Gomorrah (2014) s02e09 Episode Script

Sette anni

So, what did you do
last night?
I gotta go.
Who were you talking to?
Nobody, it was the TV.
I just turned it off.
And what were you watching?
Nothing much
- I'll make you coffee.
- No coffee.
- We're going out. Move.
- All right.
Let's see.
You're pretty.
It looks good on you.
We'll take it.
My Lelluccio will love it.
You're happy to see your son again,
Lady Annalisa.
Sure, haven't slept for three days.
When he gets out I'm throwing a big party.
Everyone's gotta come.
Smile a little!
Not for me.
For her, or she'll notice.
Wait, let me put these back.
That's 400,
with a special discount for you.
Stop there!
Malamore's looking for you,
he wants to talk.
What do I tell him?
Let's wait and see
what Ciro di Marzio's doing.
I loved that dress.
Marinella, I've gotta see you.
Me too.
When can I see you?
I don't know, he's getting out.
You have to do me another favour.
Wait here.
Take Marinella home,
I've got things to do.
Let's go.
I'm taking you away from here.
What are you saying, Mario?
To Veneto.
Where can we go?
We can't go on, don't you see?
It's over.
Anyone who knows anything
has to speak up.
They'll get good money for it.
Once you find Savastano,
what will you do?
Attack his building,
like you did with Conte,
so you'll all die
and no one's left to go on.
Ciro, wasn't it you who said
it couldn't be done?
It's different now,
we're at war.
But to fight a war,
the army has to be united,
and to be united,
the soldiers have to be satisfied.
Meaning, Annalisa?
I heard the alley kids,
those shits who killed my brother,
they want to take Prince's spot
at the Seven Buildings.
Says who?
My Lelluccio gets out tomorrow.
I thought he could
get the Seven Buildings.
So he'll have work,
what do you say?
I was thinking the same thing.
Lady Annalisa,
do I wait while you play?
Don't worry, Mario.
Your time's over.
We gotta figure out
who Pietro's messenger is,
who feeds him news.
We have to check everyone,
women, kids.
For now, Dwarf's dealing spot
gets split between
Mulatto and Gypsy.
But the Seven Buildings,
Prince's spot,
should go to Lelluccio Magliocca,
Scianel's son.
Everyone gets something,
Gypsy, Mulatto, Raffaele.
What about us?
After all these wars,
we leave empty-handed?
It's all decided.
Do your part.
Find Savastano,
so another spot gets freed up.
Anyway, we split the take
in equal parts.
Yeah, but we always get just 5%!
That can be increased.
what do you think?
What's there to think about?
Here's the slut who dishonoured us!
Slut, you got no shame!
What's all the racket?
Leave her alone, what are you doing?
You whore!
When Lelluccio fell in love
with you,
he took me to the restaurant
where you were working.
He wanted me to meet you.
You know what I thought
the first time I saw you?
A waitress is all she is!
But I didn't say it
out of respect for him.
Actually, I said,
I like her.
It wasn't true.
Only a waitress like you
could cheat on a prince like my son
with that piece of shit.
Now what?
How do we fix it?
How? Now that they all know
my son's a cuckold?
I have to wait for Lelluccio
to get out,
and together we'll decide
what to do with you.
What did you do to Mario?
- Lelluccio!
- Mum!
My heart in the flesh,
you're finally out!
- I have great news.
- Where's Marinella?
Now you have a spot of your own,
the Seven Buildings.
They all wanted it,
but I was smarter than the others.
And now those alley shitheads
are grinding their teeth.
- Are you happy?
- Where the fuck's Marinella, Mum?
Let's go home.
Now that Lelluccio's back,
we're the strongest again!
Screw whoever hates us!
To Lelluccio!
Another toast.
To the Seven Buildings!
Where are you going?
Hurray for Lady Annalisa!
You're glad I'm home,
aren't you?
I can see that!
You're hurting me.
You hurt me.
Let go of me, please.
I still haven't heard
you say you're sorry.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't easy without you
all this time.
I screwed up.
Please, forgive me.
You know that piece of shit
who put it in your mouth?
They shot him in the balls.
He died like a dog.
You're a piece of shit.
You're crap.
Want to kill me? Go ahead!
I'm dead already.
For seven years I've been walled up
in here with this stink of death
and your ugly mother
always on my back.
Making love with Mario
was the only beautiful thing I did.
I'm not going back to jail
for a slut like you.
You liked the idea
of the Seven Buildings spot?
Too bad, we're taking it.
There are more of us and we're hungrier.
I'll crack your skull
and piss in it.
Ever think I'd kill you like a dog
after seven years?
Get this piece of shit
on his feet.
In the car!
Stay cool, Riccardo!
What happened to you?
I fell down the stairs.
My friends are taking me
to the emergency room.
Get out of the car.
Hands on the roof.
What did they do?
What happened?
If the cops hadn't kept me
I'd be dead.
- Who was it?
- Let's get in the car.
Let's go.
Who was it?
Those fucking alley kids.
- Pieces of shit!
- Bastards!
- Ciro!
- Annalisa, come in.
I'm in a rush.
You can't play Switzerland
in this war.
I gave you the Seven Buildings,
I want no part of your problems.
You're already
part of our problems!
Now decide which side you're on,
either with me or against me.
What the fuck's going on?
Arsehole, don't move, stay there!
- Don't move!
- Just shut up and come with us.
Stay there, OK?
That's how you killed my brother
in his own bathroom, right?
And then?
And then you shot him
in the head, right?
How much is one shot?
One euro?
Two euros?
And I should spend
all that money on you?
You don't deserve it.
You know something?
I liked killing your brother.
That piece of shit Zecchinetta.
Take another drink of water!
Lelluccio, you're sure?
Seven years in a shithole,
you want to end up in another one?
It's for the best, Mum,
I don't want that whore around me.
Lelluccio, just say the word
and I'll take care of
Mum, mind your own fucking business!
She's my wife!
Stop, I'll deal with this!
She's my wife, she's my woman,
I know what I gotta do.
You're always on my back,
stop it!
Calm down, hear me?
Just cool it.
Here we are again,
heart to heart, you and me.
Are you glad Lelluccio
had to split?
You don't understand a fuck.
I'm much worse than my son,
I can crush you.
Want the truth?
Women aren't made to be wives.
It's a tough job,
but they make us learn.
Think I wouldn't have liked
to have a life, my own life?
I've always been a free woman,
but all the beatings
made me give in.
In the end, I've been
a good wife and mother.
You can learn too.
a woman has just one way
to be really free,
she mustn't have a husband
or no longer have one.
Good night.
Good night.
what are you doing?
I was at your mother's.
I got laid tonight.
I wanted revenge.
I hadn't had a screw
in seven years.
You're happy now?
because she wasn't my woman.
You know something, Marinella?
In prison, Ciro, a friend of mine,
said a man has two happy moments
with a woman,
when he marries her
and when he kills her.
I want to go back to my home,
to my woman.
I have to take back
all that's mine.
All it took was a little push
and they're doing it
all by themselves.
We're so close,
then they'll all fall.
I thought of something,
Don Pietro.
With your permission,
I'd like to see if it works or not.
Try this, it looks made for you.
Wait, I'll see.
I know what they did to you.
I'm your friend.
I'll help you, don't worry.
What do you mean?
Maybe there's a solution.
For what?
Patrizia, help me,
you left me alone!
Come here!
You're right, here I am.
It's sweltering in here,
turn on some air!
- You have to shorten it a little.
- No problem!
Patrizia, all this way!
I'd have sent someone for it.
No problem, I was passing by.
Thanks a lot.
Here you are.
Want to be free?
Just make one phone call.
Then what happens?
I have to go.
Take care of yourself, Marinella.
When, tonight? You're sure?
She's right in front of me.
She'll be waiting at home,
if that's what you want
Be careful!
I'm Lelluccio Magliocca's wife.
He's coming home.
Here are the guns.
Make it fast, he's not gonna wait.
Here's the phone.
Just send a message,
don't call,
the number's in here.
- Understand?
- Yes, OK.
Get moving.
Let's go, guys!
Hop on!
Gigione, go in there
and send his wife a message.
When the shit comes out,
just whistle and we'll come.
- When he comes out, I whistle?
- Yeah.
Hi, Marinella!
What's the matter?
You scare me.
I've been thinking about you
for seven years,
about your scent, your mouth,
your eyes.
You're so beautiful!
I thought about you all the time,
I want to be only with you.
You're serious, Lelluccio?
I don't understand you.
First you want to kill me,
now you want a family with me?
Come here, to your husband.
I want to be with you too,
but let's get out of here.
- When?
- Now.
You're crazy, no!
I always have your mother
on my back,
she's so oppressive.
I can't take any more,
I want to live.
I've been imprisoned too,
seven years, like you.
Take me for a walk,
just a walk.
And you leave me alone
You always have a good excuse
You're good at making me suffer
I'm not a doll
That you can leave on a shelf
And if you hurt her,
she can't react
You don't realise
I don't know how to cry
You're selfish
and think only about yourself
Hey, he's coming down.
And you're not back
The watch has stopped
My bag!
Wait for me outside.
To Trak!
To you!
Now we'll take the Seven Buildings,
no one can stop us.
- They killed the wrong guy.
- What the fuck
- Sandro!
- What is it?
Give me the phone.
- Who did you kill, arsehole?
- That shit Lelluccio.
We killed a guy who's not
in the system.
It'll be full of cops
here tomorrow.
How could I know?
He came out right then!
You're a jerk! You too!
You're all idiots!
Tell Malamore I have to talk
to Don Pietro.
You and I have to split up.
We have to be careful,
until we find out what the fuck
that bitch is doing.
Why that face?
You have to trust me.
We'll take care of everything.
We're the strongest, understand?
I understand, Mum.
Look here!
We gotta break our necks
to get work done.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Don Aniello told me you were coming,
I'm here to welcome you.
Didn't we have a deal,
you and me?
I knew you'd screw me
sooner or later.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
You were in with Prince
to fuck me in the arse.
To show your father you're strong,
and better than him.
Too bad your father fucked
the both of us.
He killed Prince and got
Dwarf killed
to set one against the other.
My family's waiting for me.
If your father wins,
you'll always be a kid,
the idiot son.
You and me would have
turned the world upside-down.
You wanted to do it by yourself,
but it didn't work out.
We have another chance.
Think about it.
It's me. Auntie said OK.
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