Gomorrah (2014) s02e10 Episode Script


Don Pietro,
I owe you my thanks
for coming here.
What's there to tell me?
We've missed you.
You thought you'd do fine
without me,
but now you see it's no good.
OK, I get it,
let's cut the gab.
My son's wife,
that bitch,
first tried to have
the alley kids kill my son.
Then she went to the cops
to report me
for killing Mario, my driver.
What do you want from me?
Take your place back.
We're in this mess
because of the Alliance.
Because of the Alliance
and because of that
Ciro di Marzio.
He's gotta drown in
his own shit.
Tell me.
Malamore's phones dial loads of numbers.
They're all cloned.
Those shits keep changing
phone cards!
- And their mobiles?
- Those too.
So, you don't have
a fucking thing?
Why the suspense?
Come on, talk!
Three phones keep coming back.
The cards change
but the phones are the same.
But most important, the phones
are always in the same place.
It's me.
So, you saw my son?
What did he say?
He knows everything.
He wants to know what you want to do.
Exactly what I'm doing,
getting rid of Ciro di Marzio
and his fucking Alliance.
Instead, he gives wedding favours.
He says Prince was his man
and you knew it.
Prince was useful for my game.
Tell him yourself,
he needs to see you.
we're at his disposal.
He knows everything,
even about Dwarf.
So, I should be scared shitless?
He's no fool.
I never said he was.
Yeah, but you think it.
If I may,
you don't understand your son.
He's just like you.
It's me. Auntie said OK.
Tomorrow, at noon.
First we meet,
then we go to Auntie's.
- Where?
- Where we said the other time.
It's her, Patrizia.
Go, Pitbull, follow her!
How come no one realised
it was her?
Because she doesn't live here
and has no contact
with her uncle.
That shit Malamore!
No one knows her.
I understand.
What's wrong?
Scianel's switched sides.
You gave her son
the Seven Buildings dealing spot.
That ugly bitch killed our brother,
now she's with Pietro, against us.
We gave blood for you, now what?
For once, I agree with him,
we gotta react.
You're right,
it's all my fault.
But I got a gift
They opened my eyes to something
I hadn't seen before.
I know who Pietro Savastano's
messenger is.
It's a girl,
Malamore's niece.
She doesn't know it,
but now everything she says
I'll hear.
You gotta stay calm.
I'll tail her a little longer.
Then we'll feed Pietro Savastano
to the dogs.
Once he's gone,
as for Scianel and her son
We don't give a fuck.
You're working at the shop?
If so, why's a car waiting
and you're so elegant?
Zip me up, please.
You used to tell me
everything, Patrizia.
I used to work 15 hours a day,
and had no money for bills.
Now I have more time for you.
I bought you a motorbike
and your own TV.
It's the price to pay
to change this shit life.
I gotta go.
Sometimes it seems
you like to pay this price.
See that exit?
Take it.
Now we go get Genny.
What's the matter?
Take the first turn.
I don't see anyone.
I was right,
they're following us.
- That car?
- Yeah.
Now do what I say.
Take the first turn
you see, fast!
Drive into that restaurant.
Give me the phone.
Wait here.
They're in a parking lot
with another two cars.
I don't know who they are,
I didn't see anyone.
Who are we waiting for,
the Holy Virgin?
That's the summit.
We gotta go in and kill 'em all.
If Pietro's not there,
we've screwed it.
We won't get another chance
like this.
Get back there, go see.
- It's me.
- Where the fuck are you?
I've been waiting
two hours for you.
Sorry, I can't come.
Another of Auntie's messes?
No, I don't feel good.
I wanted to call earlier,
but I had no credit.
Luckily this restaurant
let me use the phone.
Call me,
so I don't spend their money.
OK, but
- Hello?
- What's this farce?
They know I'm the messenger.
I'm being followed.
- You're sure?
- Yes.
I've always been careful,
but they must have listened
to the calls,
or they'd never have known
about today.
Where are you?
It doesn't matter.
What counts is that
you see your father.
Is this number secure?
I'm in an isolated bar,
don't worry.
There's a boarding house, Fusco,
in Marina di Minturno. Hurry.
Your father's waiting.
Tell him not to return to his hideout.
No old place is safe.
What'll you do?
I'll do what I have to.
Thank you.
For your trouble.
Good bye.
Now it's just you and me.
She came out.
Go in and see if Pietro's there.
- Follow Patrizia.
- OK.
Go that way.
- Piece of shit, where is he?
- The girl left.
- And those other shits?
- I don't know, I swear!
- She was alone here.
- What did she do?
Nothing, she asked to use
the phone and I let her.
- I'll shoot your brains out, shit!
- I swear, just a phone call!
- You're sure?
- I swear, just a phone call!
- I found this in the toilet.
- No one's upstairs.
Keep an eye on this shit.
Take me to him.
You can open.
Out of my way!
We have to go,
Ciro knows everything.
Your hideout is screwed,
you can't use the phone. Come on!
What is it?
Where's Patrizia?
Are you serious?
She's where she should be.
Where's Patrizia?
I don't know.
She realised they were tailing her
and I came to save you. Move it!
She's buying me time.
That piece of shit!
Eyes open!
Watch out!
Get out, you piece of shit!
I'll shoot your brains out,
get out!
Get out!
Go blow somebody, arsehole!
You made fools of us, right,
Patrizietta is just
for who knows me.
I know you better
than you think.
Get in!
Patrizia, help me!
I didn't do anything!
He's just a kid.
He didn't do anything!
You won't save your brother
with this bullshit!
Touch him and I'll kill you!
It's up to you.
Help me, please.
You suck, you're worth nothin'!
Where's that shit master of yours?
- That's all I want.
- Tell him what he wants, please.
Patrizia, why don't you talk?
Do something!
Please, help me!
Get me off of here!
You're a shit!
You're a shit!
Leave him alone!
Do something!
Do something!
- Help me
- Alessio!
Turn the water on!
Leave him alone!
Do something, Patrizia!
- Do something, please
- Leave him alone!
Do something
Where the fuck is Pietro
I'll tell you everything!
Pull him up!
Turn the water off!
I'll tell you everything.
I see.
Your master wasn't there.
You warned him.
I don't know how,
but you warned him.
You bullshitted him,
now he'll kill us!
I'm the messenger,
I'm the one you have to kill.
You're right,
that's what I have to do.
That's what killers, soldiers do,
people like us.
Take them outside.
The dead are piling up.
All the dead I left behind me
come lookin' for me at night.
They scream, I've got no peace.
That's why I can't kill any more.
That's the difference
between him and me.
I have a message
for Little Bird.
Malamore, what's Don Pietro want?
Why are you here?
I've got an exchange
to propose.
We've got nothing to exchange,
get out.
You're sure?
So, Scianel's dealing spot sucks?
But you have to tell me
where Ciro is, now.
They're at Ittica Literno,
the fish plant.
Your buddies jumped
at my proposition.
When you killed Prince and Dwarf,
you went against me in a second.
You did the same thing.
It's normal, isn't it?
Secondigliano's all that counts.
I couldn't trust Scianel
and I got rid of her.
I took the alley kids back.
What are we, you and me?
We're father and son.
A son who tried to screw
his father,
and a father
who screwed his son.
We met because
you wanted to understand.
There's nothing to understand.
Secondigliano's mine
and no one else's.
Where the fuck is she?
The car!
Get that bitch!
Turn the engine off.
License and registration, please.
Your ID too.
Naples 24 here, document check.
Go ahead, Naples 24.
Arzano Giuditta, born in
Suspicious likeness to wanted person
Annalisa Magliocca.
The documents are false, intervene.
Send backup.
Don't move!
Don't move or they'll shoot us.
Malamore, no one's here.
They're here.
Where's Ciro?
He left.
Let's go, come on!
- Hi, Lelluccio.
- Ciro!
Come on.
I called Lelluccio.
I called him because
he knows, firsthand,
what it means to trust
Savastano again.
There are no allies.
No one's word counts,
not even his son counts, right?
Until yesterday, Savastano made
war with the alley kids.
Today those bastards sold
my mother out.
And tomorrow,
they'll be excess baggage too.
One thing's important
for Savastano,
He wants to rule alone.
You look worn out.
So do you.
Why did he leave?
Was he afraid?
He said
he's tired of killing.
If I may ask,
did you talk to Genny?
- I did.
- What did you say?
He has to step aside,
I'll handle things.
What is it, Patrizia?
Aren't you tired?
- I could have not come back today.
- But you're here.
I'm tired, Patrizia,
but I can't stop.
You're like me.
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