Gomorrah (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

Il Principe e il Nano

- Welcome back.
- Hello.
- Did you like the Costa del Sol?
- Beautiful.
A great hotel and car,
everything was perfect.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I thought this free trip
might be a scam.
Do I have to buy something
from you?
No, just talk about
our supermarkets.
OK, thank you.
Good bye.
That's all of it.
We didn't even lose one gram.
That's why Don Giuseppe loves you.
Come on, move it!
Give that kid the Ninja Turtles!
The ball!
Hey, kid,
you don't have anything?
They ran out of balls
and I don't like dolls.
Want this?
It's real crocodile.
You're invincible
when you wear it.
See how far I've gotten?
It's not because I'm good!
- It's this talisman.
- And you?
I don't need it any more.
Thanks a lot.
This protects you only
if you behave.
If you start thinking
you're a big shot, it won't work,
- What's the bracelet?
- Let's see it!
Lift your arm, show me.
On my way.
What's all this ruckus?
Prince gave the kids presents.
He comes up with a new one
every week.
He used to scrape by on Conte's pay cheque
and now he's got money to burn?
Didn't I tell you?
It's the best!
A guy like you can get
six kilos out of one.
I charge you 20% less than
I do the Alliance.
And you don't have to split it.
I don't get this system of yours
What's to get?
You buy all together and then
split the take in equal parts, right?
I think it's crap,
because you're letting
the others make money.
I say, the one who sells the most
earns the most.
what do you want from me?
I told you, Gabriele,
I want a friend in that snake pit.
no one's got a head like yours.
Prince, you gotta be number one
in that Alliance.
I carry just one flag.
It's not Ciro's or yours.
It's mine.
And I want to see it wave
when the wind blows.
I have to work on this
stuff first.
We'll make it three,
maybe even four.
It's good.
Tell Malamore not to worry,
Ciro's time will come.
We can hurt him and the Alliance
without killing him.
the guy making the most money,
has no protection.
We'll start with him.
I'll tell him, Don Pietro.
Can I say something?
After you kill Prince,
what happens?
If anything happens to
any Alliance guy,
it carries your name,
you'll declare war.
- I think
- You're not paid to think.
- I say this for you.
- Get out.
From the Seven Buildings,
which brings
this month's take
to 7,427,200.
Net of the managing expenses
and 5% for petty cash for
contingencies makes
1,175,973 for the 15% shares
and 371,370 for the alley's 5%.
you're the best!
How much longer
do we keep getting just 5%?
I piss on their faces!
Let's go.
Pieces of shit,
they should kiss where we walk.
You made more than anybody
this week.
You're getting better
than us this way.
Oh, yeah? Then I'll keep some cash
for myself next week!
If you haven't already!
What's that mean?
If you have a problem,
say it.
He means you're good,
You and me have to
talk business.
Me and Rosario want to invest,
to launder the money.
We could do it together.
Ciro, this proposal is
an honour for me.
But I manage my money alone.
OK, but think about it.
The more we launder,
the better.
Bye, Gabriele!
Bye, Ciro!
- Like it?
- You bought another one?
It was a steal.
You're hungry for cars?
I went hungry as a kid.
I have a surprise
for you too.
Step up
- Ready?
- Yes.
You're crazy!
- I'm crazy about you. She's yours.
- Mine?
What do I do with her?
Will she fetch a ball?
She's beautiful like you,
a creature from another world.
I'll show her to you.
- Come on, come on!
- Don't, no!
You say we're alike?
- You think I'm unhappy?
- Why?
Because she's unhappy, she'd like to run,
instead of being chained up.
She's much better off
than in the circus.
She doesn't have to be a clown,
because I respect her.
Know what you are?
A good soul dropped
into a screwy head.
We want him in with us?
Because he has a good head.
Isn't our head enough?
Are you jealous?
I don't like him.
You don't like him,
but you pocketed 1,750,000
thanks to him.
His dealing spot's
the biggest one.
No, from one kilo
he can make three.
Or maybe four, but he tells us
three and keeps the rest.
That's how he can act like
a millionaire with that black whore.
We want him in with us,
with our money?
I don't like these things.
I don't care if he skims.
He's better than you and all of us.
Never utter those words again.
That's how trouble starts,
and I want no trouble.
Got that?
It's settled.
- Someone's here!
- No way.
I swear!
Sorry, man.
Your dick's gone soft?
Seeing your face!
Son of a bitch!
It's not looking good.
- Dwarf's busted your balls?
- Not only him.
You're busting too many balls.
You spend too much.
- Is it a sin?
- No!
But you know how it is
The house, the cars, the parties
for the neighbourhood kids
Now even a panther!
They think you're making money
outside the system.
I make the same money as the others,
but theirs is stuck to their hands.
Gabriele, listen to me
I care for you,
and I say if you grow
too tall in this world,
someone's always there
to cut you down.
No one will touch me,
I make money for everyone.
They'd just hurt their wallets.
You'd better get yourself
some protection!
You tell him too!
Take my advice,
sell a few cars
And that animal too
What's it to you?
I don't want to mourn you.
Neither does she.
Isn't that right?
Don't listen to him.
The money's my protection.
Money won't stop a bullet.
- What's going on?
- I'm done!
- What?
- You heard me, I'm done.
I only serve my family.
- You knew the terms.
- It's not for me!
You can't walk out on this job.
- Get back there and stop this.
- Or you'll shoot me?
Patrizia, he gave you his trust,
you know where he lives,
what he wants to do
If he feels betrayed,
he'll find someone else to kill you!
I know they're worth more,
but this is all I can give you.
There isn't a line like before.
The keys are in the ignition.
See you.
You're feeling better now?
Now I feel like her,
chained up.
Chains kill her,
but they save you.
We were better off
when Conte was here,
less money but no fear.
I'm not afraid,
you know that.
I'll take a shower and go to work.
Will you take me?
There's nothing to be afraid of,
I'd like you to take me.
Good morning, Lady Azmera.
Lady Azmera
The meal's here for the little one.
Will you take care of it?
I want you to handle this.
There's a place she won't bother
anyone. Take her there.
I can't stand seeing her
all chained up.
- When do you finish?
- Late, at closing.
What? You're the boss!
Right, I set the example!
Put someone outside here, OK?
We're ready,
we have men and arms.
But it's not easy like before,
Prince took on protection.
Why now?
We decide to rub him out and he gets
protection, isn't that strange?
I don't know.
Maybe he's pissed
someone off
Or one of us warned him.
What the fuck happened to Patrizia?
Why didn't she come?
She's not well,
don't think bad.
Cut the bullshit, Malamore!
I have to talk to her,
look her in the eyes.
- What the fuck? Why?
- Get out of here.
No, my family's here.
Why should I?
You didn't want to go
back to him,
now he doesn't trust
you any more.
I won't leave you here!
But why?
He thinks I'm a rat?
The thought is enough.
He says he wants to see you,
but how will it end up?
I'll take care of your family.
Patrizia, come here!
It's me!
- You wanted to see me?
- Where were you?
- I was busy.
- Respect me.
I do, I'm risking
my life for you.
I deserve a little respect too,
even if I'm a nobody.
What do you want from me?
I want you to really understand
what I'm doing.
Sit down.
I may lose this war,
but I have to fight it,
because this is my home.
Everything I've done
in a lifetime is here.
I have nothing to lose.
All I've got is my dignity
and I won't see it flushed
down this toilet.
Now do you see?
So, when you think,
think about this too.
If you're my eyes and ears,
you gotta think like me.
- Need anything?
- Go back to your duty.
It really pisses me off
we gotta pay Gennaro!
What should piss you off is
when Prince cuts Genny's stuff,
he fucks us, you know?
- Forget it.
- No, go on!
If this gets out,
I'll wring your neck.
He says he cuts it to three,
you believe that?
See how he has all that
money, jewels,
the car, the house
and the shop for that whore?
With our money.
We'd better wake up before
fuckin' Prince screws us all.
This is an aggression,
like I told you.
They're ex-Savastano. They're not
like us, we can't trust 'em.
We gotta respond.
These shits need to see
they can't shoot or offend us.
- How?
- We get revenge.
We shove the gunfire
and bad-mouthin' up Dwarf's ass.
Can't let them think
we're takin' it.
Dwarf wants to screw me,
he's waiting for some bullshit.
But I'm doin' no bullshit.
I'll fuck him first.
I can't swallow this thing.
A member of the Alliance
accused me of stealing,
he offended my woman,
then someone shot up her shop.
We don't know
who did the shooting.
It's your man who says
Dwarf said something.
I've had it.
It's too much, he didn't say
those things just in front of my man.
This time Dwarf talked
in front of Trak.
What's good about this Alliance
is that I can't lie.
It's true.
Hear that, Ciro?
It's all true.
We have a code of respect
and he broke it.
If it weren't for me,
Dwarf would be dead now.
I don't want blood,
but you have to make amends.
Or else that means all of you
in here think like Dwarf.
So there's no alliance here,
just a place to spit shit
on others.
I want no part in it.
I'm gettin' out.
Why are you looking at me?
He's my brother.
If he goes, I go too,
we're the same thing.
if they go, we'll lose
the best money-making spots.
This fuck-up can really
cost us.
She left the shop keys, she's not back
and she's not answering her phone.
- You have to find her, Luciano.
- We will, Prince.
Don Ciro's here.
Go look there!
It's all OK!
What the fuck
are they doin' here?
It's all OK, don't worry.
- You gotta go.
- Huh?
I'm sorry,
we can't do a thing.
What is it,
don't you know me?
That's from the Alliance.
Manolo will handle
your spot from now on.
You know why.
You've got a great head,
that's why I like you.
Others would have taken revenge,
but not you.
You asked them to make amends
in front of everyone.
Then they saw
they could get to Dwarf,
that's why Trak ratted.
You had others get your
revenge for you.
But now you gotta show me
you were in good faith,
and this thing ends here.
Call back the dogs
you unleashed,
or this will end badly
for everyone.
What do you say?
You're beautiful.
Tell the truth,
some kid's got his eye on you?
- Dad will kill him.
- No, no one.
I'm kidding.
Like this one?
Put it on.
- What's this?
- It's Mum's.
Do you mind?
In my house
- In front of everyone.
- It's your fault, you didn't listen.
- Who's fuckin' side are you on?
- They were all against you.
We wanted a democracy?
My vote's worth one.
But I'm not like all the others,
have you forgotten
what I did for you?
Are you threatening me?
Don't you dare do that again.
I wasn't threatening you,
I wanted to remind you,
because you're leaving me alone,
and I never left you alone, ever!
My blood's on your hands.
They dragged me into this
and maybe Prince and Trak
did the shooting to fuck me,
but I have to save face,
I have to kill them.
- No.
- They gotta pay.
- I have to kill them.
- I've wrapped it up.
You have to do what I say.
This thing ends here.
I didn't shoot up the shop.
I swear on my daughter's life.
I was wrong,
I have to apologise
to Prince and his girlfriend
and I hope you accept
my apologies.
This thing's over
and I propose Dwarf
take his dealing spot back.
Anyone disagree?
That's enough.
They're all pissed off,
even if Dwarf got his spot back,
he's lost face.
The others are pissed off,
they hoped to take his spot
and Ciro's fighting
to keep them together.
With all due respect,
if anything happens to one of them
now, it doesn't bear your name.
When you think in the right
direction, you think good.
With this it makes 70,200.
Hi, guys.
Hello, Don Rosario.
- We're happy it's all resolved.
- Me too.
I want you all to get a bonus,
each and every one,
10% extra.
I'm payin'.
Will you do it?
- OK.
- For everyone!
And Manolo's share goes
to his wife.
Now it's all resolved.
Get rid of this shit.
Hello, Prince.
I can't stand seeing you like this.
You gotta get up.
I'm going to feed the animal.
Want to come?
It's like flying!
- Like it?
- Wow!
I'll give it to you.
Get the meat.
Forgive me, Prince.
They threatened Susy, I had no choice,
we're expecting a baby.
Forgive me.
It's OK, don't worry.
- Hello, Prince.
- Don Pietro.
Nothing personal,
but I have to start somewhere
to straighten things out.
You're wrong,
you'll just complicate them.
I have dealings with Genny.
It's the truth.
He passes his stuff to me to help me grow
and turn the tables when the time's right.
Call him if you like.
He's leaving for Honduras today.
- You're one of Genny's cards?
- If you prefer
I thought my son
didn't give a shit.
Know what?
You're worth more for my game.
Go get the champagne,
we'll have a toast.
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