Gomorrah (2014) s02e06 Episode Script

'O Track

Don Pietro, if I may
Are you sure
it's the only solution?
I need to look in his eyes.
He's gotta say why that rat Ciro
is still around.
You know what's right.
Blood can be chewed,
not spat, Patrizia.
Gennaro would be long dead
if he weren't my son.
Let's go, it's a long trip.
Your baptism favours.
We bought 500.
A coral child in the Virgin's arms.
That's what your mother wanted,
to honour
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
who performed the miracle.
We even went to certain doctors.
They said
she couldn't have children.
My father said to get a new wife,
because a boss needs
someone to carry his name.
I said they'd have to kill me,
because I'd chosen your mother.
And I did well,
because your mother gave me you,
a son.
I gave that son the most
important job.
To kill Ciro di Marzio.
Instead he made a deal
against me.
If I wanted Ciro di Marzio dead,
I'd have killed him by now.
But I didn't.
It's not in our interest.
Not in our interest?
I don't get it, Gennarino, explain.
Dad, you're getting old.
You're stuck in the past,
you can't see the future.
The future's the contacts
I made.
It's a direct line from our home
to the heart of Rome.
It goes back and forth
like a train.
You're my son,
you have to do what I say.
It's true, I'm your son,
but soon I'll be
a father too.
I have to make my own way.
Now you can follow me,
if you want.
If I don't?
You'll be alone,
and alone you won't go
anywhere in Naples.
Or you'd have already done it.
Trust the son you wanted so much.
At least once in your life,
trust him.
- Kickin' arse, Tonino!
- Here.
No, I'm busy.
So, what do we do?
Roam around the Fiori and
Berlingieri neighbourhoods.
The Savastanos can't be let out,
but if they do,
come and tell us.
- You up to it?
- You bet!
- Guns?
- Guns
Guns are just for the armed
lookouts at intersections.
OK, but what do I get?
350 a week for you
and 150 for your friends.
- OK.
- OK? Get moving!
Let's go!
- Where the fuck are you going?
- Mum's in the hospital.
Don't leave that alley, understand?
We can't risk our necks
because of you.
Hey, hands off!
What do you want?
What's this, arsehole?
We're starving in the alley,
this gets us by.
You buy your stuff just from us!
- 48 a kilo's too much!
- That's the price!
Screw you, others sell at 30.
How come you're selling at 48?
Thank Gennarino you're still alive
and that I don't kill you all.
- So now, get back in your hole!
- Hands off!
Go, arsehole!
- Eyes open, Bomber!
- Don't worry.
Let me see.
This is it?
- Money!
- Here.
You got it?
- What piece is that?
- It's all he had!
Shit gypsies!
- You got bullets?
- Two.
- One for me, one for you?
- Don't be funny.
- On the ground!
- Shit face, on the ground!
- Come with me.
- What do you want?
Open up!
Put the money in here, fast!
Don't move!
I'm doing it, one second!
Make it fast!
Freeze, don't move!
Give it here!
- Done?
- Let's scram!
Let's go!
OK, I get it.
It's Dwarf.
What is it, Rosario?
They robbed the betting agency
on Corso Italia.
- Who?
- The alley kids.
- They left their neighbourhood?
- Yeah.
- Who ordered them?
- No one, they did it alone.
- You're sure?
- They're like rabid dogs.
No one in the clan can stand them,
but they're Genny's friends.
What do we tell people?
We kill them!
We stay calm, Rosario.
You said it yourself,
those kids are theirs.
They're Savastanos,
and the Savastanos
have to deal with it.
Alert Malamore.
Alert them all.
We have a deal,
they can move within their area,
and we don't say a word,
but if someone slips up,
goes out and makes a mess,
they'll answer for it.
They said that if we back the robbery
and break the deal,
we gotta say it to their faces.
Don Pietro!
He had to tell me himself
because I never realised it.
I never trusted him.
My father always said
little children need milk,
but grown children need trust.
Tell Malamore we respect
Gennaro's deal.
He must deal with the alley boys.
- Bomber, give me 50 euros.
- Here.
- We scared them fucking shitless.
- Chaos, Trak!
Did you see that fat guy?
He peed his pants!
Who is it?
- Linx!
- Hi, Bomber!
What's up, guys?
What's the matter?
Don't move, arsehole!
Come here, you piece of shit!
You'd already be dead
if it was up to me.
Think I forgot
you shot outside my house?
But there's a deal now,
and Don Pietro said
we have to respect it,
and so do you, OK?
Let's go.
Hey, kid, get me Carmine!
- Keep your eyes open.
- Don't worry.
Carmine, they're asking for you!
What the fuck does he want?
What's up?
Your little friends robbed
the betting agency.
They left their area
without permission.
I don't know anything,
but we'll deal with it.
I hear it's not going too well.
Who's it going well for
these days?
But the night's even darker
for some.
I have a proposal for you,
come over to our side.
we're Savastanos,
don't talk to me.
What did being faithful get you?
Where's Gennaro?
I don't see him.
You gave him your blood,
and he left you alone.
You have nothing to do with them.
Think about it.
Pitbull, let's go!
Little Bird,
what did you tell Ciro?
I said no way.
Look what those bastards
did to me!
Should we be living
this shitty life?
I'm sick of it.
Bomber, you?
- We do what Ciro said.
- We'll be against the Savastanos.
So what?
They're stuck in their area!
They don't even know
where Don Pietro is.
Don Pietro won't be hiding
When he's out and raisin' hell,
on whose side will we be?
Where we're best off.
I agree.
Then, do without me.
Bye, Little Bird!
What did the alley kids say?
They say OK.
We're letting in rats.
Everyone's got rats.
Depends if the rats eat
provisions or one another.
If another war breaks out?
Neither Pietro nor the alley kids
are strong enough to fight us.
It'll be like a dog fight.
Worst thing is, a dog dies.
Guys, how about makin' a clan?
With one broken gun
from the gypsies?
We have hatred.
- How much does Malamore's spot make?
- 150-200 thousand a week.
- Hear that?
- And he says the spot's no good.
Cry and be sly.
Now we'll really make 'em cry!
How strong are they?
They have three sub-groups
and eight people
plus four who prepare drugs
on the ground floor.
They work from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
and from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.
- On Saturdays till 2?
- Yeah.
The morning shift guy
takes the night shift the next day.
They all get three free
days a week.
We'll make 'em shit their pants!
They're already buried, Trak!
More importantly,
where are Malamore's men?
Second floor, apartment nine.
- You're sure?
- Yeah.
- Lift that bag!
- What the fuck do you want?
You're sure these and hatred
will be enough?
Fausto, what's the problem?
Can't see a fucking thing at night,
and those shits don't expect it.
They gotta be scared,
like rats in glue!
Take this, Trak!
Bye, guys.
- Things OK there?
- All OK.
Things OK?
It's over!
See you tomorrow!
Come on, come on.
Get out, you piece of shit!
Piece of shit!
So? Where are the guns?
Tell me.
Tell me!
Piece of shit, where are they?
Top floor.
What do you want?
Go, go!
Take this trash with you!
- I'm goin' for the guns.
- I'll get more people.
Downstairs, fast!
I'll break your neck, move!
Take this stuff down.
Move, hear me?
Piece of shit, come on!
Get in, you bastard!
Shut up, piece of shit!
Be quiet, piece of shit!
Go, go!
Move, fast!
Shut up!
- Get out!
- Nicola!
- Careful with the children.
- Don't worry.
Come on!
Make it fast!
Make it fast.
- Where's Malamore's house?
- I don't know.
- Where?
- I don't know.
You don't know?
- Where is it?
- There!
Take this piece of shit
Say goodbye to your house.
This is our dealing spot!
If the alley guys rebelled,
it's Savastano's fucking problem.
We respect deals.
We don't care what happens
between them.
We've nothing to do
with Savastano's deals.
- What do we get?
- What do we get?
We make more money
with Gennaro's coke.
They come from the rich neighbourhoods
to buy our stuff.
It'll soon be like old times
when we were number one in Europe.
That's worth ten Berlingieri
dealing spots!
Sit down.
Malamore's sure Ciro's behind it.
Ciro's not the problem.
Berlingieri is ours
and they have to respect
the deal with my son.
My uncle rallied his men.
They've got guns, ready to act.
We stood by, watching it all
and nothing good happened.
Tell Malamore
we start with the rebels.
They gotta eat their own shit.
- Hi, guys.
- Hi.
Let's make it fast!
It's all here?
All of it.
You're sure?
- Bomber!
- And the money?
First, we start working.
From now on, Malamore's dealing spots
are ours. We're in charge.
There's an extra for you too.
What the fuck
are you looking at?
You rat!
- Get him!
- Let's go!
Don't worry, it's OK.
Who is it?
The betting receipts!
Go buy yourself something!
You didn't see anything, OK?
He's here.
I'll be right back.
Everything OK?
Your friends rebelled.
I know.
But nothing changes,
we have to stay focused
on business.
Your father will be fuckin' mad.
What's he want to do?
Gabriele, I'm in Rome,
I have another perspective.
You're in Rome,
but your heart's in Secondigliano
and our home's a time bomb.
Your father and Ciro have the fuse.
We have to focus on business,
you're right,
but this mess is bad.
We know it better than anyone.
Put this fire out, Gennaro,
before it burns everything.
Bye, Gabriele.
Bye, Gennaro.
Where are you going?
To Naples. There's trouble.
What do you care
what happens in Naples?
That's where my father
and brothers are, you forget?
Your family's here now.
Our family.
Azzurra, you're my life
I love you.
But never get between me
and my blood.
We're here to talk.
That's all, right?
No crap,
I guaranteed for you both.
Don't worry!
Wait here.
Stay here,
straw burns near fire!
Fuck off, you and straw!
- How are you, Little Bird?
- Genny!
- What's up?
- You're finally back.
- Yeah, too bad it's like this.
- There was no other way.
Don't trust Ciro di Marzio.
He's using you to cause havoc
in our clan.
But then he'll throw you away,
like a used condom.
So, why didn't you kill him?
It meant another war,
everyone against everyone.
They'd have come from Piscinola,
Ponticelli or the centre of Naples
and taken everything,
I couldn't let that happen.
Your place is by my side,
where it's always been.
Till now it didn't seem like that.
You disappeared, it's not easy
keeping up with a ghost.
You gotta come back to us.
Under what conditions?
Like before,
and I'll pretend
nothing happened these days.
- What did he say?
- We gotta go back to him.
Under the same conditions
as before.
- Where are you going?
- Wait.
Gennaro, are things OK?
Fine, Trak!
We have to talk.
What the fuck are you doing?
Step down or
I'll bury your name!
Are you crazy? We were clear!
From now on, anyone
with Savastano is against us.
Carmine, who are you with?
With me or them?
I'm with you,
but we don't bury their name.
They're the Savastanos.
We don't touch them.
We don't touch Genny.
- Calm down!
- Get off!
It ends here for us.
For us too,
but tell your father,
from now on,
the alley's done starving.
Let's go!
Piece of shit!
Get up, Malamore!
Don Pietro,
Malamore's all right,
but not Angelo, he's gone.
Gennaro agreed those shits
could have Berlingieri
and he guaranteed peace.
At this point, Gennaro's word
doesn't count a fuck.
I piss on their faces!
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