Gomorrah (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Occhi negli occhi

Pitbull, everything OK?
- How are things, brother?
- Not bad.
Please, go in.
Hello, Don Aniello.
What a pleasure!
Thank you for agreeing
to see me.
Thank you for coming
to my home.
Have a seat.
What can we do for you?
Help me prevent another war.
Ciro just got here.
Ciro's here!
Hi, Rosario!
You could have said
you were seeing Don Aniello.
It went well.
That's what counts.
I think
we're screwin' up, Ciro.
We can't leave Savastano here.
We gotta find him and kill him,
him and Gennaro.
Rosario, we went through
Savastano, Conte, now we rule.
But to move on,
we gotta make money.
If not, we go hungry, and hunger
calls blood. Our people
don't want either.
We gotta harness Pietro
and Gennaro.
Great, guys!
Work fast!
Hi, Aniello!
Hi, I'm glad to see you.
You're lookin' good.
What's up?
I like fruit
and especially
what your boy's got.
Nothin' better!
I'll tell you straight,
I don't like this situation.
My boy, as you call him,
has to stay out of this.
He does this, nothin' else.
Giuseppe, I'm first to hope
things stay like this,
but it takes peace
to protect our affairs
and keep this boy calm.
And you make peace with enemies.
I can guarantee safety
for Gennaro and the Immortal.
But I need your word.
Your boy mustn't screw up
or else
it ends up bad for everyone.
You have my word.
Take care, Aniello.
I know where it is.
OK, Giuseppe,
see you in an hour.
You told your father
I was here?
My father's no fool.
He knows by now
you're living here.
Besides this, there are hotels,
restaurants, franchises
It took me 20 years to get here,
to look down on the world.
This is just the start,
because Rome is our pasture.
I know what you're saying.
So it's time to decide
who the fuck you want to be.
Thanks to your stuff too
we're building an empire here,
me and you.
Here you're Gennaro Savastano,
no longer Don Pietro's son,
and you can be even bigger
than him.
That's the future.
You already know the past.
I need to know
who the fuck you want to be.
I already made my choice,
but I want to face
that piece of shit,
look him in the eyes.
He's gotta see
I'm still standing.
I have to be sure
you won't pull any shit.
If you touch Ciro di Marzio,
they'll shoot you, got it?
If that's your idea,
you'll come back feet first.
I'll go and come back
on my own two feet.
I look ahead,
my future's here in Rome with you.
And with Azzurra.
It's all set up.
The day after tomorrow,
in Trieste,
just him and me.
You sit face-to-face
with Gennarino.
Ciro, it's your head,
but if somethin' happens,
there'll be an earthquake here too.
My head's going nowhere,
and the Earth won't move either.
Aniello Pastore guarantees,
so do his allies,
and Giuseppe Avitabile.
He can't touch me.
Ciro, I don't understand all this.
You're recognising Savastano.
- I'm talking to Gennaro, not Pietro.
- It's the same thing.
If it was the same thing,
Gennaro would be here too.
I need your trust.
I'm doing what's right.
They accepted this meeting.
Their hands are tied.
We've already won.
You didn't say a word!
I gotta think before I talk.
See you, Totò.
This is it.
Looks like a toy.
This toy kills like a gun.
They wanted to humiliate me.
Like I don't count a fuck.
I'd like to face
that piece of shit.
Father and son are
the same thing.
If so,
I wouldn't be in this cesspit.
Anything I should tell him?
- Trak, is Genny here?
- Haven't seen him.
I'll introduce my girlfriends.
- Girls, this is Gennaro.
- Hi, happy birthday.
- Alessandra, a pleasure.
- Veronica.
A pleasure.
He's not here!
Wow, it's really great here!
- Is Genny here?
- Don't know.
Where the fuck is he?
Guys, this is his party.
- A pleasure, Gennaro.
- Chiara.
This is Francesca.
Just a minute, love.
Excuse me.
- Happy birthday, Genny.
- Thank you.
- How's it goin', Little Bird?
- Happy birthday!
Come here.
- Gennaro
- How are things, Trak?
- You're lookin' good.
- Yeah?
We're all scarred
and I'm missing a kidney.
Come here, come on!
Thanks for coming to my party.
They hurt us,
but we're still standing.
But your shoes are more
- Behave, guys!
- Don't worry!
Azzurra, these are my best friends.
Little Bird
- A pleasure, Carmine.
- Hi, Azzurra.
- Bomber.
- A pleasure.
The pleasure's mine.
- And Trak.
- A pleasure.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Your girl's pretty, but how
do you fit in with these people?
I fit in with her.
That's more than enough.
A toast to our brother who grew up
and who's even settlin' down!
To you, Gennaro.
Mr. Savastano,
there's someone outside for you.
Don't move!
Who the fuck are you?
My name's Patrizia.
Your father sends me.
What's my father got
to say to me?
That he'd like to be
in your shoes.
So, you're givin' my father
your ears and mouth, huh?
It seems strange.
Especially since the last woman
he trusted is dead.
That's how things are.
This passes all the checks.
Just one bullet.
Doesn't he know
the clan's there to guarantee?
If I try to kill him,
they'll kill me?
He says don't let him down.
So, I gotta die
to please my father?
I gotta die to please my father?
I'm just the messenger.
They'll tell you what to do
when you're there.
Today's my birthday,
did he forget?
he sends his best wishes.
Don't move!
Don't move, or it'll hurt more!
Don't move!
- Gennaro!
- Where are you going?
We're bored. Where did you go?
- Brother, things OK?
- Yeah, let's take a ride.
- Now that you're in Rome
- And your party?
You're my party!
I want a joint.
Pull out the weed!
- You're such an imbecile!
- Idiot!
It's your party, Genny!
Gennaro, our life's shit
since you left.
The secessionists have blocked us
in that alley, like monkeys.
They toss us peanuts.
We didn't even sell
200 units last month.
We live on handouts.
They're makin' tons
and think they own the world.
Got it? You should see that shit
Ciro di Marzio actin' the big man!
Genny, they say your father's
back in Naples,
is it true?
- Yeah, Trak.
- Why don't you bust Ciro's arse?
Why don't you come back too?
- It's not time.
- What the fuck's that mean?
He gets stronger every day.
He almost killed us all.
Who knows how we're still alive.
And don't forget
he killed your mother.
I said it's not time.
Where are you going?
Who the fuck was it?
It was me.
So what?
I just stole a rich guy's watch.
you came
and stole in my house.
He's got more money than you.
He can buy another one.
Meantime I can make
1,000 euros.
While you find the courage
to come back,
I brought justice to the world.
Nice, huh?
Have you lost your mind?
Calm down, calm down!
get up
Gennaro, where are you goin'?
Come back!
Calm down!
- No balls, Gennaro!
- Calm down, Trak!
- You got no balls!
- Calm down!
- Gennaro!
- Calm down!
You got no balls!
You got no balls!
You got no balls!
Hi, Azzurra.
Nothing to say?
That was your party, not mine.
Besides I already apologised,
didn't I?
What's that?
A present from my father.
What's going on?
Nothing, Azzurra, don't worry.
By the way,
I'm leaving tonight.
Gabriele, things OK?
Just fine.
Wow, you're looking great!
I hear you're coming up
in the world.
You wanted to see me?
We gotta talk business.
There's this fuckin' meeting.
Who knows how it'll end up.
Maybe only one will come back,
or no one.
But however it goes, you can win.
I'm a business man.
I'll be gone just one day.
I don't want to stay
here alone.
You're not alone.
There's the lady, the guys
Alone, without you,
in this house
What's wrong with this house?
- We chose it together.
- It doesn't feel like ours.
In the other, it was like
Mum was still there.
Come here.
Come on.
It takes time.
We just have to get used to it.
Can we make peace?
Come on, give me a kiss!
Dad will be back soon.
What are you doing?
Can't you see?
Where is it?
In there.
Isn't that OK?
I could have given it
to my father,
but you know
what you have to do.
Remember what you've got here.
This way, Don Ciro!
Please get in.
Don Ciro,
Don Aniello sent me,
I'm at your total disposal.
I've taken care of everything.
Room 621, sixth floor.
I'll take you up.
- Hello?
- He's in the Savoia.
Room 621, one kilometre
from your hotel.
In your room there's a sack
with everything.
Come in, Don Gennaro,
make yourself comfortable.
Anything you need,
we're downstairs.
I'll order dinner
and get to bed.
- At your disposal. Good night.
- Good night, Pasquale.
how come
you're still awake?
Tomorrow's almost here.
When you wake up,
Dad will already be home.
I miss you too.
I love you.
I need some air.
Where's the hotel?
That way, Don Ciro.
Let's go back.
Don Ciro,
we'll call you tomorrow morning.
Whatever you need,
we're downstairs.
Shoot, if you have to,
so we can end it.
I waited all this time
and you want it over fast?
Turn around, you rat.
Death's been next to me
all my life,
I'm not scared of dying.
That's why you killed my mother
and shot me in the face?
With these hands,
I killed my Debora.
I'd have killed anyone
who got in the way.
Kill this piece of shit!
What did you tell your daughter
about her mother's death?
I'm not telling you that.
Shoot, I've had it.
- You can lie to yourself, not to me.
- Shoot!
You can't forget
you killed your daughter's mother.
On your knees!
I like seeing you like this,
as if asking for forgiveness,
asking for peace.
But there's no peace
or forgiveness for you.
You keep it,
so you'll remember the day I could
have killed you, but didn't.
Hello, Don Aniello.
Did you have a good night?
the past is over.
Now we go forward,
in everybody's interest,
yours too.
What Ciro proposes
sounds reasonable to me.
I decide if it's
reasonable or not.
For me Pietro Savastano
can stay where he is.
On two conditions.
First, the alliance buys
your stuff,
so you'll see
you'll make more money
with this peace.
War's not worth it to anyone.
I don't care
where the money's from,
and I don't give a fuck about
what happens in Naples any more.
That means the second
condition's not a problem.
Your father, his men,
can't leave
their neighbourhood any more.
Goodbye, Don Aniello.
- What the fuck
- You can't leave.
Out of my way!
Rules have changed. There's an agreement
with Gennaro Savastano.
What the fuck do you mean?
You can do what you like
in your house, even sell stuff,
but none of your men
can go out, got it?
Gennarino guarantees
for all of you.
He sold me out.
He didn't kill him
and he sold me out.
Piece of shit!
Calm down, they can hear you.
- There must be a reason.
- I gotta get out.
Get me out of here.
I gotta look him in the face!
I'm happy you're here.
I don't know how I feel,
but now I'm just fine.
Now we'll see if you like
your birthday present!
- Want to see it?
- Yes.
Congratulations, my love.
To both of us.
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