Gomorrah (2014) s02e03 Episode Script

Mea culpa

It has to dry, then it needs
more lime and colour.
It will take time, but we can do it.
I want it ready for
the procession of the flagellants.
It has to look like this.
The Holy Virgin
must have this face.
Of course, Don Salvatore.
I would go mad without you
Without your touch, what would I do?
The fires of hell, I would go through
Because you can die for love
My heart never
There's someone at the door, I'll go.
- Stop, it's for me.
- Her boyfriend's here.
- Good afternoon, Don Salvatore.
- Good afternoon, ma'am.
By the way,
thanks a lot,
I still have to figure it out,
but it's great.
It's nothing.
- My hands are covered in flour.
- No matter.
It makes mojitos.
- Want one?
- No, thanks.
Salvatore doesn't drink,
smoke or make love,
he likes penitence.
That's why he chose you.
Get out of the way.
Give me a hand.
Thank you, Don Salvatore.
Don Salvatore, could I speak to you?
It's my son's baptism soon.
Would you do me the honour
of being his godfather?
No problem.
Thank you, Don Salvatore.
This is it!
The money from the secessionists.
How much do we get from 10 kilos?
You make them 30
for a street value of
2.5 million, right?
These idiots can't even make two.
What can you do, Don Salvatore?
They're incompetent.
They say they pay too much
for the stuff.
They don't know how to work.
We gave a light to people
who can't even see.
Take it to them.
- Who are you looking for?
- Your mother!
Crack a smile, won't you?
Don Salvatore.
Thank you for coming.
My wife.
Don Salvatore, a pleasure.
- The godmother.
- A pleasure.
Don Salvatore.
Please, go along inside.
Excuse me, may I have a word?
There's a problem?
No, not for the baptism,
not at all.
But you see
They're dealing right here.
There's a limit to everything.
Drugs are pushed freely here.
The junkies shoot up
in the soccer field.
I find hundreds of needles
every day.
Father Alfonso, you're right.
It's a disgrace.
This is the Lord's house.
Speak and something will happen.
A demonstration,
a torchlight procession.
I've got to tell you what to do?
- No.
- No.
Well, then
Guys, take it easy.
Take it easy.
Some wine.
Roll a joint.
Just two bottles? Get five or six.
Gennarino, what's going on?
The cops are here.
Come and see.
Get out!
Hurray for drugs!
- Get out of here!
- Get lost!
What's going on
with this shitty priest?
What do we do with that fuck?
What do we do, Gypsy?
Nothing, you've got to stay
calm and quiet.
We can't do a thing.
We can't wage war against priests.
We've got to close
the Monterosa dealing spot.
- But that's mine.
- I know.
What can we do?
The Church is the Church.
What the fuck do you mean,
what can we do?
There were just four idiots
with torches.
Are we afraid of a gutless asshole
who couldn't look us
in the face till now?
It's not just the priest.
The Bishop's behind him,
and we can't fool with the Church.
Don't worry,
we'll find a solution
to open another dealing spot.
For now, each of us
gives some money to Gypsy.
We're a family, aren't we?
we can't survive like this.
He's right,
I'm killing myself to pay you.
What am I supposed to do?
If this is a democratic alliance,
we should all buy the stuff together,
at the same price.
Now we get it from you,
and you pay less,
so you earn twice,
with us and your spots.
Who's forcing you to buy from me?
I'm not Savastano.
Buy where you like.
Let's just see if you can
find it for less.
But that's not the point.
You're free.
Free will, free market, we're all free.
That's capitalism.
Salvatore's right.
We made an agreement.
Agreements have to be respected.
And this priest thing too.
We can't go against the Church.
- Is everything good?
- OK.
Take care.
Ciro, whose side are you on?
Our side.
You don't get his game, do you?
He wants to shove it up our arses.
He got rid of Savastano,
and now we're the problem.
We don't argue,
not about the stuff or the priest,
no arguing.
He's hoping
we'll do something stupid.
What can we do?
We've got to wait.
Wait for him to screw up.
Don Salvatore, if I may,
this dealing spot business
is no good, it brings trouble.
Did you see their faces?
They're pissed off.
I'm fucking fed up.
I'm sick of losing money
with those idiots.
The first head to pop up
gets it chopped off.
And the first to roll
is the head of that piece of shit
Ciro di Marzio.
We know him well.
He can't be trusted.
More than magic,
without any logic
We met tonight
You're magnetic and a lunatic
You fire up my heart
Let me feel a thrill
Hurry up, undress
I want you tonight
Kiss me slow tonight
Squeeze me nice and tight
I already feel lost in you
No thinking, come on,
let's make love
Feel my beating heart
Don't make me wait
Because time flies, flies
And you
Are crazy for this music
That wants us to fall in love
It's your birthday in a few days.
I have to give you a nice present.
What present?
It's a surprise.
I'm the one who gives you presents.
Isn't there anything you'd like?
Are you sure?
Really sure?
you'll drive me mad.
What's the harm in it?
Cover up.
You'll catch cold
and lose your voice.
- Now what?
- Now
They've got to see us together.
See you tomorrow.
When you don't come over here,
what do you eat?
I stay light for when
I come to you.
That's a pretty statue
you brought me.
Like it? I'm glad.
It's from South America.
- What's wrong, are you done?
- I have to go, Mum.
You're almost skin and bones.
It's late.
Tell me when you'll bring me
a nice girl.
I've brought one,
see how pretty she is.
Don't tease me.
you're the only woman in my life.
That's not true.
I know you're seeing
a girl from the blue houses.
How do you know that?
People like to talk.
And so?
You won't be celebrating
your birthday alone this year.
When can I meet her?
When I'm sure it's serious.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Father Alfonso, you've given
a show of strength and courage.
You've shown that change is possible.
Will there be more demonstrations?
We're thinking about it.
So, you're not going to stop?
If we listen to our
consciences and hearts,
we can find courage,
and with a little courage,
even the hardest things
are possible.
So, my answer is,
no, we won't stop.
Tonino, will you buy the gift?
But don't exaggerate.
Nothing vulgar, something classy.
- Azmera will buy it for the girl.
- She gets a gift too?
We've never even seen her.
Of course.
He's introducing her,
that's why we do it.
Anyway, everyone's coming tonight.
Ciro too.
He did right to invite them,
they're all pissed off.
They've got to put up with it.
If you rule, you make enemies.
If friends are all you have,
you're a pathetic idiot.
I gave it a shot, taste.
One to two?
One to three.
One to three? You're an ace.
I know, Totò.
Sorry you had to wait,
but you're a little early.
No problem.
Silence, please.
Forgive me,
but I want to make a toast.
All the best, Don Salvatore.
All the best!
- All the best, for a hundred years!
- Thank you.
- All the best, Salvatore.
- All the best, Salvatore.
This is just a little something
from me and Prince.
You shouldn't have.
- You can do it.
- Come on.
This is for the pleasure
of meeting you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Prince.
Thank you, Mulatto.
It's beautiful, thank you so much.
Like it?
I'm glad.
In tears, I left so blue
It was a crazy thing to do
Staying far from you
You're my whole life
Where'd this guy come from?
This is madness!
Gazing sight to sight
My heart squeezed tight
Where'd this guy come from?
A voice crying out
A voice that can't be heard
To then burst with all my pain
Pain? The pain when you
take it in the arse, faggot?
- What's he saying?
- The pain bursts!
The sky is dark
but sunlight makes the sea blue
I want no one but you,
just you
If I'm no longer the queen
of this king
You're the queen,
the queen of this dick!
The queen of boners!
How about boner to boner,
right here.
- Too small?
- Stop it, Totò.
Come on, we're having fun.
Here, faggot!
This is big, like it?
Boner to boner.
Just look at that.
Where are you going?
He's offended.
Stop, stop!
Don Salvatore.
The honour's yours.
Nothing happened.
The party continues.
Bring another knife.
Guys, it's all OK.
Don Salvatore, I apologise.
I didn't know the singer
was your girlfriend's sister.
I'm sorry.
What should I do, get on my knees?
As of tomorrow,
your dealing spot goes to Prince.
- But why, Don Salvatore?
- That's it.
Now get out, I'm busy.
He put a hole in his hand.
He says he hit a nerve.
He might not get his hand back.
That piece of shit Mulatto,
that'll teach him.
Him and that idiot friend of his,
showing off.
Instead, they don't count
a fucking thing.
But this is the time.
Because if Conte pisses us off,
it's one thing,
but pissing off his own men
is something else.
You know, Ciro,
we talked to Conte,
he won't listen.
We don't have to talk to him.
So, what is it, Ciro?
There's a problem.
If you knew all of mine!
They're all pissed off.
They want the stuff
at Conte's price.
So, why talk to us?
Go see him.
I already have,
and you know that.
There was no way.
If Conte wouldn't listen,
why should we?
Because the guy on top
must never forget
that his power
is in the hands of those
under him.
So, Conte's not OK with you?
Because he's OK with you?
Ciro, will you knock it off?
What do you want from us?
I nearly went mad
making this alliance,
But it shouldn't be this way,
it should be different.
This is no democracy.
The guy on top gets rich,
and the others starve and keep quiet.
How long before
he'll let you see a cent?
And why?
What did you do wrong?
You made fun of a fucking faggot.
You, Gabriele?
No one can cut cocaine
better than you.
But we work and
he makes the money.
And he says we're free.
It's not true.
I bought my freedom
with blood.
What do you want to do?
Be slaves all your life?
Or free men,
really free?
Think about it.
Ciro, I've thought about it.
There's a procession tonight
in his mother's town.
He always goes.
It's important to him.
That's the right time.
The right time for what?
You know what for.
He wants you there to tell you
he accepts your conditions,
but he really wants
to take you out.
So, we have to take
him out first.
- And Prince?
- He's here and he agrees with me.
Why should I trust you?
Because we've decided
to be free men.
I'll come to you,
and explain it over coffee.
You can have your dealing
spot back.
What are you doing here?
Let me come up.
I have to talk to you.
Not now, Don Salvatore.
My head's on fire.
But after what happened
the other night,
I haven't eaten for two days
and can't get out of bed.
That's why
I have to apologise.
Let me come up.
And then what?
We go on like this?
Or will things change?
We can't for now,
you have to understand.
Then go, never to be seen again.
Go on now.
I hear
The bitter wailing
Of the sorrowful mother
She wanders among the squads
Looking for her beloved
Have you ever considered, Ciro,
that the snake
is always with the Holy Virgin
and never with Jesus?
She's the only one
who knows what to do.
With one foot,
she holds it firm
to the ground,
without needing to crush it.
I wanted to do that with you.
But I'm not the Holy Virgin.
But with snakes like you,
I've got to cut their heads off.
There's a procession tonight
in his mother's town.
That's the right time.
- The right time for what?
- You know what for.
He wants you there to tell you
he accepts your conditions,
but he really wants
to take you out.
- And Prince?
- He's here, and he agrees with me.
I'll take this to the top
of the alliance,
together with your head.
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