Gomorrah (2014) s03e04 Episode Script

Il filo e la Moira

I shall ask you a few questions
to clarify certain circumstances.
I would like to remind you
that you are under oath
and have sworn to tell the truth
and not to conceal anything
that you may know.
As the Public Prosecutor has asked you,
on June 15 2016
you stated that the defendant
here present, Annalisa Magliocca,
is responsible
for the death of Mario Cantapane.
The motive for the murder,
also from your statement,
is the extramarital relationship
you were engaged in with the victim.
Do you confirm this?
I never said that.
Can you speak up, please?
I never said that.
We have a signed statement from you.
Do you recognise your signature?
Looks like mine.
I didn't hear that.
It looks like mine.
Why did you sign something
you never said?
I didn't read the statement.
So, the police changed your deposition,
or what is written here is not true.
No, Judge, it's not true.
- Excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom.
- Of course.
The other half, like I promised.
It's full of cops in here,
but now when I go out, can you
guarantee this whole story is over?
You've got my word.
Where are you going?
It doesn't matter where I'm going,
as long as it's far away from here.
Remember your promise.
Hi, Gennaro.
Hi, Gegè.
So, what did you want to tell me?
Is that the watch my father gave you?
Yes, for my graduation.
- All the Savastanos had one.
- Actually, I've never taken it off.
It makes me feel like part of the family.
Only an orphan like you
could think that family is a good thing.
Word's come through from my friend,
that's what I wanted to tell you.
The shipment's arrived?
Tomorrow morning at 7:00.
I need a mooring for a 20-meter boat
at Cala Galera.
The boat's called Esperanza.
It's flying a Panamanian flag.
I'm on it.
Did you decide about the payment?
Cash. I need money to make war.
Who's buying outside the System?
Tomorrow morning, down at the pier,
I want to find a bottle of champagne.
- Is this shit heap your car?
- Yeah.
We gotta change it.
I gotta buy you a new car.
Don't worry.
I am worried and you know why?
If you're gonna drive me,
I don't wanna get tetanus.
Tell that ton of shit Gennaro Savastano
that I want to talk to him immediately.
Now fire up this limo
and take me home.
Welcome back, Lady Annalisa.
Since you've been here,
he's even learning how to walk.
But he looks like a drunk,
he walks crooked.
Hear your mother?
She said you look like a drunk.
Give him to me,
I want to try something.
Come here, you're so handsome!
Come here, my handsome grandson.
Let's see.
- Dad, what are you doing?
- He likes wine!
- Azzurra, what's it gonna do?
- It's bad for him!
Bad for him? I raised you on wine.
Wanna see how he sleeps now?
Hello? What is it?
- That bitch's already out of prison?
- She wants to see you now.
- What does she want?
- The deal you made's not good anymore.
She's gone crazy,
wants to start a war.
Alone against me?
She says if she sets her mind to it
she can get everyone on her side.
Always with that cell phone
not even one lunch in peace.
Your husband is a businessman.
Tell that blow-job artist
I'm coming tonight.
But I don't wanna meet on her turf,
I don't want any problems.
Say bye to your father.
- You have to go to Naples right now?
- Can't be helped
A coffee.
One coffee!
There you go.
Tomorrow at 7:00, get Pietro and go.
And you?
Don't worry, I'll join you
as soon as I'm done.
Your father's become a problem.
And I've gotta solve that problem.
Hurry back.
Say bye to Daddy.
The boat's called Esperanza.
20 meters,
arriving tomorrow around 7:00.
So can I count on the mooring?
Perfect, thanks.
- How much stuff is on the boat?
- 100 kilos, more or less five million.
You doing what I said?
Yes, but it's not easy,
Gennaro's companies can't be touched.
What the fuck are you saying?
You set up those companies,
skimming my money.
Yes, I set them up.
That's why they're untouchable.
I wouldn't want that
because of these fucking companies
the people you care about the most
get seriously hurt.
I'll do what's needed.
That's the way.
We'll wait till the boat gets in
and it's all over
for that shitbag Gennaro.
And you'll come and work for me.
What's going on, Bomber?
She wants to kill us for sure,
she hasn't forgotten her son.
We're the ones
who haven't forgotten Track!
Memory's an important thing
but you also need to remember
how you were last year after the war.
If we wage another one now,
we'll all be screwed.
I know, but I can't help it.
I can still see him.
I get it, Bomber,
but now he's looking at you saying,
think carefully about what you're doing.
Hello, Gennaro, unpack the heat.
- I'm glad you're out.
- I don't think so, Gennarino.
- As if we were short on sewage
- Ugly bitch!
It's better to leave the dead
in the cemetery,
because if we follow them
that's where we end up.
And if we follow you,
where do we end up?
I lost a son.
Now you think I'm gonna be your maid?
I piss on your money.
But it came in handy for you in jail.
In there, even shit seems like chocolate.
Listen What do you want?
Is it worth your while?
Yeah, you know why?
All you can give me right now
are problems.
That's not true,
today, like yesterday, I can give you
the only thing you need.
The best coke in the world.
Am I right?
You're the only one in that alliance
who's earned my respect.
You know why?
Because you earned it
with your own blood.
So I wanna treat you in a different way.
How so?
I'll let you keep your turf
and you do what you want,
you just give me a percentage.
- How much?
- 30%.
Think it over.
- I'll think about it.
- Good.
Ciro Di Marzio any news of him?
Look at this
I can't stand the sight
of this mop on my head.
Lady Annalisa, don't worry,
I'll make you over.
Well, hurry up.
Well? What do you think?
What do I say to Gennaro?
That 30% is too much.
I think you could go for 25%.
So, should I accept?
For the time being, yeah,
you gotta get stronger, then we'll see.
And how can we get stronger
if we have to stay under Gennaro?
You gotta rip him off.
You gotta insist on 25%,
or else tell him it's a no-go.
And then in reality you give him 20%.
What the fuck would he know?
He's always in Rome.
Besides, he trusts me.
You really are a clever bitch.
You could have married my Lello
and not that ugly bitch, Marinella.
You don't choose your blood
but your friends, you do.
It's been so long
We'll never part
We're the children of Vesuvius.
One day it may explode
A lifetime you and me
on Sunday at three.
I can't live without you.
When I die
I'll watch you from the sky.
I'll ask for so many hymns
at my funeral
Guys, keep it down,
we're bothering people.
Carmela, we're having fun!
Leave Maria alone, until midnight she's
not your girlfriend, she's my waitress.
You're such a drag!
Guys, look!
Where've you been?
Roberto, if it was up to you,
I'd have come tomorrow.
- They've arrested Cantonese.
- The cops?
- Remember that business at the stadium?
- Where is he now?
- It's nothing, he gets out tomorrow.
- Now we'll go get him.
Start it up.
How did you find me?
Everyone knows
where the Saint's grandson's house is.
What can I do for you?
I got five keys of that stuff,
the one you didn't buy in Bulgaria.
You want it?
Would you come back tomorrow
for the cash?
This time it better be good.
That ugly bitch Scianel
I know her like the back of my hand now.
What matters is that she accepted.
One less thing to worry about.
I heard my brother found a job.
Thanks, Gennaro.
Let's go to the waterfront.
Yeah, the boat's arrived.
I don't think Gennaro's here.
So what do we do now?
All right.
- What the fuck?
- Shut up, get in.
- Who are you?
- Move.
- What do you want?
- Get in.
- Tell me where the fuck the stuff is.
- What stuff?
You're wasting my time.
There's nothing here, you got it wrong.
There's nothing here.
- You see?
- Come with me.
The fuck does that mean,
it's not there?
Fuck you!
Piece of shit
My family's got nothing left,
just this shit hole.
They didn't leave us anything.
They took it all from us.
But one day we'll be back,
bigger than ever.
This is the first instalment, 20 grand.
Count it.
No need.
Wait. Where are you going?
There's something about my family
I didn't tell you.
Do you know
how the Saint invented contraband?
He was homeless, practically starving.
One day he stole a car
from an American
and found 30 grand in it.
Stroke of luck, huh?
His friend The Wizard was with him,
he was just a kid too.
He had the idea,
contraband cigarettes.
And so an empire was born.
What do you mean?
Two things matter in life.
Luck and friends.
The good times are over, Enzo,
the world's changed.
If you say so,
but we could use a brain like yours.
You see us as a bunch of losers, but
we're not afraid of anyone or anything.
Join us.
Come here.
Giovanni, give us a hand.
Go, go!
Here, Bomber.
Take the shipment
to the plastics warehouse,
I'll see you tomorrow morning.
- Where are you going?
- To see a new Calabrian contact.
Be careful!
Biagio, the shipment's in,
we'll be ready by tomorrow.
- Have you changed your mind?
- I don't know
What's the problem?
The problem is that usually
you don't sell to us.
But now I've got to open up my turf.
And usually,
you sell it at another price.
Dude, why are you giving it to me
so cheap?
If it wasn't for you,
I'd be dead in Germany, following Mico.
You warned me there
and this is how I thank you.
What do you wanna do, man?
Hi, Gegè.
What are you doing here?
Sit down.
You scared of me?
I said sit down.
You're tired, huh?
You always work late.
Now you've got another master.
I didn't have any choice,
Avitabile threatened Silvano.
I don't give a fuck about the guy
who sticks it up your arse!
You sold me out to Avitabile and
he didn't even give you any muscle.
Did you really think
I wouldn't come looking for you?
Gennaro, you've gotta trust me.
I saved the money,
Avitabile can't touch it.
You said you were part of the family.
That's why I had you followed.
If there's one thing I've learned
it's that you can't trust family.
Forgive me.
Please, forgive me.
The companies are safe.
I couldn't do anything else.
The watch.
Azzurra, all good?
Yeah, I told you before, I'm good.
And Pietro?
He's sleeping.
Have you spoken to your father,
you know where he is?
No, I came here,
but I don't know anything else.
You all right?
Yes, I'm good.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Good night.
That douchebag took all my things,
now I'm gonna get them back
one by one.
Starting with you.
If I didn't have you picked up,
where would you be now?
Cut the bullshit.
If my men arrived one minute later,
where the fuck would you be?
You were gonna run?
You wanted to stick it in my arse too?
You know what I thought?
Maybe it was that shitbag himself
who sent me to prison
and you knew.
Maybe you did it together.
It's got nothing
to do with me, Dad, I swear.
I swear, it's got nothing to do with me.
Let go of me, you're hurting me.
Shut him up.
Shut up.
- Guys!
- Gennaro!
- Look what I brought you.
- You brought beer?
- Thanks.
- Open them.
- Got a lighter?
- Yeah.
We need to make a toast.
- Gimme the lighter.
- Didn't you have it?
- To what?
- To our health.
To money.
Guy, to us.
I can't trust anyone, just you two.
But I need to know if you're with me.
We're with you.
- You sure?
- Sure.
Come here.
We got a mountain of cash coming.
Let's go.
Ready for the handover.
What are you doing?
Who the fuck are you?
- Not a word or you're dead.
- If you move I'll shoot.
Calm down.
- Get your hands off me.
- Get in the car.
- Take it easy.
- Where the fuck are you taking him?
Don't worry about it.
Tell me who sent you.
You gotta tell me who sent you.
Stop the car!
Why? Stop the car!
Come on, man, move it. Move!
On your knees.
On your knees.
Tell me something,
do you think Avitabile is a bitch?
What made you think
you could fuck him over?
Know why I brought you here?
To make you understand
how fucking dumb you've been.
Do you really think the Calabrians,
if they could choose,
would be on your side?
Against all of us?
You know why I came out here?
You know why?
To kill you with my own hands.
But you're the father of my grandson.
My daughter's husband.
There's one thing though.
From now on
you're worth less than nothing.
You're done selling drugs
in the centre of Naples.
You're not selling drugs to anyone
anymore and you know why?
The new channel only speaks to us.
Your friend in Honduras,
we cut his head off.
You wanted to take what's mine?
And now you're completely broke.
I reported you anonymously for money
laundering to the Tax Police.
While they're figuring it all out,
they've frozen everything.
The companies and the money.
You've got fuck all,
so you can crawl back into the sewer
you came from and stay there.
If you set foot outside Secondigliano,
I'll fuck you up bad.
But above all
you don't have a wife and child anymore.
You can't do that to me, Giuseppe!
They're my blood!
You're not worthy of her.
And so she's coming back to me.
I'll let you live, but alone, like a dog.
You didn't deserve her.
When you don't deserve something,
you lose it.
Keep going.
If I find out he's come to see you,
and you know I will find out,
I swear on the Holy Virgin,
I'll cut his head off.
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