Gomorrah (2014) s02e11 Episode Script

Nella gioia e nel dolore

Even goin' to the barber's
a problem.
Pieces of shit,
those alley kids!
Their lookouts are everywhere.
First they betray us,
then they hunt us down!
I should have blown
their heads off!
You're right!
Go check it out.
It's clear.
Isn't anyone in here?
Things OK?
We don't see how they got so far.
Maybe you shouldn't stay here.
They move forward every day.
Everyone knows where you are.
Can we finish our game?
Wait for me in there.
I'm not going anywhere.
Don Pietro
sends his compliments.
OK, but we want a spot.
One thing at a time.
First we get rid of Raffaele,
but quietly,
cops are everywhere.
Or we won't sell shit.
Cops come and go.
Sure, but people don't eat
when they're around,
and we gotta get people
on our side.
I heard you had a baby boy.
Let's go.
He was born yesterday
and these guys
already know his name!
How should I take that?
Take it as a sign.
We made the right choice,
Mulatto's own men killed him.
We can't trust anyone.
- We gotta raise hell!
- Cool it, Raffaele.
The fuck I will! We wait till
they kill another one of us?
We gotta find Savastano.
He's our problem.
Think we're not trying, Gypsy?
You all gotta stay calm.
We're buying information.
We get killed
if we're not careful,
or if we don't know
who's around us.
You know what I see?
Two guys shitting their pants.
We're the strongest.
We have an army.
We mustn't be afraid.
Fear is the only thing
that can screw us.
What a mess!
I can't do all the work myself.
Anyway, we'll have to leave here
sooner or later.
- We're safe here.
- Says who?
Come on, give me a hand.
Let's clean up.
Who the fuck are you
to tell us what to do?
See the fucking mess
you got us into?
I've been thinkin'.
It's time to go back home.
My father's home,
where you lived before this mess
with the Savastanos.
We gotta step back.
Now, that we still have
something to offer.
Hello, Don Pietro.
Hi, Patrizia.
I still haven't thanked you
for the new house.
Do you feel safer?
My brothers and sisters
can't stand me any more.
And maybe they're right.
They'll have no more problems
for the rest of their lives.
I give you my word.
Thank you, Don Pietro.
Enough of calling me Don Pietro,
what do you say?
Your stuff has arrived.
Should I see to it?
Why don't you.
We made a huge mistake,
Don Pietro.
- But we had no choice.
- A man always has a choice.
And you, like Scianel,
made the wrong one.
You took up with father's killers.
You sold your soul.
Now, what do you want from me?
Your forgiveness.
Forgiveness and protection.
- My spot
- It's never been yours.
I'll give it back, Don Pietro.
Explain something.
In exchange for forgiveness
you offer what's already mine?
I'd have taken it myself,
sooner or later.
You have to earn forgiveness
and protection, Gypsy.
You gotta bring me
that shit Ciro di Marzio.
What's Avitabile want from me?
Don't worry, sir.
Mr. Avitabile just wants a chat.
Move it!
Are you sure Avitabile's here?
He's inside.
Where the fuck are you goin',
you shit?
You were supposed to scare him,
but you fucked up.
Leave, I'll take
care of Avitabile.
Alfredo, you killed a Councilman.
Thank God
Giuseppe didn't have us both killed.
Now take that fucking plane
and come back only
when I say so, hear me?
We won all the lots. Piers, wharfs,
accommodation facilities, the works!
Nice work, Councilman!
We really fucked them.
Now I'll leave you
with your family.
You'll get a token
of my gratitude.
Thank you. See you soon.
Good bye.
It's construction work for more
than 200 million euros.
Obviously we'll find a pretext
to renegotiate and double it.
Everything through a clean,
immaculate company.
Gennaro, without you and
the money we make with your stuff,
this would never have
gone through.
Together we are a powerhouse.
Are you joking, Giuseppe?
I'm the one who thanks you.
You taught me to use my head.
Don Giuseppe!
It's OK, we got rid of him.
And my brother's leaving
right away.
if he wasn't your brother,
he'd be dead, know that?
Don Giuseppe,
I've been with you for 20 years.
My word, Alfredo will disappear,
like the Councilman.
It's all right, don't worry.
Get out.
Everything's OK.
- Anything we can take care of?
- Just your wedding.
I'm so pleased,
for the contract, for the wedding,
for the baby,
and that I kept you from
that slaughterhouse in Naples.
You saved your life!
Take it easy.
Take care.
- Bye, Giuseppe.
- Bye, Dad.
Ciro, all set.
We doubled everything.
We took on more lookouts.
We give more money for information.
A thousand euros
if they hit a Savastano's man
or anyone from the alley.
Two thousand for a bigshot,
ten thousand for a boss.
Gypsy might know
where Savastano's hiding
and he wants to meet you.
In the garage, like last time.
if we could find Don Pietro
It would all end.
- Are they on foot?
- Who knows where they are!
They just got there, seems OK.
- How many cars?
- Two.
He was too fuckin' scared to bring
just two cars and a few men.
So? What do we do?
We pray for his soul.
Well? Are they coming?
The guys called me.
They went back.
Get in your cars, come on!
What is it, little guy?
- Hi, guys.
- Hi, Bomber.
Honey, I have a few
things to do.
I'll see you later.
Get inside!
Don't move from here!
Come on!
Don't worry.
I did what I could,
but that arsehole's
too careful.
We tried
and we'll try again.
Relax, it doesn't change
anything for you.
We put the guys of the
building commission
closer to Dad's table.
We move these two
and the two journalists
Journalists too?
Your father pays them!
He's right,
power must be shown.
It's odd how we don't know a soul
at our own wedding.
But that's how it is.
- I'm having a shower.
- Gennaro
You just look at me,
that's all,
and even in the middle of all those
people, it will be our wedding.
You're so beautiful!
Time is running out.
You know my baby's
on the way
or do you mean
the wedding?
Your father's breaking
up everything.
It's just another way to say
you're losing, Ciro.
We're all losing, Gennaro,
but you most of all.
It's a fucking mess
down south.
Cops everywhere,
dead bodies all over
We're not selling anything.
Do you think I'll have trouble
selling my stuff?
It's a big world,
and I don't give a fuck
about Secondigliano.
That's crap,
because you know,
whatever happens,
it's not good for you.
If your father loses,
they'll say it's your fault,
you destroyed everything.
But if he wins,
it means Dad had to come back
to set things right.
You have just one chance,
that chance is me.
There's not much time.
Give me your best wishes, Ciro.
I know you,
you're like me.
This thing's eating your gut,
like poison.
It's consuming you.
Thanks just the same, Ciro.
Gennaro, you're like me.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Where's the bride?
Will we be on time?
Yes, don't worry.
You look so good, Dad!
Today I feel like
there's a crown on my head.
The seating is perfect.
- Really? Are you happy?
- Yes.
Now close your eyes.
Close them!
They're beautiful, Dad.
Thank you.
I should be thanking you.
You know what this wedding
means to me.
I do.
Get ready,
don't keep the groom waiting!
OK, bye.
Thank you.
Good, Genny.
Thank you so much, Don Aniello.
- Best wishes.
- Thank you.
I'm entrusting you
with what's most precious to me.
I know.
- Hi.
- Hi.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Down! Hit the ground!
Don't move!
Join hands
and express your consent
before God and his church.
I Gennaro, take you Azzurra,
to be my wedded wife.
In Jesus' grace I promise
to be true to you,
in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health.
I will love you and honour you
all the days of my life.
I Azzurra,
take you Gennaro,
to be my wedded husband.
In Jesus' grace I promise
to be true to you,
in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health.
I will love you and honour you
all the days of my life.
Is this all right?
Looks like
I've always been here.
Like nothing's changed.
Don Pietro,
my task is finished now.
You don't need a messenger
any longer.
But it's not true
that nothing's changed.
It seems like that.
Instead everything's changed
and we're not at the end of it.
What do you mean?
That I still need you.
To do what?
It's not over yet.
Don Pietro, I'm not a soldier.
This is a big house.
I'd be pleased if you stayed here.
Besides, it's even safer.
So you don't have
to go back and forth.
It's more than 15 million
cubic meters.
- We have enough work for an army.
- Good!
Giuseppe, listen
They have been gone for that photo shoot
for an hour. Do I call them?
Go ahead.
Aniello, now I'd like
to introduce the Councilman
and another couple of people
who count, all my people.
He'll never forgive me.
Azzurra, today I'm the most
important man in your life.
And we even promised
to love and support each other
all the days of our lives.
In fact, I'm here.
To us, my love.
To the life awaiting us.
Still nothing?
No, nothing.
They're not answering.
Should I worry?
I'll call,
invite the guests in,
and check they're all
sitting in the right places.
Tommaso, we have to find
those two jerks!
Find the driver and photographers.
I want to know where they are!
You decide.
I'm hungry.
Shall we order?
Here I am! The kids are coming,
they were stuck in traffic.
Then let's have a toast!
A toast! Cheers!
- Cheers!
- To the newlyweds!
Those two arseholes don't answer.
I sent Tommaso.
It's odd,
something must have happened.
- Are you Giuseppe Avitabile?
- I am.
Come with us, please.
- Why, what's wrong?
- Our daughter?
Your daughter has nothing to do
with this. Come with us.
At my daughter's wedding?
We have a warrant
for your arrest. Please
Excuse me,
I'm sure it's nothing.
- No, wait
- Quiet! Talk to the lawyer!
Let's go!
Excuse me.
Don't get up.
Relax, it's nothing.
It's a serious accusation, Luisa.
Alfredo Natale pleaded manslaughter
for the murder of the Councilman,
meaning, involuntary,
but he said Giuseppe was
the instigator of the intimidation.
I see, but how did they connect it?
Hadn't that jerk left?
I don't know.
He was arrested this morning.
Who? Who knew?
We couldn't care less, because
now it's just Natale's word
against Giuseppe's.
Without further proof,
they have to release him, and fast.
I'll leave.
Bye, Luisa.
Bye, Azzurra.
I'm sorry about your wedding.
Don't worry, just get him out.
Don't worry, Gennaro.
Alfredo Natale knows nothing
about the business
and his brother isn't
the type to talk.
At least the companies are safe.
In the meantime, I'll set up a meeting quickly,
so you'll know what to do to run things.
- Thank you, Counsellor.
- Don't mention it.
I'll be in touch.
You are the son of Pietro
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