Gomorrah (2014) s02e12 Episode Script

La fine del giorno

He destroyed us,
he's crushed us at all levels.
I'm not callin' Ciro,
I won't even go say hello.
He says we gotta make war,
what war?
What's all this fuckin'
Go see.
It's nothing,
they're changing the streetlight.
Malammore wants to talk
to you too.
Like he talked to Gypsy?
What the fuck do I say to him?
I got nothin' to say to no one!
Get me a beer!
Open up!
They even killed Raffaele too.
What do we do?
We have to buy weapons
and we need men.
Get out on the streets,
look for whoever hates Pietro
or is scared
and tell them
we'll pay well.
Arms and men.
We already won once
with the son,
we'll do the same
with the father. Go!
Go in.
You did me wrong!
You left me alone with the guests
and went off on your own.
No offence intended,
I don't want to share
Azzurra with anyone.
It's all in her hands now.
That's good.
And there's something else
There's never anything
to do here,
we're TV-addicted.
I saw a film,
with that black actor.
He plays a police instructor.
And there's another one
playing the recruit.
But I never saw the end,
the guards kept breakin' our balls.
See what am I reduced to?
Fill me in a little, maybe I've seen
it and can tell you something.
There are two cops from Narcotics,
but I don't know if the instructor's
who they want you to believe
or if the recruit's rotten.
It was only a few days ago.
Find me that film, please.
I'm curious,
I want to know who the rat is.
Don't worry,
I'll find it for you.
Take it easy, Gennaro.
- Bye, Giuseppe.
- Take care of Azzurra.
Go, brother, get moving!
One dose.
A dose of coke.
Move it!
What's the matter with you?
Hey, Mama,
the wind's blowing
in your face!
Mama, the red trucks com!
- The wind's in your face!
- The red truck's coming!
Move it!
Come down!
Pieces of shit!
How much did we make
this week?
Not much, Don Pietro.
The cops are all over,
roadblocks in every square,
so sales are down.
We gotta organise differently.
The police don't have enough men
to control us all.
A fixed base is one thing,
territorial control is another.
The territory's in our hands,
we have to show them.
They don't have to come
for drugs,
we'll take it to them
Demand creates the market,
And the demand's never
lacking for drugs.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's wrong,
don't you like it?
I've been thinking
the same thing for days.
What's that?
About what happened
to my father, Gennaro.
You can count those who knew
about Alfredo Natale on one hand.
You were with me
when they were talking about it.
And so?
Did you do it?
Your father offered me
an alliance
where I'd have been
a minority partner
and I didn't like that.
We weren't born to be
second in command.
We have to be the protagonists
of our future, just us.
Brother, I'll be waiting
outside the bar!
C'mon, get moving!
How much did we make
this week?
435,000 euros.
- Don Pietro
- See?
It's starting to turn again.
Yes, but one problem remains.
- What's that?
- Ciro.
He's buying everyone who belonged
to Mulatto, Scianel, Prince.
He's paying lots
and says he wants to destroy you
like he did Gennaro.
I won't end up like my son.
I have to destroy him
right away.
I'm betraying my own blood
for you and for him.
Never forget that.
Bye, sweetheart.
- I'll be waiting at home.
- OK.
Bye, bye.
Be a good girl!
Get down and don't move!
Piece of shit!
Stay down!
Stay down and don't move!
I'm calling your dad.
You killed a child, they won't
let you get away with that.
He killed Imma
who was my whole life.
You gotta come back now,
your place is here.
Since all this mess broke out,
I've always delivered your dope,
but I've never seen a cent.
What the fuck are you saying?
I have to pay you?
Now you'll buy the stuff from our
Honduran friends to give it to me.
Our friends
My home is somewhere else
and I want to be paid
for the stuff.
Forget this shit about Rome,
we've always sold
our stuff here.
They want it? They'll have
to come here for it.
- Things have changed.
- The fuck they have.
You're Pietro Savastano's son,
nothing more than that.
Because redeemed by death,
absolved from all sins,
reconciled with the Father,
and carried on the shoulder
of the Good Shepherd,
may our sister Maria Rita
join with the Eternal King
in everlasting joy
and delight in
the company of saints.
Come, saints of God,
hasten, Angels of the Lord,
welcome her soul
and present it at
the throne of the Almighty.
Grant her eternal rest,
Oh Lord,
may she glory
in perpetual light.
Rest in peace. Amen.
Let's go!
You have to do something for me.
Anything you want.
I gotta leave here.
I'll take care of it,
I'll organise everything.
I gotta go alone.
It's over for me.
He won.
Take the money from the safe,
split it between you.
Then we all go our own ways.
Genny was a beautiful child!
He looked so much like you.
But he's right when
he says he's a man now.
What do you mean?
We have to let go of children
and the dead.
I was a soldier for you,
I betrayed my brother
and sisters,
I'm willing to die.
I even tried to be a wife
But I don't know how to be
the stand-in for a ghost.
I have to talk to you.
It's something that concerns me,
it's important.
Talk, I'm listening.
No, no.
I want you to come
back here,
I have to talk to you
in person.
Where can we meet?
Where the white roses are,
before it gets dark.
I'll be waiting.
Forgive me for coming in.
I wanted to look at you.
And what did you see?
That I can have money,
I can rule
If you're not a child,
you know very well what you see.
An old man
who's almost done living,
and a girl, who's beautiful.
She's strong
and has her whole
life ahead.
Don't say that.
Since when does the truth
scare you?
The deal I'm offering
is not a good one.
You have to take an old man
with all his ghosts
What do you get out of it?
Except knowing that,
if this old man's still walking,
it's because you're here.
Why are you here?
Poison, Ciro.
I wanted to turn the world
upside down, Gennaro,
but I wasn't able to.
There's just one thing left
for you to do.
The phone
This is my thing.
Forgive me, Imma.
I can't stand
being alone any more.
Good, Azzurra, it's coming!
It's coming!
Breathe well through your nose.
Good, go, down!
A long one, good, Azzurra!
Again, again
It's over.
Darling, I'm here,
grab onto me.
I'm right here with you.
Don Pietro
The end of the day,
it's just this.
It's all right here.
It's coming!
Hang onto me.
Blow, don't push.
Like that!
Good, good, good
Here he is, blow
Blow, blow
Again Here he is!
Mummy's love.
My love
No, Don Pietro!
Here he is.
What shall we call
this beautiful baby?
Pietro Savastano.
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