Gomorrah (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

Lacrime e sangue

Are those motherfuckers here?
Let's slit their throats,
an example for other shitheads.
Hold off a minute.
Where's the Captain?
Down there.
Want to get out alive?
Then you gotta do something
for me.
What are you thinkin'?
Kill him!
Take it easy, friend.
Think he wouldn't do the same
thing to you?
I've been through it too,
and it was the luckiest
day of my life.
Look at me now,
I'm now selling their stuff
all over Europe.
Here, Captain.
What's going on, Captain?
A captain of the Honduran Army
just enrolled in our cause.
Our cause
You're a real son of a bitch,
Take him near his camp
and free him.
Now take me to the airport,
my time's come.
You'll be bored without me.
I've been waiting a long time
and my time has finally come.
- Hello.
- Good afternoon, can I help you?
Welcome, Mr. Savastano,
we've been waiting for you.
- Thank you.
- I'll inform Mr. Avitabile.
You've been taking 5,000 euros
a month for three years.
Why do you think
I gave you that money?
To be the first to know
the others' bids.
This contract must be mine, I can't
lose it because you fucked up.
- It's out of my hands.
- I gotta build.
If I don't, lots of families
end up on the streets.
- I know.
- Who knows what might happen.
Hungry people lose their heads!
He's here.
The Councilman and I
have an understanding.
Gennaro, finally!
Good afternoon, Don Giuseppe.
- It's a pleasure to host you.
- The pleasure's mine.
I've given you my best suite.
I've never had the chance
to tell you,
but the quality of your goods
is phenomenal.
Mom always said, in business,
the quality of goods is fundamental.
Speaking of goods, are we set?
It gets into Málaga on the 22nd.
We're expanding every day.
If you want,
I could buy everything you bring.
With your goods and my organisation,
Rome will be ours.
It's an attractive offer,
but my goods are free on the market
for everybody.
And I've got family problems to solve.
That's fair,
family comes first.
Not now, but in a few days,
when you're more relaxed,
think about it.
I could buy 1,000
2,000 kilos a month,
it's up to you.
Like it?
I'm pleased.
If you need anything else,
call me.
All I need's a car.
No problem.
I'll tell my daughter,
remember her?
I'll have her come,
her name's Azzurra.
Who's there?
Who is it?
I'm here for the car.
What kind of car would you like?
One that runs.
My father says you don't remember me.
So, you don't remember?
Guess I need to refresh your memory.
Azzurra, I don't want to piss
your father off.
My father no longer tells me
what to do.
Was that a big mistake?
Who knows!
These tanks are like cows' tits!
But instead of milk,
there's gasoline from the East.
Doesn't cost a fuckin' thing,
you just bribe some customs officers
and get gas stations like these.
The Calabrians are making
stacks of money like that.
Just one problem,
this place is a shithole
and even if we rule,
we're nobodies.
You look good.
Been a long time!
You're just a little whiter.
This shit country's never seen the sun.
I noticed, it's fuckin' freezing.
I made you wait
to make sure no asshole
was on you.
OK, but let's go, I'm hungry.
Where are they?
In my bag.
Before going home,
we have to meet a Calabrian guy.
- Here?
- No.
Somewhere else.
Any problems, besides the cold?
No, just to know.
If I know stuff, you don't need to.
I'd say
that these
are of the lowest quality.
Grade I'd say.
You let me down.
I can't give you what you asked.
Yeah, but there's loads,
and for our needs,
it's more than enough.
A friend talked to me about you.
Good or bad?
What matters is they talked.
They talked to me about you too.
This kid of yours has big balls,
huh, Don Pietro?
That's what they say where
you're from?
Kids are blood, sweat and tears,
you know that.
But let's talk about us,
it's more important.
I'll make spaghetti with sauce.
I'd rather have something else.
You do what I say.
What is it, Gennaro?
Can't sleep?
I'm worried.
About what?
I knew he was your contact here,
so I asked around.
Who did you ask?
Selling drugs,
I've made lots of friends,
especially among Calabrians.
And what did these friends say?
They had a meeting in Polsi
and The Mother is really pissed.
Be clearer.
There's a contract out on Mico,
we gotta stop dealing with him,
get our weapons somewhere else.
From who, Gennarino?
Think I've been stuck here for a year
because I like it?
I can't wait to get home.
If I've been here for a year,
it's because things aren't
so good for us.
We can't touch our money.
Our friends, our frontmen,
are all under investigation.
Our bank accounts are frozen
so, with no money
and the police on our tails,
no one wants to do business
with us.
Except those with no alternative.
You got it.
But that's no good!
Twenty years
Eyes wide open,
on friends,
Twenty years.
Then I passed it all on to you.
You had to man the boat,
and where did you take us?
Now you're here to tell me
what we gotta do?
Your mother always said,
you spoil him too much,
you give in to all the crap
in his head.
I'd say,
don't worry, be patient,
he's not like you and me,
he needs time.
But now time's run out,
got that or not?
You went too far.
I came to you for help,
but you were acting crazy in jail,
you left us alone,
and you knew one word would do.
What do you mean?
If you hadn't played crazy,
not giving a shit about us,
Mom would still be here.
You piece of shit!
How fucking dare you?
Do you know why I acted
crazy in jail?
Because I knew
you weren't up to it
and the only way to save things
was to get out.
But I was too late.
I'm gonna shower.
With these,
you can hunt your traitors,
and make a big hole
in their asses.
Don Pietro
Holy shit!
Fuck, what a blast!
This thing shakes the ground.
Let's get warmed up at my club.
It's like I've accepted, Mico.
No, without like.
Gaetano, here.
I know I'm part of a system
that's bigger than me,
but I want to say one thing.
These guys are the worst
pigs in the world.
I feel a thousand times more honest
than all of them.
When they speak, it makes me vomit.
The Mother, the Federation,
meet that guy, speak to the other guy,
ask for approval from yet another
But Mico Rende made his own way
in this shitty country,
in this fuckin' cold,
and you know it.
So, now Mico gives himself orders.
Please, eat.
Can you come a second?
Excuse me a second.
What's the matter?
- Dad, we gotta go.
- Why?
Remember what I said about Mico?
No quizzes.
My Calabrian friends warned me,
they're coming.
Stop the car.
Get out and walk close to me.
- What's wrong?
- I can't make it.
- We gotta go.
- I can't make it, I don't feel good!
Be right back.
Come on, Dad.
It's me,
come pick me up.
Germany's burnt,
we'd better go our separate ways.
Go back where you were
and don't worry,
I'll be in touch, if need be.
Your time will come too.
Life's long, Gennarino!
But now, I have to do my part
and I'd rather do it on my own.
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