Gomorrah (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Profumo di iena

Looks made for you!
I'll take it.
I knew Patrizia would find
the right one.
Like to try it on in case
it needs altering?
If I'd wanted to strip,
you wouldn't be wearing it,
would you?
I shouldn't ask you to model
her clothes,
but your friend's mother-in-law's
a bitch.
It's for a special occasion?
You're beautiful as it is,
but in this, a panther!
A hyena's better!
Panthers are beautiful,
but don't count a fuck,
but among hyenas, females rule,
Please excuse me.
So, tell me how much I owe you.
Scianel's discount!
- How much?
- 780.
You have to cover me tomorrow.
After Raffaele,
the witch goes to the Marquis,
it's the only place where
she's not on my back.
You're sure about this, Marinella?
What I do for her and Lelluccio
is never enough.
- This is for the girl.
- Thank you.
Marinella, you done gossiping?
Let's go, come on!
We have to make eggplant parmesan
for Lelluccio, you forgot?
- No.
- Get moving!
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, ma'am!
Bye, Patrizia!
Bye, Marinella.
Your friend's good.
Learn from her.
How can I, Lady Annalisa?
You don't want me to work.
Learn to know your place.
What do you want?
You know, open the dash.
Best regards.
We'll find who did this shit.
Spread the word, I want to know
if he's a nobody or a big shot.
Or one of Conte's, still pissed off.
With Conte dead,
it's not true nobody's in charge.
Some shits are
still sucking Savastano's dick.
Whoever did it, that was my stuff
and I just got spit in the face.
But if he thinks he can piss on me,
he's wrong, right, Ciro?
But we make all our decisions
Meaning I just gotta be
a guard dog?
I mean we gotta stay cool.
OK, Annalisa?
- What's up?
- I'm going back to Secondigliano.
It's not the right time.
Conte's dead, it's time.
The water's muddy now,
if I don't move,
I can forget Naples forever.
No fuckin' thing changes
with Conte dead.
We gotta get ready,
not muddle around like amateurs.
There's no gettin' ready.
Those shits are like sewer rats,
I gotta skin 'em in boiling water
before they settle down.
Just wanted you to know.
Now get in the car and go home.
- Secondigliano is my home too.
- No.
It's not your time to come back,
some wounds don't heal.
If you do,
they'll all rebel against us.
I want them at each other's
Know what I think, Dad?
What do you think, Gennarino?
Just one of us has those wounds,
and it's you.
- Go, Patrizia.
- See you tomorrow.
You already forgot your uncle?
What do you want?
I'll take you home.
Come on, give me the bags.
- Are you pissed with me?
- Me? No way!
But since my father died,
you disappeared.
- My brother was an asshole.
- My father was a giant.
You haven't changed,
still tough like when
you were a kid.
- You need something from me.
- Right.
- You have to do something for me.
- I do nothin' for nobody.
I work for myself.
Thanks for the lift.
See you in eight years.
Patrizia, I care for you,
but I'm not asking
What do you want from me, uncle?
You saw what happened
this morning?
Yeah, they've all gone crazy.
That's nothing compared to
what's coming,
and to make it happen,
I need your help.
To do what?
To bring back the only one
who kept them in line,
before all hell broke loose.
We all gotta do our part.
Understand, Patrizia?
Maria, still there?
Get back home, move!
- Patrizia, you're back?
- Honey, everything OK?
Go over Science with me?
Later, let me get cooking,
it's late.
- Forget anything?
- Thank you!
- Hey!
- You're an idiot!
Oh, come on!
Think you should go around
like that?
Cover up, it's chilly.
You washed me when I was little,
now you get shocked?
Now you're all hairy,
you're disgusting!
Go set the table, move.
Smoking again, huh?
Just one.
You're smoking again.
Yeah, and so?
You're edgy?
I saw who brought you
home tonight.
What's he want from us?
I have to do something
and if I do it,
we'll all be better off.
Be careful.
- Hey!
- You can smoke but I can't?
I'm me and you're you!
Go to bed, school's tomorrow.
I don't care about me,
but if anything happens
to my sisters or my brother,
I'll grab you by the balls
and kill you.
Don't worry.
Do you know what
Lady Annalisa's doing tomorrow?
Playing cards.
At the Marquis', near the museum.
You're a smart girl,
I knew you'd have the right info.
Got on the perfume I bought you?
Yes, sure.
Not true, come here.
You stink. Know why?
You use Eau de Bitch, like you.
Think you can fool me?
Think so, Marinella?
If I smell shit,
think I'll reckon it's chocolate?
Grasso, Gargiulo, Gargiano
- How's it goin', OK?
- Mom, how are you?
- You're too skinny.
- Nah, I'm fine!
Your mom and I brought
eggplant parmesan.
What's new, Marinella?
Nothing, I keep your mother company
while I wait for you.
Time never passes.
Know what she says every evening?
She feels she's in jail too,
because she can't live without you.
Don't worry, I'll be out soon,
we'll make up for lost time.
The toughest thing
is being without you, my love.
When I get out, I'll chew you up!
Listen to me!
Now that our Spanish
friend's gone,
things are changing fast,
I know, Mom,
soon as I'm out,
I'll get back in shape, move around.
No, Lelluccio,
you're fine like this,
just stay calm.
Then when you're out
we'll get moving again.
Just trust your mom, OK?
I do, Mom. I know.
I'll take care of you.
I know how to get you
back in shape.
Now let's take care of this little
doll who cries for you every night.
When you're out, you'll know how
to give her some affection,
your way.
You're so beautiful!
It's late now,
drop me off first,
then take Marinella home.
All in.
Lady Annalisa,
with all due respect,
we use money at this table.
Is this OK?
Am I in the game?
If you don't mind
Don't move, hear me?
No bullshit and no one gets hurt.
Shut up!
- Freeze!
- I'm not moving!
Do you know who I am?
I don't give a fuck.
I'm Scianel.
You know why they call me that?
Because I know perfumes.
And you already stink of death.
Let's go, let's go!
Let's go!
Grab the bag and leave!
Lady Annalisa
On my way.
- We have to go.
- What's the witch want?
She's been robbed,
I have to bring the car.
- Take me home first.
- Sure.
It's all set up, Don Pietro.
The house, the messenger,
all set.
Or there's this.
It's short, has white beading
and goes with everything.
- Pretty!
- Isn't it?
- All ragged
- It's the fashion.
Know what happened to
the tobacco lady?
No, what?
The cops arrested a guy
going through her neighbour's window.
So what's that to her?
It was her husband!
He was naked.
Wait just a moment.
She had me bring the dress back,
says it brings bad luck.
Why, what happened?
They robbed her at the Marquis',
they took all her money.
She's sure they knew
she was there
and she's out for blood.
See this girl?
She's the only one
who comes into your house, OK?
In here there's a mozzarella,
two sausages and three jars of sauce.
And that's what
it's always gotta be,
even when the guest comes,
don't change your habits
one bit, OK?
There's two of us now,
but later three.
What if it's not enough?
Go on a diet.
Come here, Patrizia.
- The witch suspects everyone.
- Get a grip on your nerves.
In here.
He'll be here.
- What's my part?
- The messenger.
- He talks just to you.
- What do I tell him?
Everything that happens outside,
you'll be the messenger.
You gotta bring him
everything he needs.
You'll be his eyes,
his ears and his mouth.
It's important, Patrizia.
Why me?
Because no one would think
it's you.
What's in it for me?
A thousand euro a week.
Just to be a messenger?
You're a smart girl.
If he likes you,
your life will change,
I'm back, my heart,
I'll never leave you again.
Who's this?
My niece Patrizia, Don Pietro.
Got no tongue?
Sure, but she knows
when to use it.
Patrizia, come with me.
The other one.
Go on, Don Pietro.
Take this!
Who are you?
Agostino, the grocery boy.
Bear with me, go for a walk.
Come here.
What you got to say, grocery boy?
My cousin
goes with a guy
from the Third World
and I heard him bragging.
- What was he saying?
- He was saying
He screwed
Lady Annalisa.
And then?
Stealing all that money
was better than getting laid.
Come here.
Good kid, grocery boy!
I'll give you a nice present!
Go on!
And now we'll take some
dicks outta my ass.
Your tattoo
I got it when Dad died,
that's what he called me.
If you were a lioness,
you wouldn't need a tattoo.
We gotta move,
Scianel got the robber.
- Who is he?
- A guy from the neighbourhood.
He counts for shit,
he could never do it alone.
- He's still alive?
- Yeah, I know where.
We gotta get to him fast!
Scianel did things her way,
but we're an alliance,
no one acts alone.
My money.
Money comes and goes, kid,
once your life is gone,
it won't come back again.
I can give you all I took.
No, mama's boy,
that's not it.
You can no longer give back
what you took from me.
Wait, what did you say?
It was better than
getting laid.
That so?
Now we'll see if it's true.
I want some of the fun too.
Who knows if we'll find him alive.
- Can't reason with Scianel.
- With me neither, Gabriele.
What the fuck are you doing?
Ciro, what the fuck are you doing?
Ciro, what are you doing?
We need him alive, not dead!
Who ordered you?
No one, we did it alone.
That's funny, huh!
This morning you didn't know
your ass from your elbow
and now you're a tough guy?
I know you know important things.
Only I can save your life,
but you gotta come clean.
Who ordered you?
Pietro Savastano.
He's back.
Now let's blow this shit
to hell!
He has to die for what
he did to me.
I gave him my word,
Angelo's gotta live.
Concern in Naples for a fire
that broke out in an apartment
A short circuit sparked
the fire
I made these myself.
What's the word from outside?
In the shop all the wives
are talking about what happened.
They say there's tension
among the secessionists.
They're scared another war
might break out.
That's what you want, isn't it?
That's enough.
Know how to make scialatelli?
With shellfish.
And you need a spoon.
Go get a fork.
Sit down.
This food's shit.
Want me to eat alone too?
Guys, let's devastate the Third World
and the Berlingieri area,
we can wipe out Savastano
once and for all.
- He's gotta eat his own shit.
- Yeah.
- We'll eat him alive!
- We gotta look for him.
- He did it.
- We gotta find him fast!
- That's our house.
- Still giving orders!
Pietro Savastano is back
to raise hell.
He wanted to slap you
because he knows
you're like a Neapolitan Mastiff.
You fly off the handle.
You don't understand his game.
He wants us to rack up deaths,
because deaths bring cops.
It'll be crawling.
And with the cops around,
the dealing spots get blocked.
Then people will say
they got no life with us,
it was better
when Pietro Savastano was here.
Life was good then!
If you don't want war,
what do you want?
They'll think
they can walk all over us.
Who's dumber,
the one led around on a leash
like a dog
or the one putting
the chain around his neck?
So, what do we do?
Call Malamore,
tell him we want a meeting.
- I want to talk to him.
- Ciro!
What the fuck does this mean?
What's under there?
Why the bandage?
Will you tell me or
do I rip it off myself?
I have some news for you,
that Malamore knows.
They want to deal.
But not with you.
Then with who?
With Gennaro,
your son.
With Gennaro?
Cover that wound.
Come in.
Well? What do you say?
What's wrong, don't you like it?
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