Gomorrah (2014) s03e05 Episode Script

Sangue Blu

Help me, please!
- What happened?
- Help me.
I was attacked, they dumped me here,
my car won't start.
Don't move, arsehole!
Keep still, go back.
Go back, eyes forward!
Eyes forward!
Get in!
Shut it.
Good girl.
- I gotta go, Carmela's looking for me.
- Go.
This stuff's ready.
These are better than the originals.
the Chinese don't understand shit.
No, they're intelligent,
wherever they go they learn the trade.
You're an idiot! They're all the same.
They can't even recognise each other,
you think they can recognise drills?
The Chinese girl who works
for my uncle, I recognise her perfectly.
Pure 'n' Simple likes pussy!
I'll twist your head off, get outta here.
Two, four, five that makes 15.
Your wallet, please.
When you report this,
you're gonna forget me, right?
Don't make me come to your house.
This is to buy your wife a dress.
They really worked you over.
Why'd you come back?
I was homesick.
But this isn't our house anymore.
This city chewed us up and spat us out.
They kicked me out of Secondigliano
like a sack of rubbish.
They all gotta die.
Where are Azzurra and Pietro?
Deborah was right.
The last night I saw her
she said, stop, Ciro.
Think about us.
But I didn't listen to her.
I had to journey through hell
to understand.
After everything they've done to us,
we're still here,
just you and me.
You gotta get them back.
If you do it for them, I'm with you.
Hey, handsome!
- Blue Blood! 'Sup?
- All good, thank God.
- You're good?
- Yeah.
They just came in.
- Show me.
- You wanna see 'em, eh?
- Let's try.
- I got the same one at home.
The only thing I haven't drilled
is my sister's head.
It's as hard as marble.
Luckily, in my town
the walls are made of shit.
For people in my town,
as long as the brand's from the West
I'll take it, I like it.
Guys, let's load up!
Come in, I wanna show you something.
There's 80,000 so now we're cool.
There was no rush.
A guy like you has to see
that I work with money in hand.
What do you say?
Not bad.
Must have cost a ton.
But with this
you only spend money once.
There's even an irrigation system
with a thermostat.
So, this is your business.
And then?
There's something even bigger,
know what it is?
The emotional investment.
To keep a dealing spot it takes brains,
to keep these, you need this.
I've learned to love these plants,
I know how to grow them from A to Z.
At three weeks, you need a light,
at six, another one, at nine, another.
So, why is it all off now?
They're sleeping.
It's all regulated with a timer.
A midnight, it all comes back on.
How do you know when they wake up
and when they go to sleep?
I know them very well.
What do you wanna be, Enzo?
A farmer?
Or you wanna do something truly big
like you said?
I wanna grow.
I've been thinking.
If you wanna make real money,
you need to listen to me.
You gotta do everything I say.
A coffee.
A coffee, thanks.
The money gets moved
one minute after closing time.
I'll pay for the gentleman.
This place is abandoned
because it's unsafe.
- We go in from here.
- What if it falls on us?
If it falls after we've gone in,
we won't give a shit.
- We come out somewhere else.
- Why?
If you wanna survive, you gotta stay
one step ahead of the guy chasing you.
We don't just want to survive.
We'll deal with that.
We come out here.
On the square, behind the market.
Then we'll need some guns,
but you gotta take care of that, guys.
Guys, here!
I think the guys are ready.
So soon?
They're like we were, you and me,
they're hungry.
That's what we need.
Go on, open it.
What's happening?
Face down!
Go, go!
Take this!
Hurry up!
- C'mon!
- Hurry up! Open here!
- Get him off my arse, hurry up.
- Come with me.
Everybody on the floor.
- Less than a minute forty to go! Quick!
- Hurry up!
- We haven't got all day!
- Gimme a minute!
We gotta go!
We're done, put it in here!
Let me know how it is.
I swear on my mother's head,
he was shitting his pants.
That's a lot of money!
We did it.
Pleased with yourselves, huh?
So, what you wanna do with this money?
Split it up and spend it?
And then start over like before?
That's what robbers do.
Not people who want to grow.
People who want to grow
need to invest their money
to become stronger.
What do you wanna be?
You gotta decide.
Now we can start.
I'm sick of waitressing, it's not for me.
Hold on a while longer, do it for her.
Does she know what you're doing?
I'm doing what's best for all of us.
I know that, but your sister doesn't.
And she's not stupid.
You gotta tell her.
Where'd you get that?
Don't tell me it's from the stuff
you sell on our street,
it's too much.
I pulled a heist.
- Where?
- Don't worry, no one noticed.
So you can pay the City
to do the veranda.
But now you gotta calm down.
I'm already taking packages
to my husband, all I need is you in jail too.
Carmela, I'll take the kid home.
You and Cosimo are my life.
Have a seat.
Thanks for meeting me.
We've got good memories of your father,
we did good business with him.
And you'll do it with me too.
It's 366,000 euros, to start.
Then we can do it for 33 a kilo.
Friends' discount.
All right.
When's the delivery?
This shit's good
even if we cut it four times.
We'll cut it by half.
Our stuff's gotta be second to none.
They need to see straight off it's not
the usual shit, they gotta come to us.
- What are we selling it for?
- Less than them.
Sorry, but that way we'll earn fuck all.
For now that's how it's gotta be.
We gotta earn the most important thing.
The dealing spot.
Once they've all fucked off,
we do what we want.
Hey, dude.
- You wanted to meet him?
- Sure.
- Are you Valerio?
- Yes, can I get you a drink?
We'll drink later,
can we talk for a moment?
I'll be right there.
Pure 'n' Simple said
you're always selling out of weed.
There's a high demand.
If I told you we can do more,
would you be up to it?
We can give you coke too.
How much?
As much as you want.
That is what I hoped you would say.
Hear how he speaks good?
Pure 'n' Simple, what do you say
we call him Vocabulary?
Fits like a glove.
Now you're one of us, Vocabulary.
Ciao, tutto a posto?
It went like you said,
we didn't touch the streets.
We'll screw 'em in the arse and they
won't even know where it came from.
If they don't know today,
they'll know tomorrow.
We gotta be ready.
But do you know who they are?
Do you know who you are?
Or have you forgotten?
This city is full of Ciros.
But you're not just any Ciro,
you're the Immortal
from Secondigliano, eh?
The Immortal is dead.
But that was what you went by, right?
Is it so important?
Blue Blood
that's me and that's it.
If I have to fight for you,
I need to know who you are
and who you were.
That was what they called me.
Enemy of the Republic
who has to disband the army
Look at me.
Withdraw the?
If you fail,
there's going to be hell to pay.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing, why?
They tolerate you only if you deal
a bit of dope in this street
Your attitude seems to be changing.
That's not good.
Keeping my head down's
giving me a pain in the neck.
Me and you are breathing only because
Mum asked Don Arenella for a pardon.
- Don't ever forget it.
- Mum wasn't right in the head.
I was 14 when I buried Mum.
I gave my word to Don Arenella
that it ended there,
now I have to keep it,
because a man's only got his word.
You're not a man.
But that's what I was, the man.
A man and a mother.
First for you and now for Cosimo,
because your head's full of air.
I didn't make that deal,
but now I'm stuck to it,
it was your word, and you gave it
for a bullshit reason.
It's what Mum wanted
and it meant we lived.
What do you care? You don't respect
anyone or anything anymore.
They killed your father and
they didn't even leave you a body to bury.
We're children of ghosts
and ghosts don't find peace.
But war's worse
you know where it starts
but not where it ends.
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