Gomorrah (2014) s03e06 Episode Script

Come nascere

Don't be shy.
You're like Moses
parting the Red Sea to let me in.
Now we're in business together.
You wanna know something,
Don Savastano?
Call me Gennaro.
I like the sea a lot.
I have a 20-meter yacht that I love
more than my wife and kids.
Out at sea, when you're sinking,
you ask for help
and the guy who saves you
isn't an arsehole,
he's the best friend you can have.
You and me will do
great things together.
Did the guys have a problem with it?
I explained that it's worth their while
to make a few sacrifices.
They listen to you.
Because until now
I've kept my promises.
Are you working with the Chinese?
It suits them. It suits me too.
- Ciro.
- Your partner?
He's my brother.
Go with him.
- Gennaro!
- All good, Michele?
It's good to see you.
I knew you were a thoroughbred.
If it weren't for you,
no one would have known that.
Do you want a coffee?
Let's go to my office.
Would you bring me
two coffees, please?
Get a load of your office!
You do what you can.
So, what's on your mind?
I have 50 jobs for you.
I made a new friend, Gaetano Sanni.
The laundry guy?
We've become partners.
He gave me a list of businessmen
who are up to their eyeballs in shit.
- You know what that means?
- What does it mean?
That now I can buy a lot of businesses.
And so you can put
a lot of people to work.
And for every job,
there's a family that votes for me.
Get my people jobs
on your city contracts
and I'll see to it you become
the President of the Region.
Then talk to everyone,
tell them there'll be
even too much work.
There's never too much work.
- Thank you, Gennaro.
- Take care.
The new polls have come in.
It's here.
Let's go.
- May I?
- Come in.
- You got the cash?
- Yeah.
It's 200 short of 15 grand,
my father gave me everything he could.
We asked everybody,
but we couldn't come up with it.
We're good like this.
Thank you.
Who's the job for?
For my husband, Lucio Calori.
Cat got his tongue?
My wife thanked you,
what more do you want?
Don't listen to him, he's upset.
Yesterday we buried his mother.
- So, do you want the job?
- Sure, he wants it.
I'm talking to him.
What are we going to do?
- You wanna work or not?
- Yes.
Yes? Yes, thank you.
Yes, thank you.
Have a good day.
All good?
- Come in, Nicola.
- Hey, Gennaro.
The house came out real nice.
- How many people came today?
- We gave jobs to 32 people.
- 480 thousand euros?
- It's here.
Bye, Gennaro.
- Hi, Gaetano.
- Hello, Gennaro.
The list you asked for.
How the fuck is it possible
for a funeral home to have debts?
People can not eat,
but they can't not die.
The dead don't gamble
their houses away, the living do.
- They'll snap up your money.
- How do you know?
The bank manager's a friend of mine,
I told him we'd pay him for information
about people asking for loans.
Maybe I shouldn't have
No, you did good.
Hi, Enzo.
Hi, Gaetano.
Good morning, did you call for me?
From today on, only the funeral homes
I approve can come into this cemetery.
Are you joking?
My family never jokes.
Here, this is the first one.
Don't make it the last one.
Know what you gotta do?
When someone asks
for God's forgiveness, I'll call you.
Hi, Patrizia.
How are you, Gennaro?
Good, I'm recovering.
Thanks for being here.
We had a deal, you and me,
from the beginning
I keep my word.
Come with me,
I wanna show you something.
This company worked
with school cafeterias,
then they fucked up,
shitty food, expired meat
Some kids got sick
and the Public Prosecutor shut it down.
Tomorrow it can start over
with a new name and 50 unpaid workers.
Who owns this plant?
It's mine, I bought it from a friend.
Do you like it?
Why should I like it?
Because now it's yours.
Who do we work for?
Don Michele Casillo, the mayor.
He gave us the contract
for the city's primary schools,
but when he becomes President
of the Region thanks to our votes
he'll give us the contracts for hospitals
and schools over the whole area.
You interested?
Patrizia, where were you?
Gennaro called me,
I went to see him.
You never tell me anything
We'll go smoke our cigarettes outside.
What does our little Gennaro want?
He wants to make you an offer.
That right?
What's it about?
He says business is going well,
he has a new drug supplier.
If you want to get in on it,
four hands are better than two.
Gennaro doesn't count for shit,
he hasn't got a pot to piss in.
Now he wants
to come whining to Mama?
From what I've seen, he's bounced back.
Shit doesn't show underwater.
I'll do what you say.
But think about it carefully,
because there's no money
in Secondigliano anymore.
The stuff we buy
from the Albanians is crap
and when you got no money,
your best friends turn into enemies.
You know what's new?
Mama had a kid and she lost him,
she doesn't want other kids.
Pull over.
Excuse me,
can I have the key to the lock?
We've never had one.
- A relative must have put it there.
- I'll ask my mum.
- Have you got the key?
- No, I haven't.
We've never had one.
- What happens now?
- Don't worry.
We'll go talk to the caretaker,
you coming?
I'll be right back.
You can set the coffin down.
Excuse me,
can you come here a moment?
- What is it?
- Good morning.
Armando Maccaluso,
the death certificate.
We found the family mausoleum locked.
I'm sorry, there's no room.
That's our family mausoleum.
Take that chain off immediately.
The mausoleum's yours,
but you've picked the wrong undertaker.
Do I need to call the cops?
Sure, go ahead and call them.
How many empty places
you got in your mausoleum, four?
If you call the cops,
we'll soon fill 'em all.
She said she doesn't want to see you.
Your business doesn't interest her.
You know why I asked you
to stay on Scianel's arse?
She's the only one in Secondigliano
with men and guns.
That's why it's important
you convince her.
How do you convince a snake?
With a present.
If she accepts,
there's an amazing one for her.
- Thanks for coming.
- What happened?
I hired the people you told me to.
- Someone giving you a hard time?
- No, God, no.
They work like mules.
But I can't pay their salaries.
- How come?
- Health Department is a slow payer.
I've used all the money
to keep the banks quiet.
Haven't got a penny to my name.
Is that the problem?
Pay who you can, I'll explain
the situation to the others.
If the State's got debts,
how's that our fault?
And if someone busts my balls?
Get 'em to speak to me,
I'll explain it better.
Lucio Calori.
Sign here.
Thank you.
- What's this?
- Something wrong?
I'm talking to the guy who hired me.
You got a problem?
The monthly wage was 1,150,
this is only 850.
- Why's that?
- The rest are taxes.
What taxes?
We don't have employment contracts,
we don't have social security,
we get paid under the table,
we're nobody.
If the State gave you a job,
you'd have to pay taxes, right?
We gave you this job,
aren't you gonna pay us anything?
I already paid for my job!
Think carefully, before you shout.
I paid 15,000 euros for this job.
And for 14,800, handsome,
we gave you a present.
You're old, at your age
no one will take you on.
At my age, arsehole punks like you,
I kick their arses.
This isn't over.
And don't laugh, idiot.
Scianel agreed to a meeting,
it's tomorrow.
Our stuff's selling like hotcakes
at parties, in the clubs.
It's sells better than on the street.
And the confederates
haven't noticed anything?
Not so far, it's only a matter of time.
We've sold 100 kilos
on their turf in less than a month.
We gotta get ready to start a war.
I don't know if your guys are ready.
You've seen what they can do.
Selling shit's a piece of cake.
They've only seen war in video games.
You were like that too, weren't you?
But then you learned.
I had the best teacher,
who never took pity on me.
What are you thinking?
There's this guy with a real itch
to stick his nose in our business.
Blue Blood's gotta do it.
He's gotta do it. You and me
ain't enough now that the storm's coming.
- Good evening.
- Ciro!
I need to talk to you.
Guys, if you don't mind.
You gotta do it.
What did he do?
Doesn't matter what he did,
what matters is what you're gonna do.
Don't feel up to it?
This moment had to come,
Enzo, and you know it.
What's it like to kill someone?
Like being born,
no one ever asked for it.
Now you gotta do it.
Giosuè, here's your pants,
your shirt, your socks
you can get dressed by yourself.
Come on, Dad, give me a hand.
You're not a little kid anymore.
You're a man,
you've got to dress yourself.
I'll wait for you in there.
- All good?
- Yeah, I'm just a bit tired.
- You're tired?
- Yeah, a little bit.
- Want a hand?
- No, I can manage.
They made you work hard today!
- You hungry?
- A little bit.
- What do you want?
- Pizza.
I knew it, you always want pizza.
We checked inside and out,
there's no one there.
- Sure?
- You can go in.
Seems little Gennaro
doesn't want to fuck me over.
What are you gonna do?
Life's like poker,
I always have to see before I raise.
Lady Annalisa, good morning.
Please, come this way.
I'm here.
Hi, Annalisa.
You know that death's
the best business there is?
Why are you telling me?
You think my moment has come?
This shop can be yours.
I'm supposed to be a gravedigger now?
The situation isn't good in Secondigliano.
The streets aren't selling like before
and you have a lot of mouths to feed.
I found a solution for you.
Logos Logistics,
Panareo Car Showroom,
Security Service
What's all this stuff?
Businesses in trouble
that I bought, like this one.
We can split them up,
we'll put them in the System
the way the clans do in central Naples.
I know what they do.
It's just that
I've got like a premonition.
That you want to screw me over.
I don't want to screw you over.
Think about it.
With the money from your turf,
you become a 51% partner
of all four warehouses,
of these funeral homes.
Give jobs to your people and buy
material where you want, from yourself.
Meantime, I'll have you buy the florist,
the stonemason, the carpenter's.
You earn at every stage, and whoever
wants to work with you has to pay.
The real money
we've always made on the streets.
Now in Secondigliano
the best business isn't drugs,
it's hunger.
And we've got to exploit this hunger.
We have to be united if we're gonna
become stronger than before.
Good, little Gennaro, so it's true
you've bounced back.
There's a problem.
You'd better wait here.
I know what's best for me!
Good morning, Annalisa.
Ciro Di Marzio
When my father took over Secondigliano
it wasn't worth anything.
It was a shitty neighbourhood
where they put the people
they didn't want in central Naples.
My father saw something there
and he turned it into the biggest
drug supermarket in Europe.
You know what they called us
in the '80s in central Naples?
They treated us like animals,
wanted us in cages.
- You know that too.
- Sure do.
None of us can forget it.
But after what my father did
they said please and thank you to us,
to get our stuff.
But please and thank you
aren't needed anymore.
Here we don't sell shit anymore.
We've got to get the streets
of central Naples.
And who are they?
Our Trojan horse.
You know what all this means?
We've got to get ready
to go to war with the confederates.
Another funeral coming up.
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