Gomorrah (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Gli Immortali

Come in.
I have something to tell you
it's not very good news.
your wife is dead.
I'm sorry.
Do you understand what I said?
Your wife is dead.
Bruno, it's Manu,
Daniele's girlfriend,
I'm still waiting.
Are you Manu,
Daniele's girlfriend?
Are you Bruno, his friend?
Get in.
What happened to Daniele?
Where is he?
That's what you'll tell me.
You're not Bruno.
You're pretty and smart too.
- Let me out!
- Where are you going?
- Let me out!
- Where the fuck's Daniele?
I know how to make you talk, where
the fuck's Daniele? Where is he?
The magistrate released the body,
we can organise the funeral.
At your disposal, Genny.
Trak, tell the florist
it's gotta be the best ever.
Don't worry.
All the old clan members
have to be there,
all of them.
Tell them what time
to be at the cemetery.
Deepest sympathy, Don Gennaro,
the magistrate has signed
the authorisation,
but he's ordered that last respects
be reserved for family members.
Shall we prepare her?
This way.
Thanks for calling me,
I'm glad to be with you
at this moment.
There are no words.
C'mon, Ciro,
there's room for you too.
Mom's not in there,
nothing's in there,
Mom's gone.
Do you believe in God?
The God who sees all, knows all.
I do.
I believe it's all his design.
When you had me shoot that man
for the first time
and then you covered for me
with my father
God knew you'd shot him, not me.
When Salvatore Conte came back
when Danielino died,
he knew it.
He knows everything,
He even knew you and me
would be in this car.
We know what we'd like to do,
but only God knows
how this thing will end.
I don't see Genny's guys.
- Maria Rita, take my hand.
- Sorry, I'm late.
- C'mon!
- What's the matter?
- Move!
- Wait.
I said, move!
- What's wrong?
- Move.
What's going on, Ciro?
Mamma, it won't all fit in the bag.
Let me see.
Are we waiting for someone?
Daddy, are you coming
to the show?
Sure I am.
Who'll be there if not Daddy?
Close those fuckin' bags.
Get moving, hurry!
- Go!
- Where is that piece of shit?
Nobody's here.
Let's go, go up.
Guys, up.
Go that way!
Hurry up, eyes open!
Look there! Not there?
- He's not there?
- No.
Come here.
- Look down there!
- There they are I'll kill you!
Fuckin' son of a bitch!
Ciro, you're a dead man!
I'll shoot you here, I'll kill you!
Little Baron
Go get in the car.
Get in the car!
Hurry, in the car!
Get in!
Shut it!
Don't be scared.
Get in!
Get in!
Where are you goin', Ma'am?
You gotta wait.
I'll close it.
- Will you let me in now?
- Wait.
- I have to make lunch!
- Wait a second.
Guns down, there are kids.
Ciro and Umberto, wait here.
Guys, eyes open!
Spread the word
If you know where Ciro di Marzio is,
you get 150,000 euros.
Genny, we gotta take care
of Conte too,
there's Ciro
and Conte with his men.
Salvatore Conte
can suck my dick, okay?
There are millions of us, we have
all the young guys, even the kids,
you'll see
what we do here in Naples!
But we don't know
how many are switching sides.
- We can't know that.
- So, what's the problem?
We'll kill them
and all those idiots with them.
There's no peace
till we find Ciro, okay?
Now what happens?
I'm leaving you with Enzo,
he'll take care of you.
Come here, sweetie.
Daddy, I'm scared.
Don't be, Daddy will
take care of everything.
Don't worry.
Go to Mom.
Come here!
Goddammit, come here!
You bastard.
Do a line.
Who's there?
Who's there?
What's going on?
Who's there?
What happened?
Open real slow.
What is it?
- It was a dog.
- You killed it?
Diego, stop!
Stop, where are you going?
Neymar! No!
Get inside!
You can't do anything.
Get inside, I said!
Want to end up like your dog?
Get inside!
Can I give you a hand?
- Don't bother, I'm fine.
- It's no bother.
I'm sorry for what happened.
His father gave him the dog,
he passed away six months ago.
I heard,
that's why I'm even sorrier.
I bought him a video game.
- I really can't accept.
- Why not?
Thank you.
Tell him I'll wait for him,
for us to play a game together.
What is it?
It's for you.
He's sorry about the dog
so he bought you this gift.
Diego, look at me.
Those people are dangerous,
stay away from them.
I know who they are,
that guy's a boss.
Whoever he is,
just stay away from them.
Salvatore Conte's in Via Baku,
he's very nervous.
Malamore's gone
and Genny Savastano
is holed up in the Sails.
His guys are furious,
they're after us.
Don't worry,
first I must talk to Conte
and then we give them
what they want.
He's here!
Didn't you say
the Savastanos were history?
Look at us now.
I think you underestimated
our little Genny
and now you're the only one left.
Little Genny and his guys
have wiped everybody out.
They're nobodies,
they're walking dead men.
If you'll listen to me,
we'll wipe them all out.
This guy's got balls,
he's the boss.
every baker,
every grocer, every milkman,
from here to Melito
is looking for you.
And there's 150,000 bucks
for the one who says where you are.
You and me have nothing more
to say to each other.
Get some plastic,
I don't want to dirty the floor.
Then why did you come back?
You knew it was me
who killed Tonino Russo.
And that the old group
weren't happy with Gennaro.
You're here because
you wanted this war too.
Because this is your house
and only dogs let themselves
get kicked in the ass.
I'm gonna cut your head off
and take it to Little Genny,
I'll make peace
and get back what was mine.
Then I'll go back to Spain,
what do you say, you shit?
I say you want
Gennaro Savastano's head
and only I can give it to you.
I have a message
for Gennaro Savastano.
You can tell me.
My daughter Letizia
sings in a chorus,
today's their end-of-school
and the daughter of the one you want
sings in that chorus too,
Ciro di Marzio.
I heard there's a reward.
just me and the kid
go into the theater,
because it's a kids'
school recital,
and if we all went in,
it'd be chaos.
Okay, but why not let me
come too?
I want to kill that rat
Ciro too.
No, you wait outside,
if he comes out, you shoot him.
Then we go to Salvatore Conte
and fuck his ass,
his and all the ones
with him, okay?
We're the strongest.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Hi, Diego.
You're already at
the third level?
So you're really good.
I knew you're a sharp kid,
aren't you?
Yeah, I think so.
Come here.
See who's here?
I don't care who you are,
leave my kid alone.
Don't worry, we're running an errand,
we'll be back, right?
We're going to see a show
with children singing.
Good kid.
- Out of the way.
- Leave my house!
Are you coming with me
or staying with your Mom?
- I'll be back soon.
- Where are you going?
Stay here, hear me?
Diego, come here!
Damn it move over!
I'll beat you to death
when you get back, hear me?
Get out of the way!
Now what happens?
I gotta settle an old score.
What score?
If I betray you,
you who really loves me
but I don't love you at all
and I think
you're just a poor fool
If I kill your Mom,
just because she tried
to protect you from me,
what would you do?
I'd kill you.
Good kid.
I'll teach you everything,
make you a big man,
but you have to promise
one thing.
Never trust anyone, ever,
not even me.
He's not here,
Genny's not here.
Where is he?
Where the fuck is he?
- I have to answer.
- Go.
- Hello.
- Hello.
We're late,
the boy's in the show.
Go on in.
It's a fuckin' bust,
they were all there but him.
- Go get Maria Rita!
- What's wrong?
- Go get her.
- Tell me.
- But what about you?
- Go!
- Get my daughter off stage, fast.
- How can I?
Wait here.
Excuse me
Come on.
You knew it and used
your daughter and me as bait.
Keep walking.
You shoot at a kids' chorus?
You're going crazy!
We'll talk later, get in the car.
- I'm not doing what you say anymore.
- Get in!
- I'm leaving!
- Deborah!
Gennaro Savastano is dead.
Now only Don Pietro's left.
Savastano, it's transfer time.
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