danielino's death and funeral,
he sent me this.
It's a message, Bruno found it
on his voice-mail.
Bruno, it's Manu, Daniele's
girlfriend, I'm still waiting.
Are you Manu,
Daniele's girlfriend?
Are you Bruno, his friend?
Get in.
What happened to Daniele,
where is he?
That's what you'll tell me.
You're not Bruno.
You're pretty and smart too.
- Let me out!
- Where are you going?
- Let me out!
- Where the fuck's Daniele?
- Let me out!
- I can make you talk! Where is he?
We can't trust him,
he just wants to buy time.
I agree with my brother.
You saw how they looked
at us in there?
We have to talk to Conte,
and right away.
We can go to war with Genny
only if he helps.
It'd be better if we avoid
this war, it's best.
We've already got
enough deaths to mourn.
Ciro, what do you say?
Can we trust him?
I've done all I could
to keep this clan together.
Now I think we should split.
Gypsy's right,
Gennaro Savastano
did some nice acting.
We have to offer Conte
our alliance.
We have to go to war
with Gennaro,
before he wars with us.
Think about it.
- What's going on?
- It was Midget.
There's a problem with
Lady Imma.
This is a copy of the recording.
- Do me a favour tomorrow.
- Tell me.
Go to my lawyer.
I'll call him later with instructions
if anything happens to me.
What will you do?
I'll talk to him,
I have to save my son's life.
I don't know how you can stand there
and look him in the eye.
When I look at Ciro,
I see a dead man
and I see my son at his funeral
making a nice speech
before all the heads
of our family.
It's not the strongest
who wins the war,
it's the one
who's best at waiting
and no one knows how to wait
better than us women.
Good morning, Ciro,
sorry to disturb you on Sunday,
but I have to talk, can we meet?
No problem, Lady Imma,
you know,
you've always known.
I'm always at your disposal.
I'll see you later.
Maria Rita, let's go!
You're Manu,
Daniele's girlfriend?
Are you Bruno, his friend?
Get in.
- Where's Daniele?
- That's what you'll tell me.
You're not Bruno.
You're pretty and smart too.
- Let me out!
- Where are you going?
- Let me out!
- Where the fuck's Daniele?
- Let me out!
- I can make you talk! Where is he?
Where the fuck is he?
You killed a 15 year-old girl,
you betrayed everyone.
They're things
that no one could forgive.
But I don't want Genny
to ever find out,
not him or anyone else.
But you have to do what I say.
Call Conte, tell him
you want to be allies
and the older clan
are willing to follow,
say you need a meeting to plan
how to get rid of Genny and his guys.
An ambush!
It's the only thing to do
to keep the peace,
Conte has to die.
And then?
And then you have to go,
you, your daughter, your wife,
you have to disappear
and never come back.
And who says
I won't kill you now?
If anything happens to me,
my lawyer will give Genny
a CD with this recording,
then everyone will know
you're a traitor.
I've always known
I couldn't trust you,
it's in your eyes.
You have no feelings.
That's not true.
To survive,
I've held onto one feeling,
just one,
I've always hated you.
Do what I said,
if you want to live.
very good.
You did a good job.
That's enough.
We'll talk later.
We want a meeting.
And what does Gennaro
Savastano say?
What's he say?
The Savastanos are history.
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