Gomorrah (2014) s02e08 Episode Script

Divide et impera

What's going on out there?
You were right,
they've gone nuts.
They all suspect one another,
the alley kids only move
in groups,
and Scianel's guys are asking around
to show she's not connected.
He says Prince and him were like brothers
and now he wants Dwarf's head.
What does Ciro say?
He's called a meeting.
Sure, that's his priority.
That scum still believes
in democracy.
Democracy can't work.
Dogs devour each other
if there's no whip.
Malamore wants to know
what to do.
We wait till the poison
gets into their hearts.
We all know who did it.
We can't let someone kill
one of us and not make a move.
Prince forgave him for everything,
but it wasn't enough for Dwarf.
He's your friend,
but he's gotta pay.
First we see
who really did it.
We all know it was Dwarf!
I don't know a fucking thing!
I know Pietro Savastano vanished.
I want to know
if he's sticking to our deal
or siding up with someone.
Ciro, say what you have to.
That's why we're here.
We all know
your Raffaele's getting out.
He's hungry and you want him
to find the table set.
We want to make you both happy,
and you too.
You lost a good friend,
you want justice.
But we have to understand,
we gotta be sure
there's no sly guy behind this.
I take full responsibility.
It's me guaranteeing
your appetites,
but this hunger can't put us
at each other's throats.
Dwarf's my business.
If he killed Prince,
I'll make him pay,
but touch him without permission
and I'll make you eat your own hands,
one finger at a time.
Give me the lighter.
- Why are you going?
- He wants to see me.
- Aren't you scared?
- Of what?
We're brothers.
Your brother let you be
humiliated in front of everyone.
He couldn't do a thing, Teresa.
That's what you want to believe.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
I know what
I hear on the streets.
From who?
They all say the same thing,
that it was you.
- Did you kill Prince?
- I didn't do it.
And Ciro knows that.
Scianel held a meeting
with everyone today.
A friend who knows
her daughter-in-law told me.
It's just women's gossip.
They're plotting to split
your dealing spot.
Your brother's digging your grave.
A grave? My brother?
If I had to choose between him and you,
I'd always choose him.
You're my life, but you can drop dead
if what I say isn't true.
They found him outside a warehouse
in Casavatore.
And Ciro knows that.
He usually went alone?
With Angelino Sepino,
he used to take care of the animal.
I don't know who did it,
but Prince couldn't see evil,
he had no idea.
We find Angelo Sepino.
I want him.
That shit knows everything.
Go to his house, find him.
Anyone who stands in the way
ends badly.
Remember when we met?
At Saint Anthony's Day,
20 years ago.
We were kids.
Our gang was super cool!
All our friends are here.
They killed him in 2006.
What a character!
He fell in love
with the wrong woman.
It's just me and you left.
Know what I think?
You killed him because
you were jealous of him and me.
I didn't do it.
You said to trust you
and I did.
I don't want to come
visit you in here.
Leave with your daughter
and Teresa.
Look me in the face, it's me!
Our allies kiss on the mouth
and shoot one another in the head.
We're the guys from Secondigliano.
Let's break this Alliance.
I won't, not for you or anyone.
- You don't believe I didn't do it.
- You didn't?
Then I have to prove it.
This thing's gone too far,
everyone's poisoned, even me.
If I'm to save your life, leave.
We have to leave.
OK, we'll go, so what?
We'll go, you and me.
Put this in the car.
What's the matter?
Nothing, I have to go
for a few days.
No problem.
But nothing changes here,
it's still all my stuff.
If anyone in the Alliance fucks
around, shoot his eyeballs.
Don't worry.
Put more lookouts
around the spot.
They'd better not dare,
we rule here.
This is your stuff and ours too,
we'll defend it like our own home.
I'll call soon to tell you
where to bring the money.
If anything happens to me,
the money's for them.
Look at me, I gotta be sure.
I swear on my life.
Take care.
See how pretty it is here?
Mummy, when are we going home?
Soon, real soon.
Know what we'll do?
We'll go swimming
while your classmates study.
Won't the water be cold?
let's go!
Come on!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean those things
I said.
People say lots of things
when they argue.
I knew it.
He did it.
He did what?
He killed Deborah.
He killed his daughter's mother.
How could I think
he'd hesitate to betray a brother?
Ciro killed Deborah?
You knew it?
You helped him?
I'll go shower, then we'll play.
I like being with you.
I like being with you too.
But you don't stay very long.
Dad's got lots to do,
you know.
I give you everything
you want.
All I have is you, Dad.
I'm always with you,
but it's not true I'm all you have,
you've got lots of friends.
It's me who has just you.
You're right,
we have to be together more.
Go play, I'll be right there.
Want to play a little?
Go ahead!
I'll watch you from here.
Don't get your shoes wet.
- Ciro
- Come in.
What's wrong?
Rosario's been killed.
- What the fuck? When?
- Two hours ago.
Who did it?
- Who the fuck did it?
- I don't know.
What's wrong, Dad?
Uncle Rosario's been killed.
Turn the neighbourhood
inside out
and bring me the name
of my brother's killer, go!
So, it's true?
Yeah, he got shot right in front
of his daughter. Ciro's gone berserk.
And now what?
He won't rest until
he finds who did it.
- If it was an Alliance guy?
- The Alliance is broken.
So now they'll all be grabbing
the free dealing spots.
Maybe this means
it's our moment.
- For what?
- For war.
Tell Ciro we're collaborating.
He can see for himself.
The one not doing a fuck
is Mulatto.
He's the only one of us with
bigger reasons to shoot Dwarf
and avenge his friend.
Time's come to ask him
a few questions.
- Good evening.
- Goodbye.
- Mulatto!
- What?
Dwarf's dead.
- Ciro wants to see you.
- I'm right here.
Scianel gave your name.
Tell Ciro the one pointing
is always the one shooting.
Go get the champagne,
we'll have a toast.
My brother Prince has
been avenged.
None of our men shot him.
No one from around here.
They acted on orders.
And no one knows
who gave the order?
No one.
Scianel and Mulatto
are slinging shit at each other.
It could have been any of us.
Teresa and Simonetta?
They're back.
They're at home with the family.
I like this colour here.
Will you use it?
Let him come in.
I didn't have time to make
peace with him.
I can't forgive myself.
I'll find him
I know what you did.
I know everything.
You don't know the price
for all of this.
Rosario was the only one
who loved you for what you are.
Now you're left alone
with your conscience.
You and your little girl
have to leave.
You're not safe until I find
whoever killed Rosario.
Leave and keep your mouth shut,
it's best for everyone.
Maria Rita, let's go.
Don't worry.
I was choosing a photo
for Rosario.
Do you miss her?
So much,
just as you do.
The lady says
Mum can see everything,
what is, what was,
and what will be.
Is that true?
I think the only thing
she wants to see is you.
I chose this one.
- Good evening, Don Ciro.
- Evening.
- What's the matter?
- I need your services.
At your disposal.
I need a grave for a brother.
No problem.
Right away.
Don Amaturo!
Why at this hour?
A good friend died.
I need a grave.
- This one here.
- It's already occupied.
Now and then they come
to pay respects.
There's a restful place
down there
No arguments,
this is my brother's grave.
Get moving.
No problem, Don Ciro.
This one's beautiful.
Do you still need us?
Leave the gate open.
- I want no one around.
- OK.
I'll be right there.
Wait for me,
I have to be there.
Come on!
Get her off me!
He saved your life
and you got him shot like a dog,
you piece of shit.
Ciro, we have to get
out of here.
Call everyone and take him
to the cemetery.
Out of my way.
Please, have pity.
- Shut up.
- Have pity!
They made me do it, then
they wanted to kill me anyway.
They're looking for me.
Your enemies are my enemies.
You took him to see his animal
because they ordered you, huh?
They threatened to kill Susy.
She's expecting a baby.
And my brother?
I don't know anything
about Dwarf.
First I'll fuck Susy
then bury her next to you,
so you'll always be together,
you, her and your bastard kid.
I don't know anything.
Who ordered you
to betray Prince?
- Please
- Who?
Please, please
I'll tell you everything.
Did you know that Prince
was buying stuff from Gennaro,
outside our deal?
That's where all
his money came from.
Rosario was right,
he realised,
and didn't trust him.
Gennaro wanted him to grow and
then turn the tables at the right time.
And Dwarf didn't kill Prince.
Pietro Savastano did,
even knowing
he was in cahoots with his son.
And Pietro Savastano's
behind Dwarf's death too.
Why against his son?
Because he wants to rule alone,
no one else around him,
not even his son.
I see just two roads now.
One where we're all united
and we play this game
against father and son.
The other leads us
to a grave like this, all of us.
We just have to decide.
Get out of there.
I never want to see you again.
If I do, I'll kill you
and your whole family.
- Thank you.
- Get lost, before I change my mind.
Why did you bring me here?
Your mother died here.
I wanted you to know.
- What do you think?
- What's there to think about?
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