Gomorrah (2014) s02e01 Episode Script

Vita mia

Stand back, defibrillator charged.
Discharge number 1 dispensed,
the patient can now be touched.
This way, Don Pietro.
Don Pietro,
please forgive me,
I have some bad news.
Genny's been shot.
His men too,
they're in real bad shape.
Don Pietro, get a little rest.
I've rested way too long,
What happened?
I wanted a dead man,
you gave me an enemy for life.
He took three bullets,
one right here.
If he's not dead, he will be soon.
Let's hope so.
Because his father busted out.
I heard it on the radio.
We need to work fast, Salvatore,
we gotta take it all.
The ones against Gennaro
have to stay with us
and those on the fence
gotta come to our side.
Let's call a meeting,
all the families
with dealing spots send a guy,
even the ones working
for Savastano,
even friends and relatives
of the ones Gennaro killed.
We overturn things,
they'll all side with us
and we do what we always promised.
You bring the stuff
and we each handle a spot,
but autonomously!
let's make an alliance.
What's in it for me?
You get back what was yours,
what you had before Spain,
your own home,
but you're back as master.
The ones that bring cash
get a spot,
before a busted-out Savastano
or a resurrected Savastano
comes fucking around.
Got it.
No, sweetheart,
stop crying, it's all over.
Where is she?
Stop crying, all right?
Can you wash your own hands?
Here's the soap.
Wash them,
then dry them with this, OK?
- We have to talk.
- Not right now.
- They're coming to kill us.
- No one's coming.
You killed his wife and shot his son,
you broke all the rules,
now they'll kill me
and Maria Rita.
He's hiding and can't move.
They'll find someone.
They've been kings for 30 years,
think they can't find someone?
Do you hear me?
We have to leave!
Don't worry, Debora.
- We have to leave.
- Don't worry!
You know how much I've put aside
all these years?
60,000 euros.
I don't even have that!
We have to take a spot, Rosario.
We gotta find the money.
We gotta find it now.
Get out! Get out!
I'll kill you, get out!
- Throw the gun on the ground.
- Put it down.
- We got nothing.
- I said gun down.
Hands up.
We just left the depot,
there's no money.
- Why?
- I said strip!
Look, I know where you live,
where your kids go to school.
I know everything.
Don't fuck around.
- Good evening, Salvatore.
- Evening, guys.
Coffee, guys?
No, thanks, just be a minute.
Not even you, Luciano?
It's not Luciano, he's a new guy.
This new guy's got no voice?
- Why the fuck
- Shut up, asshole!
Out that way, move!
Don't hurt me!
Take those out of there, fast!
- Move!
- Right away.
Get out, make it fast.
Move it!
Maria Rita, take it up higher!
Go on, a little higher!
Good girl!
Don't let it fall.
The police called me.
I've been summoned with
the other parents.
Do I go?
It's worse if I don't, isn't it?
But tell them I wasn't in Naples,
I didn't even see the recital,
I'll deal with it.
Ciro, I can't take any more.
Maria Rita can't even go to school!
Till when?
When does it end?
Do you see her?
See her?
Look how pretty she is!
She's already over it,
all forgotten.
Why don't you do like her?
Just think it's all over,
because it really is all over.
Now I'll get the cops off my back
and then we can relax.
Someone saw a man leave
the theatre.
More or less like this.
Looks like your husband,
don't you think?
Your husband was there.
- And who says so?
- I do.
Just because someone saw
a bald man outside the theatre.
They know him here at school,
if he'd been there,
some parent would have said so,
get it?
Mrs. Di Marzio,
you're defending yourself
from the wrong people.
I hope you realise that in time.
Good day.
This is an advance.
Then I'll give you 6,000 euros
at the end of each month.
You can sort out everything.
Your wife, your kids,
will have no more worries.
And when you get out,
there'll be money
to start over.
It's the chance to change
your life.
Think about it.
Good day, ma'am.
What is it, brother?
Did I scare you?
I didn't recognise you.
Now do you?
Why are you shaking?
What is it?
We can't be seen together.
If they find out I was in with you,
I'm a dead man.
Don't worry, they won't find out.
But you have to do something
else for me.
I saw who took the shot.
What took you so long to come?
I was afraid.
Let's hear it!
Don't worry.
Capiano, open up!
Open, police!
Open up!
- Antonio Capiano?
- It's me.
You're under arrest.
Wait out here.
It's OK,
it's clean.
We each have a wound,
a humiliation,
a death to mourn.
The hand that's hurt us all
is the same.
It's Savastano's.
Some of you lost a brother,
or a father,
because of Gennaro and his guys.
But that's history.
The ones who treated us like slaves
are now hiding in some fucking hole
or hooked to a machine
to stay alive.
They mustn't come back.
Me and Salvatore Conte made
a promise
and we're keeping it.
You are all the ones who count most
at the dealing spots.
Today, anyone
who puts money on this table,
buys a share of the stuff
that Salvatore's bringing in.
The spots you handled
on Savastano's payroll,
will be your own.
The money you make
goes into your own pockets.
No master.
Here's mine,
400,000 euros,
to start.
We're ready, Don Pietro.
I didn't pretend to be crazy
all this time just to get caught
or get shot.
I gotta leave here,
but from this moment,
here in Naples you're my eyes,
my hands,
my heart
and my anger.
And I assure you of one thing.
We'll take back everything
that's ours.
There's no more danger.
See how happy Maria Rita is?
She's got all her things again.
I'm happy too.
Our home
A great life's starting,
you'll see,
the greatest life ever.
How about a smile?
I gotta go.
- Where?
- Got things to do.
I'll be back later,
Fernando's here.
Bye, Maria Rita!
Bye, Daddy!
Rita, be careful!
Mrs. Di Marzio!
Your husband got my son a job.
I want to thank you,
we owe you
and we're at your disposal.
Thank you so much!
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Lady Debora, she was right here,
don't worry.
Maria Rita!
There she is!
I told you she was here.
Get off the bike.
Get off.
Some guys came last night
and took everything.
We couldn't do a thing.
Fuck, there's nothing left,
not even here!
They took all the weapons,
those bastards!
Let's take what's left.
Where's Mommy?
What the fuck's going on?
Why all those suitcases?
I'm not staying there,
or here either.
We're not going anywhere!
Don't you see,
I can't take it any more.
Calm down!
- I'm scared.
- I said calm down!
No, I can't calm down,
this is no way to live!
- Take your hands off!
- Who's touching?
- Take your hands off me!
- Who's touching you?
Calm down! Calm down!
I said calm down.
Listen to me.
There's no reason to be scared.
We won, hear me?
It's all over.
The Savastanos won't be back.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Take us far away.
- Or I'll find someone who will.
- Shut up!
Shut up!
I have to go out,
but I'll be right back.
Stay here,
Daddy's men are right outside.
- What is it, Lady Debora?
- Take me to the old house.
- Now?
- Yes.
She ran off.
I thought it was good for her
to come here.
She said, wait, went up,
and I never saw her again.
You're a piece of shit!
I left her with you
and you
Sorry, you're right.
No way that's fucking good!
- Should we worry about Debora?
- No, just the dealing spots!
I'm your brother.
If she fucks up,
I'm not your problem.
We have to find her.
The stuff's here
in a couple of days.
It's good, you can cut it
to one and a half or two, right?
Up to three, no problem.
If a guy's smart like him,
even three.
I can give it to you for 30,000.
Excuse me a minute.
Ciro, I found her.
Where is she?
It's like you thought.
- You were talking about the price
- 30,000.
- OK for you?
- Yeah.
Things all right, Ciro?
What happened to your hand?
An accident at home, it's nothin'.
To three
Maria Rita!
Where's my daughter?
She went out with Rosaria,
Teresa and Simonetta,
they took her for a pizza.
She was at home all day.
I want to say I'm sorry,
I lost my head.
I can't stand seeing you
like this.
How about doing something?
Let's go out, just us two.
How long since we had some fun?
We'll go out alone,
just the two of us.
What do you say?
You know, Debora
When me and Attilio were kids
and doing our first heists,
we'd come here,
and look at this place,
but we couldn't go in,
we stayed outside,
we had just a few cents
between us.
We'd daydream.
But now look
The most beautiful woman
in the world is by my side
and a little girl who bursts
my heart with joy.
More than anyone, you know
what I did to get us here.
So, where are we now?
We're on top.
We're this close,
We're almost there.
No one can stop us.
If you don't stop now,
someone else will stop us.
No one's stopping me, understand?
- No one's stopping me.
- Or me either! Hands off me!
Don't you know all I did
to get this far?
I can't stop now!
I'll stop you!
Are you crazy? You're crazy?
You're crazy!
You're crazy!
Calm down! Calm down!
Calm down, Debora!
Calm down!
Calm down!
You gotta calm down!
Will you calm down?
Will you calm down?
Calm down!
Calm down!
You gotta trust me.
Will you calm down?
Will you calm down?
Calm down!
Calm down!
Today's a great day.
We've baptised a new alliance,
where we all decide together.
I buy the stuff for everyone,
we're all kings in our own house.
We made the United States
of Scampia-Secondigliano,
and may God bless us.
The Fiori and Berlingieri neighbourhoods
are outside these United States.
A few assholes who still believe
in the Savastanos.
But we can't make war now,
we have to keep them
locked up in there.
In a few months,
they'll be grovelling at our door.
Now let's make a toast.
- Bring a bottle.
- Come here!
Please, Don Salvatore.
Here's to all our enemies!
Are you ready?
Where's my glass?
- Here's to us!
- To us!
They're hers.
Your signature here.
Blood breeds blood,
violence breeds violence,
in a spiral of revenge
that's transforming Naples
into a city where
a bloody Camorra war
generates terror among the people.
The latest murder
in the outskirts as usual
And with the usual brutality.
The victim is a woman
Yes, coming.
We're in a warehouse in Melito
Physical conditions
have decidedly improved,
hemodynamics are stable
and there's a valid diuresis.
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